Okay, here's a warning for you. In case you're wondering why the heck I have a warning it's to prevent people who don't like Yaoi (Gay content to put it in for all of those who don't know the Japanese terminology), I mostly write/draw boy's love, meaning it hardly ever goes all the way to a sex scene. The most is implications, it's because I can't write it, got it all of you out there. Okay, enough said you know this site doesn't contain anything explicit, and all, it's basically the same thing you find in my Slayers Sections, only it involves guy/guy relationships. Enough said, let's get on.

Look, I trust people who come to my site. I trust them to have common courtesy and common sense. Warnings are there for people who don't like this stuff, if everyone was open to this kind of stuff, I wouldn't have to be doing this.

BTW the couplse are

Youzen/Taikobo (The Uke/Seme can bereversed(emotional agresser role))

Kihatsu/Tenka(same as above)


Fukki/Youzen(This I treat differently from Youzen/Taikobo)