Here is where I would store my Yaoi fics.
This fic is a parody, where the characters assume different roles. Be sure to read all the warnings before proceeding.
Ki Hatsu
This fic is basically my self imagined biography of what I think Ki Hatsu's life was like. I'm not using any real refferences so you can flame me about that. You can't tell in the first chapter but it's a Tenka/Kihatsu story.
Nice to Meet You
An alternative Universe where Youzen and Tenka are girls.

Bing Li
My own Youtaiyou version interpertation of Fukki, Outenkun, Taikobo, Youzen and Dakki's relationship, not fully developed.

My Houshin Engi cross over with Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Youzen/Taikobo. Sorry K/H fans but there's no Yuu Yuu Hakusho Yaoi in thsi story.

Dreaming of You
This is a song fic based on Selena, La Reina de Tejano's song, Dreaming of you. Taikobo thinks about his feelings towards Youzen.

Back to Tianlan?
Back to the Houshin Mansion?