Youzen Seigen, beautiful, smart, and has most of the male high school students glomping at her. I heard of her name but never thought that I'd have anything to deal with her. It's not that I'm not interested in women, since I am, it's just that I'm just your average guy and in all honesty she's from a really rich family and was raised with care by her father. So like I said I never though I'd have anything to do with her until Kihatsu came to me with this weird idea.
Nice to Meet You

It was right after the second quarter began in school. The leaves started to change color and the air turned from warm to cold all of a sudden. It was a day like this that my good friend, Kihatsu surprised me with one of his weirdest ideas.
"Hey Bou, what would you say about going out with a cute girl?" Kihatsu asked and I was genuinely surprised for one reason. If there was a cute girl, Kihatsu would ask her out and never let any of his friends know.
"What?" He asked and shrugged his shoulders.
"Are you sick? Do you have a fever?" Our friend, Incou asked.
"Maybe you should go home and rest." Choukei added his two cents.
"……..What do you guys mean?" Kihatsu asked.
"You're asking someone else if they want to go out with a cute girl!" All three of us replied in unison and Kihatsu didn't look too happy.
"My wandering days are over." Kihatsu replied and looked away from us.
"My guess is he has a girl friend now." My best friend Fugenn comes up with a smile plastered on his face.
"How, how did you………." Kihatsu stammers.
"Or else you wouldn't offer the chance to meet a cute girl to anyone else." Fugenn pointed out. "So who is she."
"Come on, we know you want to spill the beans!" I yell. This is Kihatsu, the guy who claimed that he would never settle down!!
"….you've all heard of the private school, Houshin Academy, the all girl's school?" We are all speechless at that statement. Houshin Academy is known for not only it's intellectual level and historical prestige but also that all the girls that go there are all at least some degree of beauty.
"…………..You're joking right?" Incou finally asks.
"………..Well, I met her through my dad." Kihatsu admits and we understand now. Although Kihatsu attends our school, which is your average public school, no prestige or anything, his dad's a wealthy politician.
"…….she's just, exceptional really. Really cute, really active and smart…" Kihatsu sighs. "Anyways, my wondering days are over!"
"Kihatsu, we have to meet her!!" Choukei exclaims.
"That's what I was getting to!!" Kihatsu replies. "She's good friends with………………………………….." Kihatsu goes silent with an evil smile on his face.
"with?" Incou asks his eyes focused on Kihatsu.
"Behold, none other than Youzen Seigen!!" Kihatsu exclaims.
"WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!" We all yell. As mentioned above she is beautiful, smart, and has most of the male high school students glomping at her.
"Tenka, my girl friend's name, is her real good friend and wants to get Youzen a guy, since apparently Youzen's never been out on a date."
"How?" Choukei asked.
"You see, her dad's really protective and won't let Youzen go out on dates." Kihatsu explains. Sorry but what year is her dad living in? It's the 21st Century for crying out loud. "So, Tenka thought that what if Youzen went out with a group of people, her dad will let her. She asked me to invite some of my friends too and bring a guy for Youzen. Taikobo is the only one without a girl friend so, Taikobo want to go out with Youzen?" Kihatsu asks.
What am I to say? This is someone that almost every other guy my age wants to date and here I have the chance to do so. "Yes." I agree. It's not like I have a girl friend or anything, and besides, what's the harm in talking to her.

"Wow, I can't believe it." Fugenn said on our way home. We live next to each other so naturally we go home together.
"Believe what?"
"You're going out on a date." Fugenn stated.
"Is it because it's with Youzen?" I ask and quirk my eyebrow but Fugenn shakes his head.
"No, you're going out on a date, that's what's amazing."
"I always thought you were gay." My face came into contact with the asphalt at that statement. "You never expressed any interest in girls before."
"Because, I have a certain standard." I reply.
"Which is?" Fugenn asks.
"At least as beautiful and intelligent as my cousin Ryukitsu!" I declare and Fugenn just shakes his head. Fugenn is actually Ryukitsu's boy friend so maybe he isn't too happy to hear that I set her as my standard but hey, it's Fugenn, he knows me.
"Well, that's fine but you know Bou-chan, it's going to be hard to find a girl than." Fugenn says.
"That's why I want to meet Youzen." I reply with a smile. "Besides, it's probably just going to be once."
"That's true." Fugenn agrees. "Another reason I thought you were gay is because I can't really see you in a lasting relationship with a girl."
"And you can with a guy?" I ask and Fugenn thinks for awhile and shakes his head.
"I can't really see you in a love relationship Bou-chan, you're really not that open with those kinds of emotions." Fugenn points out.
"Maybe I just need to meet the right person."
"Dream on, there's not many who match Ryukitsu in beauty or intellect." Fugenn says with his angelic smile and walks off.

Okay, so I've never really actually been out on a date before. But still, from hearing enough of Kihatsu's ramblings and Fugenn's stories I had an assumption of what it was like. Well, Youzen proved me wrong to not make assumptions.
Kihatsu and I had promised to meet Tenka and Youzen at this Cafι, Eden, for lunch and then go to a movie or something. We got their 5 minutes early, as Kihatsu says it's always helpful to make a good first impression. Well, as we were sitting around waiting for a few minutes, Tenka and Youzen show up.
Tenka was cute, I admit. Don't know why she's going out with Kihatsu though. Youzen, was just as I had seen her in pictures that some of my classmates collect of her. I wonder if she know's she has stalkers. So she looked good, I guess that describes it.
"Hi Hatsu!" Tenka calls to Kihatsu and sits next to him so Youzen is left to sit next to me. Her long blue hair falls from her shoulder as she does so.
"Hey Tenka, this is my good friend Taikobo, Taikobo, this is my girl friend Tenka." Kihatsu introduced us.
"hi!" Tenka said full of energy.
"hi." I just reply and we bow slightly.
"Kihatsu, this is Youzen-san, Youzen-san this is Hatsu. Taikobo-san, this is Youzen-san and Youzen-san this is Taikobo."
"Hello." Youzen says with a small smile. I hear Kihatsu sigh and get hit in the head by Tenka.
"Taikobo-san, I heard that you were interested in history, especially ancient Chinese." Youzen asks, her eyes shining with hope.
"Well, I……….do." I admit. I know it's weird to be interested in history, instead of all those singers and movie stars but.
"Youzen-san also has an extensive knowledge of ancient Chinese history." Tenka explains with a smile.
"Would you mind explaining the Ming Dynasty in great detail for me?" Youzen asks as her eyes gleam with challenge.
"Why sure." I say with a smile but then point to the menu. "After we order though."

Tenka orders a Stir Fried Vegetables in Pita, Kihatsu orders a 1/4 pounder, Youzen, who is actually a vegetarian like me orders a garden burger, while I order some pasta salad. As we enjoy our meal Youzen and I engage in a quite lengthy discussion ranging from history to politcs to just plain old school problems.

"So Suusu, what kind of job do you want in the future?" After the discussion Youzen insisted on calling me Suusu, an ancient Chinese word for one close to one's master.
"um, not really sure yet." I reply truthfully. "how about you."
"I want to help my father out. At least do something to aid him." Youzen declared and proceeded to tell me in depth what her father does and what she wanted to do. I have to admit I was surprised. Most highschool students don't have an idea of what the heck they want to do as a future. They just live life day by day. Youzen on the other hand had a perspective of what she needed to do and how she went about doing that.
"That's really nice." I say with a smile and she smiles back.
"By the way Tenka-kun(although Tenka was a girl she had asked Youzen to call her with the suffix for a guy), what time is it?" Youzen asked as she noticed the sun outside the window had shifted positions from right above us to our west.
"it's about 5 or so." Tenka replied and looked at her was, amazed at how the time flew by.
"I promised someone I'll meet them at 5:30. I'm sorry but I have to go now." Youzen grabbed her bag and fall coat and stood up. "It was nice meeting you Kihatsu-san, Suusu." Youzen bowed her head slightly. "Tenka-kun, I'll see you in class Monday!" Youzen then walked out of the cafι, leaving the three of us behind.
"Well, what did you think Taikobo?" Kihatsu asked with a smile.
"What do you mean?" I ask and glare at him.
"You seemed to be enjoying yourself. Heck you even gave her your cell phone number, which I never even knew you had one." Kihatsu joked and I shrugged.
"My grandpa gave it to me." I say and Kihatsu just nods.
"Well now it's all up to you. Tenka and I are going to go now so you can leave." Kihatsu says and takes Tenka's hand.
"It was nice meeting you Suusu!" Tenka also adapted to calling me that way.
"Nice meeting you Tenka." I reply and wave my hand as the two leave.
"um, excuse me…" A waitress comes up to me.
"yes?" I ask.
"The bill…." She asks timidly and I look at the bill. I can't help but curse under my breath. I am going to get Kihatsu Monday! What was he drinking order 20+cokes and 6 platters of a 1/4 pounder?!?!

So any way this was my meeting with Youzen. Little did I know what was in stock for me.

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