Name: Lin (Dist)
Age: 16 to roughly 500
Stories appeared in: Trouble Maker(Slayers fanfic), Pirates-Kaizoku(Slayers fanfic).
Gender: Female
Other possible appearances: Finalmente, any other slayers fanfiction I write.
Attacks: Beast Wind, Death Whip, Songs of Destruction(only in Slayers fanfics)
Destructive yet caring. Anyone who bad mouths Xelloss probably doesn't want to come across her because she will hit you with anything big and deadly that's lying around. She's a good cook and does most of the cleaning around wolf-pact island. And opposed to what many say her looks are not based off of Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin, but rather Lina from Slayers. She has the same sized eyes and same length hair, I just changed the colors and made the hair straight. Also her clothes are based off of Lina's as well. In the novel series 5 "The Silver Demon Beast" for the cover Lina has two shoulder guards which I based Lin's off of. As for her name I just took off the 'a' in Lina's name.