Slayers    Campus    Chapter    10

*Disclaimers* All characters except for the man asking Xelas to become an Actress belong to Kamisaka Hajime and T.V. Tokyo

Chapter 10:

"Hey, Xelloss, look this way!" A boy about the age of 9, with long blond hair and sky blue eyes called to one of his friends. The boy, who was called Xelloss, and had long deep purple hair turned around to look, and was greeted by a flash. "He, he. It worked!"

"…Gaury-san, what was that all about?" Xelloss asked the boy with blond hair. In Gaury’s hand was a camera, and on his face was a large grin.

"Earning money. These high school girls asked me to take pictures of you, and are willing to pay a thousand yen for each one!" Gaury announced. "there’s this cool video game that I’ve had my eyes on forever! Now I can finally get it. SO, Xelloss, one more picture"

"….Sure, why not?" Xelloss replied with a smile. Gaury brought the camera up and started taking pictures of the boy a few years older than him.

Mean while, on the other side of the orphanage, a girl about 16, who was dressed in a normal school uniform, was trying to turn down an offer a man was making.

"No, I am not becoming an actress." She-Xelas Metalium, said firmly. She had long wavy blond hair, and deeply tanned skin. Not to mention ever green eyes. She would walk down the streets looking for something to buy, and would have 100 guys trying to buy her things.

"Please Xelas-chan, if I don’t make you say yes, Mr. Tanimura, our president will kill me!" The man who had two teeth sticking out, black hair parted right in the middle, and had a curly mustache, was begging Xelas.

"Well, I don’t care. Okay?" Xelas than went to turn around. She had more things on her mind than she wanted to, and she did not want another thing added to it. She was practically running this orphanage single handed since the owner never did a thing, not to mention school work, added on to the fact that the teachers disapproved of her hair and skin color, plus the fact that her own life is threatened, and she has to protect her 11 year old brother from being kidnapped. She barely had time to talk with her best friend.

"But please…."

"Bom Di Wind!" Xelas shouted blowing the man halfway across the country. She sighed and picked up her bag and walked over to where her brother should be. Once she got their, she found Gaury Gabliev, another orphaned boy, taking pictures of her brother, Xelloss Metalium.

"Gaury, what are you doing?" Xelas asked grabbing the camera from Gaury. The film was already down to one more.

"…Well… Xelas-Neechan, these high school students offered me a thousand yen for each picture of Xelloss. Oh, and the camera is mine, I got it for my birthday remember?"

"Of course I remember." Xelas said and opened the camera’s film compartment and destroyed the film. "I also said that you are not to sell any pictures of Xelloss." Xelas added.

"But…" Gaury started something but Xelas stopped him.

"You don’t have good enough skills to be selling pictures of my precious brother to others. There’s some pictures of Xelloss in my album upstairs, bring it down to the living room later and we’ll decide which ones you can sell." Gaury’s face brightened and he ran off to Xelas’s room to pick up her album.

"…Neesan, why did you blow off that man who came to talk to you?" Xelloss asked his sister. Even though the two were related they looked nothing alike. Except for their smile when they were really happy.

"Because he was getting on my nerves." Xelas replied and walked off to the orphanage.

"But you always tell me not to use my powers on anyone." Xelloss argued running up to her.

"You’re different. You don’t even know how to control your powers. You’ll cast ‘Levitation’, it turns into ‘Lay wing’, you cast ‘Recovery’, it turns into ‘Resurrection.’ Until you can control your powers you can’t use them." Xelas replied as she put her school bag down on to the couch.

"How am I going to learn how to control it if I don’t use it?" Xelloss argued again.

"You think of that." Xelas replied tapping her note book on his head. "You can’t be too dependent on people to tell you everything Xelloss."

"But Neesan.." Just as Xelloss was about to protest, Gaury came down with the album in his hands and Xelas and him started to pick out pictures.

Xelloss sighed and walked out of the living room to his own room. Once there, Xelloss popped down on the bed. He didn’t feel like reading anything, but also didn’t feel like listening to music.

'May be I’ll just drift off to sleep and if I’m lucky I’ll dream about ‘her’ again. Xelloss thought to himself. ‘her’ meant a girl that appeared in his dreams whenever he had a fever or was sick. She was always in a fog, and he could only tell that she had long red-orange hair, and was older than him. She always wore a pale blue dress, with a white collar. That was the good part. But than she’d turn away from him and go walk over to someone else. A man, who had long blond hair, he was on the other side of the fog waiting for her to come. The girl would give him one last glance, with sad eyes, and walk off to the man. '

All that time Xelloss is screaming like a child for her to come back. He is screaming and yelling fore her to come back…. But she will never come back, and he wakes up scared, and feeling all alone.

"Who are you?" Xelloss asked out loud. "Why do you always leave me? Who is that man? Why do you…" Just than he heard a knock on his door. "Come in." Xelloss called sitting up on his bed.

Gaury entered the room with a smile on his face and a few pictures. "Thought I might as well tell you what pictures I chose to sell." He sits down on the bed next to Xelloss and shows them to him. Xelloss takes the pictures and starts looking through them, labeling them can sell, maybe can, and can not sell. The can not ones are mostly ones of him with his sister or him with his sisters young age friend Garv.

"And this one is a can not." Xelloss declared labeling the last of the pictures Gaury brought in.

"Which one?" Gaury took the picture to see it and was surprised. "….Geez, I don’t think I’d want to sell this one either." Gaury said with a smile. It was a picture of him, Xelloss and Valtierra, who was adopted by Garv, in front of the orphanage. "I can’t believe that this one got stuck with these others." Gaury laughed.

"It’s the very few pictures where you and Valtierra actually look presentable." Xelloss joked, picking up one of the pictures of Gaury and Valtierra from his own album. "Look at this one, Valtierra looks like something strange, and you look like an idiot."

"Xelloss…I’m not that bright to begin with, remember?"

"Forgot for a second or so. Sorry." Xelloss smiled. "You two really need to get used to standing in front of a camera. Gaury, what are you going to do when you get a girlfriend and she want’s to take a picture with you and you look like THIS" He pointed at another picture in which Gaury was standing there like a bean stalk.

"Hey! I’m not that bad!" Than he takes a look at the picture and… "Okay, so maybe I AM that bad." Gaury admitted.

Xelloss put the pictures down and looked at his best friend. "Gaury……. Have you ever dreamed of someone so much, that you’d think you were in love with them?"

"What in the world are you talking about?" Gaury asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

"I’m saying that…. Let’s say you keep on having dreams of this one girl, you feel like you know her but can’t place your finger on who she is. But, you always have this feeling that she is going to leave you."

"I still don’t get it."

"Didn’t think you would." Xelloss replied and plopped down on the bed. "It’s a just a strange dream anyway."

"…I don’t get it but I’m always willing to listen! If you’re depressed over something tell me and I’ll listen I swear!!" Gaury didn’t understand what was worrying Xelloss, but he knew that he would try to help and he wanted his best friend to know that.

"Thank you Gaury-san." Xelloss just smiled.

"Hey Xelas what’s going on?" A guy with red hair and impression leaving eyebrows came to the door of the orphanage. Next to him was a boy with aqua colored hair and gold eyes.

"Garv and Valtierra! Nice for you two to pay a visit." Xelas came up to them in an apron. "I need a hand in cooking for this mad house Garv, you come and help me. And Valtierra, Xelloss and Gaury are in Xelloss’s room!" Xelas dragged Garv, who was complaining like crazy, off to the kitchen. Valtierra just nodded and walked up the stairs to Xelloss’s bedroom.

Once in front of the door he practically kicked it down. "Gaury!! What in god’s name do you have against me!!!??" He yelled screaming.

"Va., Valtierra!! It’s just a misunderstanding, just let me explain myself!!" Gaury pleaded for justice.

"Forget it!! You took my job away!! That was my main source of income!!" Valtierra screamed, his dragon wings appearing from behind him.

"Well it’s my ONLY source of income!! I need it to buy this cool game called Sword Pyramid!!!" Gaury screamed

"Forget it!! I need to buy True Samurai and you aren’t going to get in my way!!" Valtierra screamed ready to kill Gaury.

"Um, Valtierra and Gaury… will you two mind telling me what is going on?" The voice of reason-Xelloss asked.

"Glad you asked Xelloss. Remember those Print Club Stickers we had. Well, I made a good 100 copies of the one’s you were in and sold them to these High School students who were willing to pay 1000 yen for them. Naturally, since I wanted to buy True Samurai I agreed. Well, I started to work on changing the frames and adding in words. They were a huge hit and I only needed a few more to buy Sega Pluto for the NEW True Samurai. When Gaury started selling pictures of you!!" Valtierra explained.

"Wha-wait a second. Xelloss, he has this wrong. You see, you know that we don’t get any money in the orphanage right, well I really wanted Play Port to play Sword Pyramid with. And when I was coming home from school one day, a few girls picked up my wallet, which happened to have your picture in it. They asked for it saying that it would complete their ‘collection.’ And for ONCE in my life my mind went into full speed. I said I’ll sell it if they would pay for it and they offered to pay 1000 yen. You know that right. Well, They bought it and asked for more pictures, so I kind of took some out of my album and were selling them. Well, they wanted these pictures badly, since some were rare, that they stopped buying things from Valtierra, and now Valtierra blames it on me." Gaury finished.

"Wait…this means that you two have been selling pictures and stickers of me with out me knowing for long enough to help Valtierra, who can not save money to save his life, save enough to nearly buy Sega Pluto and the New True Samurai!?! Where are all of my constitutional rights?!!?" Xelloss asked out loud.

"Um, Shaking, Shaking in my Soul, Tenshi to Akuma, Shaking, Shaking in my soul, Senaka awase ni naru, Shaking, Shaking in my soul"

"So in the world, kono hiroi sekai mada shiranai koto bakari, Ikutsu mono kanndou ga, hora sokoni matteirusa" The two started singing. Presumably indicating that they HAD ignored Xelloss’s rights. Xelloss just sighed and sat down on the bed.

"I might as well listen to some music…." He grimly mumbled.

"Look Xelloss, we ARE sorry and we promise never to do it again………… except for maybe once more so we can buy the things we want." Gaury explained.

"Gaury……do you know that THAT is why Xelloss doesn’t trust you?" Valtierra asked grabbing some of the pictures.

"Wha..!? Xelloss doesn’t trust ME!? Who are you talking to Valtierra! He doesn’t trust YOU!!"

"Will you guys shut up!? People are trying to get some work done downstairs and I don’t want to deal with your guys shouting!!" Xelas ordered entering the room. "Do I make myself clear!!"

"yes." The three replied in unison.

"So…. In this town there is the orphanage of which Xelas and Xelloss hide. Are you sure of this Graushelaa?" A boy about the age of ten, who was wearing blue jeans shorts and a blue top and had bluish black hair asked the man next to him.

"That is right Phiblizo. And Xelloss is about your age." The man with cold eyes replied.

"..That’s neat. I heard he’s stronger than he was ‘before’. Think he can beat me?" Phiblizo asked, still smiling innocently.

"Probably…… for now." Graushelaa replied. "You still can’t completely control your powers."

"But I can call upon the ‘balls of death’. If I break Xelloss’s I can win right."

"Our goal is not to kill Xelloss but to capture him. Keep that in mind Phiblizo. Now go. Be careful of Garv and Xelas."


"Okay Xelloss. Gaury and I are sorry for what we did. So, we are willing to accept that you forgive us." Valtierra was met by Xelloss’s angry glare.

"Xelloss please! I know Valtierra can’t apologize to save his life. And I can’t give you any intelligently worded apologizes but can you please put this aside?!" Gaury begged.

"…..Give me one reason why I should?" Xelloss continued to glare at his friends. "You two ignored my constitutional rights, made my sister angry, and caused a huge mess in my room…..if you can give me ONE reason to forgive you guys, I’ll take it into consideration."

Valtierra and Gaury closed their mouths at that. They couldn’t think of any way on how they can even start to give a reason why Xelloss should forgive them. It was rare that Xelloss was mad enough that he would glare at anyone, or even allow it to let it be known that he was dissatisfied. But when he did, it was very easy to tell.

"….Ah… Xelloss." Valtierra started. "We ARE you’re closest friends and we swear that we’ll never do it again. We promise. Right Gaury?" Gaury nodded.

"I still don’t see a reason." Xelloss replied. "why would I want friends that ignore my rights."

Valtierra was quickly losing his patience. This wasn’t going good. He wasn’t getting anywhere.

"Um...Xelloss…" Gaury started when Xelas and Garv flew into the room.

"Xelloss, Gaury, Valtierra leave!" Xelas screamed grabbing her brother and pulling him.

"Ah~? Neesan?" Xelloss was not comprehending his sister’s actions. Sure his sister was weird but this was weirder than her usual way. "What is going on?"

"A fire, a fire got started. I tried everything I can but nothing seems to work." Xelas replied. "I’ll try to teleport us out. Everyone else has left."

"But wait Xelas." Valtierra spoke up as he moved closer to the window where Xelas was planning on teleporting them out. "How come we didn’t notice it? Usually we’re, or actually I’m pretty good at noticing these things."

"Stop being so conceited." Gaury snapped back. "I’m just as good as you are in noticing these things."

"Oh yeah… why should I believe someone who has less brains than I do." Valtierra shot back.

"Stop it you two." Garv ordered. "We need to get out of here."

"Not so fast, Chaos Dragon Garv." A voice came from behind the flames and Garv’s face registered a look of shock.

"I see that even after all these years you can recognize me. I feel flattered by that." The voice said in a triumphant tone. "I know that I should probably get rid of you now, knowing that you did betray us the last time. But Xelas Metalium, the reincarnation of the Beast Master, I am willing to let you live, if you would hand over Xelloss to us. It is not a bad deal, for you see, he will get the care he needs and we will make sure he meets ‘her’."

Xelas glared straight into the fire. "You… I presume are Graushelaa… right? Than you should know that my answer was given to you eleven years ago. You know that I would never give Xelloss over to you guys. He was my precious priest back then and now he is my precious brother. If you think I can betray my brother than you should think twice!!"

"…..Xelas, I AM your brother. I am Dynast Graushelaa. Me, you, Garv, Phiblizo and Dalphin were all created by Ruby Eye-Sama. We are all created from the same thing. I am your brother as well. And are you willing to betray me, just like Garv betrayed his own siblings?" The voice stopped there for a second.

"I don’t care about the past!! Why bring it up again. That was when we lived in another world!! I don’t know what you’re thinking but I will not dwell on the past!" Xelas declared.

"…..Even you have been with humans too long. It is time for us mazoku to reclaim you. You ARE the Beast Master Xelas. Stop acting like some horrible human scum that drove us into extinction. That, that sorceress." Graushelaa spit out the words.

"……Graushelaa…. You are asking me to become someone I can’t become. I WAS the Beast Master, I did have pride in myself like that, but I have a purpose to serve now. I am not going to dwell on the past. That sorceress you talk about is the only thing that keeps me living."

"It’s just a waste of time Graushelaa, no point in it. I suggest that we just take Xelloss and let the rest burn to death." An amused voice suddenly appeared and slowly a part of the fire took form. "Pleased to see you again Xelas, Garv, Xelloss and Gaury Gabliev. Oh, and you with the green hair must’ve been Garv’s heir in your last life." The fire that took the form of a young boy chuckled. He had wavy black hair and wore bluish black clothing. "Oh, sorry that I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Phiblizo, you can call me Hell Master."

"….Phiblizo…’re siding with Graushelaa?" Garv asked the boy. "I never really liked you but I thought you had some what of common sense!! Do you know what Graushelaa is doing!?! He’s trying to destroy the world!! Grant the dream of mazoku that ‘she’ denied them too!! He’s trying to relive the past!!"

"I know that Garv. All I want is to get even with ‘her’ and Gaury Gabliev." Phiblizo replied. "Also by getting even with Gaury Gabliev I’m doing a favor for Xelloss." Phiblizo smiled.

"What are you talking about!?! Who are you two anyway!!" Xelloss demanded.

"…You don’t know?" Phiblizo looked genuinely surprised. "You mean Xelas and Garv have not told you? Wow, I need to change my plan completely for this" Phiblizo took on an amused voice. "Guess I have no choice…. Can I Graushelaa?"

"You are the strongest of the 5, you do not need to ask." Graushelaa replied. "Hurry up and do it."

Phiblizo nodded and summoned 5 balls. "Bye." He said with an evil smile as he crushed the five balls. "I’ll allow you five to live for now though, since we may need you guys…."

The first thing he saw was a white ceiling. Just moving his head seemed to hurt. He noticed people around him dressed in white. "What is….going on?" He asked, his voice stressed.

"Oh, you’re awake. Good, you’re friends have been wanting to see you. Your other friend should wake up soon. But you did have some nasty burns, if it wasn’t for resurrection surgery you would be dead by now son. You were lucky you know that?"

The boy cranked his head and turned to look at the man. "Who are you?" Then, suddenly, he seemed to look as though something occured to him. "Who am I? Why am I here?"

The man looked at him. "Oh my lord." He whispered. "Son, just get some rest for now. I’ll tell you who you are later."

"What!!?" Xelas screamed. "Gaury doesn’t have his memory!!" She demanded to the doctor. "What happened?!"

"…too much shock, I presume. He doesn’t remember who he is or who you guys are. There’s nothing wrong with his brain though….. It may take long for him to recover his memory though." The doctor explained.

"How long is long?" Garv asked.

"…We don’t know, could be days, weeks, months, years, it may never be recovered." The doctor replied. "And your brother, is….."

"What!! What is wrong with Valtierra!!" Garv demanded.

"…he has the same problem as Gaury. Just worse, he can’t speak. When he does he is saying something like ‘Gold dragons….I….father….mother….I….kill….by……gold.’ he just repeats this sentence."

"….Both of them don’t remember me?" Xelloss asked the doctor. "They won’t be able to recognize me?"

"I’m sorry but yes."

"But, but the last words I said to them was in anger….. I need to apologize to them, I need to forgive them. I need to talk to them like I used to…. Everything, all or our memories burnt down."

"I’m sorry… but there is no way I can help." The doctor shook his head and left.

"Damn!" Garv screamed hitting the wall. "Graushelaa….Phiblizo….can’t they leave us alone!!"

"Xelloss…" Xelas motioned her brother to come over. "We need to flee Kobe, Garv will take care of Valtierra and Gaury will be taken in with my best friend Luna. I’ll take care of you."

"…I’ll never see them again?" Xelloss asked.

"No Xelloss, my precious juushinkann, you will see them again, when the time comes."