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Chapter 9

Chapter 9:
Despite what Zelas had said Xelloss was worried. He wasn’t worried about what would happen to Lin, not many were capable of defeating her but rather what un-needed trouble she would cause. She certainly was a trouble maker, never able to keep herself settled still.
Xelloss sighed and summoned a crystal ball. He didn’t wish to do much prying on Lin but it was getting late and he really didn’t want any trouble. He chanted a short spell that would show where Lin was.
The image appeared and Xelloss groaned. He saw Lin and someone he really did not like. Filia Ul Copt, the annoying Gold Dragon maiden. Lin’s face was furious and Xelloss guessed that Filia had done or said something that would upset Lin. It didn’t surprise Xelloss, Filia and Lin certainly didn’t seem like ones that would get along perfectly.
He probably should stop Lin from doing something that would cause unwanted trouble. He sighed and teleported to the scene.

Lin was glaring at Filia and Filia glaring at her. Both of their long hair, Lin’s blackish purple, Filia’s blond, were ruffled by the wind. Everything was quiet around them and everyone held their breath in anticipation of the two’s fight. It was a moment of truth, a moment of silence, a moment in which chaos will occur.
Just as Lin was about to strike her blow at Filia someone grabbed her ponytail and pulled her back. Lin turned around intending on demanding why someone intended to stop her and gasped.
"WHAT XELLOSS!!!" Filia screamed as she saw the priest. She was about ready to change into her dragon form when Val jumped in and stopped her.
"Um…Uh…" Lin stuttered as she saw her masters stern look.
"Lin, what is going on here?"
"Um…Ah…" Lin played with her ponytail that Xelloss had released after grabbing it. "Didn’t we have this situation before?" Lin asked, hoping to change the subject.
"Lin" Xelloss stated firmly.
"I was buying Lina’s present." Lin stated, which was the truth. "It’s really beautiful!! Would you like to see it?" Lin reached for the bag that she had put down but Xelloss shook his head. "Um…Xelloss-sama, I didn’t know that the master of this store was a gold dragon."
"Fairly obvious." Xelloss stated
"If I did I wouldn’t have come here." Lin explained. "Um…did I upset you?"
"…..No. But I do not want trouble. And you being near that Gold Dragon does cause trouble." Xelloss pointed to Filia and Lin nodded.
Filia screamed in rage and stormed towards Xelloss and started arguing with him. Val sighed and pulled Lin to the side before she could get hurt by the possible damage Filia could cause.

"Hmm…" A bystander that was watching the amusing scene muttered. She had blue-black hair with blue eyes and wore long slacks with a blue top. "So this is the everyday scenario that occured when they were searching for the last weapon of Dark Star."
She shifted her gaze from Xelloss and Filia who were engaged in a quarrel to the man with aqua-green hair and Lin and that caught her immediate attention.
"Ka-koii." She muttered with out noticing. It was rare that SHE gave anyone a compliment such as thus but this one was really cute. "Wait isn’t that…." She studied the features of the man closer and her smile broadened. "Hmmm…I may have a talk with L-sama sometime soon."
She noticed that his eyes were fixed on the pair that were quarreling and smiled. Maybe I should do something before BIG trouble occurs. She sighed and walked passed the crowd and towards Filia.

Lin noticed as someone walked towards Xelloss and Filia and caught the faintest scent of familiarity with what appeared to be the human female. Lin studied her features but nothing seemed to relate to those of anyone she knew.
As Lin pondered the question of who the mysterious female was, she had calmed Filia down and was chatting away with her. Lin gave up on trying to distinguish who it was by physical appearance and sought the Astral Plane.
One of the many advantages of being a mazoku over any other race, even as a half or an incomplete one, was the free access to the astral plane, while still in the physical world. And all pure mazoku had a shadow like presence in the astral plane. The only difference from the physical shadows were that they were easier to identify who was who.
It took Lin less than a minute to identify where her master’s shadow was and she blinked when she identified the other ‘shadow’. She must have been really tired and was hallucinating…she saw Zelas Metalium’s shadow.
The higher the rank of mazoku the more distinctive the shadows are, especially Shablaniguduu ant his five, or rather currently three, sub-ordinates. There for Zelas’s ‘shadow’ was extremely easy to identify with. But what why would the Beast Master be in this town. Lin pondered on the question for awhile until she was sure she wasn’t hallucinating.
Lin walked over to where Filia, Xelloss, and presumably Zelas, were and tugged on the still a mystery woman’s sleeve. It was a fairly rude gesture but Lin was trying to get her attention.
"Um…please forgive me if I’m wrong…but are you…Zela…" Xelloss covered Lin’s mouth with his hand before she finished her sentence. He pulled her away from the place and into Filia’s store.
"DON’T GO INTO MY STORE!!!!!!!!!" Filia screamed and yelled at him, sending her Laser Breaths. Xelloss easily dodged those and walked into the store.
"Xelloss-sama what is going on?" Lin asked once they were a safe distance away from Filia. "Is that Zelas-sama out there? And is Filia the Filia that you and Lina traveled with."
"Lin…did you forget that I am slightly annoyedat you?" Xelloss asked in an extremely tired voice and Lin looked at him sheepishly.
"Sorry Xelloss-sama." She apologized. "I didn’t mean to run-off again. I was just talking to Val."
"Oh, so you met him." Xelloss muttered. Lin nodded.
"Um…do you think Zelas-sama and him would look good together?"
"ValGARV and Zelas-sama?!" Xelloss repeated her question. He had never thought of that before. Actually if he thought about it he never thought of Zelas with anyone. He imagined it but a picture of utter chaos appeared. Zelas’s light attitude, Valgarv’s gloomy attitude, Filia’s hysterical screams, and other weird things appeared. "…if you wish utter chaos they will be perfect for each other…" Xelloss muttered.
Lin had no clue about Val’s previous life so she didn’t no why Xelloss had said that. "But he’s smart, fairly good looking and can handle Filia’s temper tantrums." Lin pointed out. "And I have heard that Filia’s temper tantrums were pretty bad." Xelloss didn’t argue with her reasoning. But it just wasn’t something he could imagine since when he thought of Val, instead of Valtierra, it was Valgarv that appeared in his mind.
Why can’t this girl stay out of trouble? Xelloss wondered. "To answer your previous questions yes, that is Zelas-sama out there but don’t tell that to Filia-san unless you are willing to see this town destroyed, which may cause unwanted trouble. And yes, Filia-san is the Filia-san I traveled with unwillingly."
"I see. But this place is a weird place Xelloss-sama. Weirder than when Lina is around…if that’s capable." Lin added. "Since only with today I met a guy I think will be great for Zelas-sama, mace-yielding-gold-dragon which I hate, and a man who makes me feel…like I am with you."
"…I can tell Valgarv and Filia-san but who is the other you talk about?" Xelloss asked.
"…Rou Tiut-san. He is of an elf so that must be why I feel comfortable with him." Lin explained.
"An elf? Isn’t he the first elf you met besides yourself…at least since I found you." Xelloss wondered. Although an elf herself Lin had never met another one of an elf.
"now that you mention it, that is true. It’s weird that I’ve been around for nearly five hundred years and never met an elf." Lin laughed. "…what elf tribe am I though?" Lin suddenly wondered. "I know nothing of my kind."
"…you are a Holy-elf, or at least you were in the ruins of the Holy-elf capitol, Muracha, that I found you in. I am not sure though." Xelloss replied.
"Holy-elf?" Lin asked back. Xelloss chuckled.
"You know nothing of the elves, I forgot. Holy-elf, is a tribe destroyed five hundred years ago. I think you were of the common ones but the queen has the strongest power of all elves. It is said that she owns a staff that holds the power of the Lord of Nightmares in it. Even the common elves were strong than the usual elves." Xelloss did a short summary of the basics of the Holy-elf tribe.
Just than, out of no where a puff of blue smoke appeared and Lin and Xelloss looked at it. Out of it appeared a girl with blue hair, red eyes, tanned skin, dressed in an outfit that was more like a robe. Her hair was in two braids and she held a staff that was brown and at it’s point was a small knife. It had a gold orb on it and had two swords tied to a whip like thing. She also had a tail and furry ears.
"Finally!!" She exclaimed. "After five hundred years of attempting I finally find you miss Shi-Kon." She bowed at Lin as she said those words. "I am Femni, and will from here on subject my life into protecting you…"
"Femni?" Xelloss asked the girl. "Femni as in one of Deep Sea’s minions that disappeared some five hundred years ago?" Xelloss asked. Femni looked up and smiled at him.
"It’s been awhile hasn’t it Xel." She saluted with a smile. "But what are you doing here with miss Shi-Kon of the Holy-elf?" Femni asked. She than turned to Lin. "I owe your mother a great deal and that is why I am here miss Shi-Kon. I want to repay my debt to my mother by working for you. Is that fair?"
"Um…" Lin scratched her cheek and looked helplessly at Xelloss who just shrugged. She turned back to Femni and asked the nagging question. "Who is Shi-Kon?"
Femni looked at Lin dumbfounded before she turned to Xelloss. "Xel, isn’t she a Holy-elf?"
"I presume so, at least I found her in Muracha." Xelloss replied.
"Then she has to be miss Shi-Kon…since Miss Shi-Kon is the only Holy-elf alive….Excuse me but what do you call yourself?"
"Lin." Lin replied. "That’s the only name I have, and the only one I care using." Lin shrugged. All her life she had been called Lin and she didn’t have any intention of changing the name now.
"Well…I’m pretty sure you’re miss Shi-Kon though…" Femni muttered.
"Excuse me Femni, but really WHO is Shi-Kon?" Xelloss asked the former minion to Deep Sea Dalphin.
"Shi-Kon is the name of the last princess of the Holy-elves. At least, that I know of." Femni replied. "The only daughter of the last queen, Sill-Tee. Queen Sill-Tee was killed when the Holy-elf tribe was hunted down. It’s said that, I wasn’t there so I’m not sure, the last prince, his name was…Rou"
"Rou?" Lin asked back. "are you sure it’s Rou?"
"Fairly positive." Femni replied. "Why do you ask though?" Lin ran out the shop and to the street were, Zelas in a different form, Filia, Val, two beast-men, and Rou were. Lin ran towards Rou and just blurt out the question.
"Are you a Holy-elf?"
Rou blinked his eyes at the question and noticed that the man that had stopped Lin from attacking Filia had facefaulted.
"Um…Lin, how did you know?" He asked and smiled.
"You’re a Holy-elf!!" Lin demanded.
"Um…well, technically, no. I’m not exactly an Holy-elf."
"Oh…" Lin face faulted at that question.
"But…I was an Holy-elf in my past life. Rou was the name I had in my past life and my tribe likes to use names from past lives." Lin’s ears perked up than.
She was about to ask more questions but Femni interrupted them. "Than you are, or rather were, prince Rou!?"
"Well…yes, I was." Rou replied. Femni smile broadened.
"Than you have the memory or your past life right, if you know that!!" Rou nodded at her question, a little take aback by Femni’s straight forwardness.
"Um…who are you?" Rou asked.
"Oh, I’m Femni. You remember me right?" Femni smiled.
"Femni…Femni!? Wow, you’re…it’s been…" Femni laughed as Rou stammered.
"Five hundred years, yes I know. Today’s a nice day though. Not only did I find your sister, Miss, or rather should I say Princess, Shi-Kon, I found you as well." Femni smiled but Rou’s eyes turned to dots.
"Shi-Kon? Who?"
"Why most certainly that girl that is standing next to you." Femni pointed to Lin with her staff and everyone there, excluding Femni, screamed in surprise.
"Princess!? Lin!? You’ve got to be kidding?!" Zelas, who forgot she was in a different form screamed. "I’ll accept she’s a Holy-elf but PRINCESS?!"
"Excuse me miss, but that girl said herself that she serves Xelloss!! That Namagomi Ma…" Filia never finished her sentence since Lin threw a huge rock at her which hit her in the face.
"Don’t insult Xelloss-sama." Lin stated.
"Um…but the truth is truth…" Femni scratched her head at everyone’s denial. "She looks like Queen Sill-Tee of the Holy-elves, she was found in Muracha by Xel, and most of all, this staff, The Staff Of The Lord, is responding to her." Femni held up the staff and showed it to everyone. "Only the females of the royalties of Holy-elves can possibly have the power to respond to this staff, she is Princess Shi-Kon."
"I’m Lin." Lin stated. "I’m not Shi-Kon."
"Princess~, please stop being stubborn." Femni whined.
"I’m not being stubborn, I’m stating a fact." Lin stated. "I’m glad I have met Rou-san and am glad he is a Holy-elf, same as me, but I am not Shi-Kon. My only name is Lin." Lin nodded as she made the statement.
"But princess~" Femni still argued. The argument which didn’t get anywhere went on until dark.

"Zelas-sama, when may I go back?" Xelloss whispered to his master.
"Once this is over." Zelas replied still looking at Lin and Femni argue.
"Can’t I just take Lin to Wolf Pact Island? She’s not going to accept she’s princess Shi-Kon anytime soon." Xelloss pointed out.
"Hmm, that’s true." Zelas thought over. Actually, she just wanted to talk to Val. After a while Zelas forgot she didn’t want Filia to know who she really was and started talking to Xelloss. It had been an interesting sight after that. Filia went crazy once she found out she was talking to the Beast Master she transformed into her dragon form and destroyed half the city until Val finally calmed her down.
Than Filia litterally shoved Val inside the store and ordered him not to go out to where the, if Filia’s words, ‘Namagomi’s were.’. Filia ended up getting hit in the head by one of the maces she sold, by Lin.
"But still, we can’t just leave Femni here."
"She betrayed Mistress Deep Sea five hundred or so years ago Zelas-sama, does it really matter now?" Xelloss asked.
"Ah, ah. Correction Xel. Dalphin betrayed Femni. You heard on how Femni was trapped by the gold dragons and Dalphin did nothing to save her." Zelas pointed out.
"True but…Zelas-sama…do you really want to have all the animals on the island demanding for food and practically ripping up the castled before we get home. They have been trained to only eat what Lin makes them or intruders." Xelloss pointed out. Truth be told, he wanted to get away from the gold dragon maiden that was getting on his nerves.
"They can eat intruders."
"The likely hood of an intruder appearing on the island is?"
"…close to none." Zelas concluded with a sweat drop. "Okay, Okay. I lose, grab Lin and let’s go back. Make sure she has everything and I want something good to eat when I get back." Zelas and Xelloss than teleported out of sight. Xelloss grabbed Lin from the astral plain on the way.

"Excuse me Femni-san…but is Lin really Shi-Kon." Rou asked after the other three disappeared. He was still somewhat dazed that his younger sister was alive.
"Oh, I’m sure…I still don’t know why she refuses to accept it though?" Femni wondered out loud. "Xel…probably knows." She looked up at the night sky. "Yes…Xelloss will know."
"How do you know that."
Femni turned around and smiled, bringing her pointer to her lips mimicked her former lover’s favorite phase. "that is a secret."

Please..no fire balls. I'll explain more of the Holy-elves, Femni and her former relationship with Xel and Queen Sill-Tee in the next chapter(Which Lina will finally appear.)