Name: So Dakki(Senninn)
Age: over 1500
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Gold
Outlook age: Early 20's
Weapons: Temptation and various other Paopei's. Her mind(Bunchuu claims)
Family: Ko Kibi(Sister) Ou Kijin(Sister)
Facts: Formerly Tsuuten Kyoushu's left hand woman, currently the evil empress of Yin. She left Kingou 200 years ago and since then has posed as the empress of Yin on various occasions by her beauty. She is the reason Taikobo's Clan died. No one knows what her true intentions are. She can move around only with her soul and is hard to really kill her. Her current name So Dakki is the name of the daughter of the lord of Kishuu who had to give his daughter to Chuuou and Dakki(original) agreed even though it was against her father's wishes. There she was taken over by the current Dakki.

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