Tomoka from the story 'Anata to Scadal (A Scandal with You)' by Ayumi Shiina, another of my favorite Shoujo Manga writers. Along with 'Anata to Scandal', 'Baby Love' and 'Muteki no Venus (The undefeated Venus)' are also some of her works which I love. 'Anata to Scandal' is a romantic comedy (as most of Shiina's works are) but with an interesting twist regarding the character settings. Tomoka falls in love with a guy on the train (love at first sight) and then ends up joining a band he's in as the key boarder. Yuuki is the Vocalist which Tomoka is in love with, and along with Takemi or Take-chan, the guitarist, Arata the drummer, and Tamotsu the base player, they are in for a big ride.