Name: Youzen
Age: 200+years
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Purple
Outlook age: 19 or 20
Weapons: Sansentou(Trident) Koutenken
Family: Father(Tsuuten Kyoushu)
Teacher: Gyokutei Shinjin
Facts: The Genius and Strongest Doushi of Kunlun. Taikobo’s right hand man. He can cause a miracle even greater than a paopei by using only a spell. He and Ko Kibi(Dakki’s sister) are the only ones in Senninn Kai than can use Henge no Jyutsu(transform spell). He now can do Bubunn Henge(Partial transform) and ‘create’ various Paopei’s(Such as Taikobo’s Dashinben.) He is actually a Youkai Senninn and the son of the ruler of Kingou Islands(The force opposing the Kunlun Mts.) He was given to Kunlun by Tsuuten Kyoushu as a ‘gift’ for the peace treaty between Kunlun and Kingou.
Mana’s observation: Youzen is actually really sensitive but doesn’t show it. It becomes evident through out the Senkai wars. When he was younger he cried believing his father didn’t like him and left him at Kunlun all alone. Even when he’s older he is afraid to reveal that he is a Youkai in fear of how everyone around him would react.
Youzen adores Gyokutei as if Gyokutei was his father. When Gyokutei got drenched by acid rain Youzen begs him to leave him behind and flee. Gyokutei is also counted in amongst the five people he admits as strong. The other four are Bunchuu, Dakki, Shinkouhyou and Taikobo.
He is also very honest with his opinions and emotions. At first he refuses to acknowledge Taikobo as being superior to him and shows that strongly. But the moment he does acknowledge it, he gets down on his hands and knees. Since then he pretty much praises Taikobo on his every moved. When he was fighting Chokomei’s student Younin, he pretty much dismissed Younin as being under Youzen’s level of a worthy opponent. He would kick Genshi Tenson off a paopei, threaten him with Sansentou, and nearly chokes him when he thinks Taikobo died. Although it is hard to find his sensitive side, you can find him angry, or sad, or surprised very easily.
Hanyoutai: Youzen’s half Youkai form. As my friend calls it ‘Super Goth’(and I happen to agree.) His personality doesn’t seem to undergo any changes though.

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