Slayers    Campus    Chapter    6~Or    the    weirdest    Chapter~

*Disclaimerse*: All Slayers Characters Belong to Kamisak Hajime and T.V. Tokyo, All Rurouni Kenshin Character belong to Watsuki Nobuhiro, Himeki and Tougo belong to me.

Chapter 6:

"Yes! It’s going along well, Zelgadiss-san, Gaury-san, Shilfiel-san, Filia-san, Valtierra-san, Kaoru-san, Luna-san, Himeki-san, Tougo-san and Xelas-san!" I whispered as I watched Xelloss-Sensei and Lina-san kiss in the store that Filia-san’s friends, Jiras-san and Grabos-san owned. All of us were dressed in the outfits of the waiters and waitresses meaning that the girls wore a white top with a black skirt that was just above the knees and the men wore white T-shirts with black jeans. The people with long hair, such as Shilfiel-san, Gaury-san, Xelas-san, Filia-san and Himeki-san all had it either in a braid or a pony-tail. "I knew it would work."

"How long did it take though?" Gaury-san asked looking at them. "A few years? God those two…."

"Oh, Xelloss-san… if this is for your happiness." Himeki-san quietly sobbed.

"Would you be quiet Himeki-Sempai. Geez, I can’t even stop to feel sorry about myself when you are acting like that." Tougo-san muttered.

"Does that mean Tougo-san that…..?" Kaoru-san started to ask but Luna-san shushed her.

"We don’t want them to notice." She hissed to Kaoru-san than turned to me. "I’ve got to hand it to you though Amelia-chan. For getting those two together." She smiled at me.

"By the way Luna.. how did you find a way to come out of the army?" Xelas-san asked her best friend.

"Oh, I twisted some strings." Luna-san replied with a smile. "And Filia-chan, can you stop mumbling?"

"I can’t believe Lina-san decided to like that… that NAMAGOMI! Why that!!" Filia-san continued to mumble. Valtierra-san sighed and moved his hands in a motion that said ‘I give up.’

"That really was good thinking though Amelia, Shilfiel." Zelgadiss-san compliments us. With a smile that is priceless. I can die now and not have any regrets.

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!!!!!" A very angered voice demands. I turn around and find Lina-san with her hands on her hips, standing there glaring at us all.

"Ah~ Zel, this to table 8!" Gaury-san said handing Zelgadiss-san a glass of soda.

"Sure Gaury." Zelgadiss-san replied, taking the glass and putting it on his tray. He stood up to leave when he bumped into someone. "Sorry………… Xelloss."

"Hello Zelgadiss-san." Xelloss-Sensei said with a smile. He moved his eyes to his sister than. "Neesan, I didn’t know you also worked as a waitress."

"Oh, you didn’t? Well.. ahh…" Xelas-san seems to search for words. "You know how it is… Well.. Luna! Luna used to be a waitress and asked me to try it right Luna?" She shifts the story to her best friend.

"Um.. yeah! Lina, you remember that I was a waitress in high school." If anyone can calm Lina-san down, it is Luna-san. Now, Lina-san would forget about being angry at us and fear Luna-san.

Or, I thought so. Instead, Lina-san moved next to Xelloss-Sensei and snuggled against him. "What were you guys up to?" Lina-san asked in a mono-tone.

"Um… Valtierra, take this to table 9!" Gaury-san was than clobbered by Lina-san. "Lina… that was uncalled for!" He argued.

"So what! Who’s the one that was spying on me before hand!" Lina-san shot back. "You Jelly-fish brain!"

"Oh! So, you’re going to insult me… well…" For once Gaury-san looked some what intelligent. "Xelloss! I’ll tell you the most embarrasing moments of Lina!"

"Do and DIE!" Lina-san screamed turning bright red.

"I have some pictures right here!" Luna-san announced. I flew over to get them.

"Wow! Lina-san you’re cute! Why are you crying in this one?"

"AMELIA!! Hand those over NOW!!" Lina-san ordered, but before that, Kaoru-san got to them.

"Cute! Oh, it’s on the back. Ahh, this is the time when Luna-san spanked her in front of all her friends." The moment Kaoru-san said that a whole bunch of people were around her wanting to see it.

"…………Give them total destruction…." Every one stopped and turned around, there, red light spun into Lina-san’s hands, and when Lina-san looked up, she had a crazed look in her eyes. "I’ll DESTROY those pictures along with you guys as well!!! Dragon Slave!!!"


"You did bad!" Jiras-san, a mixture of a fox-mazoku and a human scolded Lina-san. "This place expensive. Repair need a lot money." He never fully mastered the japanese language so his speaking was a little strange. I really should though be worrying about my life.

"I did bad!!? That’s Amelia and Kaoru’s fault! Have them pay for it!"

"WHAT!?" Kaoru-san and I asked at Lina-san’s suggestion. "NO WAY!"

"Why? If it weren’t for you guys ‘spying’ I wouldn’t have Dragon Slaved the coffee shop."

"But…" I was about to protest when Xelas-san stopped me.

"I’m sorry Jiras-san. I will pay for it." Xelas-san offered. "How much is it?" She took out her check book and pen.

"Oyabun, how much?" Jiras-san asked Grabos-san, the lizard human.

"Ahh.. about 20,000 should cover it. We’ll pay you back miss, I swear." He replied.

"Oh, please don’t worry about it." She than handed over the check.

"That was a generous offer Xelas-san." I congratulated her. "It was a deed in the name of justice."

"…..Actually, it was a deed in to get Xelloss to forgive me for spying on him." She replied and turned to her brother. "Would you Xelloss?"

Xelloss-Sensei shrugged. "Why not, I have to admit that I would not like to have it happen again though."

"You have my word Xelloss." She smiled. Now it is my turn for an apology.

"Lina-san, I’m sorry I spied on you." Not to mention that I also did it when you and Xelloss-Sensei were in the biology room. "I promise never to do it again. Please forgive me."

Lina-san looks at me for awhile and than sighs. "Okay, I’ll forgive you guys just this once! Do it again and I’ll kill you guys!" She threatens us and slides her hand through Xelloss-Sensei’s arm. Xelloss-Sensei smiles and they walk off.

"Well… looks like we were able to do it finally." Kaoru-san commented as she watched Lina-san and Xelloss-Sensei.

"Yes!" I agree whole heartedly and smile. ……..Finally.