Slayers    Campus    Epilogue

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Note: This takes place a few years after the fight with Graushelaa.


Dear Lina,

I hope that this finds you in good health. We have been pretty busy with taking care of the looser ends of the nations. Everything is going safe, I finally convinced Shablaniguduu to tell me where in the world he teleported you and Xelloss to after the fight with Shablaniguduu. I know it was unsafe to keep you two near us, but still he could’ve given you some warning. I would have loved to see your face when you woke up and found yourself in Hokkaido!!

I was surprised when I heard it was in Hokkaido and so close. It took me forever to find your address. Don’t worry, I won’t appear in front of you, since the smallest thing can off set anything. I’m just going to write you a letter.

I never told Kaoru-chan and Tougo-kun what happened, I couldn’t bring myself to. They both miss you, but they accepted my decision that this was better for you and Xelloss. (I did make up a wacky story that you and Xelloss’s relationship was about to be uncovered and that you guys had to move. Hey they bought it!)

Big News!! Tougo and Himeki are getting engaged!! Isn’t that sweet. And Kaoru and Kenshin are already engaged, they plan on having the wedding this November. Kaoru wishes you are able to come, but she also knows that you probably won’t have the time to.

Zelas is doing well. She told me to wish you and Xelloss her best wishes. Even in the remote part of the world I guess you will still get information on HER!! She loves to be the center of attention I can’t keep up with her.

She could tell that with Phiblizo, his human side and mazoku side were fighting with each other and she had had to kill his Human side in order to stop Phiblizo’s mazoku side.

Shablaniguduu is still principle of your school, just in case you care. If I knew he was when you went to that school I would have taken you out of it. Zelas is now trying to get a date with him…I don’t understand Zelas’s taste in men. Why Shablaniguduu!?

Amelia-chan is doing well in England with Princess Glacier. They’re making International News as great political figures for stopping the wars. I seriously feel sorry towards Zelgadiss, Rezo and Elis for having to deal with those two. Why Elis you may ask? Well, Elis and Rezo got married a year ago!!!(Another happy ending, or so it seems.)

Garv is doing well with Valtierra who, has finally all his memory back!!! I’m not lying I swear!! I bet L-sama had something to do with it. A lot of good things are happening over here and I hope the same goes to you guys too. Garv is now working with Ryugyoku/Milgazia in the show business. They still get along fairly well, and Valtierra is getting along great with Filia!! They should be getting engaged soon.

Shilfiel feels bad that she was of no assistance in that huge fight(Come to think of it, neither was the people who were there, such as Filia, Valtierra, etc. etc.) Gaury’s comforting her, or at least trying to by saying he was not really a good help when you fought. Gaury thinks about you two a lot. He wishes that you two are safe and happy. He doesn’t know much of the past but would always back you two up.

Lina-chan, my Imouto…I can only pray that you are safe and happy. I quit the army. Didn’t want to do it anymore. I am now trying to get my license as a teacher. It’s going to be hard but I think I can do it. It’s what I want to do.

Love Your Sister

Luna Inverse

A woman with short red-orange hair folded the note as a tear slid down her cheek. She was sitting on a hill as the breeze played with her hair. She wore a shirt with jeans and she held a unique beauty.

"Mama? Why are you crying?" A boy with short purple hair with navy blue eyes asked his mother. He was sitting on her lap, and was waiting for his father to come home from work so that they can all go home and eat together.

"Nothing Flame… Nothing…" The woman, Lina Kemono whispered to her son with a smile, her tears smearing the ink on the letter. "A letter… from….someone very special to me… someone I thought I’d never hear from again."

Flame looked at his mother strangely and then noticed the figure approaching them. "Mama, Papa’s here!! Come on, come on!!" He happily ran over to his father.

Lina opened up the locket that came with the letter. Inside of it was a picture of Lina when she was about five with Luna holding her. Lina smiled and stood up following her son and going over to her husband.