Okay, so what the heck is Brittney Spears doing on an all Anime page? Well, simple. I was flipping through Volume 19 of the Houshin Engi Manga when I ran across the page where Dakki looked like Brittney Spears(I'll put up the picture either later today/tomorrow but I'm quite busy the next few days). Jakie and I started talking about the similarities between Brittney Spears. However it wasn't that important to us so we just ignored it.

Yesterday I was watching TV when I came across the channel playing the music video of 'Ooops...I did it again.'. Normally I don't watch those types of things but since there was nothing else better to do I did. Boom, the song is my image song for Dakki now. Now I have to write a fanfic using that song....Oh well...

Well Jakie and I were as crazy as usual and after I told Jakie about what I thought of this things we came up with two answers. 1) Fujisaki Ryuu is a Brittney Spears fan(Highly doubtful and I want to doubt it). 2) Brittney Spears is the reincarnation of Dakki.(Again, highly doubtful). But scratching off idea (1), idea(2) took root in my head and now I have the scariest thought. What if all the Houshin Engi characters reincarnated into Teeny Boppers? I know it's scary, I know it's insane, and if you know how to erase this Idea please tell me because it's growing too large, too fast. HEEEEEEELP!!!!!