*Note: This will end as a Youtaiyou story*

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"It's freezing up here!!" Lina complained as she flew over ancient China, although she had no clue where exactly she was flying over, other than that this was the way to the Kunlun Mountain range. Lina clutched the remain of one of her talisman, the only one she was able to keep after that fight with……. "Youkai……….mazoku….." Lina muttered as she remembered Phiblizo.
"This Youzen better not be a brat like that!" Lina screamed as she flew some more until she finally ran into a huge floating rock. "This better be it." Lina muttered, and as quietly as she could, sneaked through the mountain carefully. Lina was glad that 'Dakki' had provided her with a map since with out it she sure wouldn't have found this 'Kinkadou' that Youzen lived at.
When she finally reached the gardens of Kinkadou, she was taken aback by the beauty and how there could be flowers in full bloom dispite the fact that it was obviously the middle of winter. Is this what 'Senjyutu' was capable of doing? Lina couldn't believe her eyes.
As she walked around the garden she realized a window that was to her left. Lina saw the boy standing by the window sill. In his arms was a small white puppy and his purple eyes were full of longing.
"Hey…." Lina smiled softly and walked towards his window and knocked on it. The boy, Youzen, surprised eyed her carefully.
"Who are you? Are you one of the Senninn? From Kunlun or………….Kingou?" He asked, hope evident in his eyes. Lina's eyes saddened at him. His shoulder length hair was sky blue, while his eyes were so magnificent color of amethysts, same shade as…….no, not same, Youzen's was a little lighter, and much more innocent than Xelloss's.
"Are you a messenger my father sent?" He asked, hope full in his eyes.
"…….no…….I'm Lina, well now playing Santa Clause." Lina said with a smile and the boy looked disappointed.
"…..oh………." The boy looked disappointed. "….what's Santa Clause?"
"………………this guy who goes around giving kid's presents." Lina answered simply.
"………..never heard of him."
"Neither did I till tonight." Lina smiled at Youzen. "So, Youzen, anything you want?" Lina asked, figuring out the concept that kids usually had pre-planned ideas of what they wanted for gifts.
"Can you take me to my father!!" Youzen asked hopefully. Lina sat down and shook her head.
"Then…..will my Father come and get me?" He asked again and Lina sighed again. She didn't know what to say that would possibly make this better.
"………………….will I ever get to leave this place?" He asked sadly. Lina smiled again.
"Of course, anything's possible Youzen." Lina ran her hand through his blue hair.
"………I can't till I get rid of these." Youzen muttered. "I almost hate my own origin……."
"Don't say that…" Lina smiled softly at Youzen.
"Shishou said…….humans can be very dangerous……especially to a Youkai……but Shishou and you and Genshi Tenson-sama don't seem so dangerous." Then he added. "You are human right?"
Lina just nodded at that statement, realizing he didn't mean anything by that statement. "Thanks, not many say I'm not dangerous." Lina said with a hint of teasing in her voice. "……..Youkai………….." Lina muttered softly. "….Look, your life could be much worse." Lina managed. "You could be a middle class worker who has to dedicate his whole entire life to his master while still taking care of his own subordinates, and is always in a bad situation." Lina said as she imagined the stupid Mazoku who was making her do this.
"……..I guess……." Youzen muttered and Lina sighed. She searched her big present bag as she took out a turquoise colored hood. "Here, put this on over your horns!" Lina declared.
"…but, but…"
"Do, as I say." Lina glared and Youzen hastened to obey. "good, now have you ever seen snow?"
"Snow? What's that?" Youzen asked.
"That's what I'm about to show you!" Lina declared and grabbed his hand.
"But, Shishou is still awake!" Youzen said and Lina had to think. Xelloss had told her to not to let herself be known to anyone but the four kids. There was no need for Lina to obey Xelloss, but she really didn't want to deal with explaining her situation to adults.
"Wait here for a second." Lina said and left the room. Youzen stood there wondering what was going on when Koutenken made a whining noise and Youzen looked down. One of the reasons he decided to trust Lina was because if she came intending to inflict harm, Koutenken would have attacked her. But he didn't so Youzen trusted Lina.
"I'm back! Now let's go." Lina said returning to the room.
"But Shishou…."
"Don't worry he's asleep and won't be awake till tomorrow morning!" Lina declared. "Just used some of my powers." Lina winked and grabbed Youzen. "Come on, I'm going to let you play in the snow!"
Youzen just looked up at Lina with Question marks apparent but Lina smiled and Koutenken jumped onto Youzen's shoulder.
"Koutenken!" Youzen smiled as his best friend joined him. Lina picked the two up.
"Hang on tight!" Lina said as she jumped from the window. "LAY WING!!!!" Lina cried and the wind gathered around her as she dove head first to below the clouds. When she did, Youzen saw for the first time, a white glittering world.
Lina slowly landed on the white patch of snow. "Careful, it's pretty deep…" Lina warned but Koutenken and Youzen ran through the white covered ground.
"This is beautiful!!" Youzen screamed with the joy of a child, one that only a child could have. Lina allowed herself to wonder about when she first saw snow and left her tracks on it. Next to her, was her sister, Luna, her mother and father.
"Lina, come on!" Youzen called and Lina sighed. Only a child would be this trustful. If she had not seen the horns on his head, Lina could almost swear he was human. "Lina?"
"Nothing Youzen. Hey, let's make a snow man!!" Lina declared as she picked up a ball of snow, placed it on the ground and started rolling it into a bigger ball. Youzen did the same. In the end two fairly large sized snow men were made.
"This is a lot of fun!!" Youzen said, his cheeks red from excitement. "Why doesn't Shishou come down as well?"
"Don't know." Lina replied truthfully.
"It's so beautiful…" Youzen breathed out as he looked up at the falling snow. "It covers everything." Youzen mentioned sadly.
"Come on, it's getting cold." Lina said as she shivered and picked up both Youzen and Koutenken.
"Ai.." Youzen replied and snuggled up against Lina. Lina wondered what he said and asked.
"Ai…yes…." Youzen replied tiredly, stretched a little and hugged Koutenken closer for warmth. "…..'night." Youzen muttered.
"'night." Lina replied and she slowly levitated back towards Kunlun. When she arrived at Kinkadou, she placed Youzen in his bed and tucked him in. "Good luck Youzen." Lina smiled softly and ran her hand through his hair as she slowly crept out of the house.

3000 years later.
"Joy to the world~ The lord has come~ Let Earth, receive her King~" Tenshou's voice rang through out the palace of the Hourai Island.
"What are you singing Tenshou?" Choukei asked the newest addition to the political scene of Hourai Island.
"Christmas Carols." Tenshou replied.
"Huh?" Choukei asked.
"It's this celebration that goes on during this time of the year at most Earth countries." Tenshou replied and Choukei sighed. One of the youngest(although no longer young) survivors of the Houshin Project, Tenshou was spoiled by his family in the Gods world, and by Nataku, Taiitsu and, Taikobo, who had returned 100 years after the defeat of Jyoka.
"It's suppose to be the birthday of this guy…you remember him, Jesus Christ, claimed to be son of God?" Tenshou asked and Choukei nodded. "Well now though it's spun into something more like a party, and there's this guy Santa Clause that goes around giving presents to kids." Tenshou explained.
"Sounds like a fun holiday." Choukei said, hoping his kids didn't hear about it.
"Yeah, I went and told Cihua and Riye." Choukei's hopes were shattered by Tenshou's mention of his children's names.
"By the way where's Youzen-san?"
"Kyoushu is in his room talking with Taikobo." Nendou informed the two. "We might as well go home since we won't get any work done."
"Might as well." Tenshou and Choukei agreed.

"Okay, now close your eyes." Taikobo said. He was out of his usual clothing and wore a black turtle neck with black jeans. Youzen was dressed in the same way.
"What for?" Youzen asked in a happy voice. He was happy, there hadn't been a day he wasn't since Taikobo returned.
"Just do as I say." Taikobo ordered as he kissed Youzen's hands. Youzen laughed and obeyed him.
"Now hold this." Taikobo said and handed him something.
"Suusu what is this?" Youzen asked as he attempted to study it but Taikobo stopped him.
"You know Christmas right?"
"………….yes." Youzen replied, it was about 100 years ago when he heard where the concept of 'Santa Clause' came from. In his mind, Christmas signified a girl with long fire colored hair with Eyes as bright as Star Rubies, and a whole sheet of glistering white.
"Well, you're holding a Christmas candle." Taikobo said and placed his forehead against Youzen's. "I'm assuming you know this song so just sing along…" Taikobo said angrily, which Youzen knew meant he was embarrassed. "Silent Night~ Holy Light~"
'All is calm~ All is bright~
Round yon virgin mother and child~
Holy infant so tender and mild~
Sleep in heavenly peace~
Sleep in heavenly peace~'
The two sang in the dark with the candle as the only source of light and their eyes closed.
'Any thing's possible Youzen!' The voice of the girl echoed in his head…..