Slayers Campus Chapter 14

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Luna stood staring up at the moon, Milgazia/Ryugyoku by her side. "It’s a full moon." Luna muttered, her voice only a sound of breath. "I remember I used to tell Lina about Lunatic Phenomenon’s. She loved them."

"Cefied-Knight-Sama." Her companion muttered. "Do you know what is to be done?"

"I do. I do, I know that this is L-sama’s will. I know that now. Mazoku and Human can’t mix. They did, same with Ryu, dragons. We can’t mix, we are all too different." Luna sighed and looked up. "Milgazia, so many humans, mazoku, ryu have mixed, that was something L-sama had forbidden us to. Our world died, we were reincarnated into another world, a world, maybe not created by L-sama"

"Cefied-Knight-Sama!! That is something that is not supposed to be thought of." Milgazia exclaimed. To suggest that a world was not created by the Lord of Nightmares meant rebellion.

"I know, but, but, this world, mazoku and humans and ryu are allowed to be mixed. It’s not something L-sama would allow. But, but, we can’t escape L-sama’s will. We are bound to her, especially me, Lina, and….Shablaniguduu. Damn it!! Where is that Ruby Eye when he actually may be useful!! I thought I’d find at least one of him in Katart. He wasn’t in Professor Rezo, reincarnation of the great red priest. So where is that Ruby Eye!!"

"Are you insulting me Cefied."

Luna whirled around and was met face to face with a man with long black hair with purple highlights, deep brown eyes, white skin. Luna would recognize that face anywhere, it was the face of the man that was imprisoned in ice, during the demon-war.

"Lei Magnus-Shablaniguduu….." Ryugyoku muttered, also recognizing who the man was.

"What are you doing here?!" Luna demanded. "Have you come to kill me?!"

"Calm down Cefied, I don’t intend on killing you. I am actually doing you a favor by appearing in front of you. Although I hate the fact. Anyway, your sister, that very interesting young child, is in the clutches of Graushelaa, they won’t kill her until she chants, Giga Slave."

"She can’t chant Giga Slave Shablaniguduu, she doesn’t remember it and doesn’t know it. The strongest spell she knows is Dragon Slave. I should’ve also taught her Laguna Blade… but that’s useless now." Luna said the last part almost as an after thought.

"You are overlooking one factor, an important one at that. Phiblizo has the power to show her the past. All he has to do is tell her to memorize the chant to Giga Slave, using, oh maybe her friends as hostages."

"It won’t work, Lina doesn’t understand the meanings of the words."

"Precisely, that is why it won’t work, and when it doesn’t work Graushelaa, or Sheela would kill her. You are going to save her this time aren’t you. You aren’t going to let it go too far are you?"

Luna looked at Shablaniguduu for a second and then at the locket that dangled on her neck. "No." Luna said firmly.

Lina was walking through a deep fog. She couldn’t see anything, everything was covered in a fog. Her feet dragged on like they had iron stuck to them. She couldn’t walk fast. She was covered with sweat. Lina closed her eyes, hoping to escape the endless walk.

"Lina-san ya."

Lina flashed open her eyes at the voice. It was a calm soothing voice of an old lady.

"Lina-san ya."

The voice repeated. Not knowing why Lina walked towards where she heard the voice. It was a faint voice at first, but as Lina got closer to the voice it got stronger. Until Lina came to a clearing in the fog, and in front her, stood an old lady that seemed no taller than a foot, dressed in blue robes, and was holding a staff. She had pointed ears, and her skin was gray. Though her eyes showed signs of wisdom and understanding, ones only gained by age.

"It has been a while right Lina-san." The old lady smiled. "Perhaps you may not remember me but I am Aqua. I am glad to see you again."

"Aqua?" Lina repeated the name. It had a strange familiarity to it. "Aqua?"

"I have watched over all your decisions that you have ever made, little one. And in all of those, only one will be counted as a sin." Aqua informed her. "You used the Giga Slave even though I warned you not to. That… is your only sin."

"….You seemed to have known the ‘Lina Inverse’ every one is.."

"You, little one, are Lina Inverse"

"Yeah, yeah. Any way, you knew her."

"Only for a short time but yes."

"Well, can you show me… her life? Every one says I’m her, but I don’t know her. She’s some great sorceress, that for some reason I am, and that she’s this one with great powers, and…. What I’m saying is that I can’t believe she’s me."

"You want to see…. Lina-san’s life. No regrets, no matter what you see." Aqua asked. "You promise there won’t be any regrets?"

"I won’t regret it. I won’t." Lina said firmly, her eyes showing determination.

"Very well." Aqua then waved her staff and a huge black block appeared. "Place your hand on it’s surface, it shall show you Lina Inverse’s life."

As Aqua watched Lina press her hand on the stone’s surface Aqua’s face was set in concentration.

The Lina in front of her may not be as strong as the Lina Inverse before, but she certainly was just as stubborn, and determined. She may not be able to handle the truth, but then, maybe she can.

Lina was floating someplace when she heard a cry of an infant. Lina slowly floated herself towards that cry. She came to a house made out of clay, or something of that that Lina couldn’t recognize, and had a wooden roof. It wasn’t fancy, but the kettle burning on the old fashioned stove and the blankets gave it a warm atmosphere.

"Oh my lord, she is so tiny. High priestess, are you sure she will live? She is so tiny, nothing compared to my child before." A woman with long navy blue hair who was dressed in a robe was holding a baby and was asking a woman dressed in an all white cape, or what should have been all white if it weren’t for the blood that stuck to her when the infant came out.

"Do not fret Lena. Your daughter will grow to be a healthy beautiful maiden." The priestess soothed the mother. "Would you like me to go get your husband and Tsuki-chan?"

"Yes, yes please do so." Lena replied out of breath. "Even though she is little she is a work of art isn’t she."

"Oh yes. And I am sure your husband and Tsuki-chan will agree with you." The priestess then left the room.

The woman who was left behind, started stroking the baby’s bald head. "You are a piece of work lovely one. I hope you will gain some weight, why, you are so small." Suddenly the door to the room opened.

"Mom!!" An excited voice screamed and jumped into the room and Lina gasped. Light purple hair cut at the shoulders, and navy eyes, she was an exact image of Luna when she was young.

"I have a sister don’t I!! What’s her name, oh what’s her name?!" The girl demanded. "Oh my she’s so tiny. I’ll need to have her put weight on. Ohh, I can’t wait to have her grown up, she would be so beautiful won’t she mother!? Oh she would also be strong!! I can already sense her magic!"

"Calm down my dear Luna." Lena whispered to her oldest daughter. "Her name is… Lina, isn’t it a beautiful name. Lina, Lina Inverse. And of course she is going to be beautiful, just wait and see."

"She’s already a beauty." A man with red hair told Lena. He was smiling down at the girl. "She’s my daughter… Lina, I am so proud to have you."

Lina felt tears in her eyes. This was ‘Lina Inverse’s family. Her father, her mother, they were the most beautiful and most handsome people she had ever seen. And Luna… Luna had always been her sister. She had always raised Lina. ‘Lina Inverse’ had grown up in such a loving family.

Lina saw the rest of her childhood fly by her in a flash. Mare, Lina’s best friend from when she was young. So much had happened. Mare had risked her life to save ‘Lina’ from drowning, and in return, ‘Lina’ had saved Mare from a group of bandits. There was also Talis. Talis, the first guy that had asked ‘Lina’ to marry him, he was so sweet and caring that it almost made Lina sick. That was when ‘Lina’ was six though, and by the time ‘Lina’ was thirteen and left for an adventure, Talis and Mare were boy friend-girl friend.

Lina laughed as ‘Lina’ and ‘Naga’ traveled. ‘Naga’ was as hilarious as ever. What a companion to have, she would never give up and would always recover. She still had that annoying laugh though.

Then ‘Lina’ met ‘Gaury’ and ‘Zelgadiss’. Fought with them against the dark lord that was sealed in ‘Rezo the Red Priest’. Met ‘Prince Philionel El Di Seyluun’, and Lina thought he was a goblin. Met ‘Amelia’ and traveled with her and ‘Gaury’ to clear her name. The meeting with ‘Shilfiel’, reunited with ‘Zel’. Fight with Copy Rezo and ‘Ellis’.

The first use of Giga Slave… nothing big had happened.

‘Lina’ and ‘Gaury’ split up with ‘Zel’, ‘Shilfiel’ and ‘Amelia’ and were reunited with ‘Zelgadiss’ and ‘Amelia’ in a kingdom called Zoana, and at the same time ‘Lina’ made an enemy. ‘Martina.’

When Lina saw ‘Xelloss’ appear in front of ‘Lina’ and kiss her, even though Lina knew that ‘Lina’ was her, she felt jealous.

The finding out that ‘Xelloss’ was mazoku. Meeting Aqua and finding out that ‘Garv’ was after ‘Lina’s’ life, the destruction Giga Slave can cause. The truth about Lord of Nightmare. The fight with ‘Garv’, the kidnapping of ‘Gaury’, the reunion with ‘Shilfiel’, the fight with ‘Phiblizo.’ The Giga Slave. The Lord of Nightmare possessing ‘Lina’s’ body. ‘Lina’ coming back. The separation with ‘Xelloss’, ‘Zel’, ‘Amelia’, and ‘Shilfiel’

The meeting with ‘Filia’. The reunion with ‘Zel’ and ‘Amelia’. The reunion with ‘Xelloss’, as well as the first sight of ‘Valgarv…Valtierra’. Lina recognized who he was immediately. The sins of the Gold Dragons, the extinction of the Ancient Dragons. The initial fight with Dark Star, and the ‘death’ of ‘Valgarv’. Arumeis, Ellogosu, Shilius, the visitors from another world. Death of Gold Dragons and Arumeis. The fight with ‘Valgarv’ as Dark Star, the ‘combination of god and mazoku’ spell. The rebirth of ‘Valtierra’.

The meeting with Luke and Meleena, two treasure hunters. The fight with ‘Sheela’, the death of ‘Sheela’.

The secret meetings with ‘Xelloss’, the million quarrels between ‘Lina’ and her parents.

The second Demon War. Where ‘Lina’…. Killed ‘Xelloss.’.

‘Lina’ having ‘Xelloss’s’ child, raising their son, Flame, with ‘Gaury.’ Flame’s hatred towards all. ‘Lina’s’ hatred towards ‘Luna’. The fight with ‘Luna’. ‘Luna’ killing ‘Lina’ to spear ‘Lina’ the grief and depressing truth.

"Welcome back Little one…" Aqua said as Lina’s mind flashed back into her own. "Are you okay."

"She loved….Xelloss, didn’t she. Enough to kill him…. Enough to try and raise his child." Lina muttered. "With morals, with values, to try and love a human, and to not let his mazoku side ever show so Flame won’t have to experience what she did."

"Wipe your tears child." Aqua said to Lina. "You now know what it is you must do don’t you. You can not use Giga Slave. You know that." Lina nodded. "You know what you have to do, don’t you."

"Aqua-Obaachan.. I know… I know what I need to do. I will not let Phiblizo, OR Dynast use me. I will NOT ALLOW IT!!!" Lina’s eyes showed a fire, an unyielding fire.

"I know child… go now…. GO!!"

"Good bye… Aqua-Obaachan… Good bye…. For ever." Lina said and ran back through the fog, not allowing her to hear Aqua’s Farewell.

"Good bye…little one… Demon Slayer Lina Inverse, for you have her eyes. The eyes of a rising sun".

Lina woke up and saw the desks around her. It was a dream… yet it wasn’t. Lina Inverse had led that life.. A great life indeed. Filled with sorrow, and love. She was a great sorceress indeed.

Aqua had said that ‘Lina’s’ only sin was using the Giga Slave when she wasn’t supposed to. Which meant Aqua didn’t think loving a mazoku was a sin. But Luna did. Luna had killed her. But with out choice. ‘Lina’ had wished to be killed, before the hatred towards ‘Luna’ grew too strong.

Maybe loving a mazoku was a sin, and then again, maybe it wasn’t. ‘Lina’ was Lina. Maybe she wasn’t reincarnated to relive the past, maybe she was reincarnated to finally put an end to this eternal struggle.

Lina shoved her hands in her pocket and noticed that she was still wearing the uniform. It seemed like forever since Naga had appeared in the apartment, laughing like she always did, when it really was only a few hours.

Lina suddenly felt something in her pocket and took it out. It were a pair of earrings. The earrings of rubies and Lina smiled. Xelloss had given them to her on the previous Christmas. That was when everything was still filled with happiness. Now though… everything had changed. It took only a day for Lina’s life to turn upside down. Yesterday morning when she woke up, she had thought that everything would be the same. Who would have imagined that so many secrets will be uncovered.

It hasn’t even been a week since Valentine’s Day. Lina remembered the Monday after Valentine’s weekend. How she had talked with Kaoru, complained that each needed a life.

Lina smiled sadly. What was going on with Kaoru and Kenshin. Lina would give anything to go back to those days when she and Kaoru will be passing notes to each other during class. Lina remembered that she had an essay due in two days and hadn’t even started it.

"I do too much procrastinating." Lina muttered and walked over to the window. Lina looked outside from the closed window and saw that the sky was getting light. The air seemed cold and bitter, fitting the owner of this mansion.

Lina opened the window and allowed the cold breeze to hit her. Tears stung her eyes as Lina stretched. She couldn’t go back now… too much had happened. Even if Lina ever went back to Slayers Campus…. nothing would be the same now, a day and her view towards life has changed so much. She would never be able to go back to those carefree days, no matter how much she wished.

‘Lina… things will continue to change, nothing would be the same. That is the beauty of life.’.

Lina remembered her sister’s words. Maybe change was the beauty of life, or maybe it was the ugliness of life. Nothing was ever consistent… Lina figured that out when her parents were killed in a car accident when she was five. She thought her carefree life was consistent…. And look what happened!! Lina almost laughed out in the irony.

She would cry for now… only now. She knew what had to be done. Crying wouldn’t help it but…. Just maybe now. She could still remember the voices of those days when she didn’t know she was a reincarnation of a great sorceress.

‘Lina!! I have to tell you what happened with Kenshin!!’


‘Lina-san!! What’s for breakfast?’


‘Lina did you see ‘Graduation’ last night?’


‘Lina-san, you need your rest.’


‘Hey Lina, when’s Luna coming to visit?’


‘Lina, are you even listening to me?!’


‘Lina-san would you like to join me for tea?’


‘Oh lord…..Lina!! You aren’t eaves dropping again are you?!’


‘Lina-chan!! I have a great idea for you!!’


‘Lina….. aishiteru….’


More tears came into Lina’s eyes. "Xelloss….Xelloss….Xelloss." She whispered over and over again. There was no return now. Now that she knew what had to be done she could never go back. "Xelloss….One last….. one last glance would have been all I ask. While I can still be what I was before this." Lina collapsed onto the window sill. Her crying lost into the morning air.

No return. No backing out.. Everything has already started.

"Can’t we go any faster!?" Xelloss demanded. Since Gaury and Filia were still trying to adjust to the idea of the reincarnation, Valtierra and Xelloss decided not to risk doing too much teleporting.

"Xelloss, this is the fastest anyone can go! Unless your trying to set a world record." Gaury replied. "Look, I’ve known Lina, and Lina would not allow something to happen to herself or someone to take advantage of her."

"How can you be sure though!! We have another good three days walking, non-stop, full speed, before we even get remotely close to where Dynast is!" Xelloss argued back.

"Would you stop bickering!? For your information some people aren’t desperately in love with the captive!" Filia snapped. "Why was I put with you!!! Mazoku!! In any age they’re good for nothing!"

"You are slowing this whole thing down Filia-san. I’d wish it if you’d stop complaining."

"Hold it, Hold it!!" Gaury, the peace maker, said. "Look, we’re all worried about Lina, but Xelloss you do have to calm down. And Filia, you probably should increase your pace since we are dealing with THE Dynast Graushelaa and his general…. Or so Zelas-san told me to say."

Xelloss and Filia promptly shut up and started walking in silence and Valtierra yawned.

They had teleported to Russia, spent the night there. Valtierra was still in a bad mood since he had spent all night trying to calm Xelloss down, which was not an easy task. Valtierra had repeatedly told him that Lina was safe and that they’d find her in perfect health, and when they go in to save her she’d be complaining about being hungry. It didn’t work though. Xelloss was still just as worried and would argue back that they were talking about Dynast Graushelaa who had tried to burn them all to death.

Valtierra held no memory of that incident, but could tell that it had scared Xelloss a great deal. But it still didn’t make the trip any better. Xelloss was not calm and rational, Filia was worried about Lina but that didn’t mean she enjoyed this trip. For some reason the snow covered mountains scared her. Gaury was acting the exact opposite of Xelloss and was rational and calm, being the peacemaker of the group.

This was one trip Valtierra knew for sure he’d remember it forever. And he also hoped never to experience it again.

Garv had given Valtierra some back knowledge of what he was a reincarnation of, as well as his past in this life. Valtierra almost laughed out in irony when he did. He thought he had a pretty ‘gathered’ life now. A girl friend that he felt comfortable with, an education which was needed for a good career, a great brother, or at least Valtierra thought so, and good friends, with possible exceptions.

But in his previous life, he was a mess. Everything he had ever cared for had been destroyed, he was eaten up by revenge, he was just a complete mess!!

The explanation though helped Valtierra understand the images that had been bugging him for awhile. He had called himself ‘Valgarv’ back then and claimed that nothing could ever move him…Filia proved him wrong.

Valtierra took a look at the blond girl who was glaring at Xelloss and trying to walk up the trail(If a vague foot line in a snow covered mountain could be called a trail) at the same time. Valtierra understood why Xelloss was being so impatient. He would be too if someone was threatening to kill Filia.

"Xelloss.. do you want to risk teleporting?" Valtierra asked. It would certainly get them to their destination faster then walking through snow ever would.

"That would be a great idea Valtierra." Xelloss muttered. "If only Filia-san would remember how to."

"It won’t be too hard for her to remember" Valtierra commented. "Plus I don’t think you’d want to risk getting stranded in the middle of nowhere by a blizzard."

"Excellent idea Valtierra." A voice said from in front of them. They all turned their eyes to look and saw a woman with a red tunic, a red cape, and red pants standing in front of them. She had a scythe in her hand and looked straight at them.

"….Lu…na?" Gaury muttered. "Luna…is it you?"

"Been awhile hasn’t it." Luna stepped into view. "I decided that since it is my little sister that’s being held a captive, I might just as well help you guys out. Besides, you’re better off to have a Cefied Knight, a Dragon Lord, and a part of Shablaniguduu on your side." With Luna’s words Lei and Ryugyoku walked into view.

"Lei Magnus-Shablaniguduu. I didn’t expect to see you again like this Xelloss and Gaury Gabliev." Lei introduced himself.

"Ryugyoku….reincarnation of Milgazia, a gold dragon that lived at Dragons Peak. I was hoping that you wouldn’t have had to find out who I was like this Xelloss. You do remember Milgazia don’t you."

Xelloss nodded, the memory of the leader of the gold dragons came to him. The unyielding eyes that had guided Lina to the Clear Bible.

"We can teleport you guys to Dynast’s mansion. Let Shablaniguduu talk with him first. We don’t want to endanger her." Luna ordered. "Form a circle around me, I’ll use a teleporting spell. Xelloss-kun, be careful since it is a sacred spell, and I might as well say you too Shablaniguduu."

As everyone there formed a circle around Luna, Luna threw her scythe up into the air.

Master of the worlds, Queen of light,
Guide us to where we shall fight.
To the one whose soul freezes all,
Fly me now, to where we shall.
‘Giga Teleport!!’

Luna shouted as the scythe came into her hand. Filia screamed as she felt energy being taken out of her body. Xelloss and Lei clenched their teeth. Gaury and Valtierra appeared to be fine.

Luna was concentrating on one thing. Feeling Dynast’s presence and teleporting herself and the rest there. If he had done anything to harm Lina, Dynast would certainly have to answer to Luna. She was not going to let anyone even dare to threaten Lina.

Lina looked out as the sun slowly rose. She knew Sheela was watching her from killing herself, but Lina’s new gained knowledge of magic from the dream helped her put a protect spell around her so that no magic could possibly see what would happen.

A smile appeared on Lina’s lips. Lina Inverse was not the type to run away from problems, she’d face them first handed. Granted that had earned her tons of nicknames. Whether she liked it or not she was a reincarnation of a great sorceress. She could accept it, now that she saw what ‘Lina Inverse’ was like. Lina felt proud to be the reincarnation of such a great sorceress… although she would’ve wished ‘Lina’ handed earned a bunch of those nicknames such as… ‘Enemy of all that live’, ‘The one that even a dragon doesn’t mess with’, etc. etc.

There was no denying it now. If Graushelaa and Sheela wished to relive the past, that was fine. They’ll just have to answer to her!! Oh yes, she was Lina Inverse, sister of THE Luna Inverse. Lina’s smile widened at the thought of what she would do to Sheela and Graushelaa. She’d happily show Sheela that she had made a mistake in trying to torture her. Who was Sheela think she was dealing with anyway? Just a plain old school girl? No, she was a reincarnation of Lina Inverse. She knew all that she had to.

Life was never easy. If it was it wouldn’t be life. Lina knew that and accepted it, that what ever happened she wouldn’t regret it.

A part of the king of Nightmares
When the burden of the sky undone

Lina started to chant. A spell that while chanting it Lina’s mind filled with unwelcome memories.

Freezing blade of darkness
My powers entwine with my body

But it was way past the time for the truth to come out.

To walk the sword of destruction together.
Laguna Blade!!!!!

The black blade appeared in her hand. Lina closed her eyes for a second and opened them again.

"Lord of Nightmares. I just hope that you are with me in this, this life time." She muttered. She grasped her hands stronger on the blade and Lina flew it up and slashed all magical barriers that she felt around her.

"In courtesy, I’ll use the same line I used before I faced Phiblizo last time. ‘It looks like it’s the time for the main dish.’". A vicious smile appeared on Lina as she kicked open the door.

"What is this place?" Zelas muttered as she saw a black castle standing in the middle of the Sahara desert. "It’s deserted all around, how can anyone live here?"

"Well I’m not fond of it either. Why couldn’t I have gone with Rezo-sama to England!! Why did I get stuck with you guys!!" Elis complained. "I wish I was with Rezo-sama."

"I told you. You’re American and England and America are going to war. It is not safe for you." Dalfin advised. Elis cursed under her breath and stared back up at the castle.

"So now WHAT?! I hope you guys aren’t going to say we’re going to go barge in on that thing, grab the Hell what ever, make him tell us where Lina-chan is, and end?"

"That’s what I was planning." Garv replied. Zelas sighed and pushed him aside.

"Ignore this one Elis. Look, that is not something I planned for your information. We don’t know if it’s Phiblizo OR Graushelaa that holds Lina captive right now." Zelas informed matter-of-factly. "So just hold your horses."

"So what are we going to do?!" Elis demanded.

"Throw Garv in the castle, if he doesn’t come out in ten minutes or so Dalfin and I will blast something in to the castle."

"Wha-Zelas!!! What are you thinking?!" Garv demanded. Zelas ignored him and picked him up and threw him in to the castle from the window.

"Don’t worry!! I’ll pick up your bones if there’s any left!!" She called to him, a grin spreading on her face. Garv’s scream continued.

"……………………I thought we were going to the north pole." That was Xelloss’s first words when he saw the literally a tropical island type landscape with the mansion in the middle of it.

"Looks like Graushelaa was having some fun or something." Luna muttered as she surveyed the landscape. "A few cannibalistic plants around here. Better be careful. A few jaguars, tigers, lions, bears, brain washed to attack intruders." Luna knocked down a few of the animals that attacked her while she explained, not even earning a scar on her hand. "Well…I guess we’ll have to go into that mansion." Luna decided as she tied the animals to a tree trunk with a rope she summoned. Gaury just nodded as he looked at the animals in awe. Filia was dancing around admiring the flowers. Valtierra, Xelloss, Lei, and Ryugyoku, were the only ones looking serious other than Luna.

"Gaury!! Filia!! Can you two start moving!?!" Luna demanded as she grabbed them at the neck and dragged them towards the mansion.

Luna’s expression turned serious as she neared the door of the mansion. "Be careful. Knowing that guy he’s definitely going to have some kind of trap waiting for us when we get there."

Xelloss merely nodded and kicked open the door. Trap or no trap, he was entering that mansion. He was about to step in when a black blade attacked him. He flew to his side and got ready to attack his attacker when he saw who it was. And when he did, he was startled at who it was.

"Xelloss?" The attacker, or rather Lina asked.

Lina demolished Laguna Blade after she got a good look at Xelloss. She wasn’t expecting to see him here, much less get attacked by her. Lord, her wish was heard. She had wished one last glance of him, and was granted of it. And she almost killed him. Lina would never live that down. How could she have almost killed him. She had been so afraid that she was surrounded by enemies she had attacked any thing she saw move.

"Lina!! Thank lord you’re safe!!" Xelloss said as he embraced her. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you? Gods, Lina…Thank who ever you’re safe." He whispered to her.

Lina could hear his heart beat, which was pounding in her ear. Tears came to her eyes. "Xelloss….Xelloss…." She whispered his name over and over again. He was with her for now, alive. "Xelloss…"

"Shh, Lina, it’s okay Lina it’s okay." He whispered into her ear. Calming her down. He wasn’t an illusion she was seeing, she wasn’t hallucinating. He was real, alive and here holding her close to him.

"I…nearly killed…." She whispered unable to continue. "I did kill…" He held her tighter as she tried to whisper the continuation.

"It’s okay Lina, don’t worry, I’m fine, it’s okay Lina, it’s okay." Tears welled up in Lina’s eyes. He forgave her, Lina could tell.

Luna cleared her throat and Lina turned her attention back to more important matters.

"Xelloss…stop keeping Lina all to yourself. You aren’t the only one that’s glad she’s safe." Luna informed as she walked towards Lina. "And you Lina, have caused so many people so much worry!! It was a stupid idea to allow to show your weakness to Phiblizo."

"I know Neechan. I know. I also know that I’m a reincarnation of some one else. Aqua-Obaachan told me."

"You met….Suiryu-ou-sama?" Ryugyoku was surprised. He had known that the Water Dragon King had helped guide Lina Inverse before but he wasn’t expecting the high one to do it again.

"….who are you?" Lina asked, clutching onto Xelloss.

Ryugyoku then remembered that he didn’t look a thing like he did before. "I am Ryugyoku, now. I used to be called Milgazia."

"Milgazia-san?! You don’t look anything like you used to!! I’ve been meaning to thank you for guiding me to Clear Bible." Lina slightly bowed her head.

"It was no big deal. Lina Inverse….. you said Suiryu-ou-sama told you what you were. Do you have every memory of what happened before."

Lina nodded and cuddled up against Xelloss. She could still clearly see when she had killed Xelloss, the one thing she wished not to remember.

"Then… how was the general to Dynast killed? You remember don’t you." Lina nodded.

"I killed her with Laguna Blade. But I may not get so lucky this time. Although I am determined to show Sheela a lesson. She insulted me right to my face. She’ll have to pay for that." Lina declared, a fire burning in her eyes with her anger towards Sheela.

"Oh, I’m sure you plan on giving her a lesson." Gaury said, a sweat drop appearing on his head. "She’s as scary as ever…" Gaury added to himself.

"What did you say Gaury?! Huh?" Lina gripped his shirt and started shaking him up and down.

"Di~Na Zudobu dit!!" Gaury said through shaking teeth. Lina just smiled. This was the same as before to her, a little quarrel with Gaury was nothing new.

"Lina, I really think you should stop it. We have some unwanted visitors." Luna grabbed Lina by the shoulder and whirled her around, having her face Graushelaa and Sheela.

"Unwanted…. Interesting. This is my house, YOU are the ones unwanted." Graushelaa declared, smiling coldly. "How did you enjoy my pet’s outside."

"Quite nice thank you." Luna replied with an evil smile. "I had come to thank you for giving my dear sister a warm welcome."

"You are quite welcome Cefied Knight, but if you don’t mind, I would enjoy having a chat with my master, Shablaniguduu-sama." He then turned to face the reincarnation of one of the dark lords and kneeled down in front of him. "Ruby Eye Shablaniguduu-sama, I am content that you have decided to appear to see the death of one of our sworn enemies. I assure you that you shall have her head in your hands by noon."

"Graushelaa, there is no need for Lina Inverse and you to fight any more…"

"Yes there is." Lina broke in on the conversation. "There’s a need to finish unfinished business. Graushelaa and I both know it.. don’t we." Lina looked at Graushelaa straight in the eye.

Graushelaa nodded in agreement. Those red eyes like rubies will finally lose their shine. They will turn into brass. "Shablaniguduu-sama. I have sworn to present you Lina Inverse’s head. I can not back down on that any more."

"Graushelaa!! Time has changed, this is not the old world. Accept the change Dynast Graushelaa, gods, mazoku, and humans can coexist!!" Shablaniguduu argued.

"….It is not that I deny that. I am to kill Lina Inverse, that is all there is to it." Graushelaa replied, returning Lina’s glare.

"Before you fight Graushelaa-sama though Lina Inverse. You have to deal with me." Sheela stepped into the picture. "I threw away all that I had built, happiness, warmth, everything, all in order to get my revenge on you Lina Inverse!!! For that I ruined a little boys life."

"Sheela!!! General to Dynast, you must not mean that you…." Luna’s mouth fell open to the idea. Impossible, it wasn’t possible!!!

"I did Cefied Knight. I sought Hell Master-sama, and his found happiness. I threw in his old memory. He was stubborn, oh was he, he didn’t want to leave his parents that raised him. Charming little story. So, I put a mind control spell on the little boy. That little boy, that’s all he is with out his powers." Sheela replied.

"To show old memory with out our lord’s permission is something that is forbidden!!! Is your need for venagence that great to break the lord’s wishes!!" Luna screamed.

"YES!!" Sheela declared. "Lina Inverse ruined me!! My happiness, my place, my meaning in life even!!! I am now to ruin her!! She has already ruined me twice."

"You ruined yourself this time Sheela." Lina declared, Laguna Blade right at Sheela’s throat. While Sheela was talking to Luna, Lina had taken the opportunity to sneak up on her. "I didn’t make you ruin your happiness this time. You ruined it because of your stupid pride and ego. Damn your set on ruining all aren’t you. You’ve changed Sheela, so much that I can’t recognize you." Lina’s voice was cold. "You know I felt sorry for you…. until you said that you threw everything away in order to ruin me. You’re an idiot. You can’t tell what is truly important, even Phiblizo knew what was…..more than you I can’t forgive Graushelaa. Using you like this." A tear slid down Lina’s cheek. "Why would you purposely ruin something you earned…. Sheela!! You know what you’re doing?!" Lina screamed as she slashed Laguna Blade at Sheela. Sheela moved out of the way just in time.

"Do you know that this means nothing!!! Sheela, things change…nothing’s the same…. That may be the beauty or the ugliness of life, I don’t know, but Sheela, it’s true so just accept it!! You know that don’t you!! Sheela!!!!!" Lina screamed as she slashed at Sheela again. "You know it….Sheela. Is being a general to that guy so important to you?! More that everything you earned!!!!"

"Hey, hey Garv you okay?" Zelas asked poking him with a stick. After Garv didn’t come out after fifteen minutes Zelas and Dalfin blasted the whole castle. From the ruins Zelas found Garv’s sword and him under it that she started poking him.

"…….Zelas….I’ll get you for this…." Garv muttered raising himself. "I found the brat. And lord that’s what he is… he’s only a kid, really, I don’t know but he’s Phiblizo the hell brat, and Phiblizo the human brat at the same time."

"Garv… did you hit your head." Zelas asked.

"It’s like….he’s got two Phiblizo’s in him, and their fighting for which one to come out." Garv explained.

Zelas turned to Dalfin. "What do you think Dal?"

"It’s not impossible…. There could still be that part of Phiblizo that wants to stay the way he was before he knew about all this, and a Phiblizo that wishes to be the Hell Master." Dalfin replied.

It was Elis that pointed the obvious out. "Look, I don’t know all the details about the five under Shablaniguduu or anything but….shouldn’t we find Phiblizo and some how beat him."

"Well….yeah." Garv replied. "But you know, if it is Phiblizo as the human brat, I won’t really feel right fighting him."

"You have to anyways so just do it." Elis declared and then pointed up to the sky. "he’s waiting for you." And sure enough, Phiblizo was floating right above them.

"Amelia… you expect me to believe that story?" Philionel asked his daughter. He was in the great hall, with Amelia, Glacier, Zelgadiss and Rezo standing in front of him.

"Daddy, I know it’s a little bit silly but trust me, it’s true. Even the blood of justice with in me is screaming that this war was the evil doing of the reincarnation of Dynast Graushelaa." Amelia made a fist and threw it in the air.

"Beyond Amelia’s ‘blood of justice’" Zelgadiss started his face in his hands. "It is true that a man by the name of ‘Haou’, which in Japanese means ‘Dynast’ has been working as a terorrist to start a huge war. The best method right now will be to send troops into the North Pole where Dynast is, finding the specific region shouldn’t be too hard, there aren’t many with so much magic source as Graushelaa, and attack. Right now they are focusing on Lina, they shouldn’t be paying much attention to the outside world. Capture Graushelaa, possibly torture him until he confesses what is going on." Zelgadiss flipped the page of his report pad. "And make sure not to even put a small cut on Lina when attacking since some great Chinese warrior, whom Graushelaa was after before he found Lina, will be extremely angry if she gets hurt."


"Father!!" Glacier cut in. "Father, remember those dreams I used to have? Now it makes sense, they were all about this war and my adventures with Lina. Father, can the four people you trust the most in the world possibly deceive you!?"


"Father!! This is my friend we are talking about. I will not give up until I see you agree to Zelgadiss’s plan." Glacier declared. "The decision….quick!" Philionel could only stare at his daughter.

Lina’s eyes opened wide as she heard Sheela’s scream. Lina hadn’t attacked Sheela, she was ready to but she didn’t have the chance, before she did someone else had killed Sheela. That someone else was..

"….Graushelaa…….sama….?" Sheela’s now barely audible voice asked. "Why….." She managed as she tumbled to the floor.

"It is what I have been meaning to do Sheela….. ever since I saw your smile of happiness. It wasn’t Lina or you that ruined your life this time….it was I. How can you be happy when I am not!? How can you be content with your life when I am not allowed to!? How come you were loved!??"

"……Graushelaa…..sama…..I….was….again….a disappointment….wasn’t….I…."

Those were the General’s last words. For some reason…….. she was smiling.

Lina couldn’t miss what she saw in Graushelaa’s cold eyes then. Pain, as well as longing… "…..Graushelaa……..remind me of someone…" Lina muttered as she caught Sheela’s dead body. "……Some one…….sad." Lina closed her eyes. "Some one who could only hate…. Longing to know love. A mere copy, of a great one……I see now where your hatred comes from. You were always a copy to the real Dynast Graushelaa. You were forced to become Dynast Graushelaa by those around you right. I now see it." Lina remembered a man from ‘Lina’s’ memory that was shown to her by Aqua.

"Copy…..Rezo." Lina whispered. "A mere copy, wishing to beat the original, and hating all those around him. So sad…" Lina then looked up at Graushelaa. "I’ve seen a man who went to every extreme to get his sight, a man who went to the extreme to beat him, a man who fought to prove his own identity as human, one who fought for what he believed was the truth, and one…" Lina looked at Valtierra… "who could do nothing but hate, and only wish to love…" Lina turned back to Graushelaa. "One was taken over by a dark lord and died, one was killed trying to beat the original, two were killed by what used to be their allies, and one was given a second chance…..Unfair…I think….. four killed, and one survived, all of them had one thing in common though, and that was they all wanted my death. Yet only one survived, only one was given a second chance."

Tears stung Filia’s eyes. Memories, old, old, memories flooded through her. Now she knew the truth, now she knew who ‘Valgarv’ was. "Lina……san….please…. don’t use Giga Slave.." Filia prayed.

Valtierra knew Lina talked about him. It was unfair. All five of them had fought Lina Inverse and were beaten by her……yet he was the only one that survived. "You only speak the truth do you…"

Gaury stepped back a step, marking what he now knew. He was not the one to be next to Lina, not anymore…that was someone else’s job. "Lina….so much occured over and over….but I’m still your best friend…always."

Luna didn’t want Lina to continue. What Lina said reminded Luna that she was a rotten sister. But even then, Lina was only stating what she felt. "….Everything is unfair Imouto-chan."

Lei finally understood why the other piece of Shablaniguduu liked fighting her. She was all truth, nothing but that. No matter how close darkness got to her, it would never consumer her.. "Lord of Nightmare-sama….what did you create now."

Ryugyoku smiled, fully understanding why Suiryu-ou trusted the girl so much. She was a trouble maker with a sense of rightness. Milgazia had understood. "All you wish is to live, just like a living thing shall."

Xelloss stepped to where Gaury was before. Never had he thought that he would be standing next to Lina. Lina turned up to look at him and smiled, her ruby eyes shining. "Ruby eye….it should be a name for you instead of a dark lord."

Lina smiled, knowing Xelloss was here, next to her. She was not commiting a sin by being next to him. Maybe she was human, maybe she was half mazoku. Didn’t matter now….Graushelaa would also die, just like the other four that fought her. "It’s unfair….but it was chosen by L-sama…ne."

Garv was struggling with Phiblizo. He’d attack, Phiblizo would move, Phiblizo attacked, Garv would move. Zelas and Dalfin would once in awhile blast something, but Phiblizo would move and it ended up hitting Garv.

Zelas stared at the little boy as he fought Garv. What Garv had said. There was Phiblizo the hell brat, and Phiblizo the human brat. Zelas knew that if only she could get Phiblizo the human brat out, this would end. Phiblizo obviously didn’t have Lina, which meant she was in Graushelaa’s clutches.

Zelas could only find one reason why. Phiblizo the human brat, had taken control over for even a short while, enough to interfere with Phiblizo the Hell Master’s decision. All Zelas would have to do was to go through the Astral side to Phiblizo. Zelas closed her eyes and concentrated on ‘Phiblizo’. ‘through all time and minds, Through all vows and binds, I here by seek one with high powers, one higher than all towers.’ Zelas knew that if she planned on making up spells she had to chant that were based on her own powers she was going to have to practice poetry.

Soon, she had entered total darkness. "This…is Phiblizo’s mind? Certainly suits his personality." She decided. Zelas concentrated harder and her the crying of someone. Hid deep, deep inside. Zelas tried to make her way through all the barriers with out disturbing too much of Phiblizo’s mind so he won’t suddenly jerk.

Zelas soon came to the clearing, and found a boy crying.

"What’s…wrong?" The boy snapped his head up and Zelas gasped. He WAS Phiblizo…or at least looked extremely like him.

"….Who are you?" He asked standing up and moving away from her.

"I’m not an enemy….are you…um….another Phiblizo?" Zelas asked trying to find the right words.

"….I….guess. It’s Hell Master fighting that red haired guy. I was able to take some control right before the explosion." Zelas nodded, that’s why she felt the barriers around the castle disappear. "I don’t mean to hurt him. Or any one else!!! I didn’t want to leave but…. But Sheela awakened Hell Master. I tried to break through his hold on me!! Trust me!! I have…. But, but I can’t."

"Are you sure there is aboslutely no way?" Zelas asked.

"…Only one….But I can’t do it. I can’t!!" he screamed.

"Shh!! I don’t want Hell Master to hear you. Right now he’s concentrating on Garv but if he finds I’m here, I’m dead." Zelas informed him.

"…That’s how…I stop Hell Master."


"This is my body….Hell Master only controls it. But it’s still mine….so…."

"Are you saying to stop him you have to die?"

"It’s the only way I know….Once in awhile I can gain control but it’s becoming harder. I spent extreme concentration on interfering with Hell Master’s plans for Lina Inverse."

"He planned on torturing her himself….right?"

"…That’s right."

"Why does he let you live though? Sorry to ask but…"

"Because he needs my soul to feed off of, if I die, he dies with me. So I can’t commit suicide, I need another to kill me." The boy looked straight at Zelas. "Can you be that one. Can you be the one that kills me?"

Zelas nodded. "You’re shaking." She observed. "It’s freaky when someone agrees to kill you isn’t it."

"Nothing compared to what Hell Master did to others. Hurry before he notices." Zelas nodded and summoned a short sword. She knew that summoning meant she disturbed some of Phiblizo’s mind, which meant he’d soon notice her.

Zelas didn’t hesitate as she plunged the sword into the boys chest, or where it was suppose to be. Zelas quickly left the broken mind, and back into hers, in time to see Phiblizo’s body fall.

"…Oyasumi…." A tear rolled down her face.

Lina was never going to disappoint Aqua again. She would not use the Giga Slave. So how to defeat Graushelaa…? Lina quickly assembled the situation in her mind. It had taken awhile to convince Xelloss, Gaury, and her sister that she wanted and should kill Graushelaa on her own. But she was now free to fight with out problems. A Dragon Slave most likely useless… Laguna Blade possible but Lina knew she wasn’t quick enough with it, especially since she was only barely dodging Graushelaa’s attacks.

Lina quickly remembered that the Lord of Nightmares had always seemed to be on her side. Maybe Lina’s extreme luck had come from that. She seemed to always have luck no matter what she didn’t have.

"Keep running and you shall lose." Graushelaa taunted.

"That’s what they all say." Lina retorted. "But I am unlike all the others, which you should know by now."

"Oh, I assure you I do. Lina Inverse….fighting you is what I’ve been waiting for.." A strange tone slipped into Graushelaa’s voice.

"….I can’t give you what you’ve waited for since…if I do…I’d be denying who I am." Lina replied.

"You’re ignorrance because of your youth should be why you lose. Miracle truly that you have survived."

"If you’re trying to anger me it’s not working you know. I’m not like all the others." Lina replied. She knew Graushelaa saw through her facade. She was talking only to stall time, to try and find how to beat him. No Giga Slave….the Shinma Spell? No, that can’t be performed with out the five weapons…But something equal to it… Of Mazoku and God mixed…

Graushelaa slashed Lina’s shoulder and blood spurred out. Lina clutched her shoulder, only wincing in the pain. She couldn’t cry out, not now. A mazoku-god spell…possible…with Cefied and Shablaniguduu… Dragon Slave…with another spell…. Something that would have to do with Cefied..

A god spell…Lina grimaced. She had literally no knowledge of such spells. A few Filia had chanted before…none though, that she knew of measured up to Dragon Slave. Lina thought awhile longer, a hard task when you’re trying not to get killed. Her knowledge of Cefied itself was extensive. Perhaps if she could create her own spell with that knowledge, plus the Dragon Slave. It was worth a shot. With the right Chaos words, maybe not to killing Graushelaa, but close enough…Lina decided to risk it.

Akatsuki wo tsukasadoru Ryuujinn
Tazogare wo tsukasadoru Maou
Inishie no keiyaku,
tomo ni ari tomo ni naki mono yo
Ware kokoni nannjira ni Chikawann,
Towa to Isshunn wo ima musubi
Ware ni tachimukaeshi
Oroka naru mono Subeteni
Hitoshiki Sabaki wo ataenkotowo!!

Red light spun itself into Lina’s hands. Existence’s that were opposites being forced to bind. Lina only wished she could withstand the pressure. In a way, this was completely going against the Lord of Nightmare’s will. If Lina missed up in the control of this, death… was certain.

Graushelaa could tell that this was no ordinary spell the reincarnation of the sorceress has done. If anything, it was a spell that could be called a sin, mixing elements that were not supposed to be. …She was truly a genius, just like his master had once said…

She was what he was waiting for….some one to truly fell the pain and all and make him see the true destruction he was denied of. ..This girl…. Was not ordinary. She was…some thing.

"God-Demon Slave!!!!" Lina knew it wasn’t the best name but it was the only thing she could think of as a spur of the moment spell. Lina unleashed the spell and at the end of it saw Graushelaa. His face twitched in agony and yet, at some lever he seemed peaceful. Lina knew that she would never find out why… She saw the power take in the Dynast. Lina saw all…and then…. She allowed herself to fall into the warm, strong, welcoming arms.

"Xelloss….." She whispered before she lost all consciousness.

Akatsuki wo tsukasadoru Ryuujinn
Tazogare wo tsukasadoru Maou
Inishie no keiyaku,
tomo ni ari tomo ni naki mono yo
Ware kokoni nannjira ni Chikawann,
Towa to Shunkan wo ima musubi
Ware ni tachimukaeshi
Oroka naru mono Subeteni
Hitoshiki Sabaki wo ataenkotowo!!

The Translation of the above Spell(This is one that I thought up of and never did it appear in Slayers) is as follows

The Dragon King who rules the Sun Rise
The Demon King who rules the Sun set
The ancient Contract
Exists together yet Never coexists
I here by vow to both
Tieing Forever and a split second now
To all those fools that
Keep me from going
Give them the judgement that suits them!!