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I know youíll cry for me. Even if no one else can see the tears you shed. But Bou-chan, thatís not what I want. Iím not giving up my life for you to stop in the middle of this war and shed tears for me. Iím giving up my life for something that you taught me.

We were always together. I think they called us twins when they thought we werenít looking. We sought the lost happiness and comfort in each other. Words will never be enough for me to express how thankful I am that I met you.

You think that you dragged everyone in to this whole mess donít you. But you didnít drag anyone into anything. Everyone here chose to follow you, to believe in you and most of all to protect you.

I canít let you die now, history needs you. Times are changing quickly and you are the only one that can guide people through it. The world needs you just like I needed you. I must protect you.

I know that I can leave you now. There are people around you that trust you and love you, youíre not alone. I loved you like the brother I never had. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

But now I canít. Please donít think you took my life. The moment I was informed about the project all of the Twelve Senninn had to prepare themselves for not only their own deaths but the death of their students and commerads.

ĎIt is demanded of us to stop this war.í
Donít stop and grieve. Donít stop and wait.
You have to just keep on going forward.
No matter who you lose, no matter what the price is.
It is demanded that you stop everything.

Defeat Bunchuu. Defeat Dakki. I know you better than anyone, even yourself. I have faith in you that you can do it. There will be time to cry when everything is done, time to grieve. For now though you have to keep going.

You took no oneís life. The moment you became the conductor of this project we all bowed down to you. Remember that we chose to protect you, you didnít force us to. Please donít blame yourself for our sealed souls, that would dishonor our choice.

Time goes on, whether we live or not. Someone once told me that only time could tell what was the right decision and what not. That is wrong though. If I believed it was right then time didnít have to wait to tell me it was right. I already knew that. Believe that you are right, no matter what anyone claims I believe you were right. Donít give up brother, finish all of this. I know you can. You have to be protected until all of this finishes. Until Dakki is defeated. This is only the beginning of many more deaths. You have to live through those, I know there is someone by your side to heal your wounds.

I hear you scream my name. This must be the end. Bou-chan, I loved you, donít forget that you were and are loved. Go on with your lifeÖÖ..but I only wish that you were forget that I was there. Bye, Iíll miss you.


Good bye.

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