Slayers    Campus    Chapter    13

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Chapter 13:

"This place is cold as ever." Luna Inverse muttered as she put up a shield that would keep the cold away from her. It wasn’t that it was snowing like crazy, the climate it self was cold. Luna sighed, still in her priestess outfit, she called out into the darkness of the night. Her voice seemed to be not that of a humans but of a dragons. As her call died out, a man about the age of in his mid thirties appeared. He had long black hair, and deep black eyes and tanned skin. His image has changed as the times have changed, but Luna could still tell who he was, just by looking into his eyes.

"Ryugyoku…, or is Milgazia more appropriate for the moment?" Luna asked as the memory of the gold dragon came. He was calm, and he looked the opposite of what he did now, but he was still just as sincere and caring.

"Call me what you wish, Cefied-Knight-sama." Ryugyoku, the reincarnation of the leader of the gold and black dragons that, in a long, long time ago lived in the Katart mountains, kneeled before the knight of his god.

"You have done so much for Xelloss, and…..Xelas. I know that I have set a strong burden on you by ordering you to reincarnate, but Ryugyoku, I hope that you will understand where Lina comes from this time."

"I have never doubted that Lina Inverse had a good reason for doing what she did. Behind all that she tried to appear to be, she had good solid logic and morals. All she did, was something all humans take for granted." Ryugyoku replied.

"Humans take loving another being for granted, I admit. They don’t know how fragile that feeling is until it is put to trial. Only a few can survive it." Luna looked up into the starry sky. "This is where Lina was put to trial. I should’ve been there for her. But I was too wrapped up in my own world, trying to do what I thought was the right thing, I didn’t give her the chance to explain herself."

"You were a great warrior and commander." Ryugyoku couldn’t stand to see the Knight to his god in pain.

"But I was a rotten sister." Luna smiled sadly. "I thought Lina was strong enough, that I had done my part by training her to be strong physically. I never did train her in the area she needed the most help though. She was never trained emotionally. I can’t believe I allowed things to go so far that Lina had to kill Xelloss before I even NOTICED what was going on."

Luna fought as she felt tears. She could never allow herself to cry. She had to make up to all the trouble she had caused, for being such a rotten sister. She had to make up for it!!!

"Cefied-Knight-sama…." Ryugyoku could only say that much as Luna fought to appear strong.

Dalfin finished her story and waited for Garv and Xelas to reply to it. She would not blame Xelas if she wanted to kill Dalfin. Xelas had the right, Dalfin had given Xelas so much pain that it was the correct price to pay.

Dalfin could only hope that Xelas would forgive her. When Dalfin was still young, Xelas was the only person she could talk to. Dalfin knew she deserved to lose her… but still.

"Dalfin… what happened to Lina? After… Xelloss was killed?" Xelas asked in a low voice.

"I don’t know…. After I found Xelloss dead, all I remember seeing was a red wing, a wing of an angel, and then a scythe. After that, I can’t remember." Dalfin replied truthfully. Although she could only hope that Xelas believed her.

"…….Luna." Xelas muttered. "It had to be Luna, who else can it be…" Xelas sighed and leaned against the chair. "She’ll never change will she." Xelas sighed and thought for a while.

"Xelas…. You really care about Cefied Knight don’t you?" Dalfin finally asked. Xelas just nodded. "But why? She is a god, or goddess, and you are a mazoku."

"…It doesn’t matter what we are really. Our personalities just match, just go together."

"….Xelas, I know that what I did can’t be forgiven but, but I know one way in which I can make it up to you. And to Xelloss, Lina Inverse, and the Cefied Knight."

"How?" Garv finally spoke. He had been quiet all along, thinking that he should just let this thing be settled between Xelas and Dalfin. But if they were planning on involving others.

"Phiblizo holds Lina Inverse as a captive. I know where he is. I also know that Graushelaa is behind all the wars. If that is stopped, we can probably prevent some things from happening. We need to save Lina Inverse more than anything now though."

Lina woke up on a bed in a pretty fancy room. The thing that first came to her was of the black blade killing Xelloss. The black blade she created. She had killed Xelloss. She WAS a reincarnation of a great sorceress. So now what? What was she going to do. She could not use that black blade, although she knew the spell. Hearing it once was enough, it would never leave her ears. But how can she possibly use a spell that killed Xelloss. She could not let Phiblizo have his way, what ever his way was. But how?

Suddenly, the letter opener which was laid on the desk caught Lina’s eye. The room was fancy, with a canopy bed, a white desk with gold trims, a matching dresser, and huge bookshelves. The bookshelves were stashed with books on politics, on the desk there were many letters to political figures. On the dresser there was all but one picture. A picture of a man with black hair and cold eyes.

Lina got out of the bed and walked over to the desk and picked up the letter opener. It seemed sharp enough. Enough to probably cut the veins in her wrist. Lina then noticed the doors that seemed to be opened, the doors to the bathroom. Then another thing caught her eye, a CD player. Lina walked over to the player and the CD’s that were laid there. She picked it up, one that was of Beethoven’s. Lina put it back down. She was never fond of classical music, she wanted something a little more up beat, so that ‘it’ would seem more bearable.

After a while of searching and when she couldn’t find any Lina gave up. A nursery rhyme would probably soothe her, but who ever lived in this room definitely was fond of gloomy, sad tunes. Lina would have to act quick, the faster she got it over with the faster everything would be over with.

Xelas and Garv had found all of who they were searching for in a matter of ten minutes, and Dalfin gave an extremely quick summary of what was going on. The reaction was different to each one. Glacier/Naga seemed to have already known that, Amelia and Shilfiel nearly fainted. Valtierra and Gaury were more confused then anything. Rezo and Zelgadiss seemed to accept it very, VERY quickly. Elis wanted to deny it but the way Rezo was acting she couldn’t. Filia seemed to have a lost look on her face. Xelloss accepted it, and when he heard that Phiblizo held Lina as captive all he wanted to do was go beat him up.

"Xelloss calm down!!" Xelas said for the umpteen millionth time. "Dalfin would show us where Lina is and until then you need to calm down and I mean CALM DOWN!!!!"

"But Neesan!! What if he tries to kill her while I’m standing here?! He would do that and you know that better than I do!! Are you telling me to just stand around and wait for it to happen?!" Xelloss demanded.

"Xelas’s not telling you anything but to calm down Xelloss." Zelgadiss offered. "And she is right, you aren’t thinking rationally, so just calm down."

"Still…" Xelloss tried to protest but Xelas stuffed some paper into his mouth in order to have him quiet down.

"Look, Princess Glacier and Amelia can go back to England with Zelgadiss Graywords and Rezo, and talk to the king. I know it’s a little bit crazy, but the king is also related to this in a way. He was also an ally of Lina Inverse’s before." Dalfin explained. "We need to stop this war from even happening" Then she seemed to notice something. "Xelas, where is the Cefied Knight?"

"I… don’t know I couldn’t find her." Xelas replied. "I tried looking for her where ever I could but I couldn’t, just couldn’t find her."

"Well…. Okay, that’s fine. We can try it with out her." Dalfin replied. "But if you do find her tell her to go to the North Pole."

"The North Pole?" Garv asked. "What for?"

"Or the Sahara deserts." Dalfin added. "I’m not exactly sure where Lina Inverse is, in Graushelaa’s hands at the North Pole, or in Phiblizo’s hands at the Sahara deserts. But I know she’s in one of them. So we split up. Xelloss, Valtierra, Filia and Gaury would go to the North Pole, and the rest would go to the Sahara deserts."

They all nodded and split up.

Lina was about to cut herself when she heard a door open to the room and a girl with brown hair in a braid entered the room. She was wearing army clothes, with a sword on her waist.

"You must be Lina Inverse." The girl stated as she walked over to Lina. She took off her sword and pointed the end at Lina. "This is called ‘Dulgoffar’. It’s my favorite sword, and that name is of a mazoku that used to work for me." She stepped closer so that the sharpest side of the sword was at Lina’s neck. "My name is Sheela, I’m a general to Dynast Graushelaa-sama. Oh, and thank you for killing me last time."

"Sheela…" Lina muttered. "I have to tell you that I don’t have any memory of what happened before. All I know is that I….. I……"

"Killed Xelloss-san?" Sheela asked with an evil smile on her face. "I knew you were no good the moment I heard your name. You made my life miserable. I would love more than anything then to see yo suffer, right now." But Sheela grimaced "But I am under strict orders to keep you from killing yourself."

"Ignore them and let me get on with what I planned." Lina hissed as she sat back down on the bed. "I’m just wasting time. If there’s one thing I hate it’s repeating history. And I’m not going to let it happen. Without me, there’s no reason Xelloss would get killed."

"Wrong." Sheela declared. "A war would start, he’d easily get killed. But you are right that there is no reason he would get killed by you."

"Shut up and can I get on?"

"No. I can see to it that you don’t get killed but I can still make you suffer. Too bad I don’t have any orbs that would replay events, I’d replay the scene you kill Xelloss-san until you’re insane."

"Then what? I can go insane and kill you. I may not be powerful but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any mazoku blood or don’t know any spells"

"That’s true, but it can’t defeat me. I’m pure mazoku, accompanied by my old powers as a general. Sorry Lina Inverse, but I’m stronger than you."

"I know the spell of the black blade, I can easily use it on you. You can’t be as strong as Xelloss was, or are you?"

"No, Xelloss-san is stronger than me. But with your current capacity you might be able to make it appear for a second or two. But then again, that’s no use, I can easily avoid that. You may be a genius for a human, but from a Mazoku’s view point, your below average."

"I don’t care. Just leave me alone."

"Because of your stupid foolishness a lot of mazoku died, and you claim yourself half mazoku, you killed more than half of your clan."

"Shut up!!" Lina screamed. "I don’t want to hear it."

"I vowed to make you suffer." Sheela said with such hatred. "I am not going to back down on it. You, why you…"

"Sheela enough." A voice rang through the room. Sheela turned around and bowed her head to the figure who now stood in the door way to the room.

"I told you not to lose your temper. Come over here." Sheela followed his order.

Lina finally got a good look at him when he started to walk over to her. He had short black hair and had icy black eyes. He wore a black turtle neck with black jeans and looked to be no older than 20.

"It’s a pleasure that I finally get to meet you Lina Inverse." He said as he walked over. "My name is Dynast Graushelaa."

"….You…." Lina hissed as she recognized the name. "What do you want from me? What?" Lina demanded. Graushelaa extended his hand and Lina flinched, sure he was going to strangle her, instead, Graushelaa caressed her cheek.

"The exact same thing Phiblizo wanted from you." Graushelaa said in a voice that could have frozen anything in the world. "If you remember what that was…"

"I don’t." Lina said quickly. "Leave me alone!!"

"I guess we can leave you alone in this room. The windows are locked, nothing can open them, and I can always put someone in charge to watch the door. Sheela can make sure you don’t kill yourself from some other room."

"Just get out!!!!" Lina screamed. Graushelaa and Sheela then left and Lina started to cry out loud as she buried her face in the pillow.

Lina didn’t know what she wanted or what was going on. She couldn’t remember a thing of what had happened in the past. No, she didn’t want to remember it. It hurt her to know that Lina had killed Xelloss in her past life. How could she have, even if Xelloss did ask her to. It was impossible, at least in the Lina now, she probably wasn’t as strong as she was before. She knew all about sorcery that she had to, she knew she wouldn’t be able to perform the spell of that black blade even though she did remember all the words of the spell, she didn’t UNDERSTAND the meanings of it, and if she tried using that spell with out understanding the meanings, Lina knew for sure it would turn out like Shilfiel’s Flare Arrow, or rather the baby carrot sized Flare Arrow.

It was no use and Lina knew it. She was trapped to suffer. If only she was as powerful as she was in her past life, then she could have easily ended the suffering. No, nothing was useful, she was still no comparison against Sheela, and Lina knew it. Lina cried and cried until she fell asleep.

Sheela's real personality is not as sadistic as it is in this chpater. I just made it more sadistic to add the effect.