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Bing Li(exist side by side/exist simultaneously)

Xu mu (Prologue)

Oueki carefully sneak peaked through one of the cracks in Gyokukyokyuu to get a better look at who was to come to Kunlun in exchange for his half soul. He had heard the name, 'Youzen, son of Tsuuten Kyoushu'. However Oueki also knew that it was the same name as the legendary Doushi, niece to the god, 'Youzen'. His memory as Fukki supplied that information, along with not-too-fond memories of his sister reciting countless accounts in history to him. So this was that 'Youzen'. Oueki felt like scuffing. This, little creature that tagged along his father was to be supposedly one of the greatest warriors in history. Poor thing……. Oueki thought to himself. Starting today he was to live a life face to face with ignorance and hatred because of his background. Too young to be thrown at a pack of wolves. Oueki turn away from the sight of the young and walk to where he was told to meet Genshi Tenson.
"Oueki." Genshi Tenson called to the boy who possessed the memory and power of the original people. Oueki turned and looked at him in the eye, realizing it was his time to split his soul into two.
"Come." He obeyed. The last thing he felt was Genshi Tenson slapping him. The last thing he saw was Genshi Tenson's smile. The last thing he heard was…."Jyoka, I will destroy you.." Genshi Tenson threaten his dear sister…..

"Youzen!" Taikobo called to his lover as he carried the stacks of necessary things to be worked on. "Can you help me with this."
"Sure Suusu." Youzen replied with a smile. As Youzen bent his head to take some of the scrolls that Taikobo held, his long blue hair brushed against Taikobo, sending a feeling of déjà vu through him. An image of a young youkai with two sheep like horns ran through his mind. Taikobo was puzzled, the young youkai, had striking resemblences to Youzen.
Taikobo was sure his love for Youzen won't change even if Youzen was youkai, but he wondered why in the world he suddenly got the image of the young Youkai. It was near impossible that the youkai really was Youzen. When Taikobo was born Youzen was already over a hundred and fully grown.
"Suusu?" Youzen inquired and Taikobo shook his head. There was really no point in worrying about it now, he had much more important tasks at hand.
"Nothing." Taikobo replied, forgetting the déjà vu.

"Do you know the boy who was traded for you Oueki? Or should I say Outenkun?" Dakki asked her 'son' as she held him closely.
"……I know his name and his dad. Youzen, son of Tsuuten Kyoushu. Why the heck is it a secret to everyone?" Outenkun wondered and Dakki kissed him.
"It's not that important. So, what do you think of Youzen-chan? He's helping Taikobo-chan with the Houshin Project and was raised in Kinkadou with a nice master, and is worshipped by over half the population of female Sennninn." Dakki smiled and giggled softly.
"…I hate him, whatdya expect?" Outenkun asked and broke free of Dakki's embrace. "So 'mother', what brings you here?"
"Just wondering how my former master is holding out?" Dakki asked and pushed her hair aside. "Holding out longer than I expected. But soon he'll be under control." Outenkun replied and Dakki sighed.
"If only Bunchuu-chan was as easy to control…." She muttered to herself and Outenkun sighed in exasperation. "By the way, I've made it so that your other two souls will appear and take over a body as soon as 'you' die." Dakki reported matter of factly.
"You know, you could be more considerate, considering that you say I'll die so casually." Outenkun pouted and Dakki chuckled.
"I have grand plans Outen-chan. Which involve you and Taikobo-chan and Youzen-chan." What Dakki purposely omitted was the name Fukki. When she split the soul of the youkai into three she also informed him on a little secret that not even Jyoka knew.

Taikobo sighed, as did Fukki's body followed that action. All the déjà vu made sense now. This was it…This is what it came down to. Youzen…. Taikobo thought to himself…….I'm Sorry…… sorry…….. Everything though, was too late. The hatred for Dakki, the dream of a Ningen-kai for the humans. They were rooted too strongly in him, even for Youzen to change them. The Houshin Project was and is his reason for being. Sorry…..

Outenkun's cynical eyes saw through Fukki's body. "Hatred and love are very similar Outen-chan." Dakki's soft voice echoed through his mind. Both were the strongest emotion any being can have, she always told him that. So was that why he loved Dakki and hated Youzen while Taikobo loved Youzen and hated Dakki. Outenkun couldn't understand. Everything was now……..beyond him, he had given up control.

Fukki closed his eyes, remembering his past, the mistakes of his homeland. He would be lying if he said he didn't wonder what would have happened if his homeland did not commit that fatal mistake. This world though, had to live and choose it's own paths, not controlled by Jyoka or the Sennninnkai. Genshi Tenson was too weak to do much by himself anymore, and all the possible rulers of the Senninnkai were here, in the hands of Jyoka. To delete all of that the fastest way would be to leave them in Jyoka's island as bait, and let Jyoka have her way with them. He knew that was what should be done, he had kept himself alive through so many versions of the world just for this…then, then why did he feel any remorse. Why did he want to take Dakki and Youzen with him to safety, only to let them see him die.
"Suusu…" Why did he want Youzen to call 'him' with the same loving smile he called Taikobo?
"Outenkun…" Why did he want Youzen to call 'him' with the same hating eyes he called Outenkun.
"Taikobo-chan." Why did he want Dakki to call 'him' with the same hating eyes she called Taikobo.
"Outen-chan." Why did he want Dakki to call 'him' with the same loving eyes she called Outenkun.
'Fukki' for the first time in his long life, wanted something. The strong, lonely soul of Youzen and Dakki. "…….mine……" Fukki whispered. This was what he wanted!! Almost as badly as Jyoka wanted to find out the 'if's in history, enough to destroy everything. To bring those two down, and to rise above them.
Not as pure or tiainted as Taikobo or Outenkun's love and hatred. His own, twisted versions of those two emotions.

Okay, this probably makes 0 sense right now, but it's my own way of trying to make sense of the Fukki, Taikobo, Outenkun relationship in a Youtaiyou way. I don't know if I would expand this and write a AU fic or what not, but this is just my own interpertation and not Fujisaki's or Jump's or any other Houshin Engi fan.