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It was a clear blue sky, and the flowers were in full bloom. In a small chapel at the edge of town the bell rang out loudly. Outside an audience awaited for the newly married bride and groom to come out of the chapel. In the audience was a woman, with long fire red hair and beautiful ruby eyes. She wore a red tunic and red jeans, as well as a black cape, signifying her profession as a sorceress specializing in black magic. Her ruby eyes were soft and happy as she waited for the chapel doors to open.
Finally, there was a creak and everyone looked up expectantly, and from inside came out the bride and groom, as well as the best man and the maid of honor.
The groom had his long blond hair up in a high ponytail, with a ribbon that was added by his now wife, and was dressed in a white tuxedo. His sky blue eyes smiled in happiness as he beamed at his wife.
The bride was dressed in a long flowing white gown and a veil that went past her feet and spread out into a pool of glittering white on the ground. Her long black hair that reached passed her waist was adorned of the flowers of spring, and she wore a crown to complete the outfit.
The best man on the right to the groom had refused to give up his bent pointed hat (he also did the same at his own wedding) but otherwise was dressed in a nice black tuxedo. The maid of honor, whom happened to be the best man’s wife, wore a low cut aquamarine dress that was the same shade as her hair and accented her beautifully.

The woman in the audience stared at the group of four as they walked down the stairs, receiving blessings and congratulations from the townspeople and their friends that came from out of town, from different countries, to celebrate this occasion.
“Lina!!” A voice called to her after she had walked away from the crowd and was in a deserted dirt road. The woman sighed exasperatedly and looked at the groom.
“Gaury, what are you doing leaving the bride on your wedding day!!” She exclaimed and shook her head.
“…..You came…” He whispered.
“I wouldn’t have missed it for my life!”
“…..Are you already going?” He asked sadly and looked expectantly at her.
“Yeah, I have someone waiting in the next town for me.”
“……oh, yeah…..I forgot..”
“What else is new?” Lina asked with a smile and walked closer to him. “Congratulations Gaury, you are now married!”
“I still have a hard time believing it….I mean……..wow…”
“Why? You knew you wanted a marriage, a family” Gaury looked at Lina, only Lina knew why he wanted a family so desperately.
“Lina, I,”
“Gaury-sama!” The bride came running and then realized who he was talking to and stopped in her tracks.
“Shilfiel..” Gaury turned around to look at her. She looked at the two with blank eyes.
Lina sighed and went through her bag and took out a slipper and smiled sweetly before she proceeded to fling it up in the air and…
“OW!!” Gaury whined as his head came into contact with the slipper for the first time in half-a-year. It hurt, but it was also comforting in a weird way, as well as sad.
“You idiot, who leaves their bride to come looking for them right after the wedding!!” Lina declares and then walks over to Shilfiel and shoves the slipper into her hands. “Here, you are definitely going to need this if you plan to stay married to this guy.”
“Lina-san…..I…..” Shilfiel starts to say something but can’t when Lina looks into her eyes.
“Take care of him will you, he’ll probably die of stupidity if no one was near him.”
“It’s a miracle I haven’t already just from travelling with you..”
“SHUT UP!!!!” Lina yelled at Gaury and then smiled. “Congratulations and good luck!!!” Lina said as she turned around and walked away from them.
“Don’t Shilfiel.” Gaury stopped his wife from going after her. “Come on, we need to get back to the ceremony.”
“If Lina comes I don’t get as much food!” Gaury said with a smile and took her hand in his and walked back to the chapel. They were both smiling as they walked side by side.

Lina walked to the edge of Sailarg and sighed. It probably was best if she thought logically to stay in Sailarg for the night and set foot tomorrow, but she knew if she saw everyone, it would just be harder to leave. It was a good day’s walk to the next town and it was already past noon.
“I guess I’ll just have to sleep out in the open.” Lina declared and proceeded to walk when she noticed a figure in the road and sighed. “You didn’t have to come.”
“I was worried.” The figure replied and suddenly appeared next to her. Lina gave it a stern look.
“I know a bunch of people who won’t be too happy to see you.”
“As long as you are, nothing else matters.” The figure, Xelloss replied as he revealed his amethyst eyes and Lina. Lina looked at the eyes that were slit like a cat’s and shook her head.
“Who said I was?” She smiled evilly.
“Oh, because you now don’t have to sleep out in the open and risk freezing yourself.” Xelloss explained and Lina realized he did have a point. Xelloss could just teleport them to the inn they were staying at in the neighboring town.
“……………………” She just decided to glare at him and Xelloss laughed.
“How was the wedding?” Xelloss asked as they started walking.
“It was nice, what they both wanted.” Lina replied.
“Who all was there?”
“Amelia, Zangulus, Martina, even Phil-san was there, Filia, Val, Jiras, and Grabos were there for the ceremony but couldn’t stay. Ahsford made the feast, there was also the roast beef of Nyoheron and the pot of Nyara Nyara, Marco and Seila were there, as well as their parents, hmm, oh yeah, the guy that Gaury, Amelia and I were in a play for was there as well!!” Lina said.
“Seems like quite a few people.” Xelloss mused and then looked at Lina closely.
“What?” Lina asked as she noticed he was staring.
“….do you miss them?”
“At times, yeah, there’s a lot less stress dealing with an idiot than I guy I can’t figure out what he’s thinking.”
“I am always thinking of you Lina-san.”
“Sure, sure, what ever.”
“It is true, so much that I could no longer be called mazoku”
“and was vanished by Beast Master.” Lina continued. “I know, I know.” Lina stopped in her tracks. “Why?”
“Why what?”
“Why all this trouble just for me?” Lina asked. “I mean, I know I’m beautiful, strong, smart and stuff, but why did you give up everything for me?”
“……I can ask the same question to you Lina-san. You enjoyed travelling with Gaury-san, he was your portable family member, but six months ago, when I came here, telling you I never wanted to leave your side, you agreed to it, and left Sailarg to come with me.”
“I did not come with you, you came with me!” Lina emphasized and then kicked a pebble in the road. “I thought…you gave up everything for me, the polite thing to do was at least give up something of some value to me as well. That just happened to be Gaury, who’s like a big brother to me.”
“Lina-san…..did you ever wonder how Gaury-san was able to know where you were to get the invitation to the wedding?” Xelloss asked.
“Yeah I’ve wondered and…..came to a conclusion.”
“Which is?”
“You’ve been corresponding with him all this time.” Lina explained and walked in front of Xelloss.
“Exactly!” Xelloss declared. “I knew you’d figure it out Lina-san.”
“Now another question for you Xelloss, why?”
“Isn’t that the same?”
“It’s in a different context!!”
“Why did I keep in touch with Gaury-san? Because I understood him.” Xelloss replied with a smile and Lina just looked at him like he was insane. “I understood how much he cared for you, how much he loved you, and how much you meant to him….”
“So you were nice and continued to tell him where I was, how I was doing and stuff.” Lina sighed and looked up in the blue sky.
“You didn’t have to, why didn’t you just ignore him?”
“And let you suffer? Lina-san, I can never do anything to hurt you.”
“What do you mean? I left Gaury.”
“But you would have regretted it the rest of your life if you hadn’t gone to his wedding.” Lina couldn’t say anything against that. “Lina-san, you are my world, the whole reason I even exist…”
“So you thought that it would be better for me huh?”
“Everything is for you Lina-san. If you wanted you can have this world at your feet.”
“For what?”
“……for giving me the chance to go to their wedding.” Xelloss was right, Lina would have regretted it for the rest of her life had she missed it, and… “…………………….for choosing me…….” Lina looked down.
“Lina-san!!” Xelloss yelled and hugged Lina from the back. “I love you Lina-san, I would never ever even imagine not being by your side anymore!!”
Lina blushed and looked at Xelloss but closed her eyes in resignition. “Baka….”
A year later, in a small chapel in Zefiria, with out anyone knowing, a former mazoku and a human were married.

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