Slayers    Campus    Chapter    5

*Disclaimers* All Slayers Characters are property of Kamisaka Hajime and T.V. Tokyo, and Tougo is mine.

Chapter 5: "Xelloss…suki" I blurted out before noticing.

"Lina?" He asks and suddenly, I notice what I just said. I…… just……well…. said that…. I….LIKE Xelloss… I think.

"Um… it’s just that… I mean, I meant…" I stammer looking for words that would make sense but can’t find any. "I mean…. So…no.. Well.. you….I…." I run out of the room.

I got to my locker and just slumped down right on the floor when I noticed my hair had fallen loose.

"When did that….." I blush bright red again as I vaguely remember a hand playing with my hair. I open up my locker and look for the brush I usually keep in there. I can NOT believe what I just did. I just…… ARGHHH!!!!! ..It….. felt good though…… WHAT AM I THINKING!!! I can not let this happen, I can not let this happen, I can not let this happen, I can not let this happen, I CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!

I was about to bang my head against my locker when I heard a voice.

"Lina.. you’re early.."

"Tougo?" Sure enough, Tougo was standing there. His shirt for once was buttoned all the way up to the top, his hair in a neat position, and…..he wore glasses. "Why are you wearing glasses?"

"These….. well, I’m farsighted so I only where them during school periods.." He replies taking them off.

"I never saw you wearing them though.."

"well… I started wearing them when I got into high school and we haven’t had any classes together in high school." He puts them into the case and then puts the case in his bag. "I’m surprised though that you have your hair down."

"Oh, um yeah. Actually it was up but I lost my scrunchy on the way here." I try to smile. "and.. um, you’re early. Why?"

"Oh, there was something I didn’t understand in biology so I was going to go ask Xelloss-Sensei. Talking about Xelloss-Sensei, did you give him the letter from Himeki-Sempai?" He asks.

"Well.. yeah I did. Yesterday." I put my brush away and try to act indifferent. "I just went and asked him a question so he should be in the biology room getting ready. Why don’t you go?"

"I guess. But before I do, are you free this Friday evening?" He asks me with a broad smile. "Cause if you are, I want to go catch a movie, but I don’t know who can come. I asked Valtierra but he’s busy. I obviously can’t ask a teacher to go with me" He lowers his voice. "Besides, Rezo has plans with Ellis-Sempai." He then puts his voice back to normal. "And all my other friends are busy. So, are you free?"

"Yeah.. it’s sad though. I’m seventeen and I don’t even have plans for a Friday night, and the only reason someone asks me is because they have no one else to go with." I joke. Tougo laughs and then hands me a piece of paper he scribbled on.

"Our room phone no. Remember, if anything comes up though, you’re free to cancel it."

I scribble my room phone no. and hand it to him. "If I do, all your fans would call me an idiot, and so would I. Someone’s going to treat me to a movie, and to not take that offer up would be an idiot."

Tougo and I say our good bye’s and then Tougo leaves. I lean against my locker and think what Tougo said about Ellis and Rezo.

Rezo is a chemistry teacher at the college, and Ellis is only a year older than me. I knew they are close, Amelia said she heard so from Zel. How Zel knew that is beyond me but.. Was there any laws against a student falling for a teacher of vice versa? Neechan was very based on morals and that’s the way she brought me up. Would it be that I am opposing Neechan’s morals by *possibly* falling for Xelloss? Or, is it okay for me to like Xelloss, *assuming* that I like him THAT way.

Or… Why is it that Life is complicated? I ask again. I never wanted this to happen! I never…… it’s all Xelloss’s fault!

"Xelloss no Baka" I mumble and lean against my locker closing it. "Baka, you make my life complicated. Always have and always will."

I put out the ham on the table and was about to call Amelia and Shilfiel, but before that, they came to it themselves.

"I was STARVING!! Finally food!! It’s cruel how they make us do sports even on a Friday night, I can’t go out." Amelia complained. She was wearing a short sleeved shirt and had on long stretch pants. She probably just flew home right after practice.

"I need as much nutrition as I can for this weekend. I need to study all weekend if I want to get an A on my next test in Science." Shilfiel sat down in her chair and started eating. She had her long hair up in a ponytail, and was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, obviously for studying and was wearing glasses.

"well, hope you guys enjoy it. I’m leaving now." I tell them and grab my purse and start to leave for the door.

"here ha u hohin?(Where are you going?)" Amelia asked, food stuffed in her mouth. I can’t help but wonder if she’s really royalty.

"A movie with Tougo. See you guys later." I called as I closed the door.

Little did I know at that point that Amelia and Shilfiel where plotting something.

"Hi!" I called as I came up to the front of the theater. I took a look at Tougo and felt uneasy. He was wearing a short sleeved black top that was fit to his body and some tight jeans.

"Hi…… you look nice." He commented.

"Thanks" I smiled. True, I did look nice. One of the white summer dresses, and a short sleeved loose knit cardigan over my shoulders. I also had my purse which was also all white. It was an outfit that Neechan sent me and that I never wore, deciding tonight would be as good as ever, I wore it.

"What movie are we seeing?" I asked as we walked up to the ticket booth. "I’ve been wanting to see the remake of ‘Titanic’" I know that I really can’t have much say in what movie since Tougo’s the one who’s going to pay but, might as well ask.

"Actually… that’s what I was planning to go see… after all the lead actress is my favorite. Xelas Metalium" I don’t think I need to mention that I nearly jumped. I usually don’t pay attention to the actors but…Xelloss’s sister out of all people! Just when I’m trying not to think about him. Tougo then brings me over to the side and whispers to me. "Top secret, I nearly killed myself trying to get this information, but she’s coming today, with Xelloss-Sensei."

I can’t believe I didn’t faint right there on the spot. Xelloss is coming to this theater TONIGHT!?!? Why out of all the possibilities!!!! "Um.. Tougo, actually ‘Techi Muyou and Slayers Special’ might be better… I like comedies better and.."

"Normally I would love to go see those two, but Xelas Metalium is my idol!! Please just this once." He begged me. I didn’t know what to do. Tougo is treating me to this exceptional deal, he’s being nice and sincere, and I want to see the ‘Titanic’ as well. But one factor of the opposition is greater than any other reasons. Xelloss is going to be there.

"What are the possibilities that they’ll actually be here anyways just when we are. We’re coming pretty early, it would be safer for them to come later right?" He smiles down at me. "Besides, I’ve already have discount tickets." He showed me the tickets and then pulled me into the theater. I’M GOING TO KILL THIS GUY WHEN THE MOVIES OVER. I decided as I was dragged into the seat.

I could still feel tears in my eyes even after the movie was over. Normally, I wouldn’t be the type to cry because of movies but this…. It was so touching. How the mother tells a story to the kids on living in eternal love, peace and youth before the ship sinks, how Rose comes and saves him..

"Lina, here’s a handkerchief. You okay?" Tougo asks looking down at me. I smile and take the handkerchief that was offered.

"I’m fine….. that was good though." I smile. I really and truly enjoyed the movie, and DIDN’T see Xelloss.

"Lina-san?" I jumped at that voice.

"Xe-Xelloss!" I practically screamed as I turned around. Sure enough Xelloss was standing there.

"Hello Xelloss-Sensei." Tougo said in a cherry voice. "Is Xelas-san with you?"

"Shhh!" Xelloss shushed him. "How did you find that out!?"

"Well… let’s just say I’ve got my sources. So, where is she?"

Xelloss sighed and pointed behind him. "Right here." He said. Sure enough, behind him was a woman, who had snow white skin, and dark black hair. She didn't look like the 'Xelas Metalium' that was an actress.

"Hello." She said and came forth, extending her hand to me. "You must be Lina-chan. Pleased to meet you."

"Um.. pleased to meet you. Xelas-san?" I take her hand and shake it.

"Oh, I know I don't look like I do in the movies but this is so that most people won't notice me. It's just plane old make-up" Xelas-san then turns to Tougo and…

"You are…?"

"Tougo, Tougo Arai. I’m a huge fan of yours and am VERY pleased to meet you." He shakes her hand. "Feels like I’m shaking an angels hand."

"Why.. thank you. I am glad to meet you to Tougo-san." She then smiles and turns to the concession stand. "Would you not mind to go and get something with me? I need a way to keep myself covered." She giggles. Tougo nods his head vigorously and the two leave….leaving Xelloss and I behind.

Silence filled between us until Xelloss suddenly grabbed my hand.

"Let’s leave" Was all he said and pulled me out of the theater.

"What are you doing?!" I demanded, as he pulled me into a small coffee shop. "I still haven’t said my gratitude to Tougo for paying for the movie!" I complained as to him as the waiter guided us to a table. "XELLOSS!!"

"Lower your voice please." Was all he said as he sat down. I stayed standing up though, glaring at him. "Aren’t you going to sit down?"

"Look Xelloss, why in the world would you leave your sister there with a guy?! Aren’t you worried about her?"

"Not really." Came his reply. "I know that Neesan can protect herself if worst comes to worst, besides I had other things on mind."

"What other things?" I ask in an impatient tone.

"That is a secret." I growled to his words and sat down.

"Excuse me! Can I get 5 cakes, 30 dishes of cookies, and 10 drinks!" I yelled to a waitress. "And Xelloss." I say in a suddenly sweet voice which seems to scare Xelloss. "You’re going to pay for it all right?" I give him one of my best smiles.

"………………yes." He said after a long pause. I smiled brightly and than started to munch on the food as the waiter brings it.

After a half an hour of me just eating, I heard Xelloss laughing. "What’s so funny." He just continues to laugh but then extends his hand over the table and touches my cheek.

"You have some of the cream from the cake on you." He was about to wipe it off when he stopped his hand and a mischievous smile appeared on his lips. He leaned over the table, using his hand to support him and..

"UWA!!!" I screamed as he licked the cream off of me. "XELLOSS!!" I yelled at him but he didn’t seem to care as he moved his lips to my neck. "Xelloss!! What are you thinking?!"

"Hmm…. This" He moved his face and…..

I lost track of all thought as Xelloss kissed me. He moved so that his knee fell on the table, his kiss becoming even more demanding. I can’t protest. His tongue breaks through my teeth, searching every centimeter inside my mouth. I can’t fight it. Xelloss.. it feels too good….

I soon started to kiss him back, moving my hands to his back. Xelloss….. Aishiteru

"Aishiteru." Xelloss moved his mouth from mine for a small moment just to say so and then we returned to kissing.