Youtai Story dedicated to Youzen

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"Hey, Youzen. How are things up here?" With those words a figure leaned against the window sill in my private room.
"Ta, Taikobo Suusu!!"

In These Changing Times

"I can't believe it's really you." I mutter as I trail my finger's along Suusu's cheek, as though he were a fragile glass ornament. "You, you're here." It's all I can manage as I stare at him closely.
"Don't look so closely, it's embarrassing." Suusu tries to turn away from me but I stop him.
"Suusu….Suusu…." I whisper like I don't know any other word's. "…..Suusu." I hug him softly and carefully. I hear Suusu sigh and his arm's return the hug. "Suusu….."

We stay like that for about an hour or two. I'm just enjoying the warmth of his body and thanking god or budda, or any being out there, an alien possibly, that Suusu is, Taikobo Suusu is, here.

"Uh, Youzen…" Suusu open's his mouth after we just stood there hugging each other. "Sorry to ruin the mood but um, I'm getting tired of standing."
"Sorry I did not realize it!!" I apologize and pick Suusu up and take him to the bed.
"Wow, Youzen, wait, um, wait I need to talk with you!!" Suusu exclaims and gets off the bed and sits in the chair opposite from it.
"Suusu…" I feel like crying. In all honesty I was pretty devestated after the fight with Jyoka. If it weren't for the fact that I felt obligated to, not that I did not want to, follow in my father's foot steps, I probably would've gone crazy by now. I missed Suusu, and I want to feel him near me.
Suusu sighs again and puts his index finger to his temple. "Look, there's some stuff we need to talk about before we rush into this. It's not the same as before." Suusu's eyes look sad as he says that.
"…Suusu, I"
"First off, I'm really happy with what you did here. You've done a really good job governing all the Senninn and Doushi. Choosing Nendou and Choukei as your sidekicks was a wise idea. Second of all….What the hell did you do with Rikukonban!?" Suusu yells at me and demands.
"I really really really really really really really x(infinity) liked the way you looked when you had it like a robe!! Especially in that fight against that what ever it's name was youkai in Dakki's big Paopei tournament. You looked sooooooooooooooooooooooo Kakkoii!!"
"Suusu, you really liked Rikukonban on me!" I ask as I take his hand.
"Of course!! I mean, I wondered what happened when you customized it to that European one, but I really really really liked it as a robe on you!! It brought out your dark charisma!!"
"But after the fight you said that I should restrain from overusing it. I thought it was because you didn't like it."
"It wasn't that!! You were so….there were other people around and you looked so Kakkoii!! I should be the only one allowed to see you like that!!" Suusu pouts.
"Suusu, then I will only wear it when you are around."
"Really!!" Suusu looks up at me with expectant eyes. "Really Youzen, you'll do that for me!!"
"Of course Suusu, why wouldn't I?"
So Suusu and I rediscovered our love for each other. My life is going great, until a few seconds later Suusu dropped the bombshell.

"Youzen…um, sorry to ruin the mood again but….." Suusu looks at me sadly. "You may not be able to wear Rikukonban for a while…."
"Why is that Suusu!!" I demand.
"I've got some stuff I need to do before I can stay here." He says and looks at me straight into the eye. "my first obligation is to the human world, not the Senninn world." I know this is not meant to hurt me but is just a fact in Suusu's life. "That means that I have some things I need to, and want to clear up down there." Suusu takes in a deep breath. "I am going to make a country for the Kyou tribe."
My eye's are wide open at that statement. This is the conclusion he has reached then. He will then, stay in the human world….
"It's still in the planning stages, I still need to consult Buou about the land and all…." Suusu continues talking. "It will take some time for the base to be set up, I don't think the country will last forever, but I want a place where the Kyou people can call a sanctuary." Suusu stops there for a second again.
"Why did you stop by here then?" I ask, my voice wavering. Why did he make me face this truth, the truth that he would not…. "Why not before I became the ruler of the Senninnkai, when I still could've left this place and be with you!" I yell. I know I am all emotional and that I should calm down but…
"I had to wait." Suusu states. "Youzen, you are Senninn, you are a Youkai. I'm just stating a fact so don't look at me like that. I'm sorry but I don't need you in the country I want to make."
"……Suusu………." I stare at him in disbelief. "Then………."
"I don't know if I will get married and have a heir that has my blood, or adopt an heir. Either way, I will in a sense, be betraying you." Suusu looks away from me in that statement.
"Suusu." I mutter his name, it's all I can do now.
"But, if it isn't too much to ask… can you wait for me?" Suusu asks.
"I don't know when it will be that I feel I could leave the country with out regrets. But I promise, I'll come back here when it's all over. So can you.."
"So I can't use Rikukonban till you're satisfied with your own country?" I ask and breathe out. "Oh well, I guess I could put it up in the museum for awhile longer then."
"…..Youzen…" Suusu looks at me and I sigh.
"You honestly thought I wouldn't wait for you?" I ask a little annoyed. "Suusu, please have some faith in me."
"………" Suusu just stares at me this time.
"When everything is done, you're returning right?" I ask and Suusu looks at me and smiles and nods.
"This time, I'll work as your assistant." He jokes.
"One that's always sleeping?" I ask and Suusu pouts. "I'm joking Suusu. In fact, maybe when you return you should rule and I will assist you." I suggest.
"The only reason I'm ruling is because I absolutely refused to work under Nendou-sama."
"….why? You yourself admitted he's strong and trust worthy."
"Because Suusu, you're the only one I bow down to. Ever since that day….when I met you."
"…….Youzen…." Suusu takes a strand of my hair and kisses it.
"Suusu, I'll wait, so please, return here."
"I will…I will…..just, wait." Suusu start's to cry and I hug him.
"It's okay…….it's okay…..Suusu, Suusu, my precious Suusu…"

"I need to get going…" Suusu mutters as he sits up in the bed and reaches for his clothes. I stop him though.
"Don't tell anyone I was here." Suusu pleads. "I only wanted to tell you I was alive."
"….you're not even telling Fugenn-sama?" I ask and Suusu shakes his head.
"It's a surprise for everyone. I first wasn't even going to come here and tell you. Just create the country and then die. But I couldn't do that without telling you…letting you know that although I'll betray you for awhile I'd return." Suusu admits.
"Suusu……….." I place a kiss on his neck and down his back, leaving a trail of kisses.
"Good luck." I manage to smile and make him face me.
"…..thanks." Suusu smiles and stands up and quickly dresses. "I'll….see you in a couple of years." He says and goes to the window sill.
"Wait." I stop him and walkover to the chest in my room. "I was going to wait till you got back for good to give you this but.…" I hesitate.
"What is it?" Suusu asks with his smile.
"Um, if you don't like it you're more than welcome to toss it. I just was hoping that since now that you are divoced from Jyoka and all, and I am your boy-friend that I…"
"What is it?" Suusu asks again, this time more impatient.
"This…" I show him a small velvet box and open it.
"…..serious?" Suusu asks as he looks into it.
"……um, I know that you want to keep the possibility of an heir with your blood but I was sort of hoping that, I know I should've waited but I…"
"Youzen I love you!!" Suusu screams and tackles me. I come in contact with the ground only to realize that Suusu is kissing my face. "I love you, love you, love you."
"………Can I take that as a yes?" I ask.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!" Suusu yells and proceeds to kiss me. Naturally I don't object.
"Can I?" I take his right hand and slip off his glove as soon as Suusu releases me from the kiss.
"Yes!" Suusu replies enthusiastically. I slip on the ring that has an amethyst in the shape of a heart on it.

Suusu stayed a little longer than he planned and I was late to the morning meeting, of course that is a small thing in my eye now.
'I'll find you a really really nice ring, one that has an emerald on it.' Suusu told me before he left this morning. I pray that this is not some cruel trick by those who are jealous of me. I think I am in seventh heaven. What ever Choukei-kun or Nendou-sama is saying goes in one ear and out the other.
I am thinking about the wedding I have to plan for Suusu and myself. I plan on having a grand one, a great one. Suusu, I'm already missing you….

By the way, what happened to Outenkun and Fukki??