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Part II

An-chan was and still is the best to me. It’s just in a different category now.

“Ou-sama.” I turn around as I hear my guard call me.
“What?” I snap and Tenka takes a step back.
“I got some good sake, thought you might want some?” Tenka shows a bottle and sways it to show the alcoholic beverage that’s in it.
It’s been about a week since Tenka returned from Senninnkai and our army was infected by Ryogaku’s virus. Since then, true to his word that he would be my guard, Tenka has been following me around. We really haven’t talked that much except for when we were discussing the terms of agreement on the contract we signed. I’m still pretty sure I don’t like this guy, but I haven’t had any good sake since we set out on the road. Half wondering where he got it from, I find myself agreeing to drink with him tonight.
“So, where did you get this?” I ask as I take a sip from my glass. He’s sitting on his chair/bed of our tent. Due to the fact that he is my main guard we share a tent, not that it really matters that much.
“I took some from Coach when I came down.” Tenka replies with a devilish grin. I just hmmed him. “So…. What have you been up to?”
“War.” I reply simply.
“Heh, you haven’t even fought by yourself yet.” Tenka smirks.
“I’m not supposed to. I can’t battle remember, the whole reason why you’re my guard.” I point out and Tenka shrugs.
“Yeah, I forgot I guess.” Tenka replies. After that we stopped talking. The silence is kind of nice though, really relaxing sort of.
“Hey….” Tenka opens his mouth as I start on my fifth glass of sake. “Did you cry when you found out your brother died?”
“An-chan?” I ask. Suddenly a smile comes to my lips. “No one has dared to bring up the subject of what I was like at his time of death in front of me.” I tilt my glass and look into the clear liquid. “It gave my family quiet a scare.”
“…….If you don’t want to talk about it then..”
“No.” I cut Tenka off and look into his eyes. “I want to talk about it.” I must be drunk, to want to talk about An-chan’s death. “I never really thought he would die. It just seemed so unreal, like, like this was a bad dream and any second I would wake up crying. Then when I heard of how he died…..I thought that they were talking about someone else. That just can’t be the way that someone like An-chan would die.”
“….He was perfect, I heard.” Tenka says and I laugh out loud at that.
“Perfect? An-chan? Heh, we HAVE to be talking about the wrong person here.”
“Huh?” Tenka looks at me with a puzzled expression.
“An-chan was really, how to put this, slow at somethings. A girl would come up to him with flowers and gifts and he’d be like, ‘thank you, but you must have the wrong day. Today isn’t my birthday.’ Or something along those lines. The scary part is he really believed they had the wrong day. He was soo out of it. I mean, once we were walking and he was looking at this flower and bumped into the wall. God, I’d never forget that, or when we were climbing a tree he’d never go up before me, wait until I made sure it was safe. Or he would come and sleep with me at night, saying he was scared of monsters, he was, was definitely not,……perfect.” No, he wasn’t perfect, at least not in front of me. He was MY An-chan, my brother, not ‘Kishou’s first son’ to me.
“Ou-sama.” Tenka walks in front of me and brushes his hand along my cheek. I look at him like he’s lost his mind. “Don’t cry.”
“Huh?” I ask and touch my cheeks, only to feel the wet liquid on them. “….but I, I haven’t, I, what am I? Why am I? Not even in front of,” I try to explain the tears that fall from my eyes.
“It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong about crying.” Tenka pats my cheek but I shake my head.
“I’m a king, I’ve got to be strong, I can’t, it’s been, it’s been so long since, I should be…”
“It’s okay, it’s okay to cry. I’ve cried. I cried like a baby when I heard about Mom and Aunt-Koushi. I wasn’t even as close to them as you must have been to your brother. It’s okay, it’s okay to cry. ………………..Hatsu.” He says softly, his eyes reflecting the softness of his voice and his face so gentle.
“An…” I bury myself in his shoulder and let out a soft whimper.
“It’s okay, no one’s going to yell at you. It’s okay to be sad.” That was all I needed to go into a hysterical crying mode. I cried, cried like I never did before. Let out all the feelings of anger and resentment I’ve felt since An-chan died. I cried. Through all of it Tenka held me close and continued to whisper my name softly into me.
Tenka, maybe he’s not as simple as I thought of before……

God, I honestly can say that that was the moment I fell in love with him. With my Tenka. Of course I was too much of an idiot to realize what I had, but….

“I’ll come back” Tenka promises me with a smile but I just turn away from him.
“Oh, come on Ou-sama, you know you could believe me by now!! God, we’ve even slept tog….” I clamp my hand over Tenka’s mouth at that.
“Say it and it’s over remember.” I remind him and turn around again.
“Yeah but I mean, you have to trust me if you allowed me to you…well.” Tenka stutters but I ignore him. “Ou-sama!!” He whines. “Come on, it’s obvious that Suusu and everyone aren’t doing well, just let us go, if you consent than we’ll be off in a flash. Oyaji and Tenshou are counting on, come on say something.” I still don’t respond.
“Oh Ou-sama. I promise you I’ll come back!!” He whines again and I ignore him. “Ou-sama!!!” I start to run, away from him, away from….. “Hatsu!!!” He calls and tears sting my eyes. As I run to my tent I bump into Tann.
“Chiinii-sama!! What is the matter!!” He raises his voice when he sees my tear stricken face.
“Leave me alone.” I mutter and try to run away but Tann grabs me.
“Not like this. The last time I saw you cry and left you alone I have regretted it.” Tann replies and drags me to my tent.
“Damn you…..” I curse but Tann just shakes his head. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Just let me be alone and I’ll be Buou in an hour or so.”
“Even so I can’t leave you like this. What is the problem Chiinii-sama?” Tann asks softly but I don’t reply. He sighs and takes out his harisenn. “You would reply truthfully if you don’t want to get hit.” He threatens but I don’t reply.
“Is it about Tenka-san?” He asks and I shift positions slightly. “Did you honestly think I did not know about you two? It hurt me that you never discussed it with me.”
“…………..I’m king, I need an heir.” I mutter.
“Very true.” Tann agrees.
“Tenka and I are both guys. How am I suppose to leave an heir?”
“You would take a wife of course.” Tann replies matter of factly.
“But I don’t want anyone else!!!!” I scream. “I mean, I still find women attractive and stuff, but it’s, Tenka, I want Tenka!!!!”
“I’m so goddamn scared of what’s going to happen. Tann, I don’t think I’ve been so scared since…”
“Hakuyuukou-niisama left for Chouka?” Tann asks and I nod.
“An-chan promised to come back. But here I am as king, with out him.” I explain.
“The promise of coming back scares you more than anything doesn’t it.” Tann observes and I nod my head again.
“I know that Tenka would keep his promise, it’s just the way he is. He doesn’t know the meaning of backing out of a promise. But….every time I think that I also think of An-chan, and how he acted before he left. I start to feel like I can’t trust anyone.”
“I know that it’s best that they go help Taikobo and that’s what Tenka wants….but what about me!!”
“……….tell that to Tenka-san. Cry and beg him if you want to.” Tann offered and I snapped my head up. “You do regret never telling Hakuyuukou-niisama that you didn’t want him to leave. I don’t want you to do the same thing again.”
“Tann…..you don’t, don’t condemn me?”
“Why should I?” He smiles and I smile back.
“I thought I was doing the wrong thing.” I reply. “I’m king.”
“But still human, or at least I hope so.” Tann looks softly at me. “I don’t want you to turn out like Chuuou, and for that, you should always care about the one you love most.”
“Thanks…..” I manage a weak smile and Tann smiles back.
“I will go get Tenka-san, you stay here.” He orders and I nod, not trusting myself to be able to stand now. It seems so much easier, my relationship with Tenka, knowing that Tann, probably the person I’m closest to in my family now, doesn’t condemn me for it.
“….Ou-sama?” Tenka calls to me timidly as he enters the tent. “Are you……..are you okay?” I just nod my reply. “Um, I, I,”
“I don’t want you to go.” I blurt out. “I’m scared to death that you’ll go and next thing I know you’re where An-chan is. I’m so scared, I’ve never been this scared about anything. Gods Tenka, I don’t want you to go.”
“I have to though, something in me is screaming that I need to go. Ou-sama I don’t want to leave you. That’s the last thing I want to do but…”
“I know Tenka, I know. I understand what you’re saying as well. But then, where does that leave me? Tenka, Tenka…”
“…..Hatsu, I, I’m not at all sure where we’re both going but, I’ll be with you for as long as I can.”
“Or I can.” I reply. “I’m mortal Tenka, nothing’s going to change that.”
“….you’re still my king. Nothing’s going to change THAT.” Tenka replies. “Hatsu, I love you, and no matter what I have to do that’s not going to change.”
“……………….make me believe you.” I challenge him and Tenka smiles devilishly before he presses his lips against mine.
“I love you Hatsu……..” he whispers to me.
“I love you too Tenka” I reply and hug him. “Go, do what you think you should but if, if you’re about to die, just promise me one thing.”
“What?” He asks and smiles angelically at me.
“That you’re last thought would be about me. Not of your family but of me. I’ll promise that when my time comes mine would be about you so…”
“That’s such an easy promise to make. Is that all?” He asks and I nod my head yes.
“Go, Kou Tenka, and hopefully you’ll grow up a little.” I tease him but he just smiles.
“See you later Orecchi no Ou-sama.”
“I SAID DON’T LET OTHER’S FIND OUT!!!!!!!! WERE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!??!?!?!” I yell but Tenka just laughs and leaves my, our, tent.

I never told him that every time I saw a soul fly to the Houshindai I was scared to death that it was him. When he came back to me I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Those nine months when, despite the fact that he’d just lost his master and father, everything seemed peaceful, I felt I was truly at peace, something I hadn’t felt since I was too young to remember. Tenka’s phrase though soon turned into that he was going to kill Chuuou and Dakki, inherit his father’s beliefs. I was scared of him, what he would do to himself. Right about when I was feeling that way, I met Yuukyou.

"I am Ryo Yuukyou the lord of the Kyou-tribe. 50,000 Kyou soldiers will aid you Buou." I hear a voice declare and focus what's left of my energy on a girl that is yelling at Taikobo. I gather what strength and stamina I have left and face my troops. Trying to keep my calm I give out orders. In reality though I'm about to faint.
As I ride on my horse ordering everyone to believe Taikobo the girl that declared herself as Ryo Yuukyou came to my side.
"What a stupid person." She said right off the bat.
"WHAT?!" I demand and she starts to put bandages around my wound.
"But I don't dislike a stupid man." She smiles and for the first time in a long time I honestly am taken aback by the cuteness of a girl.
"……about another year till a pudding-chan huh." I estimate and she asks me what I mean by pudding. Well, little did I know that Youzen heard this and later repeated it to Tenka.

"……." Tenka was glaring at me. "…………You're going to marry her." He finally muttered, more to himself than to me.
"Says who?" I demand but he just continues to glare at me.
"……..I know you.. You think she's cute." He pouts and glares at me. "You called her a pudding-chan."
"Correction. Another year till……Hey, where'd you hear that?" I demand.
"Youzen-san's hearing isn't that bad you know." Tenka explains and I secretly vow to kill Youzen even if he is my trusted military commander's second hand man.(Well they seem more than that if you ask me but oh well.) "Besides…..I'm kinda glad in a way…."
"Glad? Hardly a word to use when your accusing your own boy friend of going off and marrying another girl." I stare at him in disbelief.
"Well yeah, but, I don't know I guess, if it's Suusu's great niece or what not she's going to probably make a good queen and well you are the king so I guess, I guess I'm glad for the country of Shuu." Tenka nods to himself.
"But as Kou Tenka than how do you feel?" I ask and Tenka pouts.
"Not. Happy. At. All." Tenka explains and glares at me. "Well, Kou Tenka as your boy friend what else am I suppose to say. But I guess, as Kou Tenka the warrior….there's a part of me that's, I guess relieved."
"Relieved? First glad and now relieved. You know, most people are usually quite possessive of their lovers and you certainly are that type." I point out and Tenka laughs.
"Yeah, the thought of anyone else kissing you irritates me to pieces Ousama, but…." Tenka turns his attention towards Chouka. "…….I'm gonna go into Chouka tonight." He declares.
"…………." I just looked at Tenka with out saying a word.
"……….I probably won't come back…….." Tenka admitted. "……….I want to ask that you see to it that my family is taken care of." I don't do anything. "If you can, tell Tenshou I'm really sorry."
"…………….." I still don't say anything.
"If I by any chance make it back, you guys can prosecute me for treason." He mutters and I turn around. "Hatsu!!!"
"Go!!" I yell. "Go and do what you think needs to be done!!!!" I yell not daring to face him. "This is your life, this is………your choice damn it!!" I yell. If I dare take one look at him I know I would break down and beg him not to go. This though, is something he has to do to prove himself. I know it, I can sense it. "Just……..GO!!!"
"…….Hatsu……..do you know you have this incredible power?" I can sense Tenka smiling, I know him well enough. "Every time I'm standing around, waiting, you can make me move again. Not by backing up what I do but by just ordering me to do so." He walks close to me and hugs me from behind. "You have much more charisma than Chuuou." He whispers into my ear. "One of the few reasons I love you. Hatsu…..I……I'm….."
"……..let go of me." I declare and walk out of his embrace. Mustering all the courage I can gain I turn to him and smile devilishly. "Don't say you're sorry, cause I know you aren't sorry about this whole thing. Go, and if you come back I'll have to charge you with treason so you better not." It's the most I can do. I don't want to regret anything later, like I did so many times with An-chan.
"……..Ou-sama, remember you once told me you'd be a lousy king? Well, I'll tell you now. You are going to be one of the best kings this place can ever have." Tenka smiles confidently.
"How can you say that?" I ask.
"Easy, my instincts are screaming it, and I hear all the soldiers screaming it as well." He than turns away from me. "……I guess this is it." He throws his cigarrette to the floor and gets rid of the smoke. "If I see your brother anything you want me to tell him?"
"………………no." I reply. "I don't think so."
"Well, well, you're finally over your brother just as I'm about to leave. Great, just great isn't it. Did you like, plan this stuff or what? You know…." Tenka jokes and smiles at me. He then turns serious though as he faces me. "……Ou-sama, I'm not afraid of dying ya'know." Tenka looks up to the dark night sky and mutters.
"I know……." I reply. "Well, this is it. Next time I see you I'd probably be a dad or something." I joke.
"Who dares to touch you other than me?" He jokes again. "I don't have many regrets Hatsu....only...." He pulls me into him and kisses me deeply on the mouth, "I just regret not being by your side as this country recovers." He whispers onto my lips.
"……..I'll regret not having you by my side." I turn away from him and walk away as tears threaten to overflow. Back to where I belong, but not before I hear him mutter.
"I love you my lord……" The last words I ever heard from him.
"…………I love you too…….my rebel." I can only hope he heard those words from me.
"KOU TENKA LOVES SHUU'S KING BUOU KIHATSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tenka screamed and I turned around, my face red. "See ya, my Ousama!!" Tenka waves and runs, away from me. I take a deep breath and then shout.
"KOU TENKA IS AN IDIOT AND AN-CHAN IS WAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I smile at my last revenge. He hates it when I compliment An-chan over him. I never understood why the heck he was so jealous of a dead person, my brother at that. "He's also much better than An-chan in many ways too." I take a deep breath again. "KING BUOU DECLARES HIS LOVE FOR KOU TENKA RIGHT ON THIS SPOT, THIS DAY!!!!!"

So here I am, resting on a hill top. I've been king for what? How long now? I can't even remember.

"The war is over!! It's Shuu's victory!!" I yell and swing the sword high up into the air. A wild cry breaks out below me, drowning all other noise along with it. Tenka, can you hear these screams, these people are saved. I did it. It took a long time but it happened. So much was sacrificed for this single moment. It's just the beginning but it's still a start to a new world, a new time.
I turn around and find Yuukyou smiling at me confidently, as if she knew this was destined to happen. Suddenly my eyes start to water and I feel weird as I force a smile on my face. After…..after all these years……………I'm free. King……………..I am King.
"It is better proof then anything that the citizen's accept him as king." Yuukyou declares. I turn around and see her smile, oddly enough she looks sad as she toys with the bracelet around her wrist.
After the crowning I was swamped with work. There was just way too much that had to get done. Yuukyou started to help me out instead of Taikobo, she says that Taikobo left me in the care of her. Then Tann came from Houyuu giving me more work. The worst part is Tann and Yuukyou teamed up to go against me! Somebody care to save me? No, so here I am doing stuff as a king. I was so busy I didn't realize the signs that all the Senninn and Doushi were getting ready to leave. That's why it hit me by surprise when Taikobo said he was going to leave.

"..Can't you stay? I mean we've been doing pretty good as it is." I ask Taikobo as the Senninn get ready to leave. I guess it's more that I don't want at least some people around who knew Tenka. Tenshou, who was the closest to Tenka in his family is leaving and Tenka's real family doesn't really know him that well.
"We can't do that. We all have to do our things." Taikobo shakes his head as he replies.
"…..Okay, but this isn't the last time we'll see each other right?" I ask, afraid that next thing I know they would be gone as well.
"Of course!" Taikobo replies and we slap each other's hands.
"Tannii, Hatus-nii!" Raishinshi calls to us and we look up. "I'm going, take care of Ningenkai!" He yells and flies away after we nod our heads. All the Senninn and Doushi say good bye to their close human friends or family. I stay standing where I am even after everyone has left.
This is it. The god's have left me to be in charge of this place. It's been a long road, when it first started I was just a teenager, and now I'm in my late twenties. `Hatsu, people have their own way of grieving, don't think you're the only one that's sad.' I remember Taikobo's words right after dad died. Yeah, people have their own way for everything don't they.
"Buou." Yuukyou calls and walks up to me. "It will soon get cold." She said and took off her jacket and placed it on me.
"Usually it's the opposite." I laugh but don't take the jacket off.
"I expect it back. It is my favorite." She says and looks at her bracelet again.
"Does that have special meaning to you?" I ask and she smiles.
"I got it from my father." She replies with a smile. "technically my step-father." She corrects herself. "I'll probably never see him again though." She says more to herself. "When all the Senninn leave, he will leave as well."
"You sad?" I ask and she smiles softly.
"yes." She replies. "I don't think it's anything to be embarrassed about. I am his daughter and he is my father. I am going to miss him." She then walks away.
"………..yeah, I miss everyone too." I say to myself and then follow Yuukyou into the castle.

"Buou, please take care, you haven't fully healed from the wound in your stomach." A year later I hear Yuukyou telling me. I turn around and see her standing there. Her hair has grown in the past year and she is getting closer to the pudding-chan I envisioned her to be.
"……yeah." I reply and look beyond the horizon. Yuukyou follows my actions. I guess, it's okay that we're like this now.
"Hey." I open my mouth and Yuukyou looks at me. "when do you want to get married."
"As soon as Chouka is settled." Yuukyou replies. There really isn't any passionate feelings between us. We love each other, but we both already used up our passion. I guess, there's a feeling of comradity, and I guess, it's our destiny. It' a little weird, the way we are now.
"I guess this is it huh?" I ask and she nods her head as we both stare into the horizon. The sun is setting, basking all living things into a warm glow.

"Daddy!!" A voice calls to me and I see my oldest son running towards me. "Come on, Mommy and Uncle Tann are waiting!" He grabs my cape and pulls on it. Looks like my time for reminicsing is over.
"I'm coming, just hold on a sec." I take his hand and stand up as a figure catches my eye. He(?) has shoulder length green hair and gold eyes, and is wearing a jacket similar to that of Yuukyou's.
"Daddy, who is this?" My son asks. I've never met him before either but I know who he is.
"Taijou Roukun, Yuukyou's father." I reply and my son is surprised. Taijou Roukun floats toward me and places something in my hand.
"He wanted you to have this." He says as he places a lighter in my hand. This is-!
While I'm gaping at the lighter he bends down and pats my sons head. "Take care of your mother would you?" He asks in a soft voice. My son is still awed as he nods.
"How did you-?" I begin to ask and shake my head. It's really not that important.
"See you around." He said and floated away.
"Ddddd-Daddy!!! Was that a real live Senninn?!?!?!?" My son finally manages to speak.
"Yeah, he is." I reply and pick him up as I turn around to walk to the castle. "Come on, we have to tell Mommy what happened." I say and he smiles a sweet smile.

When Yuukyou heard that she just smiled and patted both my head and our son's. We both argued that we're not kids at that. Later on I found an engraving in the lighter. 'To Orecchi no Ousama'.

Some explanations
Finally I am done with the weird biography of Kihatsu!! Yeay!!
Anyways, this is spoilers from here on so don't read if you don't want to.

In this weeks(9/25) Jump the Senninn and Doushi were freed from the Houshin Dai. So Tenka appeared again as well. So that is when Roushi received the lighter from Tenka and was entrusted to five it to Kihatsu. When I found that out at first I was going to put Tenka in at the end and then I though. 'That's an idea probably used too often in ever manga, movie, book, etc.' not to mention I don't know if Tenka is going to stay or get sent back to the Houshin Dai. so I changed it to Roushi, hinting on some Roushi/Yuukyou here and there. Hope you enjoyed it.

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