This page is for the fanfics of my friends on the net. If you have any, please feel free to send them to me.

[Travels and Trials]
More of Rezo's copies? Magic even Rezo couldn't use? If you want to find out what I'm talking about, read this fanfic by Aria Lewis-san.
[Chapter One: Lina's child?! Not a chance! ][ Chapter Two: Zelgadis is like his Grandpa?! Run Away! ] [ Chapter Three: Come on baby! Make a wish ] [Chapter Four: A wedding? Don't you know it's Love? ]Chapter Five: Sisterly Reunions ][Chapter Six: Rocs and Rolls][Chapter Seven: Love is Dangerous] Lina has a child? It's name's Shabraniguduu? Who's the father? Want to know then read this story and find out. Written by Alina-san and you can find more of her great fanfics here

[Slayers Search Intro] [Slayers Search 1] [Slayers Search 2] [Slayers Search 3]
The Slayers crew starts a new adventure, and this time a few relatives of them join.
[Slayers Generation]
another story by her that features a new and mysterious adventure of the crew.
Written by Slash Girl
Slayers Friday the Thirteenth: Chapter 2: A fanfic written by my friend Zelas Metalium.
On friday the thirteenth every year the mazoku hold a party where all the dark lords, their generals and priests, and their friends(If there are any) are invited. It's the only party L-sama attends and this year it's hosted at the Beast Masters's palace.
A Forbidden Friendship
Chapter 2 Val get's yelled at by Filia and runsaway and meets someone who is extremely skilled in magic.
The Temple Saga: The Temple Saga Chapter 2:The Temple Saga Chapter 3: A fanfic written by Laura "Genesis"
One morning when everyone wakes up Lina is gone, and a strange chant leads them to a strange place. Send mail to Laura?click here