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Chapter 10

Chapter 10:
"Okay, what’s wrong?" Lina demanded as she sat down on her bed in her inn room. She had her shoulder guards and cape off but other than that was in her usual outfit.
"Huh? What did you say Lina-san?" Xelloss asked looking up from the chair he was sitting in. Lina took a long sigh and walked over to him.
"I want to know what’s wrong." She stated as she looked at him. "You’ve been staring off to space for about half an hour now, not responding to a thing I say. What’s going on?" Lina asked as she sat down on the floor in front of him. "You sit on the floor too. I hate standing around, and I hate having to be on the floor when a guy is sitting in a chair." Lina commanded. Xelloss sighed and slid off the chair. "So, what’s wrong?"
"What if I say that is a secret Lina-san?" Xelloss asked cheerfully and Lina met his smile with a sweet smile that Xelloss immediately had a bad feeling about this.
"I’ll give Amelia the right to sing to you." Lina cheerfully stated. Xelloss’s blood froze at that statement.
"You mean…Amelia-san’s singing as in…the one she did while we fought over Garveila?" Xelloss asked as he sweatdropped. Lina just smiled happily and innocently that Xelloss sighed in half-defeat. "I met Filia-san the other day." Xelloss told her, not exactly the truth but close enough.
"…That will make ‘you’ depressed." Lina nodded and Xelloss silently sighed that she accepted it with out much questioning. "Oh well." Lina smiled her radiant smile and changed the subject. "Xelloss…are you sure it’s okay to have my birthday party at Wolf Pact Island."
"Zelas-sama did give permission to it. Actually it’s more that she just wants to see you, I’ll presume." Xelloss speculated. "By the way who are you inviting?"
"Um...well…Gaury, Amelia, Zel, and Shilfiel…don’t know who else." Actually, she did want to invite about two other people but she saw it wouldn’t be necessary to tell that to Xelloss. "Oh well…problem is convincing Amelia and Zel to go to the Wolf Pact Island."
"The party is tomorrow so please hurry up and decide." Xelloss said as he put his arm around Lina’s shoulders and pulled her to him. "And is it okay if I pick you up at nine am." Xelloss asked.
"Nine in the morning? Don’t know why you’d want to pick me up that early…besides, it’s my birthday, let me sleep in." Lina argued. "Around ten will be better."
"Okay than Lina-san. And can you be dressed up when I pick you up?"
"Why?" Lina asked. "I think my usual outfit looks nice enough." Lina pouted and examined her outfit.
"Ah~, well that is a secret. Besides, I will have a surprise for you tomorrow morning." Xelloss smiled and Lina sighed.
"I don’t know if I’m looking forward to it, or if I’m hoping not to find out." Lina muttered and Xelloss whined.
"Lina-san…you’re being mean!!!"
"Alright, Alright, I look forward to it. Happy now?"
"Yes." Lina sighed heavily after seeing Xelloss’s smiling face. If THIS is a mazoku…And a high-ranked one at that why is there so much trouble in this world?

"Zelas, you sure you want Lina’s party here?" Luna asked as she walked into Zelas’s private room un-harmed.
"How do you get through those locks, with out killing yourself Luna?" Zelas asked as she put her fingers to her head. "I doubt even Ruby-Eye-sama could do that!"
"I bet you L-sama can!" Luna said cheerfully as she sat down on one of the chairs. Zelas sighed and leaned back on her comfortable chair and stroked Xeres’s fur.
"Well, yes Lina-chan’s party can be here. Lin’s a good cook, she can easily cook meals that would feed her and the guest." Zelas said as Luna picked up one of Zelas’s catalogues and flipped through it.
"Good… since when did you have this thing of being able to order things from another world?" Luna asked.
"Ask Graushelaa. I have nothing to do with it other than for have fun with it." Luna nodded at that statement. "By the way Luna, what do you know about Filia Ul Copt?"
"You mean the Gold Dragon that came to me asking for my aid in the thing with Dark Star? What do I know about her?"
"Yes, what?"
"Well…um, she likes tea, she’s the highest priestess with in the Dragons under Karyuou Vrurabazaard. Um…She wields a mace, utterly despises mazoku, and she has a temper." Luna concluded.
"Is she over-protective?" Zelas asked leaning forward.
"Why ask me? Ask Xelloss-kun, he traveled with her." Luna shrugged.
"Because Xel doesn’t like that dragon. But I need to know about her."
"Why!?" Luna asked exasperated.
"Because I’ll bet you nine out of ten she’ll be coming to Lina-chan’s birthday party tomorrow." Zelas told her.
"I feel sorry for Lin-chan…the tongues of the gold dragons are hard to please." Luna muttered.
"Oh, Lin can do it. " Zelas smiled. "In return for me un-grounding her, she’s to make delicacies that the gold dragons like, as well as Ancient dragons."
"Un-grounding? What did that trouble maker get herself into now? I swear, she’s almost as bad as Lina with getting her head caught in things. Any way, what caused Xel-kun to ground her?"
"She went over to Filia’s to buy Lina-chan’s present. And cause a huge commotion…plus she sort of cause Xel to meet someone I think he would rather not have." Zelas muttered.
"Filia?" Luna asked.
"Nah, worse for him. Problem should arise now if she appears in front of Lina-chan." Zelas sighed.
"I think I won’t ask." Luna left it at that.

The Next Day.
Lina stood in front of the full length mirror and twirled around. She had on a red dress that reached her knees and a short black jacket. "Hmm, looks nice. It is my birthday, I really should treat myself even if just a little." She said to herself. It was nine thirty and Lina had already eaten her breakfast before she changed her clothes.
Lina reached for the brush and started brushing her hair. If she was going to be dressed up she wanted to look the best she could, besides, how often did she really get to dress up while traveling. "I wonder what everyone got me for a present?" Lina wondered out loud. She hoped that Gaury will give her his new sword, which was a fairly good sword and a good magic item as well. He probably should. She didn’t expect much from Amelia or Zelgadiss…but Amelia could get her some nice things since she was a princess.
"I hope they remember to dress up, especially Gaury…did he even have anything formal?" Lina pressed the brush to her chin and pouted. "Oh well… I’ll think about it later." Lina said and went back to brushing her hair.
She experimented with different types of hairstyles such as putting it up in a braid, or putting it up in a pony tail but decided in the end to leave it down. The pony tail did make her look older but she did enjoy having her hair loose, plus if she had it up she’d always be fidgeting with it.
She than noticed that the time on her clock read ten and decided to go down stairs and wait for Xelloss. When she exited the inn, her eyes turned to dots as she saw Xelloss and a huge silver object.
"What’s this?" Lina asked at the huge silver object in front of her. "I’ve never seen anything like it in my life…" Lina muttered.
"It’s called a car Lina-san. I got it from another world…it seems to work as a carriage that doesn’t need a horse to draw it." Xelloss explained in terms so that Lina could understand them. Even with Lina’s intelligence the way a car truly worked would overwhelm her, besides, it was completely alien to her.
"…another world?" Lina muttered in surprise. "Since when could you get things from another world?" Lina asked as she studied the ‘car’.
"I don’t know but it works." Xelloss shrugged and reply. "Why don’t you get in?" Lina froze at those words.
"I think I’ll rather walk or Lay wing."
"Not in that." Xelloss told her threateningly. Lina looked at her clothing and wondered.
"Something wrong with it?" Lina asked. "I always thought I looked good in red and black…"
"You look great Lina-san…just don’t Lay wing in that, plus it will be impossible to get to the island by walking." Lina sighed. He did have a point on it being impossible to walk to the island but she was a little unsure on this ‘car’ thing.
Besides, the only thing from another world that she had experience was were the Sword of Light and the weapons similar to it. Other than that she had no knowledge of such things. The ‘car’ in a way did look like the tank Jiras made before…but this was something different obviously and from the looks didn’t seem to contain any deadly weapons.
"It’s safe Lina-san, I assure you." Xelloss told her but Lina looked a little warily at it. The thing was still looking weird and alien to her. Besides Lina wasn’t sure if she could trust a mazoku when safety was concerned since humans thought in completely different terms from them on that issue.
"By the way Lina-san, happy birthday." Lina turned around to look at him and was presented with a huge bouquet of roses.
"Oh my lord…Xelloss, this is the biggest bouquet of roses I’ve ever seen!! This must have cost you a fortune!!" Lina exclaimed and touched one of the rich red petals.
"Do you like them?"
"I love them!! Roses are my second favorite flowers. My first favorite is Sun Flowers though." Lina informed him with a smile.
"I will remember to get them for you next year than." Xelloss said and then presented her a box. "here’s the other gift."
"More!? Lucky!" She smiled and settled the bouquet of roses on her left arm and reached for the box with her right hand. "Can I open it here?"
Lina carefully placed the flowers in the seat of the car, still looking at the thing suspiciously and turned her full attention to the box. She opened it and nearly dropped the thing right than and there. "OH MY LORD!!!" She exclaimed as stared at the jewelry, the diamond jewelry located in the box. "How in the lord’s name did you afford THIS?" Lina asked as she pointed to the necklace and earrings.
"Ah, that is a secret." Xelloss smiled and picked up the necklace from the box and reached around Lina’s neck as he put in on her. Lina felt her heart skip a beat. Xelloss than reached to her ears and undid the ruby earrings she had on. In place of them he put on the diamond earrings. "There. I’m glad they look nice on you."
Lina blushed and rushed into the seat of the car. Xelloss just smiled and also got in the car. "So, Lina-san, where to now?" Xelloss asked.
"Um…I’ll give you directions….so…um…just go straight, out of this town." Lina told him with a blush and buried her face in the bouquet.

"….Lina-san…are you sure this is the right way?" Xelloss asked as they neared a certain town. Lina smiled and nodded.
"Take a right at the corner and it’s the first antique store you see." Lina said cheerfully and Xelloss had a bad feeling about this. This town was the same town that Filia lived in and Filia also owned an antique store.
"Lina-san…are you SURE that these are the correct directions? Could you have made a mistake by any chance?" Xelloss asked as he turned to face Lina.
"Trust me Xelloss. I know what I’m doing." Lina replied and tried to hide from the curious gazes of the towns people. They were definitely drawing attention.
"If you say so…." Xelloss sighed and drove through the town. "Lina-san…am I going to like what you are doing?"
"…probably not, knowing you." Lina replied truthfully. "But it is my birthday so you better let me have my way." Lina said and leaned back on the chair.
I think I let you have your way too often… Xelloss thought to himself as they drove through the town.
"Here we are." Lina called to him and dragged him back to reality. Xelloss groaned at the site of the store.
"Lina-san, why do WE have to pick up Filia-san!?" Xelloss whined and Lina sighed.
"Because Filia is my friend and I want her at my party. And, while I’m at it I can’t really tell Filia that I’m going to have this party at Wolf Pact Island now can I?" Lina challenged. "Besides, it was either this or put up with Amelia singing the greatness of life to you, and me dealing with Gaury’s lectures. Now which do you prefer?"
"Neither." Xelloss replied.
"Come on Xelloss, it’s my birthday." Cat ears popped out of Lina’s head and she attempted to look cute, in which she did a great job at, and coax Xelloss into this. "Please." Lina looked at him, her eyes round and for effect drew up tear drops.
"Okay, Okay Lina-san." Xelloss agreed and Lina smiled as the tears were gone. Maybe I should stop being a sorceress and become an actress? She thought to herself. Just as she was about to move and go get Filia Xelloss kissed her.
"It’s the right price to pay considering that this is against my will." Xelloss smiled and Lina slid on to the floor, stunned. "…Lina-san, are you all right?" Xelloss asked as he opened the door and stepped out, helping Lina to her feet. "Lina-san?" He inquired when Lina didn’t reply.
"Um…I…am going to go grab Filia and Val!!" Lina said and ran towards the store her face blushing. She really didn’t have a clue on how to react to the kiss so she just wanted to get away for a second so she could calm herself down. She was shocked, a little embarrassed since a bunch of people probably saw her. But she really didn’t want to blow up at Xelloss, she actually enjoyed his kisses.
"Hi Filia, Val!" Lina’s face presumed her original color and she walked into the store. Valtierra was dressed in a tanned tuxedo, one similar to Xelloss’s and Filia was dressed in a long sky blue fancy dress that had long sleeves that flared out and the end. For once she wasn’t wearing her Priestess hat. There was also another person in the store that was dressed in a gray tuxedo and his long brown hair neatly put in a low ponytail.
"Happy Birthday Lina-san!!" Filia greeted and hugged the petite sorceress. "You look absolutely wonderful!!" Filia exclaimed and smiled. "Do you have a little time before we go to this party, since I will be willing to show you my store."
"Some other time Filia." Lina said with a smile. "I have someone waiting out there to drive us to the party and don’t want to keep him waiting." Filia nodded and Lina silently thought what a bliss it is to not know. "By the way, who is that person over there?" Lina asked.
"Oh, he is Rou Tiut-san of the elves. Is it okay if he comes along? You see, there was a…event that happened not long ago that has troubled him strongly and I thought that going to party may lift his spirits. Besides, Grabos and Jiras can get annoying so to speak." Filia explained but left out a major part.
"Oh, I guess that’s fine by me. I hope the person who owns the place I’m having the party doesn’t mind." Lina said and walked over to Rou. "I’m Lina Inverse. Nice to meetya." Lina said and put her hand out for a handshake.
"Rou Tiut of elves. Pleasure is all mine." Rou bowed formally to Lina. "I have heard a great deal about you, and if I am not mistaken…did you used to travel with someone who wore a black bikini and laughed really annoyingly?"
"Don’t remind me!!" Lina groaned and pressed her hands to her face. "Look Rou, there are somethings out there girls don’t need to be reminded of and that is one of them. Got it?" Lina pressed one of her hands on Rou’s shoulders and talked to him as if she was talking to a five year old.
"Um….yes." Rou nodded. "I was just wondering since that person visited our village the day before I left to travel and quoted your name."
"…I feel sorry for the villagers." Lina muttered. "Any way, forgetting about annoying companions, let’s get going." Lina patted Rou’s shoulder and walked out the antique door, followed by Filia. The moment Filia exited she screamed.
"Not again…" Val muttered as he caught site of Xelloss, who seemed equally unhappy to see Filia.
"Lina-san, what is that.." Filia paused to look around her surroundings carefully and then turned back to Lina. "namagomi doing here?" Filia then ducked and waited for a blow to strike. When it didn’t after awhile she stood up and asked "Why is he here?"
"He…um…drove me here in that ‘car’." Lina said and than looked at Xelloss "Drove, is the correct term right?"
"I presume so." Xelloss replied.
"Lina-san, you obviously don’t expect me to willingly get in that thing do you!?" Filia demanded and glared down at Lina. Lina shook her head and smiled sweetly.
"Of course not Filia, who would think such a thing." Lina grabbed Filia by the neck and threw her in the car. "I meant to do that since there was no way YOU would willingly get in the ‘car’ ne." She smiled and walked over to her side of the car and opened her door and noticed something.
"Xelloss, will you throw Val and Rou in, there’s no door to the back seats." Lina said. Xelloss walked over and pushed the back of Lina’s seat forward making room for people to enter.
Val just got in, fairly immune to weird looking objects since he lived with Jiras who invented weird looking objects. In fact the ‘car’ looked a lot like the thing Jiras was attempting to currently make. He probably should study the mechanics of this object and bring home some of the information to help Jiras.
Rou on the other hand was cautious about the car, and just like Lina had done examined the thing closely before reluctantly entering. His elf senses were saying that this object, if there were too many of it could cause problems to the nature. He would have to warn Xelloss about that to keep him from getting too many of these hazardous things. Elves generally lived in harmony with nature and anything like this ‘car’ may break that harmony. As the only elf alert of this object, Rou was going to have to be responsible for it.
"Okay Driver, where are we going?" Filia asked sarcastically as Xelloss turned the engine on. Xelloss looked at Lina. One thing he didn’t want to deal with was Filia’s temper and he knew that telling her they were going to Wolf Pact Island will surely upset her. Lina on the other hand just shrugged. There really wasn’t much she could do anyways.
"That is a secret!" Xelloss replied and Filia attempted to strangle him and Val spent a few moment to try and stop her. In his point of view, if Xelloss didn’t operate this ‘car’ thing they were all going to have some serious consequences.
"Maa, maa, everyone calm down." Lina said, attempting to be the peace maker. "Don’t worry Filia, trust me on this one, you are going to be safe." Lina calmed down the gold dragon maiden and than saw the ocean.
"Kirei!!" Lina screamed as she stood up to get a better look of the ocean.
"Lina-san, please sit down, it’s dangerous!!" Filia screamed hysterically.
"I wouldn’t normally agree with Filia-san but Lina-san she is right, you should sit down." Xelloss also advised.
"Why?" Lina asked.
"Lina-san, please, sit back down in your seat." Xelloss nearly pleaded and Lina sighed.
"Okay, okay. It really is a nicer view though when your standing up. Besides, I love the ocean." Lina pouted.
"If you want to go to the ocean Lina-san, you can watch them till your sick of them Lina-san when we reach…the place where your party is." Xelloss explained. Lina sighed and agreed to it.
"By the way Lina-san, I couldn’t help but notice your necklace and earrings and I must say they are beautiful. Where did you get them?"
"From Xelloss." Lina replied truthfully.
"eh?" Filia asked.
"Oh, you like them Filia-san?" Xelloss asked cheerfully. "Filia-san?" He asked again when there was no response and Filia just fell backwards. Xelloss just shrugged and Val attempted to wake her up.
"Filia, Filia, hey Filia?" He called her name as he poked her with one of the roses he grabbed from Lina’s bouquet. "No use, she’s out cold." He said and threw the rose over to Lina. Lina caught the rose and smiled as she brought it to her lips. If Filia was out cold than at least she couldn’t complain till they reached Wolf Pact Island, that was good.

Mean while in the inn Amelia, who was dressed in a pale pink dress that came down to around her ankles and had fluffy sleeves, much similar to the one she wore when she had been working as a princess. Zelgadiss, who was dressed in a beige colored tuxedo and a jacket, and Gaury who was also dressed in a tuxedo, a white one, sat at the tavern at the inn.
"We are drawing attention" Zelgadiss muttered irritably. "Why did Lina assign us to wait at the inn until Shilfiel appears."
"Zelgadiss-san, the true heart of justice is born in waiting for and trusting someone!! You can not give up just because we draw attention!! Besides, who wouldn’t if there is a princess, a swordsman that is good looking if he doesn’t talk and a handsome Chimera!"
Zelgadiss blushed at that statement and Gaury sighed and ruffled his long blond hair that was in a low pony tail.
"Amelia, what do you mean if I don’t talk?" Gaury asked a little annoyed at the comment the princess had made.
"Oh, well, um, you do not say many intelligent things Gaury-san so…I mean if you were being quite a lot of girls will fall for you." Amelia explained.
Gaury was just about to ask another question when, "Hello, sorry I am late." Shilfiel interrupted him.
"Shilfiel-san!!" Amelia squeaked and ran to greet her. Shilfiel was dressed in a long tight purple dress that reached her ankles and suited her perfectly.
"Amelia-san!!" Shilfiel squeaked and clutched Amelia’s hands. "It’s been so long hasn’t it!! The last time we met was…oh, a year and a half ago!! Amelia-san, have you grown?"
"Oh, yes I grew two inches since I last met you!! Now I’m about the same height as Lina-san!!" Amelia proudly pronounced. "Come, you probably want to see Zelgadiss-san and…Gaury-san." Shilfiel blushed at Amelia’s comment.
"Hey Shilfiel." Gaury greeted her and Zelgadiss just slightly bowed his head in acknowledgement of her presence.
"Hello Gaury-sama." Shilfiel smiled and walked over to him. Than she noticed that some one was missing. "Where is Lina-san?" Shilfiel asked.
"Oh, Lina…is…I don’t know, where is she?" Gaury turned to Zelgadiss and asked the question. "I didn’t see her at breakfast either."
"…Xelloss picked her up." Zelgadiss replied. "Lina said they were going to go pick up Filia and Valgarv."
"Wait Zelgadiss san. Lina-san and XELLOSS-san are going to go pick up FILIA-san and Val? Am I the only one that sees a problem in making?" Amelia asked out loud.
"A huge one…if they are in one piece we shall be glad." Zelgadiss replied.
"Um…Gaury-sama…" Shilfiel tugged on the sleeve of his tuxedo. "Who is Xelloss-san, Filia-san and Val-san? I do not recall meeting them."
"Oh, Filia and Val, well Filia is this dragon priestess we traveled with for awhile and Val is this guy Filia takes care of." Gaury answered in the extent to which he comprehended Filia and Val’s relationship. "Filia is like a mother to Val. As for Xelloss…remember the time when Lina was shining gold?" Shilfiel nodded and waited for Gaury to continue. "Well, remember a purple haired mazoku that appeared and told us that Lina was this…um….um…"
"Lord of Nightmares." Zelgadiss supplied.
"Yeah, that! Well, that’s Xelloss."
"Oh, so that is why there is a conflict of Xelloss-san picking up Filia-san since Dragons and Mazoku are enemies…but why is a mazoku invited to Lina-san’s birthday party?" Shilfiel cocked her head and wondered out loud.
"We’ll explain later." All three said. They all had heard from Lina where the party was to be held and where a special portal that should take them there existed. They had a general idea on WHY it was held there since they all did see Amelia and Lin’s huge fight along with Lin having to explain what was going on. Gaury who had a pretty sharp mind ONLY when Lina was involved put the pieces together and explained that to Amelia and Zelgadiss. Amelia called it a ‘romantic love going against all odds and racial differences’ and Zelgadiss more or less accepted it since he couldn’t see Lina really getting together with a human.
"Come on, we’ll show you how to take a short cut to the party." Gaury said and they left the inn. Soon they reached a back ally that was dark but had a strange glowing oval circle. "There it is. That’s a portal, so Lina said, that will take us to the party." Gaury’s voice was cheerful as he said that.
"Um…is it safe?" Shilfiel asked as she carefully eyed the portal that was glowing a light shade of purple mixed in with blue.
"well…I doubt Lina would make us go through anything dangerous." Gaury replied with a smile and Shilfiel looked down.
He has so much trust in her…she is so lucky
"Shilfiel, aren’t you coming?" Zelgadiss’s words broke through her thoughts and she noticed that everyone but him and her had gone through the portal.
"Please just wait a second!" Shilfiel squeaked and ran into the portal.

"Wow!!" Lina stated as she looked around the area surrounding her. She felt like she was in space with the deep blue background color and white glittering dots. Around her though, floated a lot of weird looking objects. One seemed to be a box with a screen on it, another seemed to be a rectangular box with a lot of different numbers, another was a rectangular box that seemed that the lid popped up to it and a round disk was in it.
"What is this?" Lina asked as she reached over to grab a bunch of the things.
"Lina-san, I’ve repeated myself so many times, please do not reach over the edge." Xelloss told her in an annoyed voice.
"Okay, okay." Lina replied. "Any way what are these things?"
"They are things from another world, this portal is also the portal in which Sheela-san gets things from another world."
"Oh yeah, that general." Lina grimaced at the thought of the blue haired general to Dynast. Lina didn’t like her one bit, The had gotten off on the wrong start, that probably had to do with it but it was Sheela’s fault.
"Anyways, if we get through this we’re gonna be in Wolf Pact Island right?" Val asked as he peered over the back seat.
"Yes." Xelloss replied.
"Good, than I can finally have an end to being smashed back here."
"I didn’t plan on having three other passengers." Xelloss replied in a chilly voice. Lina looked at him for a second.
"Did you really not want to pick up Filia that much Xelloss?" Lina asked as she ruffled her long fire red hair.
"…no, it’s not Filia-san…it’s just that.."
"I thought I could have you to myself for awhile." Xelloss pouted.
Lina’s face turned bright red at that comment and she hid her head in the bouquet of roses.
"We’re about there." Xelloss smiled at Lina and tapped her head.
"I’m not a kid!" Lina protested. She didn’t like it when people tapped her head like grownups do with kids. Xelloss just laughed and Val groaned and Rou continued to tend Filia who was still out.

"…Zelas…why are you in a different form?" Luna asked as she saw Zelas dressed in an elegant black dress, her ‘brown’ hair up in a fashionable style.
"Don’t you like it? I’ve never taken this form before so thought I’ll use it. Switching forms is soo much fun, one great advantage of being a mazoku dark lord" Zelas turned around and smiled at Luna. "By the way, thanks for getting off work today. I did magic proof my house but I really wouldn’t like it if Lina-chan threw fire balls around here." Zelas smiled and added. "But she behaves herself in front of you, I presume."
"She knows the consequences of NOT obeying. Did I tell you about the time when she casted ‘Recovery’ on me when I had a light cold, well I ended up with pneumonia!! I made sure she learned her lesson." Luna smiled.
"Oh yeah, Recovery heals wounds but not diseases." Zelas nodded in agreement. "But Luna, even if you did have pneumonia there was no way YOU could’ve died so maybe you should have gone easy on her."
"Zelas, you spoil Xelloss-kun and Lin-chan rotten!!" Luna screamed.
"I do?" Zelas blinked.
"Sure, if Xelloss-kun wants a car you get him one, and I did see how much those things cost, if he wants a camera you buy him the most expensive one. Should I even get into how much you spoil Lin-chan, that kitchen you had remolded just because Lin wished for it is like a CASTLE!!"
"Well…I mean, money really doesn’t mean much to us mazoku, and if Lin and Xel wanted it I never saw a reason not to get it for them. Besides Luna, you are too strict with Lina-chan. Lina-chan may be strong but she’s human, and humans are fragile."
"Lina? Give me a break Zelas, if that’s fragile I’d like to see what’s not."
"Be careful what you wish for Lu-chan, wishes may come true. Besides, it’s only once in a whole millennium or not a girl that interesting will appear. Ne?" Zelas smiled.
"Zelas-sama!!" Lin’s excited voice came through the doors. Zelas quickly undid the locks on the door with a flick of her hand.
"Yes Lin?" Zelas asked as Lin entered. Lin noticed Luna and slightly bowed.
"Pleased to make your acquaintance miss Luna." Lin politely greeted her than turned her attention back to Zelas. "Um…Sir Dynast wishes to talk to you, he’s with Sheela." Zelas groaned.
"Send him back, I don’t want a conflict and from what I gather Lina-chan doesn’t get along with Sheela right." Lin nodded at Zelas’s words.
"But he refuses to, he came by today and he tried to sneak into the kitchen and was blasted with flour and all and he refuses to wake up." Zelas sighed at Lin’s words.
"Throw him in the kitchen and help him bring out the lunch and dinner dishes. We’ll be having Lunch soon and the more hands the better." Lin nodded and than with a happy smile announced.
"Lina and Xelloss-sama are back!! I’m going to go greet them!!" With that Lin went flying through the door.
"…She’s hyper." Luna commented after Lin left.
"I know. Come on Luna, let’s go greet our guest."

"Okay, first introductions." Lina stated as everyone got up after the fall from the portals. It had been an interesting site. Filia freaking out once she found out the location. Shilfiel demanding answers, Gaury asking questions such as ‘what’s wolf pact island? Can I eat it?’. They finally got around to the introductions.
"Shilfiel this is Xelloss, I think you’ve met him but never had been introduced before, Filia Ul Copt, a dragon maiden, Val, basically Filia’s son, and Rou Tiut of elves. Xelloss, Filia, Val and Rou, this is Shilfiel Nels Raada, the former chief priestess at Sailarg. Amelia, Gaury, and Zel, this is Rou Tiut of the elves. Rou, this is Amelia Will Tesla Seyluun, the second princess of Seyluun, THIS is Gaury Gabliev, a jelly fist, and this one is Zelgadiss Graywords, a chimera. That’s basically it."
"Lina…what do you mean by Jelly fish?" Gaury asked a little warily.
"Exactly what I mean." Lina smiled.
"Lina!! Xelloss-sama!!" A girl happily jumped on to the two and both sighed.
"Lin." Lina said at the girl.
"Lin!!" Rou walked towards the girl and smiled at her. "I am so glad to have met you again!!" Rou took her hand and kissed it.
"Huh? Rou you know Lin?" Lina asked.
"Oh yes, I presume she is my long lost sister from my past life, I met her the other day. Princess Shi-Kon of the Holy Elves." At that statement Lina, Amelia, and Zelgadiss’s eyes were bigger than usual.
"PRINCESS OF THE HOLY ELVES!!!!!!!! You mean THE Holy Elves?!" Lina demanded.
"A Holy Elf!! Lin-san, if you were only a mazoku I may still forgive you for working with the evil ways but as a Holy Elf, especially a princess, an example, you must serve your life to justice!!" Amelia screamed.
"Do you know a cure to my body!?" Zelgadiss demanded. "A Holy Elf Royal Female yields the power of the Lord of Nightmares!!" Zelgadiss screamed excitedly.
"Where’s the staff Lin!! I want to see it!! So you are the daughter of the Crucified Queen!! Oh my god!! Do you know how great your heritage is!!" Lina screamed and shook Lin by the collar.
"Li, Lina….stop….it" Lin managed as her air supply was cutting short.
"Lina stop it, you’re choking Lin-chan."
Lina dropped Lin at that precise moment and her head turned, making the sound of rusted metal. "Ne…Ne…Ne…Ne…Ne…"
"My Luna-san!!" Filia exclaimed.
"NEECHAN!!!!!!" Lina screamed and started running around the island.
"My, my, my. She’s certainly energetic." A woman with long brown hair and black eyes appeared behind Luna. "She must be really hard to take care of, how do you manage it Xel?"
"Well…once you get used to it…it isn’t so bad." Xelloss replied. "By the way…why did you switch forms Zelas-sama?"
"Oh, like it? It’s my newest form." Zelas smiled at her priest. "By the way Luna." She said turning to her best friend. "Can you calm Lina-chan down?"
"Lina, come here." Luna called and Lina immediately answered to that. "Stay calm, I mean no harm."
"Luna-san!! What are you doing here?!" Filia demanded walking up to Luna.
"Oh, I’m here in order to celebrate my sister’s birthday." Luna replied cheerfully. "And for some of Lin-chan’s great cooking."
"At Wolf Pact Island?!" Filia demanded. "Besides, why is it to be held at Wolf Pact Island?" Filia demanded again.
"Look at it this way Filia. To go to Seyluun would be a looong ride that will take at least a week. Right?" Filia nodded at Lina’s logic. "And my house at Zefiria isn’t big enough to house all these people, plus it will also take a while to get there. Zelgadiss and Gaury don’t seem to have any fixed houses, your place can’t hold all these people. Process of Elimination, is what it’s called." Filia just stared at Lina.
"I…see, but still…"
"The party will start at six o’clock Lina-chan, but it IS noon and you must all be hungry. Lin, go get the lunch dishes." Zelas ordered.
"Yes Zelas-sama!" Lin agreed and ran into the castle. Zelas turned to the whole group.
"I will guide you all through the castle now." She said with a smile and they all entered the castle. The castle was made out of Orihalcon Metal and had a very elegant design as a whole.
"The Library is to the right." Zelas said as she indicated a pair of big brown doors. "It takes up half of the first floor." Zelas than walked down the hall and pointed to the left. "That is the entertainment room. It has a bunch of games I got from another world as well as a few attractions."
"Don’t say it." Lina groaned, remembering the time she was dressed up like Alice in Wonderland(©) and got caught in a huge attraction with an annoying pig. Zelgadiss chuckled, understanding the meaning and Filia laughed. The rest just looked at the three quizzically.
"Um, any way. That’s basically the first floor." Zelas said with a smile as the walked up some stairs. "The Second floor contains the kitchen, the dining room and the sun room and balcony" Zelas explained. "We’ll be having lunch in the sun room and so just sit on any couch or the floor if you want."
Zelgadiss took a seat in a fairly large armchair and relaxed. Xelloss sat down on the couch and Lina sat down next to him. Gaury sat down next to Lina and Shilfiel sat down next to him. Filia was glued to Luna and sat down on the same couch as Luna, which happened to be the one Zelas was sitting at. Rou sat on one of the other arm chairs and Val sat on another armchair.

Lin stared at all the trays she would have to carry into the sun room. She had made more than usual, enough to feed all the guest, including Lina and Gaury. Lin reached to pick up two, deciding she would have to carry them in two by two, when an arm reached over and picked them up. She handed a few to Dynast and Sheela(Who got stuck helping).
"Why do I have to help!!" Sheela whined. "Especially cater to Lina Inverse!!"
"Because you sneaked in!!" Lin said happily.
"May I help you Princess Shi-Kon?" A girl with animal ears and blue hair in a braid appeared from behind and asked with a smile.
"Femni…right?" Lin asked and Femni nodded.
"Oh, hello Femni, been a couple hundred of years hasn’t it." Dynast said with a smile.
"Oh, been a while true Sir Graushelaa. And Sheela-chan." Femni smiled sweetly at Dynast and than victoriously at Sheela. Femni and Sheela’s rivalry had been lasting forever.
"Should I take these into the dining room?" Femni asked with a smile towards Lin. "I know my way around this castle."
"Um, no to the sun room." Lin told her.
"Okay, but are you, Xel, and Zelas-sama eating all this?" Femni asked with a smile.
"Oh, no. Today is a birthday party so…" Lin explained."
"Oh, for who? I know Xel’s birthday isn’t for another 4 months…" Femni cut her off. Is this the day Xel found you?" Femni asked.
"Um, no. It’s the birthday party of Lina." Lin replied with a smile. "When I first met you I was buying a present for Lina."
"Lina…Lina what?"
"Lina Inverse." Lin replied with a smile.
"INVERSE!!" Femni screamed nearly dropping the trays but Lin caught them just in time. "You mean THE Lina Inverse?" Lin nodded. "Princess Shi-Kon how did you meet her?"
Lin frowned. "Like I said, my name is Lin. And actually it was Xelloss-sama who first met her. I than decided to meet her for myself since Xelloss-sama seemed fascinated by her."
"Xel, fascinated by a human? This is first." Femni muttered.
"Oh, but Lina isn’t your ordinary human. Besides, she is the sister of Zelas-sama’s best friend."
"Oh, that explains why the party is here. Well, Princess Shi, I mean Princess Lin, let’s take these trays out." Femni smiled. She was interested in this Lina character, a new and interesting human.
"Hai." Lin replied.