I was inspired to write this story after I heard that Taikobo became human again in the Original Houshin Engi and before I knew of anything about the fate of some characters. If some characters who are supposed to be sealed are still alive, well and moving around, that is because.


Rebirth Chapter 1

2001 July, Narita Airport

“So WHY are we going to China?!” Yuusuke demanded as he sat down on one of the seats at the air port gate.
“Because, Koenma-sama was asked to capture a Youkai by the Kunlun Mts.” Botan replied in a stern voice. “I’ve said that at least a 1000 times in the last week!”
“Calm down Botan.” Kuwabara said. “All we have to do is climb Mt. Everest right? Don’t worry, I can do that for Yukina-san.” Kuwabara then noticed that everyone was looking at him. “What?!”
“Ah, Kuwabara-kun, how did you get Mt. Everest?” Kurama asked with a sweat drop on his head.
“Well, Everest is a mountain in China right? And the mountain Botan talks about is high up so I thought…, aren’t I right?” Kurama, Yuusuke and Botan all hit the floor at that statement.
“Ah, Kuwabara-kun, Mt. Everest is in Nepal, and Kunlun is in the sky.” Kurama informed his misguided friend.
“It’s not in China? I always thought it was.” Kuwabara mumbled to himself.
“Before that, what is China and Nepal?” Hiei asked annoyed.
“YOU DON’T KNOW!!” Kuwabara and Yuusuke screamed and then started laughing. Kurama held Hiei down from making them burnt toast.
“Hiei, China and Nepal are Ningen countries.” Kurama explained. “But we’re getting off topic here. So why do WE have to go to China?” Kurama asked Botan.
“Because, this Youkai we’re trying to capture is at least 3000 years old! You guys are the most experienced in battles so…” Botan explained. “Oh come on, it will be fun!”
“FUN!?” Yuusuke asked annoyed. “We’re going to a country where I can’t speak or read the language and I have to go catch a god damn Youkai is FUN!?” Yuusuke demanded and Botan took a step back.
“But, but…” Botan started to get teary eyed.
“Yuusuke, you’re scaring her.” Kurama stopped Yuusuke from eating Botan. “Well, since we are already here why don’t we go to China. It would be a good experience, if anything.”
“Okay, okay. So what does this Youkai look like?” Yuusuke asked Botan.
“Cute!” Botan replied with a smile and the four Reikai detectives hit the ground. “Well he is! Here, here’s a picture of him.” Botan handed them a picture of a man that looked about in his 20’s with long deep blue hair and wore a top in the same color as his hair. His eyes were a deep shade of amethyst. “See.” Botan declared. “his name is Seigen Myoudou Shinkun Youzen. He has two weapons, one’s a trident and the other is a dog. They both are weapons called Paopei’s, both over 3000 years old. He was formerly known as the Genius Doushi and he could easily switch forms and looks.” Kurama and Hiei sweat dropped as they looked at Botan.
“Botan..” Kurama started in his best controlled voice. “If he can easily switch looks then there’s no point in knowing how he looks.”
“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Botan screamed and cried as she was denied that all the information she gathered was useless.
“Well, we can still go to China and try to find this guy.” Kurama tried to cheer her up. “Come on Botan, it’s not the end of the world.”
“I know but, but I’m useless at fighting so I though I can help you by at least gathering information…Kurama, am I useless to you.” Botan looked at Kurama with tears in her eyes.
“Of course not Botan.” Kurama replied.
“Can we get going?” Yuusuke asked annoyed at his friends. “I really want to get this mission over and done with.”
“Okay, okay.” Kurama smiled.
<> The Intercom announced.
“Well, I guess this is it.” Kuwabara stated and the five went to Gate 32.

“The detectives have left Japan.” An old man with a long white beard that reached to the floor, declared. He was bald on top with save for a jewel engraved in his forehead and his long white hair that grew from the middle of his head. He wore ancient Chinese robes and his eyes were closed.
“That is, good news I suppose.” The crane that stood beside him muttered as he flapped his wings.
“It is. Are you two ready?” The old man, who was the master of the Kunlun Mts., Genshi Tenson, asked the two people behind him.
“I’m ready.” A man that seemed to be in his late teens answered with a grin. He had a large scar across his nose and his black hair was cut at a length that only a few strands in the back reached past his neck. All he wore was a black safari vest and torn jeans.
“I know I am.” The woman next to him replied. Her long orange hair were in two braids that stuck out at the side, she wore a black slip dress and long black boots that went above her knees. “I’ve waited long enough for it.”
“I promise that what ever happens I will bring back the information on…………..” The man’s voice was drawn out by the large sound of a Koukin Rikishi landing. Out of it came a man that had his black hair cut in a straight line at his shoulders and a blue out fit. “Taiitsu-sama….” The man muttered.
“Genshi Tenson-sama.” The man, Taiitsu, ignored the other man’s words and walked straight to Genshi Tenson. “I want to know what you plan to do at or with Reikai.” Taiitsu asked.
“It does not concern you Taiitsu.” Genshi Tenson replied in a stern voice. “I did not order you here. I advise you go back.”
“Are you, Are you planning on hurting those two even more. Isn’t it enough, the pain and loss they suffered 3000 years ago, that should be enough.” Taiitsu pleaded but Genshi Tenson ignored those words.
“Go Kou Tenka, Tou Sengyoku.” Genshi Tenson ordered and the two that were waiting behind Taiitsu disappeared. “It is not enough Taiitsu, for there is one thing he did not complete…” Genshi Tenson whispered to himself and Taiitsu could only glare at the master he once looked up to.

“Well, here we are. Beijing.” Botan announced as she got off the plane. “Come on, let’s go claim our luggage.”
“What luggage?” Hiei asked annoyed. In his hand was a small duffel bag that had all his possessions, it was pretty much the same for the other three detectives.
“My clothes, my books, my stuffed animals, my toiletries, the list can go on and on! I have 6 suit cases!” Botan pointed her finger to the four detectives and declared.
“Six?” Kuwabara asked and Botan nodded.
“Botan, we’re only staying in China for at the most a week, you know that?” Yuusuke asked and Botan nodded again.
“We’re only staying in Beijing tonight Botan …” Kurama added.
“Of course I know that! I planned this trip!” Botan declared annoyed at them.
“Then, why six suit cases!?” The four asked and Botan shook her head.
“Men just don’t understand women.” Botan placed her hands on her hips and declared that. The four just shook their heads though.
“Hey!” A voice called to them in Japanese and the five turned around. “Are you guys the Reikai Tantei?” A man came up to them and asked.
“Yeah.” Yuusuke answered. The man took out a cigarette and lit it.
“Cool. I’m Tenka from Kunlun. I’ll guide you guys to the area of where we think Youzen-san is.” Tenka smiled as he smoked out the cigarette smoke. “Want one?” Tenka offered to Yuusuke and Yuusuke took it.
“YUUSUKE!!” Botan yelled as she took the cigarette box from Tenka and the cigarette in Tenka’s mouth.
“Hey!” Tenka and Yuusuke yelled.
“It’s unhealthy for you guys to smoke!” Botan yelled.
“You said it!” A girl appeared behind Tenka and clapped her hands. “Hi, I’m Sengyoku also from Kunlun. I’m Tenka’s partner.”
“Hi, I’m Botan, a ferry girl from Reikai and these are the detectives.” Botan pointed to them. “The one that was talking to Tenka-kun is Yuusuke, he’s actually the one we hired, then the one next to him is Kuwabara, Kuwa-chan, he’s Yuusuke’s best friend.” Yuusuke and Kuwabara complained at Botan’s comment. “Then Hiei, he’s a Youkai.” Botan made sure she clarified that. “Then Kurama, he’s half-human and half-Youkai.”
“Hi.” Out of the four that were introduced Kurama was the only one that offered to shake hands. Sengyoku gladly shook his hand, not because he was bishounen but because of her natural ability to be out going at first meetings; but Tenka stood back and seemed to be studying Kurama.
“You.” Tenka finally opened his mouth and Kurama turned to him. “You remind me of Youzen-san.” Tenka whispered.
“The Youkai we’re trying to capture?” Yuusuke asked and Tenka nodded. “It’s just that the way you carry yourself, your atmosphere, it’s just, really similar to the way Youzen-san was.” Tenka looked down. “Until that day….”
“What happened?” Yuusuke asked and Tenka shook his head.
“I’ll explain it to you guys on the way to the hotel, let’s get your luggage.” Was all Tenka said.

“Six suit cases?!!! What do women think!?” Tenka asked in the taxi.
“Come on, it’s not that many!” Botan argued as she pouted.
“Hold it you two. We have seven people crammed into a small taxi. Let’s be civil here.” Kurama, the peace maker, calmed the two down.
“Yeah besides weren’t you gonna tell us about this Youzen guy?” Kuwabara asked annoyed. Since he was the biggest he had to sit someone on his lap and that someone was Hiei. “AND CAN YOU HURRY!!” He yelled at the taxi driver. “I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO HAVE THIS SHRIMP ON MY LAP!!!”
“I can’t believe I’m sitting on your lap.” Hiei declared, almost ready to draw his sword.
“Any way, about Youzen.” Yuusuke finally managed to get to the real subject.
“Do you guys know the name Taikobo?” Tenka asked and Kurama, Botan, and Kuwabara nodded.
“Who?” Yuusuke asked.
“It’s this guy that anyone would know if they do fishing!” Kuwabara declared as he showed them a fishing magazine that said ‘how to become a great fisherman like Taikobo.’.
“Um….” Tenka had no clue how to reply.
“You mean Taikobo from the famous legend Houshin Engi right?” Kurama asked and Tenka breathed a sigh of relief.
“Yeah, that Suusu, I mean Taikobo.” Tenka agreed.
“I thought so since Kou Tenka and Tou Sengyoku, both are names of people from that legend.” Kurama smiled.
“Yeah, it’s a true legend.” Tenka replied and ruffled his own hair. “Well, so I guess you know that the Youzen-san we talk about is the Youzen-san from the legend.”
“Yes, but I never read that he was Youkai any where.” Kurama replied. “Its not really well known, besides there’s a lot of things that were deleted or added from the real story as time passed.” Tenka explained. “But, I don’t know where I should start from. I guess, I could explain on what happened. You see, Youzen-san and ……..Taikobo, were lovers. I know you guys will think it’s weird but it wasn’t back then, it was normal. Once the war was over Taikobo wished to become human again and stay in Ningenkai, Youzen-san went with him. They were happy, but after 40 or so years Taikobo died. We all expected Youzen-san to return to Senninnkai after Taikobo died but Youzen-san didn’t. I don’t know all the details but Genshi Tenson-sama wants Youzen-san back in Senninnkai. None of us though are able to convince Youzen-san, he won’t listen to us, and he won’t tell us the reason. That’s why we’re asking you guys, help us.” Tenka bowed his head. “Please, help us.”
“Well, we’ll do what we can. Right guys!” Botan turned to the Tantei and the Tantei nodded.
“Thanks. Youzen-san’s really not a bad guy. I used to be a good friend of his. It’s just that the death of Taikobo was too much on him, after all he lost his biological parents, his adopted family, and his lover. I don’t think he was able to handle the pressure.” Tenka said, more to himself.
“We all lost at least one person that was dear to us during that war. But Youzen and Taikobo suffered the most.” Sengyoku added.
“Well, we’ll try our best.” Botan said with a smile and Tenka and Sengyoku thanked her.

“Koutenken…” Youzen softly called to his Paopei/companion. “I have a feeling it won’t be much longer. Soon, soon we could leave this place.” Youzen took a look around the forest he had lived in for the past 3000 years. “Will you miss this place?” He asked Koutenken, knowing there would be no answer. “I will, after all this is where Suusu….” Youzen looked down at the ground. “3000 years did nothing to reduce the pain, in fact it only intensified it.” Youzen whispered softly to himself.
The small cabin that he had made for him and Taikobo, the lake that Taikobo swam in on hot days, the trees they climbed together,… if he could redo everything Youzen had no doubt that he would. Even if he knew what waited in the end, he was happy during those fifty years when it was just him and Taikobo.
“Suusu….” Youzen smiled to himself, but their seemed to be no light in his eyes. 3000 years—when most people can only wish to live a 100 years of life, he had lived 3000 years in solitude. It is a miracle he hadn’t gone crazy. But it was all for a single foretelling and a single promise. “Everything is for….”