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If You Had As Much Homework As Us(IYHAMHAU)(EE-Ham-Ha-u-)
Manami: School.
Jakie: School
Kenshin: Oro? What is going on Manami-dono, Jakie-dono?
Manami & Jakie: School.
Manami: That's it!!
Kurama: What is 'That's it'?
Manami: An idea!! Jakie, this!!
Jakie: ???
Manami: a 'What would Slayers/Houshin Engi/Rurouni Kenshin/Yuu Yuu Hakusho people say if they had as much homework as us' story!!
Jakie: Brilliant!! Oneechan you really do have 'some' brains!
Manami: Some? SOME!?
Jakie: Uh? Some lot's of brains.
Youzen: You're English is wrong…
Jakie: You're Chinese how would you know!!
Youzen: Technically speaking I am not Chinese and besides that is a very racist comment Jakie.
Jakie: I'm not racist!!!
Manami: Calm down, calm down. Anyway, let's start!!
Slayers Version of What would Slayers Crew say if they had Homework.
Lina: (Opens text book, reads a few lines, decides it's not interesting enough of her attention) DRAGU SLAVE!!!!!!

Amelia: (Clutches Text Book, runs to the highest point on school, climbs up, and shouts) I WILL DO MY HOMEWORK AND LET JUSTICE PREVAIL.(Starts working on it, can't figure it out, decides it is evil) LA TILT!!!!

Gaury: (Looks at the Text book, shows it to Lina) Can I eat this? Is Homework Tasty?

Zelgadiss: (Sits down and looks at the problems, starts writing a song for his essay, starts calculating what chemicals are useful to return his body to normal for chemistry class, and studies the history of calculus before actually doing the calculus.)

Shilfiel: Um….I understand how it works but I can't solve this equation.(Blushes)

Naga: OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO…….HO…….ho…..hohohohohohoho…..ho……………………..(Laughs trying to cover up the fact that she doesn't understand the problems and runs out of breath)

Xelloss: How do I solve this equation? Sore wa Himitsu desu.(Winks)

Zelas: Homework? Xelloss! Do this for me!

Luna: Lina, do it now.(Throws a pile of homework at her)

Filia: I have no time for this!! I am trying to raise Val!!

What Would Houshin Characters Say if They had to do homework?

Youzen: Homework? Only this amount(Points at the stack that reaches the ceiling in the auditorium) I can do this in no time, after all I am a genius.

Taikobo: How can I get out of doing all this amount???? Hmmm……(Thinks but does it himself in the end)

Kihatsu: Pudding-chaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! Homework? Heh?! I'm a king I don't have homework!!!

Tann: Chiinii-sama, I will not let you leave till you finish these assignments.

Fugenn: Homework? I'll have my paopei do it. Do you think an atomic explosion could get me some extra credit in my chemistry class?

Tenka: Homework?! NO!! PLEASE NOOOOO!!!!

Doutoku: Homework? I'm too busy training for that.

Bukichi: Yes! I will do my homework to the best of my ability!

Gyokutei: (Stares at the stack of Paper, and then cuts it with his sword)
(Youzen: Shishou!! Homework isn't something to practice your sword skill on.
Taikobo: I like Gyokutei's use for it better though..)

Nataku: Hn.(Destroys the homework with his paopei)

Taiitsu: Homework? You mean for Taikobo or Nataku…..right?


'What Would the Rurouni Kenshin~~

Kenshin: History? I could do the Bakumatsu but……European History? All I know of that is when the Perry came…

Sanosuke: (Looks at it) Futae no Kiwami!! Oops, I wasn't suppose to use my right hand, oh well, hey fox lady!!

Megumi: Biology is my specialty but this is ridiculous. I would just have to burn it.(Fox tail and ears pop up)

Kaoru: Where are pictures of Kenshin!?(Flips through history text book)

Yahiko: Does this help me get stronger?

Saitou: (throws his cigarette away.) Aku Soku Zan

Enishi: This text book must be destroyed since it has no pictures/information of Neesan!!

Misao: Aoshi-sama must like smart girls!! I'll do it!!(Three minutes later) For Aoshi-sama, For Aoshi-sama, For Aoshi-sama,(Endless repeating)

Aoshi: (Sips tea, flips page, sips tea, flips page, sips tea, flips page, sips tea, flips page….you get the idea, sun rises, sun goes down, sun rises, sun goes down and yada yada yada)

Shishio: (Burns it without giving it a second glance)

What would the Yuu Yuu Hakusho crew say if they~~~

Yuusuke: Hey Kurama! I trust you to do my homework!!

Kuwabara: For Yukina-san, I, the brave Kuwabara Kazuma, will attack homework!! REIKEN!!
(Kurama: Kuwabara-kun, that's not how you 'attack' homework)

Yukina: Homework?(Bends head) Would it give me information on my brother?

Keiko: Oooh! I can't believe I have so much homework to do!! Yuusuke no Baka!!
(Yuusuke: Hey, what do I have to do with your homework!?)

Kurama: (Does it with out complain) I'm done Kaasan.

Hiei: (Uses his Jagan to get answers from the teacher's copy)

Touya: I will beat Kurama in homework!!

Jin: Does this allow me to fight Yuusuke?

Chuu: (Too drunk to do it)

Shizuru: Hey Kazu, do this for me.

Botan: Homework………sigh…….homework……..sigh…….homework……

Mukuro: (Looks at it, and then sends it to the lab)

Raizen: (Eats it since he's so hungy)

Yomi: Hmm, now what is a logical, oh forget it, I'm a stupid man after all, I'll just not do it.