Slayers    Campus    Chapter    7

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Chapter 7~AD 3607 January:

"I’m not getting out of bed!" Lina Inverse screamed as she pulled the covers closer to her.

"Lina-san! Please wake up!" Amelia Will Tesla Seyluun, and Shilfiel Nels Raada, her Room mates, were both trying to pull her out of bed but she refused to.

"Call me in sick or something! It’s freezing out there!" Lina snapped and cuddled inside the covers even more. "I don’t want to go to school on a cold day like this!"

Amelia and Shilfiel looked at each other and then Amelia asked. "So you can go a day without seeing Xelloss-san?"

"I never said that!" Lina than pushed over the covers and steps out of bed ready to slap her. But Amelia caught her wrist and smiled.

"Caught you." She teased. Anger built up inside Lina. Lina looked down and start to chant something.

"A~ME~LI~A~" Lina said in a very eerie voice and look up. "Don’t you EVER dare tease me! Fire Ball! Fire Ball! Fire Ball! Fire Ball!" Lina than threw around a bunch of Fire balls.

"Li-Lina-san please calm down!" Amelia screams. "This room maybe magic proof but… I’m NOT!!"

"Forget it! You got me out of bed now you’re helping me warm up!" Behind them, Shilfiel started preparing some tea…..

-Off in some army base-

"General Luna Inverse. The commander calls for you!" A soldier came up to Luna who was dressed in a uniform, a red jacket with matching slacks. Her hair was loose and she was carrying some books.

"Thank you for the message." Luna replied and turned around, walking the way to the commanders office.

While she was walking to the office though, she took out a book she was carrying and started to read it. It was a book titled ‘Lost Universe’ where a god in the form of a space ship cooperated with a ‘Trouble Contractor’ Kein Blueriver, and Milly, a girl who loves chocolate, and they looked for ‘Lost Ships’. Just as she was getting into the book, a huge blast of wind flew, causing her to lose her page.

Luna sighed and looked up into the sky that was hurriedly turning gray. "This weather… feels like a ‘Karma’" Her eyes were sad as she looked up again. "I hope it doesn’t start again….." She whispered closing her book. Her facial expression then looked like a goddess instead of a general of an army. Soon though, it returned to her usual strict face and she continued to walk towards her commanders office.

-Some Castle in England-

"WHAT!" A man who looked like a dwarf stretched out screamed. Despite his facial…… strangeness to put it lightly, he wore clothes that looked like a royal prince would wear in the 1500’s.

"I’m sorry sire, but it is true. We would have to bring Princess Amelia back." A man who wore a black suit bowed and reported.

"Nonsense!" The man yelled back. "Peace is through out the world, how can such a thing possibly happen. There is no need for Amelia to come back. She is in good hands!" He stated.

"Sire… are you sure you trust that street rat?" The man, presumably a servant asked him.

"Yes I do! I have met him, he has only done things so he can survive. It is in our law that every one has the right to live!" The man than sat down on his chair. "Do you question my judgment?"

"N-No sire!" The servant quickly replied. "But to take precautions are better. Do you not agree? I understand very much how you would like your daughter to live freely, considering that you were not allowed to, but sire! We have a country to worry about!"

"He is right father" A woman with long flowing black hair, who wore a black dress entered. "I do too, think about Amelia, but we do have a country to worry about. If by any chance what we fear may happen, and Amelia stays over there rebellion may occur… for these people would fear us. Father, as Amelia’s sister, I propose that we are to go bring back Amelia, Zelgadiss Graywords, and the highly known Rezo-Professor." The woman than bowed.

The man thought for a while and than sighed. "Do as you wish… Glacier=Naga." He said and brought his hands to his forehead.

-Slayers Campus, High School Building, a Conference room-

"It is nice for you to pay me a visit, considering how busy you are Neesan." Xelloss Metalium greeted his sister and sat down on the table. "Tell me though what does this sudden visit mean?" He asked her still smiling.

"I will tell you later… but for now, I hope you wouldn’t mind me spending the day with you." Xelas Metalium asked her younger brother in a nice tone of voice.

‘There goes my lunch date with Lina.’ Xelloss thought to himself. "Do you not have to work though? I thought you had all these movies you were to take."

Xelas laughed and pushed aside her long wavy blond hair. When she first met Lina Inverse, she had dyed her hair black and used some powder to make her skin white. Also being an actress, she knew how to make herself look oriental more than the usual European look she had. Born in the valley’s in China, having more Mazoku blood than human, Xelas didn’t look her nationality. She thought that was interesting, and unless she was trying to hide herself, she kept her natural look.

"Well Xelloss, I don’t have to work and I hardly spend time with my favorite brother. It is just an act of love." She smiled even more.

"I am also your only brother…" Xelloss muttered but decided that this was not going anywhere quieted down.

"So, Principle Magnus, can you give me a pass?" Xelas asked the principle who was just standing there looking at her and her brother’s conversation.

Xelas distinctly noted that he was cute, long black hair with purple highlights, deep brown eyes, white skin. Lei Magnus, his name seemed to have been carved into Xelas at that second.

"Sure Xelas-san." He smiled and handed her a pass. Xelas than stood up and motioned Xelloss to follow her. Xelloss got up, giving up on trying to argue with her and followed her.

In the locker area, Lina was chatting away with Kaoru. They were both explaining the dates they went on that weekend over valentine’s day. Although for Lina, she couldn’t really go out on date’s openly. But she did settle for a Romantic dinner in their apartment with Xelloss.

"Candle light, a box of expensive chocolate, a nice rose. Isn’t Kenshin the best!" Kaoru was up in 7th heaven. Kenshin is her boyfriend who teaches Swords Play not too far away from the campus. Kaoru goes over there every day and helps teach.

"Yeah, yeah." Lina replied. "You didn’t get to have a romantic dance though." Lina pointed out. She could still remember Xelloss guiding her around the wooden floor of their apartment.

"Lina why you!" Kaoru was about to start but Lina stopped her.

"Isn’t that Xelas-san Xelloss’s with?" She asked pointing behind Kaoru. Kaoru turned around and sure enough, there was the world’s top actress Xelas Metalium with their biology teacher and the only brother of Xelas, Xelloss Metalium.

"You’re right. Want to go say hi to your future sister Lina?"

"Kaoru!" Lina hissed angrily and then turned to look at Xelloss and Xelas. Lina leaned against her locker. She could honestly look at Xelloss all day and not get tired of him. His violet hair just above his shoulders, his elegant face, and everything else. There was no denying that she was head over heals in love with him.

"Lina…. Get a life." Kaoru muttered as she saw her friends dreamy face. Kaoru now was starting to regret making Lina admit to her feelings since Lina was now so true to her feelings.

"You do too Kaoru." Lina replied. She meant Kenshin, in which if Kaoru didn’t even see him for a day she would be whining and complaining. And Lina always got stuck listening to it.

"Well how about the time on New Years when you were moping because Xelloss-Sensei had to go back to China, and spent the four days complaining about everything!" Kaoru teased.

"Yeah, well when Kenshin had to go to Kyoto for business, you were a disaster! You won’t eat, won’t sleep, and won’t even do anything!" Lina said in an exasperated tone of voice.

"Yeah well how about when…"

"Oh… than!" The two continued a very stupid argument until first period started.

-In the College Campus of Slayers Campus-

"Hey Zelgadiss!" Gaury called catching up to his room mate/best friend. "Why were you so eager to leave early this morning?" He than sat down on one of the desks of the computer lab. But Zelgadiss show no sign of noticing him. "Zelgadiss? Zel?" He called to him shaking him a little. "ZEL!!" He screamed grabbing his shoulders and turning him to look at him.

"Gaury….?" Zelgadiss replied seemingly finally noticing his friends appearance. "When did you get here?"

"I’ve been here for five minutes. What’s wrong?" Gaury asked in a concerned voice. "It’s unlike you that you don’t notice your surroundings."

"Nothing." Zelgadiss replied flatly. "Just nothing don’t worry Gaury. It’s nothing. It has to be nothing." He added the last part though as if trying to calm himself down.

"Zelgadiss…..?" Gaury seemingly sensed something but decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Zelgadiss-san, Gaury-san! Class is going to start!" Filia called to them smiling, her long blond hair waving behind her. Next to her was Valtierra, looking over her.

Gaury turned around and walked to them. Zelgadiss stayed back for a while though.

"It has to be nothing….." He muttered and walked off.