I was inspired to write this story after I heard that Taikobo became human again in the Original Houshin Engi and before I knew of anything about the fate of some characters. If some characters who are supposed to be sealed are still alive, well and moving around, that is because.



It was Forty years after the completion of the Houshin Project. Kihatsu—Buou—had died and now his son, Seiou, was ruling the country. There were no longer any Sendou that stayed in Ningenkai, save for two. One was the military commander, formerly known as Taikobo, and the other was Youzen, a Youkai Senninn that was the former genius Doushi of Kunlun. Taikobo, Bou, had decided to stay in Ningenkai despite the wishes of his master and Youzen had stayed with him.
Bou’s wish was no other than to become human again. After all the deaths he had seen and experienced, it was the only way he could atone his sin. No matter what anyone else said. However, when Bou became human again, he started to slowly get closer to his death. Although Taikobo hadn’t changed much in the way of appearance, his eyesight and hearing were slowly deteriorating, but his memory, stayed as sharp as ever.

“Suusu.” Youzen called to Bou as he reached for the branch on the peach tree. He slowly pulled Bou away from the tree.
“What?” Bou asked annoyed at Youzen. “I was just reaching for the branch.” Bou argued as he went back towards the tree again.
“Suusu, I will get it for you so just sit down.” Youzen placed Bou on the porch and walked towards the peach tree. “Which branch do you want?” Youzen asked as he looked up at the Peach flowers that were in full bloom. Bou pointed to the branch furthest away from Youzen as he glared at Youzen.
“I could’ve gotten it for myself.” Bou argued as Youzen bought him the branch.
“It would be safer if I did.” Youzen replied and smiled sweetly at Bou. Bou just turned around and stood up. “Suusu!” Youzen yelled but Bou continued to walk until he was in the middle of the garden.
“It’s a full moon tonight.” Bou whispered. “The moon never changes does it? It follows a complete cycle, even if people cry, or are hurt, or even die, it just stays there minding it’s own business.”
“Suusu.” Youzen placed his hand on Bou’s shoulder and Bou looked up at Youzen.
“When I die, I want this branch next to me, and to die on a night with the moon as beautiful as this.” Bou smiled and Youzen just looked sadly at him. “Don’t look like that. You knew it was going to happen sometime.” Bou laughed softly. “I just want you to promise me that………………………..”

It’s only been a month or so since we talked like that! You smiled softly and told me that you would…!! All I can do is wait, wait and hope that you would … “Suusu…” Youzen whispered softly… The cold body that laid limp in his arms. “….Suusu….”

The wait has begun.