Houshin Engi Universe Owned by Lina Inverse, A Houshin Engi Fan Page
Jakime's Anime World Yaoi content availableMy Sister's Anime Page, has some Houshin Engi fanfiction.
Youtai Owned by Meiji Chimera, A doujinshi circle which I love x 1000. Great Pics of Youzen.
Owned by Ruby-san, A very well done, very good site. If only my site was half-as-good.
Niroushin Temple Owned by Ana-san a Youzen shrine(Squeals) Niroushin is the Youzen's god name. And her favorite Anime Bishounen is Kurama!!(<-Manami is a Kurama fan as well)
Taiyou Owned by Yanagi wo kiru hito-san. The pictures are exceptional but so are the stories. If you can read Japanese and like Taiyou THIS is a must see. It's a short-term site so better get to it now.
Taiyou Owned by Satomi Miharu-sama. Has a lot of cute pics of Youzen(dances around for joy) As usual Japanese site so you can practice Japanese. Also has Saiyuuki, and Hunter_Hunter!
踊るハニワ 夢見るアンモナイト Taiyou main Youzen Sou uke Owned by Hanya Himeko-sama. Has a lot of cute fics of Youzen and lot's of fun 'programs' In Japanese though so you can practice Japanese. Also has Taiitsu-uke