Gyokutei(estimated age)-3000, raised Youzen(estimated age) 206, Age difference: (estimated) 2794
Doutoku(estimated age)-3000, raised Tenka(estimated age) 18, Age difference: (estimated)2982
Genshi Tenson(estimated age)-6000, Taikobo(estimated age) 80, Age difference: (estimated)5920
Roushi(estimated age)-7000, Yuukyou(estimated age)-16 Age difference(estimated) 6984
Tsuuten Kyoushu(estimated age) 6000, Dakki & Chokoumei(estimated age) 3000-Age difference (estimated)3000
Dakki(estimated age)-3000 Chuuou (estimated age)41, Age difference: (estimated)2959
Bunchuu(estimated age)-316, Hiko(estimated age)-41: Age Difference: (estimated)259
Youzen(estimated age)-206, Taikobo(estimated age)-80 Age difference: (estimated)126
Venus: (estimated age)1500, Taikobo-(estimated age)80 Age difference: (estimated)1420
Shinkouhyou(estimated age)-5000, Taikobo-(estimated age)80 Age difference: (estimated)4920
Roushi(estimated age)-7000, Shinkouhyou-(estimated age)5000, age difference: (estimated) 2000
With all these facts How would they defend themselves!!!

Manami & Jakie: Obsessive Fans Curiosity Corner!!!!
Manami: Today we investigate the head lines: ARE SENNINN ALL RORIKON?!!??

Jakie: You’ve seen the age difference from the chart shown above. Now, what would you do with such allegations?!!

Manami: Did Genshi Tenson ever sexually harass Ryobou?!!
Jakie: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! I’ll go kill Genshi Tenson!!!

Jakie: What was Tenka doing, coming out of Ki Hatsu's room? EARLY IN THE MORINING? (I'm a big Tenka and Ki Hastu Yaoi fan!)

Manami: Did Bunchuu have a kid with Shushi?! Yin’s first empress?!
Jakie: Is Shinkouhyou(clown) a girl!!???
Manami: Is Youzen's mother Dakki! Or Kibi!?
Jakie: Does Genshi Tenson had a crush on Dakki?!
Manami: Who is Yuukyou’s true love? Taijou Roukun or Ki Hatsu?!

Jakie: Who is Ki Hatsu’s real love? Tenka or Yuukyou?!

Manami: Did Taikobo have a relationship with Fugenn?! Or more so Kishou?!!

Jakie: Does Oukijin have a crush on Taikobo?!

Manami: Is there a relationship between Koutenken and Suupuushan?!!


First Interview:
Allegations: Did Genshi Tenson ever sexually harass Ryobou?!!

Jakie(J): Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson….
Manami(M): Troops, stay away from Jakie!!
Reporters: Yes!!
Tenshou(Te): What’s sexually harassed mean?
M: ………um………..
Bukichi(B): I was wondering the same thing.
Shouu(S): ………….well……..
Manami: I know!! You guy’s wait awhile we’ll handle this on our own!! Come Jakie, Tao!!
Shouu: So, Genshi Tenson. What did you do?
Genshi: It’s lies, all lies!! I never laid a hand on him.
Tao(Ta): Then why did I find this when I was snooping through your room.
(Holds up album that has pictures of Ryobou sleeping in it)
Genshi: That album was…..
Ta: No!! It’s Oniichan’s Birthday present.
S: Why in god’s name were you snooping?
Ta: Looking for incriminating evidence.
M: What do you say to this Genshi Tenson?
Genshi: I wanted memories!! I wanted memories of the child I never had.
M: It’s pretty decent I guess when the pictures contain some of it from before he came up to Konlon.
S: ………baka…….
M: You may have never laid a finger on him….and sure these pictures don’t show these but a certain someone who shall remain anonymous that has a halo over his head(You’re giving it away…..) testified that he has seen you looking into Ryobou’s room when he was suppose to be changing!!
J: Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson,
M: What do you say now!?
Genshi: ….get rid of Jakie……
M: If you want us to get rid of Jakie, admit what you did!!
Genshi: But….but I’m the master of Konlon.
M: That won’t do anything to us. We aren’t from Konlon.
Ta: That’s right!!
Genshi:….I did….I did… things that aren’t morally correct to the boy.
M: Good, admitting is the first step to…
Ta & S: Punishment.
M: Yours is…..Youzen-sama, Venus-san, Jakie!!!
Genshi: Please….oh please no!!!!!!
Youzen: Prepare to die!! Woon( Turns into Hanyoutai)
Venus: I won’t forgive you!!( Up close picture of her)
Jakie: Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson, Kill Genshi Tenson,
M: One justice was completed today. Youzen-sama Kakoiii!!
Ta: Oniichan!! Ganbare!!!

Te: I hear screams
B: We can’t go in Tenshou-kun, we were told not to.

J: Next, What was Tenka doing coming out of Kihatsu’s room early in the morning.
Tenka: It’s innocent!! I swear!!! Tenshou, we did nothing bad!! We were drinking last night and I happened to fall asleep in the room. We didn’t do anything.
B: I got the pictures from the camera that Taiitsu-san installed in Buou-sama’s room.
M: Thanks Bukichi…Ah-ha!! There are no pictures revealing any alcohol.
Kihatsu: When was a camera installed in my room!!!???
Ta: You’re a king….You have to take precautions.
Te: But…but there’s no proof!!
S: Well, you guy’s aren’t even hugging in any of these pictures…..
J: But they aren’t girls!! They can’t talk all night long!!!
Te:….Niisama, you’re not….you’re not going to leave me for Buou are you?
Tenka: Of course not Tenshou!! You’re my cute brother!!
J & M: ….Matt the second.
Kihatsu: Who the heck is Matt.
Tai: My Boy fried.
Everyone: !!!!!
J & M: TAI!!! What are you doing here!!!
Everyone else: Who are you!!
Tai: Looking for Matt. Seen him.
M: No.
Everyone else: Who?
J: He took T.K to play with Suupuushan.
Tai runs off.
Ki Hatsu: What the heck was that.
M: Some times a fanfic writer incorporates two series into one.(Looking up at sky)
Tenka: So basically you just wrote it because you didn’t know what to write?
J & M hit Tenka in the head.
S: Back to the question!! If you guys weren’t drinking, weren’t making out, weren’t talking, WHAT WERE YOU DOING…..
Tenka & Ki Hatsu look at each other
Ki Hatsu: Well…….
Tenka:…………this may come as a shock but……..
Ki Hatsu: We were…planning our own…….I can’t say it!! Tann will kill me if he finds out.
Tenka: You get killed!! You don’t think Oyaji is going to pound me to pieces for…….well…….
The reporters: So what was it.
Tenka:…..I’m doomed but I can’t let Ousama say it.. We were spying on Youzen-san and Suu….
Ki Hatsu: Yeah, we were planning on black mailing them but…
J: Oh shucks, they weren’t planning a wedding.
Ki Hatsu: Well….that too….
Te: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Runs off to his father)
Tenka: Tenshou wait!!!!!!!!!!!

M: Well, one mystery was solved(Smiles at the pictures she got)

Te: Next is did Bunchuu have a kid with Shushi, who was Yin’s first empress.
Bunchuu: What are you doing? I am busy.
M: Couldn’t find anything in the study.
J: I’ll go check his personal room.
T: Nothing for Oniichan here.
S: We’re suppose to find out if he had a kid with Shushi, not a present for Youzen-sama.
Bunchuu: I’m still busy. Get out.
M: Under the law of L-sama we can not do that.
J: Oneechan….you’ve got a different anime…..
Sweat drop on everyone else.
B: Ahem, any way I found this picture.
J: What is it? What is it?
B: Of Shushi and her kid, on the back it the words ‘Shushi and my son’ are written.
Bunchuu: That was a present from Yin’s first king during my years in Kingou.
M: Well it also states in this(Shows Houshin Taizen) that you were in love with Shushi. What more evidence is needed. Added to your undying loyalty to Yin. Even Shinkouhyou says that you are the true parent of Yin.
Bunchuu: ….Don’t you guys have anything better to do?
M, J, T, S, Te, B: No.
Bunchuu sighs.
Bunchuu: Okay, so maybe it is possible that I had a child with Shuhi, but there is only circumstantial evidence.
M: Forgot, this guys into politics.
J: DNA Testing!!!
M:……..I’m not going to Unchuushi’s and endangering myself so here Jakie, blood from Chuuou, blood from Bunchuu…..good luck, I’ll at least hitch a ride with you if you suddenly come back with wings and a tan.
J: OI!!!!
B: I can do DNA Testing. I once worked for a lab as a part time job.
Everyone just stares at him.
M: ………Bukichi……
T: Anything
Te: That
S: You
J: CAN’T DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B: Not that I know of.
M: ………just do the testing……….(gave up)
(Three hours later)
B: The results are here.
Everyone huddles around him except for Bunchuu who is still working.
M: So what is it?
J: Is it a scandal that the tabloids would want.
T: It is three hundred years old Jakie.
S: Just tell us.
B: The results are that there is a 99.9% chance that Bunchuu-san is the uncle of Chuuou.
M: Huh?
J: Uncle?
M: So who the heck did Bunchuu sleep with!!! If it wasn’t Shuhi or Koushi then WHO!!! WHO!! WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Rings Bukichi’s neck)
T: Manami he can’t breathe.
B: Oshishou-sama is one possibility.
M chants Dragu Slave, J ready to fire a Reigun.
M: Hitoshiku horobi wo ataen ko to wo!! DORAGU SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
J: REIGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B: Oh, that was just a joke.
Bunchuu: Say those things before hand.
Te: The mystery was solved let’s go to the next one.
S: It was?

M: Next mystery:
T: Is Shinkouhyou a girl?
J: The poll says that Taikobo says no, Taijou Roukun is indifferent, and Dakki says yes.
M: What the heck does that poll show?
J: That Tai-chan is right.
S: Jakie, we haven’t even done a search, let alone an investigation to come to a conclusion.
Te: I don’t think it matters to Jakie.
B: I agree.
M: It definitely doesn’t.
T: So let’s go ask Shinkouhyou.
(Suddenly the setting changes to where Shinkouhyou is)
Shinkouhyou: What is the meaning of this?
M: Just intellectual curiosity that got the better of two people.
Shinkouhyou: I don’t see why I have to answer.
T: You do.
Shinkouhyou: And why is that?
T: Because I’ve got Kokutenko hanging at the neck so he could fall and die any second now.
Shinkouhyou: Sometimes I forget that you are Dakki’s daughter.
T: I take that as a compliment.
M: DON’T!!!!
J: So are you or are you not?
Shinkouhyou: No. Where did you get the idea.
M: Yeah Jakie, where?
J: 1) You’re hair looks like Okaappa.
Shinkouhyou: If you go by that reasoning what happens to Roushi’s hair?
J: 2)(Ignoring Shinkouhyou) You look like a girl.
M: Have you seen the anime version of him!?
J: 3)(Ignoring M) A guy would not dress like you.
M:……..that’s understanding.
T: It makes sense.
S: It’s decided, you’re a girl Shinkouhyou.
B: Wow. Congratulations Shinkouhyou-san.
Te: What’s going on here?
Shinkouhyou: Excuse me?
M: Now that that’s over can we just go onto the next assignment.
J: Do we have to go in order?
T: That’s what Oniichan said.
M: Okay, let’s go in order.
S: Next is…
B: Should I bring my radio?
Te: Bye bye clown.
Shinkouhyou: ……………Um……..
Kokutenko: …can somebody let me down?!

J: Next is
M: Is Youzen’s mother Dakki? Or Kibi? I say Dakki
T: It has to be Dakki, he’s my Oniichan.
S: If he’s Kaasan’s, then Youzen-sama’s my Oniichan, Lucky!!!!
J: I say Dakki.
Youzen: First off, where did you get that idea. Sure, my looks are as good as Dakki’s and my hair color is similar to that of Kibi’s but still.
M: Well, Kibi and you are the only one’s that can do Henge(Excluding original characters), plus I’ve read various stories where Dakki is your mother.
Youzen: We don’t know for truth until the author says anything.
T: My Oniichan(Glares at S)
S: No MINE!!!(Glares at T)
T: You have Inkou and Tenka. I keep Oniichan.
S: You have Kenshin-san and Sansosuke-san, I keep Youzen-sama.
Glaring contest.
M: Ignoring those two, Youzen-sama, would you like some cake?
Youzen: No thanks, I don’t like sweets.
J: There’s definetily something wrong with you Youzen.
M & T whack Jakie over the head.
M: So you say you are not related to Dakki or Kibi
Youzen: I take the fifth.
J: Since when are you a U.S citizen……(sweat drops)
M: Okay, so we won’t find out until possibly after the story is over, and even then possibly not?
Youzen: Precisely.
M: Then I’d continue with my belief that you are related to Dakki. Good bye Youzen-sama!!(Hugs him)

J: So Dakki, are you Youzen’s mother?
B: Or Kibi-san, are you?
Kibi: I don’t know (Loli.)
Dakki: That I can’t say. (Winks)

J: My theory!!
M: Weird one.
T: Mom would never go for an old guy!!!
S: I’d have to agree, she’s picky in her taste.
J: But we’re not talking about Dakki, it’s Genshi Tenson.
M: Evidence please? Opens hand.
J: Look at Houshin Taizen where Genshi Tenson and Dakki are together, isn’t it ob(accent on b)vious.
M: Okay, Genshi Tenson. You’ve been accused of Sexually Harassing poor Ryobou, A rorikon, and now a crush on the villianess. What do you have to say?
Genshi: LIES!!! ALL LIES!!!
J: Nope, don’t think so.
S: That what you said when you were accused of sexually harassing Taikobo-sama, which you did do.
M: Didn’t that teach you not to lie? I could still call Youzen-sama, Venus, and Jakie to lynch you.
M: Good.
J: So, spill the beans.
Genshi: it all started on that fateful day when me and a few of the Jyunisen went to Kingou together.
T: Which ones?
Genshi: Specifically Taiitsu,(B brings Taiitsu), Doutoku(B brings Doutoku), and Gyokutei(B brings Gyokutei).
M: Are these all true?
Taiitsu, Doutoku and Gyokutei: Yes.
Genshi: We were invited to a room where there was Choukoumei, Tsuutenkyoushu, and Dakki.
M: Ah-huh, and then what?
Genshi: We were discoing.
M backs away, T looks at them weirdly, J laughs like a crazed maniac, S sweatdrops.
Taiitsu: No we weren’t!! We were discussing the analogies of the current standing of technology in Kingou and Kunlun.
Doutoku: I thought we were having a sporting event?
Gyokutei: I thought we were having tea.
J: Explain this Genshi Tenson, why do they all have different memories. What did you do?
M: Jakie had an insight!!
J: OI!!!!
Genshi:….must I admit?
J & M: YES.
Genshi: I was surprised by Dakki’s beauty, and was mutual love at first sight. We were meant for each other.
Everyone else backs away and sweat drops.
S: Then why did you do the Houshin Project to kill her?
Genshi: She would not settle for one person, so in order to make her realize I was the one for her, I devised a plan to capture her soul, and slowly convince her how great we were for each other.
M: Uh-huh?
Genshi: I agreed to trade Oueki with Youzen so she could learn more about me through Oueki.
M: Oh boy.
T: WHAT!!!!
J: Oh man, this guys is….(does the universal sign for crazy)
M: I know…let’s get out of here while he’s still in his own world.
Everyone agreed and ran out.
J: What the heck is going to happen to Kunlun with that as the master.
Everyone: Don’t ask.

M: Next topic, who is Yuukyou’s true love? Roushi or Ki Hatsu.
J: ROUSHI!!! Ki Hatsu is with Tenka!!!!!!!!!!!
M: Roushi, they look too cute together. (Looks at Volume 18)
S: Well, it has to be Ki Hatsu-san since Tenka is supposed to be with me.
Te: Roushi, Tenka-niisama is my niisama!!
B: Tenshou-kun, how about you go home from here.
T: Bukichi-kun, can you run an errand for me and go to Europe and fetch a nice dress.
M: Sorry but I think it runs more smoothely with out those two.
J: Yeah. Back to the question, Yuukyou.
Yuukyou: I would keep my silence to anything personal.
M:…….Yuukyou, come on, as if to help a friend.
Yuukyou: I would keep my silence to anything personal.
J: This is Roushi Then!!!
T: In real life though she does marry Ki Hatsu-san.
J: ….ugh….
M: Yeah, I mean I think she really loves Roushi but she ends up marrying Ki Hatsu.
J: …..but…..but…..
S: Tenka’s mine right?
J: Yup. Let’s blame this on Tai-chan.
M, T & S Back away.
M: Who are you and what did you do with Jakie?
J: Fufufu, I’m Tai-chan crazy and blame everything on him.
J: OI!!!!
M:….So Yuukyou….? ???? Where is she?
T & S: Huh?
J: She escaped while you guys were dumbfounded by my statements.
M, T, & S: WHATTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: So we found out that Yuukyou really loves Roushi.
T: We did?
J: So Ki Hatsu, who’s your real love? Yuukyou or Tenka.
S: Tenka’s mine!!!
Hatsu: Not you guys again.
J: Ohohohohohohoho.
M: Naga?
J: NO!!!!!
Hatsu: Didn’t I already say I was planning a wedding with Tenka?
J: YES!!!!
M: But you do marry Yuukyou in real life.
Hatsu:…..remember how dad had 29 wives?
J: Yeah….
T: ….are you telling me that?
Hatsu: I mean, I’ve got to produce an heir don’t I? And Taikobo’s always saying that he wishes the Kyou tribe had more political say, so Yuukyou’s his like, relative so….
M: Makes sense. So, that’s why you’ll marry Yuukyou.
Hatsu: Well, I mean she isn’t the best woman or anything, her body’s like, you know, I mean, not exactly my type, but you know, with the power of Tenka and her brains, and with Tann, I actually think that I might be you know, a good king.
J: That was beautiful….WAHHHH!!!!
S: Tenka is mine though!!!
T: Oniichan, I’m scared.
M: OI!!!!!
Hatsu: Can I go now?
M: Sure, sure.

M: What is it?
J:……..I don’t remember.
T: It’s…..what was it?
S: Did Taikobo-sama have a relationship with Fugenn?! Or more so Kishou?!!
J: Tai-chan, did you?
Taikobo has a shield in front of him.
Taikobo: I won’t talk until you get Jakie away from me.
M: No can do, she’s a reporter.
J: Because I’m the one who thought up of the news.
T: So Taikobo-san, did you ever cheat on Oniichan?
Taikobo: I wasn’t even going out with him until after Kishou’s death!!!
S: So in other words, you were with Fugenn, then Kishou, and then Youzen-sama?
Taikobo: I never had a relationship like such with Kishou!!! It was mutual respect!! He was the first ruler I ever saw that was kind to my people!!
J: POOR TAI-CHAN!!!!(Jumps to hug him and Taikobo blocks with the shield)
M: So with Fugenn then?
T: Taikobo-san…..
Taikobo:……When I first met Fugenn, it was right after I had lost my clan, and Fugenn was an escaped slave when he met Genshi Tenson-sama.
J: Poor Fugenn and Tai-chan!!! Waahhhhhhh!!!
Taikobo: We needed somebody, and we were really the only ones around eachother that could relate to such pain. Fugenn and I really didn’t know people other than Genshi Tenson-sama, Hakutsuru and the Jyunisenn.
M: Just get to the point.
Taikobo: We seeked comfort in eachother, and found it in what you would call, a lovers relationship about the time both of us were eighteen.
T: How long did this continue?
Taikobo: Until Fugenn became a Jyunisenn. By then he had taken a student and we saw less and less of each other. I found myself slacking off more, and Fugenn spent most of his time training his student. We still tried to contact each other and stay together, but our feelings had changed, from that of lovers to best friends.
J: Tai-chan kawaisou, I’ll comfort you!!!(tries to hug him but is sent away with a blast of Dashinben)
M: So,
Taikobo: We decided to become friends again. Twelve years after that I met Youzen and…..well….
M: Ahhhhhh,
T: Yatta, Yatta, Yatta.
S: So now you’re Youzen-sama only.
Taikobo blushes and nods.
J: KAWAII!!!!!(succeeds in hugging him.)

M: Alright, next assignment.
J: Meow. Meow. Mewo Mewo!
S: Some body go get Meowth.
T: Who’s that?
M: This Pokemon.
S: What’s a Pokemon?
M: Don’t ask.
J: I just explained the next assignment.
M: Translation por favor?
J: Does Oukijin have a crush on Tai-chan.
M: Oh yeah, I mean when she took a human form again the first thing she asked was about him.
S: That’s rather interesting.
T: So, my aunt has a crush on my Oniichan’s lover?
M: We don’t know for sure yet.
J: Let’s go ask!!!
Oukijin: What are you guys? Are you the ones that were bothering Neesama-tachi?
M: We weren’t bothering.
Oukijin: What do you want to know?
S: Yeah, Oukijin-Baachan, do you have a crush on Taikobo-sama.
Oukijin: Ba, Baachan? Didn’t Kibi-Neesama teach you any manners.
S: She did?
T: I have more manners than her!!(Points to S)
S: Why you little…..
J: STOP!!!! Oukijin, what do you say? (With a mallet in her hand)
Oukijin: …..he is my sworn nemesis, why would I have a crush on him?
M: I don’t know, seemed logical enough for a while.
T: Good, I mean, not that Taikobo-san would go for someone like you, I mean, it’s obvious that Oniichan is a WAY better choice and all and…
S: I agree on that.
J: No it’s best for me!! He’s my lover.
M: YOUZEN-SAMA!!! Jakie here is claiming she is Taikobo’s Lover!!!!
J: Shouu Help!!!!
S: No can do!!!
J: Tao!!!
T: Oniichan, Oniichan, go go Oniichan!!!
J: Manami-Oneesama!!!!!
M: You think I’d help?
J: YES!!!!!
M: Fork over the pictures.
J: Huh, what pictures.
M: Oh you know, the ones that were taken by the camera that happened to be in Shuu’s castle’s Bath, and the one where a bunch of gorgeous Senninn and Royalty walk around naked, and,
J:….you knew?!!
M: Fork them over and I just might, *might* save you.
J: But, I only have pictures of Nataku, Tenka, Youzen and Tai-chan!!!
M: I’ll settle for the ones of just Youzen-sama and him with Taikobo, now are you going to give them to me, I can already see someone with blue hair running this way, along with a very muscular nurse.
J: Here’s Youzen(Clasps Taikobo pictures really hard)
M: Well, this is good enough for now, I’ll be nice, but remember, you OWE ME MAJORLY!!!!
J: Hai
Oukijin: ………I’m never having kids.

T: Koutenken, did you?
S: You know, you guys are of different species.
M: Hey you two, the readers would have no clue what you’re talking about unless we tell them what we’re investigating.
J: That’s right.
Youzen: And just what are you investigating and what does my Koutenken have to do with it?(Looks annoyed)
M: Ahh, Youzen-sama, it is common knowledge about your relationship to Taikobo right.
Youzen: Yes.
J: It’s also common knowledge that you two spend a lot of time together!!!(Shiku shiku shiku) Tai-chan, Tai-chan, TAI-CHAN!!!!!!!!!
S: Ignoring my whacky creator, Youzen-sama, we were just wondering that since the owners spend so much time together, do the pet’s(?) spend as much time together.
J: Suupuushan, what do you say!? And where’s Tai-chan?
Suupuushan: Goshujin ran away when he found out Youzen-san and Jakie-san were here.
Youzen and J: Why?
M: I think I understand, Youzen-sama, did you keep Taikobo up all last night? Youzen:…..yes.
M: And it’s obvious he’s scared of Jakie.
J: OI!!!!!!!! Tai-chan is not scared of me.
All sweat dropped.
T: So, now speak up Koutenken and Suupuushan. It’s okay, I understand.
Youzen: Is this true Koutenken.
M: Since when can Koutenken speak?
S: Yeah, when?
Youzen: Koutenken and I were raised together, we sort of have this telepathec bond.
J: I see, so what does Koutenken say.
Youzen:…….he says they do have a relationship.
J: What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind? What kind?
Youzen:….is she always like this?
M: Unfortunately yes.
J: So What kind?
Youzen: A loving relationship.
Everyone stares at him.
Youzen: Kaba, did you do something to my precious friend?(Whips out Sansentou)
Choukoumei: A, what a nice Romeo/Juliet story!!
M: YOU GET OUT OF HERE!!!(Kicks out Choukoumei)
J: Answer, Suupuushan.
T: If you did anything to ruin Koutenken’s reputation I won’t let you get away!!!(Eyes flash gold like when Dakki’s mad)
S: You know, it may only be my preference but I won’t want those two after me.
Suupuushan: I’m not a kaba……(cries)
J: Speak up Suupuushan sooner or later.
Suupuushan: It’s, it’s true. WAAAH!!!!!!!!!(Get’s bright red and runs away crying)
S: Oh, that so adorably cute Kaba-chan.
Youzen: Koutenken, are you sure about this? It’s a KABA for crying out loud!!
T: It’s not too late Koutenken.
Koutenken: Wandeshi, Wandeshi!!!!!(No, No)
Youzen and T try to persuade Koutenken, M stares at Youzen dreamily, J embarks on a search for Yuusuke and Taikobo, S goes and grabs Incou(Older) and Tenka.

*Rorikon: Liking someone who is significantly younger than yourself.
J: Now, here are the facts:
Gyokutei(estimated age)-3000, raised Youzen(estimated age) 206, Age difference: (estimated) 2794
Doutoku(estimated age)-3000, raised Tenka(estimated age) 18, Age difference: (estimated)2982
Genshi Tenson(estimated age)-6000, Taikobo(estimated age) 80, Age difference: (estimated)5920
Roushi(estimated age)-7000, Yuukyou(estimated age)-16 Age difference(estimated) 6984
Tsuuten Kyoushu(estimated age) 6000, Dakki & Chokoumei(estimated age) 3000-Age difference (estimated)3000
Dakki(estimated age)-3000 Chuuou (estimated age)41, Age difference: (estimated)2959
Bunchuu(estimated age)-316, Hiko(estimated age)-41: Age Difference: (estimated)259
Youzen(estimated age)-206, Taikobo(estimated age)-80 Age difference: (estimated)126
Venus: (estimated age)1500, Taikobo-(estimated age)80 Age difference: (estimated)1420
Shinkouhyou(estimated age)-5000, Taikobo-(estimated age)80 Age difference: (estimated)4920
Roushi(estimated age)-7000, Shinkouhyou-(estimated age)5000, age difference: (estimated) 2000
M: With all the facts are they going to deny it?
S: Genshi Tenson probably would.
M: Yeah. Besides, he’s guilty anyway.
T: That’s true.
J: Okay, Genshi Tenson’s definitely a Rorikon. How about Doutoku?
M: Think he had a thing with Tenka?
S: NO!!!
Doutoku: NO!!!! There’s no time for such things when you are trying for the Olympics.
J: Yes there is!!
M: Did they even have Olympics back then?
T: Hiko-sama said it started in Greek so it must have.(<--Never ask her any History questions)
S: So Gyokutei, tell the truth.
M: ………Gyokutei’s Youzen’s master.
Every one sweat drops and a dust ball rolls in the back ground.
Doutoku: What does Tenka see in you.
J: I know, he’d be much better off with Kihatsu.
S: Jakie, I thought you created me.
J: Uh,
M: So Doutoku, did you reallyx1000 not do anything to Tenka?
Doutoku: How could I when Taiitsu was spying my every move!!!
M:…..makes sense.
Doutoku: God, everytime I turned around he seemed to be there, even if I wanted to do something there’s no way I could have.
S: My half-creator is more baka than my parents or my ‘creator’
Doutoku: Tell me about it.
T: Okay, then is mom a Rorikon?
Dakki: Of course not my dear daughter!!(smiles)
T: Really?
Dakki: Ohoho, it’s normal people with 2959 years age difference to be attracted to each other.
T: It is!!
Youzen: Don’t go telling her lies!!!(covers T’s ears)
Dakki: Oh, and Youzen-chan you aren’t, what was your age difference with Taikobo-chan, 126?
Youzen: That is still forgivable range.
S: It is?(Sweat drops)
J: I don’t think so.
S: And I thought my creator was weird….
J: So Dakki and Youzen you two aren’t Rorikon?
Youzen: Of course not!!
Dakki: I am shocked you would suggest such a thing.
J: Oh, really but then, Youzen did you Gyokutei ever do anything to you?
Youzen: Of course not you little perverted mind!!!
J: I don’t have a perverted mind!! Oneechan does but I don’t!!!
M: OI!!!!!
Dakki: Besides, it’s stated here in the laws of Kunlun and Kingou, minimum age difference to count as a crime, 5920.
M: I swear that Genshi Tenson must have wrote it to do things to Taikobo and Fu….Jakie? Youzen-sama? (the two are off in the dance chanting Kill Genshi Tenson over and over again)
S: So the only one that it counts as a crime is Roushi and Yuukyou?
T: But that’s Senninn Kai law, maybe it’s different in Nigenkai.
M: True, let’s see, Law written by Chuuou and Kihatsu considering age difference……what are those two thinking?
S: I don’t know but read it!!
M: According to this ‘If it is between a pudding-chan and someone else there is no laws regulating the age difference, but if it is the opposite, than the minimum age difference to count as a crime is two years.’ Those crazy womanizers.
S: Agreeable.
T: So what, is everyone Rorikon or not?
M: In this story……….. I’d have to say yes.
Youzen: Now the law can become more realistic.
M: Such as…..
Youzen: two thousand years should be about the minimum in age difference to count as crime since Senninn never die, they tend to need to find one true love to spend their life with, and should most likely be with in two-thousand years.
M: Sounds reasonable to me but then RouYuu is illegal!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J: Oneechan……….(shakes her head)
S: That should conclude our investigation
T: Bye bye.
THE REST: IT’S ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!