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Chapter 2: An Antidote?

Lina was at peace. None of her companions had woken up yet and she was able to sit down for breakfast and enjoy a good meal. It was fun to be with her friends but she still needed the solitude. She had at least ten plates in front of her and all were the specials of this restaurant. Lina smiled and started to attack her food when some one hugged her from behind.
"Good morning Lina!!!"
"Xelloss!!!" Lina screamed as she tried to free herself from his hug. "Let go I want to eat!!!!!" She wailed. Lina had hoped that she had dreamt what happened the night before. She didn’t and Xelloss’s behavior proved that to her.
"No." He cheerfully stated.
"Xelloss…you better let go before I lose my temper…I know it won’t kill you but Laguna Blade will hurt…" Lina threatened.
"Oh, you wouldn’t do that." Xelloss smiled at her. "You know that if you use Laguna Blade in public you are going to be hunted down by those who would seek to learn it. You know that you are the only one capable of casting it. It will kill others if they even try to cast it."
Lina grimaced. It was true, if any one but she tried to cast any of the Lord of Nightmare’s spells they’d die. It was also true that she would be bombarded by questions she’d rather keep unanswered from higher authorities. "Will you please let go though:?!" Xelloss just shook his head at her question. "Xelloss…I’m STARVING and if I don’t get something to eat I’m going to be in a VERY BAD MOOD ALL DAY LONG!!! Do you want to deal with that?!"
Xelloss sighed and reluctantly let go of her. He did though take a chair and sat down right next to her. He looked at her smiling. Lina really was beautiful and Xelloss was just content to stay there and watch her eat. It was rare that he had time alone with Lina, although she wasn’t completely thrilled at him at the moment. He didn’t get this often enough. All because of her annoying guardian.
Xelloss’s smile turned into a slight frown as he remembered the blond swordsman. He really should eliminate that problem first, he didn’t want Gaury to get a hold of his Lina. She certainly did deserve someone a lot better than that swordsman, some one who was as smart as her and someone who could appreciate all of her, flaws and not.

Amelia had sneaked out of the inn before anyone came down. It wasn’t too hard to do since she was generally a morning person and was usually up at sun rise. She had to find that peddler and find an antidote to the potion. If Amelia didn’t do something about it before Lina figured out what happened she would be dead.
Besides the idea of a human and mazoku together goes against the code of justice. Amelia reasoned as she ran to the place she met the peddler the day before. If he does give me an antidote I will save him of the lecture of Justice. Amelia nodded at her resolution.
She found the peddler and walked up to him.
"Oh you’re the girl from yesterday!!" He exclaimed when he saw her. "How did the love potion go?"
"There’s a problem!" Amelia replied.
"Did it not work?!" The peddler asked looking surprised. Amelia shook her head no.
"No, it works. Actually it works GREAT!!! Only the wrong person drank it and he fell in love with my friend. The problem is I have to do something to fix this so that my friend doesn’t kill me!!" Amelia explained. "I need an antidote that erases the effect of the potion."
"Ah~, I see. Do you need more potion?" He asked and took out two bottles.
"No, I have some left from the previous one I bought." Amelia replied. "But may I have the antidote."
"Sure. Here you go." He handed her a bottle with blue liquid in it. Amelia sighed out of relief. Good, now I can just put this in Xelloss-san’s drink.
"He’ll fall out of love with this…" Amelia muttered.
"Well…actually he won’t." The peddler said.
"HE WON’T!!!!!!" Amelia exclaimed. "But why!?!? This antidote will erase the effects of the potion right?" Amelia asked holding up the bottle.
"Yes, it will erase the effects of the potion but you see…I gave you the wrong type of potion." The peddler told her sheepishly.
"Wrong type?" Amelia asked back.
"Yes…you see, that was for people who are going out or are married and felt that their other wasn’t treating them with respect and love. It increases jealously and possessiveness towards the one they are already in love with."
"Huh? Are you saying that with that love potion you gave me it will only enhance feelings already existing?" Amelia asked. "You mean, this guy was in love with my friend to begin with?" The peddler nodded and Amelia went speechless. Impossible!!!! This is a mazoku we are talking about!! Mazoku can’t have affections!!! Amelia’s mind screamed. Of course she couldn’t tell the peddler that the one who they were talking about were mazoku.
"Any way, do you want a new REAL love potion?" The peddler asked bringing Amelia out of her thoughts.
"No thank you." A deep voice said from behind. Amelia jumped and turned around at that voice. Fearing who she would find.
"The antidote is all we need. Thank you." Zelgadiss paid the peddler and started walking back the way he came. Amelia bowed slightly to the peddler and followed him. Once she caught up to him she lowered her pace and took a bunch of breaths, attempting to calm herself down. If Zelgadiss had heard her and the peddlers conversation there was nothing she could do, she would just have to accept his anger.
"Ye-YES!!!" Amelia replied in a squeaky voice.
"Did you really use love potion?" He asked. Amelia nodded after a few minutes of silence. "Who were you intending to use it on?" His voice was neautral, but Amelia knew he was mad.
"You Zelgadiss-san." Amelia replied.
"Because…I wanted you interested in me…" Amelia replied and sighed. "I know it wasn’t justice to use love potion but…I wanted you to like me so much. I know that I am clumsy and overly affectionate but…I wanted you to like me." Amelia was getting close to tears.
"Amelia…you knew I wasn’t interested in you?" He asked surprised. Tears were now really threatening to overflow. Did he have to back up her assumption now when she was already feeling rotten.
"About the time you dressed up as a girl and went after Miwan." Amelia replied as she lowered her head so Zelgadiss won’t see her near teary eyed face. "I saw you go after her. I knew then that you weren’t interested in me."
"You’ve known it for a year and still attempted to get my attention?"
"Amelia, if you knew you should have just stopped attempting…"
"I didn’t want to!!! I really really wanted you to like me!!! I did!! Why do you have to be so mean about it!! Is it wrong for me to like someone!! I am human too you know!!" Amelia screamed and ran back to the inn.
How could he be so mean!!!??? Amelia thought as she ran into the inn. He would be nice one day and then be mean the next day!!! Why can’t he figure out that I am capable of love!!!
As she was about to walk up the stairs she noticed Lina and Xelloss. Lina was eating her breakfast but seemed also aware of Xelloss’s pressense. Amelia noticed Xelloss looking at Lina lovingly.
He was in love with Lina to begin with. Amelia wondered what Lina had possibly done to get a mazoku’s affection. As far as Amelia knew Lina was loud, noisy, rude and sloppy. Amelia couldn’t find one good quality of her.
Xelloss wasn’t the only one in love with the sorceress. So was Gaury. Amelia still didn’t understand what they both saw in Lina. Lina often beat them up until they couldn’t stand, she ate like a pig, she certainly didn’t have much of a figure. Amelia ran up the stairs. She knew she was acting like a child but she couldn’t help it. She had just been dumped by some one she was in love for three years.
She usually liked Lina a lot, though sometimes annoyed by her tactics, but right now she hated her. Ignoring the fact that Xelloss was mazoku and Gaury was a jellyfish they were both really good looking, and they were both in love with Lina. All Lina did though was ignore their feelings and act as if it was normal to have two guys in love with her. Amelia started cursing Lina.

Lina had had it. She finally understood how Zel had had to put up with Amelia all these years. She felt like she was going to suffocate if Xelloss didn’t give her some time to herself. Yet there was a part of her that thought it was nice to have someone giving her the attention he was. No one had done it to her before.
He had told her how beautiful she was and Lina had felt good hearing someone else tell her that. If only he could do something about hugging her and attempting to kiss her in public it would be much better.
Lina wondered about the sudden change in him though. He was certainly being affectionate, something a mazoku simply was not capable of, or so it was thought to be. She was actually worried that he was coming down with some weird mazoku virus or something. Of course mazoku, especially the mazoku hiarchy were immune to any type of sickness that was impossible.
Lina had finally convinced him that she wanted time alone and was thinking in her room. Last night she had just fallen asleep since she didn’t want to have to deal with thinking about the problem. Now that her mind was more clear though she decided to rethink about it.
He had been his usual self yesterday afternoon. They all split up around three thirty in the after noon but Xelloss had disappeared around 3. Then she didn’t see him until he…kissed her.
Lina blushed as she remembered that kiss. What had gotten into him? She really did have no clue!! She just wished that some one will hurry up and do something about this situation, she was tired of it.
Just than she heard a knock on the door.
"Who is it?"
"Lina, it’s me Gaury."
Lina sighed as she got up of her bed and over to the door. Gaury was being weird and she hadn’t seen him all morning except for a glimpse of him and he didn’t look good then.
"What’s wrong?" Lina asked opening the door to him. Gaury entered the room and sat down on the desk chair.
"Lina…about last night…you know…of Xelloss and all." Gaury started fidgiting with his hands as he talked to her. "Well…I was wondering if there was something going on with you and him?"
"No. There isn’t." Lina quickly replied. "I was embarrassed by what he did but there has to be a logical reason to what he did. You see, that act was more spontanious and not thought through. There for it was not Xelloss’s usual self that did that. I really want to get to the bottom of this though."
"Cause you’re mad at him?" Gaury asked.
"Mad?" Lina asked back. She really wasn’t mad surprisingly. She was embarrassed but not mad. "I wasn’t mad."
"You weren’t!!!!!" Gaury screamed and Lina jumped.
"What Gaury. I just wasn’t mad." Lina shrugged and attempted to calm him down.
"Lina, a guy kisses you and your not mad? That can only happen when you like the one that…Lina…you don’t like Xelloss in that way do you?" Gaury asked in a chilly voice.
"Well…I never thought of him in that light so you know…I mean he IS mazoku." Lina replied.
"Lina…would you be mad if I kissed you?" Gaury demanded.
"I don’t know, you never have…" As she was about to finish her sentence Gaury grabbed her and pulled her to him. He tilted her head and just as there lips were about to touch… "I…Iya!!!" Lina screamed and hit him with the palm of her hand.
"…You didn’t do that to Xelloss…" Gaury muttered.
"Well..that’s because….Look Gaury, don’t you ever do that to me again!!" Lina ordered.
"I can’t promise that." Gaury replied as he started to walk out the door. Just as he got to the door he turned around "Lina…I love you and I’m not going to let Xelloss have you. You are mine and you always will be. See you later."
Lina through the pillow at him which hit the door since he closed it. How dare he tease her when she was already annoyed at the situation!!!

Outside on the tree that was really closed to the window Lina was staying at a shadow, Xelloss, smirked.
"Looks like I really will have to get rid of that swordsman…Too bad, he was fairly interesting."