This is a fanfic I wrote from the Request Jakie made for her landing on 1000 hits.


It was an average day in the Kingdom of Shuu. Ladies were fighting over clothes at the sales, men were out doing what ever, and the government was functioning……….in its usual chaotic order.

Double Date

"TAIKOBO!! CHIINII-SAMA!!!!!! I ASKED YOU TO DO THAT WORK HOURS AGO!!!!!!" Shuukoutan's voice echoed throughout the castle.
"Oh come on Tann, I've been sitting here signing my signature on documents for two straight days. I think I deserve a break." The king, Kihatsu, whined.
"It is not good for one's health to be crammed inside all day Tann!! Especially on a day like this!!" Taikobo declared and pointed at Shuukoutann. "I demand a break!!"
"Yeah!! Besides, today is the once in a year 'Shuu Summer Festival'!!!" Come on Tann, let us go!!!" Kihatsu complained.
"…….Do you two understand the fact that you are the head figures of this country?" Tann asked. There was always the possibility of assassination, especially when this new country was rebelling against it's former master, and the streets were very crowded today, ideal for an attack.
"OF COURSE!!!" They both replied in unison.
"That's why I'm going to have Youzen come with me." Taikobo declared.
"That's why I'm going to have Tenka come with me." Kihatsu declared.
In a nanosecond Shuukoutann understood what these two wanted. They essentially just wanted to go on dates with their lovers. Shuukoutann had no problem with the fact that Taikobo (military commander) went out with Youzen and Kihatsu (king) went out with Tenka. Of course with Kihatsu Shuukoutann will someday have to convince him to get a wife and produce an heir but that was someday, not now. However, that was as long as it doesn't interfere with necessary work.
"I know that work doesn't need to get done for another week." Taikobo pointed out and smiled victoriously. That was true, it didn't. However, what kind of king or military commander walks around the streets of the country, making out with his lover. That was not the type of image Shuukoutann wanted of this country. Although they never went all the way in public, their public display of affection was just as bad as Dakki's revealing outfits.
Yet it would be good for the two to get out, and after all it was a once in a year festival.
"Alright, but under one condition." Shuukoutann offered.
"We'll take it!" Kihatsu declared.
"Chiinii-sama will go with Youzen-san and Taikobo will go with Tenka-san." He declared.
"WHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!" Taikobo and Kihatsu's scream echoed throughout the castle.

What is worse, a king who is over twenty and sulking and whining, or a military commander who is over eighty and sulking. Which ever it was Shuukoutann did not like it one bit. Not to mention the Genius Doushi and young fighter who were either yelling at him or trying to comfort their lovers. Life was unfair, why did his oldest brother have to die and leave him to take care of this country until it was on it's feet.
"Please explain again why I have to go to a romantic festival with Buou?" Youzen asked and glared at Tann.
"As I have said, Chiinii-sama has absolutely no knowledge regarding self-defense, while as Taikobo does. And in all honesty Youzen-san, you are a much more skilled guard than Tenka-san. Therefor, rather than having you guard Taikobo, who can at the least defend himself from humans, I would feel much safe if I had you guarding the king." To Tann it is the most logical explanation, but obviously not to these four.
"I can protect Ou-sama!!" Tenka yells and takes out his Paopei. "If you want I'll prove it right now!"
"It isn't a question of whether you can or can not. We are talking about the 'King' of this country, one of the most important people in this revolution. With out 'Buou-Kihatsu' there will be no revolution!" Tann explains. "He may be your lover Tenka-san, but you have to realize that he is other things as well."
"………Very well…..we will go to the festival in the pairs you want us to." Taikobo pouted but agreed. He then glared at Shuukoutann and pointed his finger at him. "However don't think we have succumbed to you just because of this!!!"

"He never said we can't go around together as a group of four." Taikobo said happily as he cuddled against Youzen's arm.
"That is true." Kihatsu agreed as his arm was draped over Tenka's shoulder. "So Tenka, where do you want to go?"
"I want to eat Cotton Candy!!" Taikobo declared and Kihatsu's head hit the ground.
"I'm asking my Tenka." Kihatsu replied in an annoyed tone and was met with a glare from Youzen.
"Do not use that sort of tone to my Suusu." Youzen declared with a voice that could kill. "So Suusu, which cotton candy do you want?" Youzen asked in a sweet voice.
"The blue one." Taikobo said as he smiled up at Youzen happily. "I also want those apple candies, the snow cones, sweet corn, and some candies." Taikobo asked.
"I will go get them right now then." Youzen declared and walked over to the stores but Taikobo stopped him.
"Together." Taikobo pouted and extended his hand to Youzen.
"Yes Suusu." Youzen replied and took Taikobo into his arms and walked towards the stores.
"God, they completely forget about others existence." Kihatsu muttered as he burried his head in Tenka's hair.
"I don't think you should be the one saying that Ou-sama." Tenka replied with a smile.
"Hey, it's not my fault that you're too cute." Tenka couldn't help but blush at Kihatsu's words.
"Ou-sama, I love you." Tenka confessed and Kihatsu smiled at those words.
"I know." Kihatsu replied and kissed Tenka lightly on the cheek.
"What are you two doing?" Taikobo asked and he and Youzen came back from buying snacks. Kihatsu shooed the two off with his hand.
"Direct orders from the king, you two can go off somewhere by yourselves while I enjoy this with my Tenka."
"No!" Tenka yelled. "Than you'll get yelled by Shuukoutann-san and I'll see less of you." Tenka's eyes started to water. "Ou-sama, please don't do that to me."
"Tenka………of course I won't do anything to hurt you!!" Kihatsu declared.
"Come on, let us enjoy this night Suusu." Youzen smiled at Taikobo in which Taikobo nodded.
"You know you spoil me don't you Youzen." Taikobo declared with a smile that he saved only for Youzen.
"I want to spoil you Suusu." Youzen replied.
"Ou-sama, I want you to win me that stuffed bear. that's the prize for that dart game." Tenka asked with a smile and Kihatsu nodded.
"Just wait Tenka, I'll win anything for you!" Kihatsu declared and ran off to the dart game area.
"Youzen…I want that cute stuffed bunny rabbit." Taikobo pointed to a fluffy white stuffed rabbit that was one of the prizes of a game in which you had to throw a ball into a gold fish tank.
"Please wait here for a second while this Genius Youzen follows through on your wish." Youzen mocked a bow and went over to the game. Taikobo smiled as he watched Youzen walk over to the game and instantly win him the stuffed rabbit.
Since Taikobo had lost his clan to Dakki, he had never felt as happy as he did when he was with Youzen, or so deeply in love with someone. At times he may test Youzen, to make sure he was serious about this relationship, but Taikobo knew the truth. He was Youzen's only. "Wo Ai Nii Youzen." Taikobo muttered with a smile.
Mean while Tenka smiled as the king of this country acted like a kid to win him the teddy bear. He knew this wouldn't last forever. Kihatsu was human and would most likely die of old age before Tenka, who could live on for ever. Not to mention the revolution might kill one or both of them. Some day, Tenka will have to let another woman take the place of Empress, But for now, they were together. "Wo Ai Nii Ou-sama."

If this were only a love that would pass as time went by, maybe we would have been happier. Had we know the ending we may not have fallen in love to begin with. Yet the feeling that burned deep inside us was too strong. Even now, after all has passed we do not regret the feelings we felt for each other. The miracle that in a time of chaos we were able to meet, and love.

……………………………….On a summer Festival we vowed on love that would last eternity.

Yuukyou looked up at the sky from her room in the castle. Her husband was dead for years now and their son was ruling in his place. Her great-uncle never did return after they left that fatal day. Though she knew, somewhere in this world, they were with the one's they loved. She smiled softly and touched the bracelet on her hand.
"………..I at least know how to tell who my husband and great-uncle love …………. Taijou." She whispered and kissed the bracelet as she took it off her hand. "I do not need this any more, dreams have become reality."

The Request was as follows.
-A sweet Youtai and Tenhatsu
-Doulbe Date

I'm sorry that it got serious near the end. I didn't mean it to but it sort of happened, especially with the way the story is going lately.
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