Chapter    5:    During    the    Grape    Festival

*Disclaimers*All of Slayers Characters are property of Kamisaka Hajime and T.V.Tokyo. Mare is mine

Today was the day of the grape festival. I had my hair in a braid and was wearing our townís traditional clothing. I twirled around in front of my mirror, the skirt moving with me. It had been three days since I talked with Neechan, and today Xelloss would come to meet her, as well as today being the day I would properly talk to Xelas Metalium.

"Please work!" I prayed. I would be lying if I said I wasnít the least bit nervous. Today I spent thirty minutes in front of the mirror trying to get my braid right. I knew I didnít look strange and Beast Master seemed like a person.. or mazoku who would understand things. "Itíll go okay" I tell myself.

"Lina! Are you ready?!" Mare calls to me from outside. I run over to my window and tell her I would be down in a second.

When I get downstairs Gaury is already there. He was dressed in the menís traditional clothing and fidgeting with his neck piece. I laughed when he glared at me. Daddy was getting the grapes together and in the kitchen Neechan was helping mom.

"Lina, letís go" Gaury told me, practically pushing me out of the door. I waved good bye to my family and joined Mare and my friends outside.

Once we were at the festival, Gaury said that he was going to go say hi to some people he met. Mare suggested that I go along with our group of friends.

"Sounds good.." I say and take a look at my watch. I donít want to be late with meeting Xelloss and Xelas. I promised to meet them in ten minutes. "Sorry Mare, canít." I tell her.

"Why." When Mare asks that, I donít have a clue on how to reply. It would take a good half an hour to explain thing to Mare and I donít have much time.

"Iíll explain it to you tonight Mare. Look, Iíll meet you guys at the center of the festival in an hour. Go on ahead with out me." Mare looked at me for a while but then sighed and called to the group that they were going.

I turned around and went the other way to where I promised to meet Xelloss. When I got there, he and Xelas were all ready waiting. I took in a deep breath and checked myself one last time before I walked over there.

"Lina-san, over here." Xelloss calls to me. I smile and go over. I find that Xelloss was wearing the traditional maleís clothing as well.

"Hi, been a while hasnít it." I greet him. He smiles and nods.

"Lina-san, I presume you have already met Xelas-sama." He turns around and introduces me to Xelas who is wearing a light blue tank top with a matching mini skirt, which shows off her proportion perfectly.

"Yeah we have." I say. I donít know how to continue. I donít want to make a fool of myself but..

"I have heard so much about you Lina-san, from Xelloss and Luna. The other day when I finally met you, I was so happy." Xelas tells me and smiles. "Please take care of Xelloss, there may be times when heís hard to deal with but heís very important to me." She then lightly bows her head.

I donít know what to do and send Xelloss a glance to help me but he just shrugs. I sigh and "Well.. Iíll do my best." Was all I could say. Xelas looked up and nodded.

"I would leave you two alone then, there are somethings I want to see anyway." She then says a brief good bye to both of us and leaves.

"WellÖ you have a nice boss." I tell him after a while. I am kind of embarrassed. It isnít the first time Iíve been alone with Xelloss but, this time.. itís kind of different.

"You look nice in that dress Lina" He tells me and smiles. I smile.

"You donít look bad yourself. Come on, letís go someplace instead of just standing here!" I grab onto his arm and drag him away. Xelloss laughs and follows me.

After an hour of dragging Xelloss around one third of the festival(Itís huge!) I told him that I was going to go meet Mare.

"Want to come along?" I asked. I didnít really want to part with him yet. Besides having Xelloss there would be easier to explain things to Mare. So Mare could see for herself what Xelloss was like.

"Not really.. I am not that fond of big crowds." He tells me. I sigh and nod. Sometimes he acts like a human so well that I forget heís mazoku.

Iíve seen the darker side of Xelloss, personally a part of him I really would not want to get to know that well. It though.. is still a part of Xelloss.

"Oh, wellÖ then see you around. I know! Why donít you come over tonight! Neechanís been wanting to see you, and you can also bring Xelas over! Mom and Dad said they would love to meet her." I say with as much enthusiasm as I can.

"Maybe.." His hand reaches for my chin. Bringing it up for me to look into his face. "Actually.. I would like to meet your sister Lina, and maybe Xelas-sama would like to come." He tells me, looking straight into me.

I extend my hand to touch his cheek. I caress it, in return of all to comfort he has given me by caressing my cheek. Xelloss smiles and lowers his head. I close my eyes as his lips brush mine. I move my hands to his back as Xelloss deepens the kiss, his hands on my waist, pushing me closer to him.

After what seemed like eternity, Xelloss undid his lock on me. I look at him and smile, my face slightly red. Xelloss smiles and brushes my cheek with his lips. "See you tonight, my Lina"

"See you Xelloss." I smile at him as he teleports away from the crowd. I just stand there looking at where he was. I can hear in distant Mare and Gaury calling my name, but right now, all I can think of is the kiss I shared with Xelloss. Ö.I think coming to Zefiria was correct.. So far all of my goals were accomplishedÖ I love Xelloss.