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Youzen Seigen: A student in Houshin Academy, a prestigious private all girls school. She's 'beautiful, smart and has most of the male high school students glomping at her.' She adores her father but is actually adopted(open-adoption so she knows her biological father). Someday wishes to help him out in his company. 17, and is living in a mansion which is heavily guarded.

Taikobo Ryoshou: The main character of the story. A student in Seiki High School, a 'plain old, boring public school' as Kihatsu calls it. Enjoys history and has a very keen mind. Hasn't really been dating but is interested in Youzen, although he denies it. Lives in an apartment by himself and his parents and family died when he was young. He was entrusted in the care of his grand-father but the grand-father had decided to hire a helper and

Kihatsu: Taikobo's good friend and class mate as well as one of the people responsible for setting him up with Youzen. Formerly a player, now dedicated to Tenka. Your average guy for the most part. Actually the son of a very famous and wealthy politician.

Tenka Kou: Youzen's good friend and classmate and Kihatsu's girl friend. The other person responsible for setting the Taikobo and Youzen up. She's the daughter of the wealthy Kou Family, who the mother is a master at Ikebana and Koto, while her father is a famous Kendou Master.

Gyokutei: Youzen's adoptive father. Very overprotective of Youzen. A master at Kendou as well as a major corporation(I'll get details of what he does as soon as I think of one!) Kou Hiko's good friend. Was married but lost his wife to a tragic experiment accident(Taiitsu was his wife) and deeply loves her so her pictures are hung up through out the house.

Fugenn: Taikobo's best friend and is going out with Taikobo's cousin Ryuukitsu. Until recently believed Taikobo was gay. Always smiling and is a pacifist. Caring and smart.

Igo: Youzen's only 'guy' friend from before the story starts. Doesn't look like it but is a major in physical therapy at a prestigious college, although very much a slacker.

Other characters whose lives in this alternative universe will not be discussed in detail

Choukei: Taikobo and Kihatsu's friend/class mate. Going out with a 25 year old women.

Incou: Taikobo, Kihatsu and Choukei's friend/class mate. Quite rational.

Koushi: Tenka's sister.

Tsuuten Kyoushu: Youzen's biological father.

Ryukitsu: Taikobo's cousin.

Sengyoku: Taikobo and Tenka's good friend