Name: Shinkouhyou
Age: 5000 years old(estimated)
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Outlook age: some where in his late teens or early twenty's
Weapons: Raikoben
Reijyu: Kokutenko
Family: Unknown
Teacher: Unknown(Rumored to be Tajou Roukun)
Facts: The strongest Doushi, even stronger than Dakki. Self proclaimed Rival of Taikobo. Reason is Taikobo cut his cheek when they first met and it was the first time in his life of 5000 years that Shinkouhyou saw his blood and decided to claim Taikobo as his rival. He puts Taikobo into trouble but then saves him. He is neutral during this whole war but since he is interested in what Dakki's intentions are he helps her a little. As long as things are interesting to him though he doesn't seem to care.

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