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"Lina-san, what are you going to do about this years Valentine’s Day?" Amelia asked Lina while they were walking down the streets of Crimson Town together. The 14th of February was nearing and all the stores seemed to have Valentine Decorations out. And naturally as a ‘Maiden in Love’ or so Amelia claimed herself, Valentine’s Day was the event of the year.
"I’m not getting anyone anything." Lina briskly replied.
"What! Lina-san how can you!! As a maiden in Love you must buy, no make chocolate and give it to your beloved!! It is tradition!!!" Amelia stood up on the fountain and started making a scene that Lina took the time to get away from her.
In truth it wasn’t that Lina was planning on completely ignoring Valentine’s day, in fact she probably would have been just as excited as Amelia but….
"What’s the meaning of the day of love when your loved one’s a mazoku who doesn’t care about these things?" Lina wondered aloud to herself as she walked across the store windows. Of course she would rather keep the chocolate she made to herself than give it to someone else, but there was a part of her that still wanted to nicely wrap the chocolate and hand it to the one she cared about.
"He’ll probably just have a heart attack though." Lina muttered and looked away from the show window. The displays of chocolate were making her mouth water and she knew that she would buy some chocolate for herself if she didn’t look away soon. If she even dared to go back with some chocolate Amelia will force her to give it to Xelloss and Lina didn’t want that.
When they first found out what they felt for each other they had both agreed that since by the law of L-sama they couldn’t be together and that to not try to tie the other down. Valentine’s chocolate was a form of tying the other down. In truth Lina didn’t even know if she would even get a glimpse of Xelloss on Valentine’s Day.
Once in every two weeks he would come and visit her, and the last time they met was two weeks ago, so he would be coming sometime this week, Lina knew that. The only problem was what was the point of Valentine chocolate if you couldn’t give it to them that day.
"Oh, Lina what are you doing here?" A familiar voice called and Lina turned around and her jaw hit the ground.
"Martina!!" Lina exclaimed. "What are YOU doing here?! Aren’t you suppose to be in Zoanna?" Lina asked as she walked over to her, non-friend-non-enemy-above-acquaintance.
"Oh, me and Zang honey are on a vacation with our little angel." Martina smiled happily. "Life is such a joy Lina! Zoanna’s doing great with father and my darling doing the work. Don’t worry we have no notions of taking over the world." Martina giggled at her own joke.
Lina noticed how the girl had changed. She no longer wore the bikini outfit but rather the one like she wore when they entered the kingdom of females. And she seemed to be a lot more at piece with herself, and more grownup. Suddenly something dawned on Lina.
"Martina, you said your little angel, does that mean….?"
"What do you expect Lina, it’s already been over a year." Martina replied matter of factly. "Of course a baby will be born to a married couple in that time period."
"…..Zangulus and you parents?" Lina asked again as if she really couldn’t take in the concept. "Sheesh, all I remember of you two is Zangulus demanding Gourry to fight him and you going after every single guy you meet."
"…I guess I was a flirt wasn’t I." Martina smiled. "Oh well, I don’t regret it. Those days were fun while they were there, falling for every cute guy does have it’s advantages. Everyday you’re constantly hoping that it would turn out this time. But none of those flings compared to the true love I now have." Martina sighed and looked away dreamily.
"I know what you mean." Lina agreed. She herself used to toy around with the idea of getting together with Gourry, but all of that wasn’t until she figured out she was just falling in love with the idea of being in love. Nothing compared to the way she felt when she was with Xelloss.
"Oh, so you now have a true love?" Martina turned around with a teasing smile on her face. Lina’s face blushed red and gave away the truth. "Oh, poor guy, how is he ever going to feed you."
"MARTINA!! DO YOU WANT TO BE BLASTED WITH A FIRE BALL?!!" Lina demanded already ready to.
"I’m joking I’m joking!! God, can’t you take a joke?" Martina’s face though soon turned serious. "So, who is he? Do I know him?"
"…hmm, then it must be Gourry right." Martina then nodded to herself. "I knew you two would some time get together."
"You two seemed to be the perfect match for each other."
"…Martina it’s not…"
"I mean, how many people can communicate by fighting for food!!"
"excuse me but,"
"It was a match made in heaven"
"I’m saying…!!"
"I knew Xelloss’s love would never prevail."
"Huh?" Lina asked and blinked her eyes.
"You mean you didn’t know?" Martina looked surprise. "That guy was head over heels in love with you since the moment I met him. It was plainly obvious to everyone."
"….really?" Lina looked suspicious. It certainly wasn’t obvious to her before.
"He’d always glare at Gourry and Zelgadiss for just even talking to you. That’s why I believed he was human for so long since it seemed impossible for a mazoku to show such love in their eyes." Martina sighed. "Guess it was possible though."
"….It showed in his eyes?" Lina asked as she touched the talisman on the base of her neck.
"Yup, his eyes always ‘really’ smiled when you came near him. Trust me, I didn’t hang around him for nothing."
Lina knew she was blushing but didn’t really care. Suddenly Xelloss being mazoku seemed to mean nothing to her. Nothing really seemed that important, other than for one thing.
"Martina, meet me at the Rica Inn in two days, I have some errands to do." Lina ran off with a smile on her face. After she was gone Martina was left with a dumbfounded look on her face.

"Lina-san, I am sooooooooo happy you finally agreed to make some chocolate for Valentine’s day!!"
"I never thought this day would come Lina-san, when you would finally fall in love."
"Lina-san….are you trying to be cruel to me by asking me to do this?"
"Lina, I don’t think it was a good idea to invite Shilfiel."
Lina looked around the kitchen of the inn with a smile. She had told the inn keepers wife they were going to make Valentine chocolate and the wife gladly lent the kitchen to them. On the counter was all the materials needed to make chocolate.
"Okay, okay. Now listen to me. I did ask all you guys to help me make chocolate for Valentine’s day. I can cook fairly well but have never made chocolate before. I’m openly asking for help so you better give it to me."
"Of course Lina-san!!" Amelia and Filia nodded in agreement.
"But Lina-san, it’s cruel of you to ask me, out of all people, to help you make chocolate for Gourry-sama." Shilfiel protested and Martina agreed with her. Lina sighed, still smiling.
"who said I was making chocolate for Gourry?"
"Huh?" Everyone looked at her as if they had seen her for the first time.
"That’s Shilfiel’s job right? Not mine."
"But Lina you said you found True love the other day. If it’s not Gourry than who is it?" Martina asked.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" All four of them screamed at Lina’s reply.
"Lina-san not that namagomi!!"
"Lina-san that is an evil incarnation!! He’s not on the side of justice!!"
"He’s mazoku Lina, have you lost your mind!!"
"Lina-san he will just use you!!! Please think again!!!"
Lina sighed and shook her head. "Look, I know he’s annoying as hell, a mazoku, an evil incarnation, and that there is always the possibility of him using me. But Martina, it was you who told me the other day that his love for me showed in his eyes and it was obvious to everyone. So you guys probably all knew what he felt for me."
"…well, I did notice it but…" Filia started to argue again but Lina just smiled and shushed her.
"If a mazoku can love a human, than why can’t a human love a mazoku?" Lina asked as she looked into Filia’s eyes. "Garv was mazoku and he loved Val, who is a dragon his enemy by the law of L-sama, as his son. And Val loved Garv as a father. Is it so hard to think a mazoku can love a human?"
"But Lina-san…."
"Well, are you guys going to willingly help me make the chocolates or am I going to have to force you guys to help me?" Lina’s smiled turned into an evil one as the red light for a fire ball started to spin in her hand.
"I will help you Lina-san." Shilfiel said as she picked up a bowl and some eggs. "At least if you are in love with Xelloss-san than I can have Gourry-sama." Shilfiel’s world revolved around Gourry. Once she got used to the idea she could easily accept Lina being in love with a mazoku.
"…Lina-san, do you truly love Xelloss?" Filia asked, obviously still not believing Lina was telling her the truth.
"Filia…would I give food to anyone I didn’t lo…….lo………lo………lo…..I mean to say that I didn’t ca……ca……care for?" Lina finally managed, blushing furiously.
"While I’m helping Lina-san make the chocolate, I’ll make some chocolate of justice for Zelgadiss-san. This shall persuade him to walk the road of justice with me!!" Amelia exclaimed.
"Just don’t drug the thing Amelia." Lina warned her friend. It seemed as if Amelia was planning to since she jumped and laughed nervously to herself.
"I’ll help too, I have to make some chocolates for darling anyway." Martina went to grab an apron. "I just hope Xelloss doesn’t make you cry like he made me." Everyone sweat dropped as Martina continued on her story. "It took me a long time to learn how to love again and trust someone again. He had shattered my pure heart into pieces and it took a long way to recover. I just hope Lina that you wouldn’t have to go through that."
"….maybe she hasn’t changed that much after all…." Lina muttered to herself and then turned to Filia. "So Filia, are you going to help me or what?"
"I will help Shilfiel-san, Amelia-san, Martina-san but how can you expect me to openly help you do something to show a mazoku you’re love. You know that he is just going to hurt you. I can not believe you allowed yourself to fall into such a trap. Lina-san, you are probably just falling in love with the idea of being in love with Xelloss. There are humans out there that can truly accept you and give you the happiness you deserve. I just can not believe that some one as smart as you would…"
"Calm down Filia, just calm down. It’s impossible for a human to give me the happiness I crave for you know. How can a human fall in love with someone who is always putting their lives on the line and fighting mazoku constantly, and truly understand why I’m doing that. Besides, I know the difference between falling in love with the idea of being in love and true……love. Just take my word on this one Filia."
"But Lina-san…."
"So are you going to help me or not? It’s not going to change what I feel for Xelloss if you help me or not, just that it’s going to make me happy knowing that I can make chocolate." Lina looked at Filia challengingly. "Well?"
"……………………………………………………….I will help you." Filia finally muttered. "I still don’t think Xelloss is the one for you though."
"Fine, fine think what ever you want. Let’s just get going. This chocolate better be edible since I’m only giving him a small chunk of what we make and keeping the rest for myself."

Valentine’s Day:
That day During breakfast Gourry received a card from Shilfiel telling him to meet him at the courtyard of the inn. Not really understanding why Shilfiel wanted to meet him outside in the middle of winter and probably not knowing the existence of Valentine’s day Gourry went to the courtyard at the time specified.
When he got there he saw Shilfiel sitting on one of the benches. The snow that had fallen the previous day had been brushed off so that two people can sit on the bench. The first thing he noticed about her was that she was really pretty. It was probably the first time he noticed her beauty since up until this point he had only an image of a good cook to associate her with.
The cream dress she was wearing fit her perfectly and gave a fluffy image to her, as well as contrasted perfectly to her deep black hair. In that hair was a light purple flower that smelled beautifully. And in her lap was small box with a red ribbon on it.
"Hi Shilfiel." Gourry said, trying his best to act normal, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. "I got your message and .."
"Thank you for…coming down." Shilfiel managed. A slight blush colored her cheeks and she shivered a little out of nervousness. Gourry mistook that as she being cold, took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders.
"I’m a guy so I’m fine but you’re fragile." He than sat down next to her. "so, what’s this all about?" He asked with a smile. Shilfiel clutched the box she was holding and presented it to him.
"This…this…..this is…..for you…..Gourry-sama." Shilfiel squeezed out the words with great difficulty.
"…Can I open it?" Gourry asked and all Shilfiel could do was nod. When Gourry finished opening the box his eyes lit up. "Food!! Thanks Shilfiel but……was today something special?"
Shilfiel felt the nervousness go out of her and felt that all her hard work was for nothing. She had spent a full day trying to get all the chocolates to look perfect, thought up of a setting that was romantic, brought a new dress just for this occasion. She felt betrayed……and with out knowing a tear trickled down her cheek.
Gourry was surprised at this and did the best he could to calm her down. "I’m joking Shilfiel!! Today’s Valentine’s right!! I’m really really happy that it was you who gave me the chocolates…..Shilfiel? Shilfiel?!" The moment she heard that Shilfiel fainted out of joy. Gourry sighed and picked her up, planning on taking her to the infirmary. Before that he did mutter to himself. "So that’s why Lina was giving me a lecture on what this Valentine’s Day was. I never knew it existed before."

"Zelgadiss-san why won’t you accept my feelings and the codes of justice with it?" Amelia asked as she followed Zelgadiss around Crimson Town. She was so persistent!!
"I am not interested in either." Zelgadiss replied in a monotone. Yet by night fall he got so fed up he ate a bite of her chocolate. Amelia naturally took this the wrong way and was ecstatic.

"Here honey darling. Here’s some chocolate. And some special baby food for my precious little angel." Martina cuddled up in her husband as she fed her baby.
"Ah…thank you." Zangulus blushed and took out a small bag of chocolates and handed it to his wife. "And this is for you."

"Filia, are you sure those are safe for a baby?" Jiras asked as Filia attempted to feed solid chocolate to baby Val.
"Nonsense Jiras. He’s a dragon of course he can." Filia replied confidently. Yet the next day someone saw her taking Val to the doctor.

It was eleven thirty that night and Lina was lying on her bed in the inn. Her cape, shoulder guards and sword had been discarded and laid on the floor.
Valentine’s day was nearly over and that mazoku still hadn’t appeared yet. That though was not the reason Lina was mad. She was more mad at herself for not being able to go give the chocolate to Xelloss by her own will but that she was stuck waiting for him. No matter how strong of power she yielded she was still just a human and was not capable of traveling through the Astral Plains like mazoku were.
"I’m checking out the libraries tomorrow." Lina muttered to herself as she rolled on her side.
"For what?" A voice asked from up above her. Lina turned her face and the first thing she saw were two amethysts.
"Xelloss." She whispered as she sat up on the bed.
"Hi." Xelloss smiled as he sat down next to her. "So what are you going to look for in the libraries?"
"Books." Lina replied. "Some random books to enhance my knowledge."
"I never can understand your craving for knowledge. You can already call upon L-sama’s powers, already the strongest and most interesting human alive, and yet you still seek knowledge."
"Don’t expect you to really understand. I’m doing all this for my own good." Lina nodded. "It’s work to keep up your title as the cutest, smartest sorceress of all times."
"True, have not found a sorceress cuter or smarter than you."
"See, not even mazoku can resist my charm." Lina smiled victoriously, her eyes shining like the rising sun. Xelloss kissed her eye’s closed, as if to seal that shine from anyone else. Lina squirmed as if it tickled, when she felt something soft, and sweet against her lips. Something that tasted like…
"Chocolate?" Lina asked opening her eyes.
"I was pretty sure that you would kill me if I hadn’t gotten you any chocolate on this day." Xelloss said and presented her with three bags full of chocolate.
"Food!!" Lina’s eyes lit up like a child on Christmas day as she scooped the bags onto her lap. "Chocolate, Chocolate." She sang to herself. Xelloss smiled tenderly as he saw that. "Thanks. Food, food." If anything pleased Lina, it surely was food. "Oh, and by the way, here’s this." She said and reached towards to the night stand and picked up a box wrapped in red wrapping paper.
Xelloss opened the box and was dumbfounded when he saw what was inside it. "Chocolates?"
"well…it is Valentine’s day." Lina said and started opening the bags.
"You are giving food?" Lina quirked her eyebrow at Xelloss’s question.
"Hey, I thought we were suppose to give chocolates this day!" She argued. "If you don’t want it then I’ll take it back."
"No. This is mine. I’m keeping it and not eating it." Xelloss nodded his head as if he resolved an important matter with that.
"WHAT!!! You’re wasting perfectly good food!!! NO, I won’t allow it!! Give me that back and I’ll eat it." Lina reached for the box but Xelloss moved it out of her reach.
"No, it’s mine and I’m keeping it."
"But you’ll just spoil the thing!! I won’t allow it!!! Give that back to me."
"No, no, no!"
"Xelloss!! I can’t allow food to be wasted."
"I’m not eating it and won’t let anyone else have it."
Their argument continued the rest of the night.

Author’s Notes: Okay, I know it’s highly unlikely that there’s Valentine’s Day in the Slayers World but since this is a fanfic, there is one. The one and only major concept here is that Lina gives Xelloss food, meaning she really cares about him(I mean, would Lina give anyone food even on Valentine’s Day unless she really cared about them?).
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