Prologue: The end of a legend.

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It had been five years since we fought Dark Star, the Dark Lord of another world. Back then I was only seventeen, and now I am twenty two. My body has some what matured, I am not the flat chest girl I was or the ignorant girl I was. I have learned to control my temper a little, I have learned a lot in all my years of traveling and constant fighting.
I am not the kind that would sit around and let something happen, even if I do not like the idea of stopping it myself. If I got involved in something, I am involved in it till I am done with it, I canít back out. It was the same seven years ago when I decided to fight Shablaniguduu, has it already been seven? Really, time passes by so quickly.
Seven years ago, I was the only one capable of defeating it that was there when it happened. If I didnít do it, then who would have done it? The world would not exist right now if it werenít for me. I didnít expect gratitude, I didnít consider it saving the world, I saved myself, that was all. No one would have believed that a fifteen year old girl, even with my reputation, was capable of defeating a Dark Lord, and to tell the truth, if it werenít me that did it, I wouldnít have believed it either.
I fought the mazoku, came to be known as the ĎDemon Slayerí to most humans. I have never regretted what I did, mostly for survival. I would never have thought that this day would come, the day that I would get tired of adventure and fighting. But it came.
I sigh as I continue to walk up the small hill in the middle of the new town of Sailarg. The perfect place for me to end it. It is after all the place where I fought two great enemies of mine, neither were easy to beat. I am ready to end this.
My hair is still the same length as it was back then, just as long, but I have grown in height, only slightly smaller than Zel now. The sun is starting to set in the west, I mustíve been walking all day and night to reach here. Strange that Iím not hungry or tired, I canít be until I put an end to this inside me.
I stand in the middle of the hill and just look around, memories flashing back in my mind. Six years since I fought Phiblizo on this land. It would never had occured to me then that Iíll come back here not to fight.
I look at the town and smile. Under Shilfielís command the town is coming along great, it is already as big as it was seven years ago and I know it will continue to grow. Thank god she canís tell Iím here from that building that she lives in. I wouldnít want her to see me now
To a lot of the population in the world, I am still feared and my name provokes terror in peopleís heart. I donít like it, but it doesnít matter now. I am tired of fighting constantly, I think Iím ready for rest.
It would probably be easier on them, all my friends, if they thought I was dead. Yes, thatís right, dead. I never thought ĎIí out of all the others would think that it would be easier for me to be dead. ME!! The sorceress supreme Lina Inverse!!!
It would be a lot easier on them if they all believe Iím dead. If they think Iím dead they wonít get their hopes up high. Itís safer for them this way anyways. If they think Iím alive they might get their head stuck in trouble or something. I donít want anything to happen to any of them. Especially Gaury.
GauryÖhe hasnít changed much since we first met, he is still his easy going self and makes me laugh with his stupid comments. He was what took me so long to make the decision to give up adventure. I traveled with him, he was always there. If I give up adventure I may lose him, forever. But more than that I canít afford him to die. No, Iíll kill myself before he dies.
GauryÖhe was nearly killed. A magic sword is a good sword but nothing compared to the sword of light, and that is gone, lost five years ago. He wonít have the correct weapon to defend himself if he continued to be with me. I am always going to be hunted by others, ones who seek to make their name wide known by beating me, ones who want me dead for some reason or another, and worst of all mazoku. He had already nearly killed himself just by being with me. Yes, it would be better if he believed I was dead.
I close my eyes for a second, willing the images of my friends to vanish. When I open them I undo my shoulder guards and let them fall to the ground with a thud. I pick up my cape and press it against my face. Iíve gone through so much with this cape. A lot happened with it. Good, bad and all. It is my memory.
But more, this is the sign of me as a sorceress. All sorcerers have capes, it is a way of showing their occupation. Ones that donít wear capes, such as Gaury, usually signify that they arenít magic users. Of course there are a few times that people who arenít sorcerers would wear capes, such as Zangulus or Martina, but that didnít happen too often. The only magic users that I know of that donít wear capes are mazoku. A cape is a symbol.
I take an end of the cape in my mouth and rip it up. Itís about time anyways. Iím going to throw a lot of what I have away, might as well throw away my symbol as well. I tear the cape into shreds.
I burn all the torn up pieces of my cape and break my shoulder guards. "Past is the past. I need to change." I mutter as I take off my talismans and put them safely in a box. These things are priceless, I need to keep good care of them, but I canít risk wearing them.
I turn to walk out of Sailarg. As I pass the house Shilfiel lives in I stop and look up. "Farewell, Shilfiel, o-shiawase-ni." My eyes start to water but I fight the tears. I am dead to everyone that mattered to me. This is the best way. The safest way.