Name: Taikobo(Ryobou when he was younger)
Age: 72 at the beginning of the story currently estimated to be around 80
Hair Color: Red, Red-Brown, Black(Black in Anime but I have seen his hair the other two colors)
Eye Color: Purple, Blue Green
Outlook age: Any where between 13 and 16
Weapons: Dashinben, Kyoukouki
Reijyu: Suupuushan
Family: Father(Dead, head of the Kyou Clan) Mother(Dead), Older Brother(Dead) Younger Sister(Dead)
Teacher: Genshi Tenson
Facts: Originally the second son of the head of the Kyou Clan and lived peacefully while raising sheep. When he was twelve though Dakki(Known as Oushi at that time) ordered the hunting of clans other than the Yin as sacrifices to the dead Emperor. Taikobo's family and everyone he knew was killed by the army of Yin. Later Taikobo went up to Kunlun to become a Senninn to defeat Dakki. Currently he is the conductor of the Houshin Project and the Military Commander of Shang. He appears to be lazy and not thinking much but sometimes you get a glimpse of how strong he really is.

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