Hola! This is my first fan-fic. This is a warning to fellow adults and teenager’s, and children never put grammar and I together, I’m terrible at it Any way this fanfic contains these crossovers Rayearth, Clamp Detective, and RK, and Slayers, and my all time favorite group N’Sync, and the BSB! Also my original character Kaori, who is Kurama’s human Sis, that has black brown hair around hip length, and Kurama’s eyes. She is studying to become a doctor in America; but knows Kurama is a Youkai and everyone else, if u want to read the story about her please go to www. Enjoy Disclaimer: The Magic Knight Rayearth and Clamp Detectives belong to Clamp. YYH belongs to Togashi Yoshihiro. RK or Rurouni Kenshin belongs to Wastuki Nobuhiro. Slayers belongs to Kanzaka Hajime, and N’Sync belongs to of course N’Sync. The BSB belongs to BSB, which they’ll appears latter in the story. So Please don’t sue me!! The couple paring is Yusuke/Keiko ,Yukina/Kwabalw ,Botan/Kurama ,Murkur/Hiea, Koema/Ayama(a rekie farrie girl apperas in YYH comic 13-14,19). Kenshin/Kaou, Magumi/Sanosuke, Tsubanme/Yahiko, Aoshi/Misao. Lina/Xxellos, Gaury/Shifur, Ameria/Zelugadisu. Hikaru/Lantisu, Fuu/Fario, Umi/Clef. Jakie: Is everyone ok with the paring? Hiei: ‘whispering’ Why the stupid has to be with my Yukina? Jakie: First, Yukina must be in this story she’s your Sis and the story won’t be funny without TWO stupid people!!!!!!! Yusuke: Who’s the other stupid one? In a mad tone. Jakie: Yusuke-sama I’ll never label you stupid, I was talking about Gaury. Yusuke: Oh Lina: There’s someone more stupied than Gaoury!!! Kwabla: Hay! Who are you calling stupied! I’m the Great Kwabala Kazuma who will protect Yukina-san with all my might and.. Lina: FIRE BALL! He is annoying. Alimana: Lina-san how dare you hert someone it brackes the code in Justice!!! Everyone sweet drop. Fuu: This is going to be a great story Jackie-san. Umi: I can’t wait Hikaru:Me too. Jakie: Thanks Kurama: Jakie-chan what about my sister, I don’t have one it was never in the .. Kaori: ONNICHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went and hugged Kurama Kurama: Is this my sister? Jakie:Yes, Kurama, and she is a great sister and know’s everything about you. Kurama, sighes and sit’s down. Jakie: Is everyone here? Kenshin:Oro? Is this the room? Jakie: AHHHHHH!!! Sorry Kenshin I almost frogoten about you guise, fergive me? Kenshin: smiles, It’s ok, Jakie -dono Jakie: (Kenshin smiled at me!!) Is the Kenshin gumi happy with there paring? Sanosuke: WHY I HAVE TO BE WITH FOXLADY? Magumi: Who are you calling a Foxlady, rooster head!!! Goes on and on. Kaoru: I’m Very happy with it. Yahiko: It’s a good paring. Tsubame: I’ll do my best. Jakie: Ok every one is here Let’s began the story N’Sync gang: Don’t ferget about us. Clamp Dectactives: and us, with out us you can’t have the.. Jakie: No spolers, where are the YYH girls, Koema and Misao,Aoushi and the Reyearth boys!? And the BSB!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhhh Sponcer: They’ll arive soon just began the story…… (he looked very annyoed) Jakie: Ok ‘here we go’, also a song by N’Sync. YUSUKE, JUSTIN!!!! and goes off hugging them, every one else Sweet drops. A Break up By: Jakie Shin At Genkai’s Temple. Usually at Genkai’s place is peaceful except for this day. “ YUSUKE NO BAKA!!!” Keiko screamed, “ I’ll never marry you and that’s the TURTH!!!!!!!” She slapes him. “Wait Keiko sorry I stood you up for like 50th time!!” “It was 1,000,000,000 time since 1st grade!!!” The fight still continued untile Keiko ran out of Genkai’s Temple. Coming up the stairs were Botan and Kurama arguing. “ Kurama, if you still felt for that Maya person, why didn’t you tell me!!” “Botan we saw each other at a Café all of a sudden we never planed it!” “Way, right I saw you on my oar, talking to her with that eye showing you were still interested!” “Botan, I didn’t look at her like that!” “Yes you did Kurama, I don’t want to see you again and go ahead and date with that girl!!!!!!!!” She jumps on her oar rides full speed back to Rakie. “YUKINA-SAN, please go out with me?” “ No, Kazuma-san I’ll will not go out with you until you acknolige that Hiea-san is my long lost brother!” “That SHRIMP is your brother!!!” Kwabala looked very surprised. “Yes, if you call him a shrimp than I’m a shrimp good-bye Kazuma-san.” Yukina turns away and Kwabala with is mouth still out and couldn’t say a word. “Fine Komema -sama go out with other fairy girls I don’t mind.” Ayami angrily said. In Koema’s office. “Ayami that girl was for Goregou! Not for me!” “Yea right Koema -sama, I don’t believe you!! I’m going to Genkies see you …..I’ll never see you again!” She ran out and slammned the door. I need advise, bad I’ll go to Kurama he’ll give me the best one. ************** In Slayers World. Lina and Gory is fighting food while Shirfulrl, Amelia, Zelugadisu, and Xxeeloss have the rest from the fighting. “That’s mine Gory give it back!!!!!” Lina screamed. “NO!” “YES!” “NO” “YES, Fireball!!!” Lina Screamed and got the piece of meat. Couple of hours letter; they went to sleep except Gaoury and Shiruful who sat at the bench with a full moon behind them. “Gory-sama do you have felling for L… Lina-san?” “What’s feelings?” Shiuful started to cry and Gory try to calm her down, but instead of her understanding and explained, she screamed, “Gory-sama no BAKA!!!” “Sh..Shirufulu!” Gory-sama no- baka why doesn’t he tell me how he fells and be more smarter!!!! I’ll never speak to him again!! Zelugadisu-san no baka why doesn’t he know how I fell about he! He never sees me like a Girl Friend! He maybe sees in me as a sister, but I know he sees this dumb Saluen Princess who always go into danger! He’s always nice to Lina-san, I think he like Lina-san as a Girl Friend than me. What are you thinking Ameria don’t be selfish that is braking the CODE OF JUSTICE!!!! Still. Zelugadisu-san…… Ameria was thinking and started to cry. “XXEELOSS!!!” Lina screamed on top of her lungs. “Yes, Lina-san?” Xxeeloss asked with his smile. “Is it ture you want out with Alu-sama?” “Yes, before she became my master.” “Than explain me this!!” Lina showed a recent mazoku book, it had a picture of Xxeloss kissing Alu-sama really deeply. “Oh! You saw that picture, it’s true when a priest kisses… He got interrupted by Lina saying, “GET OUT OF MY FACE XXELOSS!!” Why? He said that I was his only one? Why? ***************** Magi 1800. “I’m cooking dinner tonight!” Karou said as she smiled. “I’ve got planes with……….” Yahiko trying to makeup an excuse so he doesn’t have to eat Kaou’s cooking. “Sorry, Yahiko you are eating my food weather you like it or not, that goes to you too Kenshin!” Sanosuke came into the Dougo and smelled poison, he rushed into the Dojo and saw food; and also saw Yahiko died from the pounding form Jo-chan, and Kenshin looking at the food like he wished a really bad thing to happen like a corruption so he can escape. “Sanosuke, why you’re here?” Megumi asked. “ I thought I smelled poison! And why are you here?” “Same reason coming here to give them some stomach medicine.” “That was the smell, no wonder it’s Jo-chan’s cooking!” “Ma..gumi-san ,Sa—nosuke my food is not poison!!!!!” Kaoru exploded. “ Ma-ma Kaour-dono the food looks good let’s just eat.” Kenshin said with his smile. “Ok, but before we sit down I need to get the fish just wait.” Kaoru runoff. As all three were sitting down they saw half-cooked rice with burn soup and a little blood on some of the vegetables. “Kenshin, did Tomomi cooked REAL food.” “No, she cooked Better food, that was delicious, and Sano I don’t think Kaoru dono food is that bad but she need’s…. Kenshin looking around making sure SHE was not there, A LOT of HELP with her cooking technique ” “YOU LABLE THIS FOOD, KENSHIN” Yahiko screamed. “Well…….., I will not label it food but it’s edible.” All of the sudden Kaoru waked Yahiko and Kenshin and cried, “Yes, I’m not like the greatest cook like Tomomi-san but Kenshin I hate YOU!” As she ran off. “Ka.. Kaoru-dono!” Kenshin try to reach her but too late. “Kanshin, don’t worry about her beside she’ll come back. I’m going to Akabeko for real food, be back soon.” Yahiko waved and head out to the door. “Woman they are soo stupid.” Sanosuke said. “I’m a woman Sanosuke and are you calling me stupid?!?!?!” Megumi yelled. “Yes, especially woman doctors.” Sanosuke said. As you guessed Sanosuke got a big slap on his face and Magumi ran off. “Woman.” Sanosuke sighed. “I agree.” “Who’s that?!” Sanosuke shouted. “Sano it’s Aoushi.” “Oh.” “What wrong Aoushi?” “I told the truth to Misao about her cooking, which is bad.” “Same here instead it’s Kaour-dono’s cooking.” “I fell sorry for you two to be stuck with woman who can’t cook.” Sanosuke added. There were a very silence and Kenshin suggested, “I’m going to visit Kurama-dono want to come?” “Sure.” Sanosuke shrugged and Aushu just shrugged too. Yahiko ran towards the dojo and saw Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Aushi coming out. He yelled, “Kenshin!!” “ Oro-Yahiko?” “I found Kaoru and she’s at Akabeko taking to Tai and Stubama, and Missow.” Yahiko explain when Sanosuke interrupted him and asked, “Yahiko what’s that red mark on your face?” “It’s from Tubama, she caught me flirting with a girl and got mad at me and slapped me!!, Woman!!!” “Yahiko, were going to Kurama’s and compian about this want to come?” Sanosuke asked. “YES!, any where away form them!” He answered. ************************ Tokoy Tower. “I can’t belive this Claf didn’t look happy to see me and he ignored me the whole time we were at Safiro!!’ Umi yelled. “Umi-san you making a scean.” Fuu informned her. “ Fuu aren’t you list bit mad that Fario didn’t say I love you for 2 years know and how do you survie?!?!” Umi asked. “Umi-san ,yes I’m mad sometimes but Fario is besy, by having Amilod-hima’s picture next mine and clamnes that was his sister, but I think he loves her!” Fuu said “Antsu didn’t say I love you for 5 years to me!!!” Hikaru said. “ I wish we know a place where we can scream out loud!” Umi said “ I know a place it’s at Genki obachan’s temple.”Hikaru said “Than let’s go there!” Umi shouted. **************** Safiro Clifu, Fireo, and Auntisu were sitting down and thinking at Clifu’s room. “What are they so made at us?” Clifu said “Beats me.” Fireo answered. “…………” Auntisu keeped quite as usual. They just sit there with nothing to talk about untile Fireo got up and suggested, “ Let’s go to Tokyo!” “WHAT!”Clefu with a surpise.
“We can chasse after them.” Fireo said
“How can we go there with these cloths people will think were strange.” Auntsiu said.
“I know someone who lives there, other than Fuu, his name is Kurama.” Fireo added.
“You mean the Yoko Kurama, who just came here and almost erupted Safiro!!!!” Clefu said.
“Yeh, we met in the woods and became friends, let’s just go there I doupt the girls will every come back to Safiro.”
“OK let’s go there, but not through how Hikaru-tachi got here I’ll use my magic.”
“Then let’s go!!!!!”
Back to Slayer’s
Well after the fight us girls didn’t talk to the guys the whole day instead they went to one of Ameria’s soucer in Tokyo, Japan and her name was Gankie? I think. Lina thought.
“ Why is Lina-san/Shiufulu/ Ameria is mad at us?” The guy’s asked at the sametime.
“Do you know anywhere we can complane about them and never bump into them?” Zelugaus asked.
“I know one place,” Xxelloss comented, “It’s at a house of my old firend of mine. His name is Kurama who lives in Tokyo, Japan!”
“Can you eat Kurama?” Gaory asked.
“MAN!!!!!!!!!!” Magumi, Kaoru, and Tsubama,and Missaow screamend.
“ I wish I can scream out loud like where people will never find us and never herad of us so we wont be enbarssed!” Kaoru screamned.
Tsubama said, “ I know a place! It’s where my mother friend lives but she said something she needs to go into the futre and gave me this time ball to take me there with my firends, she lives high in the mountines, I think, and her name was Genkie…..”
“I don’t care I need to scream let’s just go!” Magumi said.
“Ok, Taya -san; Kaour-san, Magumi-san, and Missaow-san, and I are leaving we’ll be back in 3 weeks tops.”
“Ok bye.”
End of CH.1

Authors note: Ok ,ok ,Ok the fist chapter is confusing I got to admit to that but just incas you’re wondering when does N’Sync turns up or the BSB Clamp Detectives and Kurama sister shows up go to the next chapter or latter, which will be A LOT easier to understand Tell me if you liked it hate it e-mail me at mikierin@msn.com