Trouble Maker Chatper 7
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Chapter 7
Zelas was sitting at a table in the restaurant Lialancer(The restaurant Luna works at) as she waited for her friend to finish up so Zelas could tell her about her priest and Lina Inverse. Luna Inverse, Lina’s older sister and only one Lina truly feared, would certainly be surprised that some how those two ‘FINALLY’ got together.
Zelas liked keeping Luna updated on Lina. If there was one thing that they both had in common, it was teasing others, specifically Zelas LOVED teasing Xelloss and Luna LOVED teasing Lina.
"is this seat taken?" A man with short black hair who was dressed in the latest fashions came over and asked her. Zelas debated on whether or not to let this guy have his way or not. She decided against it. Luna would just give her a lecture about different things if she saw Zelas with him.
"Yes." Zelas stated in a monotone. "It’s taken." She decided not to elaborate, she only did that when she was ordered to by Shablaniguduu, or she thought it might be a better idea to elaborate.
"…Well, who?"
"None of your business." Zelas replied as she looked through the menu. She regretted not staying on the island, at least there she didn’t have to deal with guys who didn’t know their place in the world, and was able to eat Lin’s great cooking.
Zelas sighed at the idea of Lin. Zelas was for certain Lin was planning something that involved Zelas, but Zelas couldn’t pin point it. Usually she’d ask her priest, Xelloss, but he was too caught up with Lina Inverse. Not that Zelas really minded, he still got his work done and all, plus it gave her more things to tease him about.
"May I take your order Zelas?" A fairly high pitched voice bought her back to reality. A waitress dressed in a red dress and a white apron with light purple hair just slightly longer than her shoulders, and bangs that covered her eyes stood there.
Upon seeing the waitress the guy scattered off like a scared cat. Zelas couldn’t hide her smile. Looks like Lina Inverse wasn’t the only one that feared the Cefied Knight who worked part time as a waitress.
"Well, let me see Luna." Zelas replied and scanned the menu. Nothing good to her eyes. Zelas preferred the authentic Seyluun cuisine, rare for a mazoku considering that Seyluun was also known as the holy capitol. Although Seyluun kingdom and Zefiria kingdom were situated next to each other, the town Lialancer was in was on the other side of the border separating Zefiria and Seyluun.
"Can’t find anything you like to eat? Wanna cup of tea?" Luna knew that was what Zelas was going to have anyway. She could tell that Zelas was in one of her extra picky moods.
"That sounds the best. When are you getting off by the way?"
"Half an hour. Just wait here and remember to brush off all those guys that are looking lustfully at you." Luna added still smiling.
"I’m not a kid Luna. And quit smiling, you’re starting to remind me of Xelloss." Zelas replied with a smile as she added the last comment.
"It’s my job to smile while I’m working, I’ll scowl later on." Luna replied and left. Zelas just shook her head and wondered for the umpteen millionth time why she was friends with Luna.

Lin was working on sweeping the floor of the great halls. Over her normal clothing, which was a black general type jacket and a deep blue skirt, she wore a white apron. It was her chore to do the house work around Wolf Pact Island, and the cleaning of the castle was the hardest work. Lin liked it to be neat and orderly, but not to the point where it was shining from scrubbing the floors and such.
She sighed at the thought of being cooped up in the castle all day. Her master, Ju-shinkan Xelloss, had gone over to Lina Inverse, and the Beast Master Zelas Metalium was off in some town in Zefiria. Lin didn’t enjoy being alone in the big castle. She wanted music and laughs to fill it like one of those taverns Lina had taken her to. Lin also knew that was impossible.
The only times mazoku ever got together to have fun were to celebrate their victory over the gods, and not just dragons but really large gods such as a victory over the Water Dragon King or something. Last time that happened was before Lin became mazoku. Other then that it was as though they hated each other, especially the hierarchy of the mazoku.
Lin smiled though the situation. Maybe she’d be lucky enough and Lina could come, that would certainly live up the castle, besides Lin was sure Xelloss would be thrilled to have her come.
Lin smiled. If her master was happy, she was happy, and nothing would change that. Lin liked seeing Xelloss really smiling, and not his fake smile that he usually had. Then she noticed that the Beast Master had been smiling less and less. It was rare, Zelas was usually smiling and acting as if she didn’t have a care in the world, but lately she seemed to be pretty down casted.
An idea suddenly struck Lin. Xelloss was happy when he was with Lina, which meant that if Zelas was with someone she really cared for she’d go back to her usual self. Lin quickly made a mental list of the men she knew.
Dynast Graushelaa. His powers equaled Zelas’s, and his looks were certainly of the best, but Lin had a slight dislike for him. She thought about it for awhile and then sighed. No, Dynast would not be the perfect match for Zelas. They irritated the other over and over again.
Gaury Gabliev. No. Lin quickly decided. Lin disliked the blonde human swordsman since he ruined her plans and most of all, the Beast Master would have him killed with him making all sorts of stupid remarks. Zelas liked people who could match her in the brain as well as powers, and Gaury was certainly no match for the Beast Master in both wit and power.
Zelgadiss Graywords. He was certainly smart, Lin would give him that much credit. Fairly powerful, especially being a descendent of Rezo the Red Priest. But Lin knew Zelas and Zelgadiss would clash. Zelgadiss was very uptight about things and Zelas was carefree. No they definitely didn’t go together.
Then there was….Lei Magnus Shablaniguduu. The master of all mazoku. Lin sighed. The Ruby Eye Shablaniguduu was perfect for Zelas in every which way, other than for one slight problem. There was no way Lin could talk to the Dark Lord alone, the only ones granted that privilege were the five under him, and full bred mazoku priests and generals. Lin automatically disqualified. She wasn’t a priest or a general, and most of all she wasn’t full bred mazoku. She definitely didn’t consider herself elf but in the eyes of the Dark Lord she was an elf and not a mazoku. Which meant that there was no way she was going to be able to talk to Shablaniguduu about this, plus he was encased in a block of ice, that wouldn’t lighten up Zelas’s mood at all. She won’t be able to see him smile or anything.
Lin decided she’d just have to go search for a man perfect for Zelas. And if the Lord of Nightmares had even somewhat of pity, Lin hoped she’d receive it.

Rou was perched on a rock that over looked ocean that laid in front of him. His long brown hair, tied at a loose pony tail at the base of his neck moved to the wind. The pony tail was loose enough that it hid his ears well He wore a brown simple shirt, and black pants. He held a sword in his hand and he wore no armor.
At first glance, he was human. He had the skin of a human, the eyes of a human, the built of a human. But when one looked close, they would notice that his ears were pointed and were those of an elf.
Every elf tribe had their own special trait, and his tribes trait was to know their past life, of who they were a reincarnation of. It was their way of survival. Knowing their past meant that they knew the knowledge they used to have, and with that there was greater chance for their survival.
Rou’s past life was short, by an elf’s standard. Only fifty years or so. If he was another living thing it may not be considered short, but he was an elf as well in the past. Anger boiled up in him every time he ‘remembered’ it.
His tribe in his past life was destroyed. Rou remembered the scene vividly. His family running from the fire that had spread when a huge black cone came out of no where and killed his family. Rou’s past self had his infant sister in his arms and fell to the ground as soon as something hit through his heart.
Rou wasn’t the type that sought out revenge, he believed that all that happened was destiny, and he didn’t have the power to change it. Only one thing tugged his mind. His infant baby sister. Rou knew that the chances she survived that attack were low, and even if she did, it had been five hundred or so years, there was no way she would be alive.
There was a part of Rou that wished he would have known her, and a part that was screaming that he not know the truth was the best. Rou didn’t understand why not knowing the truth was best, but he decided to think of it later. First, he was going to go to the place where his tribe in his past life lived, just to pay a tribute, after that, he didn’t know.

"So, they finally got together. Took them long enough though." Luna muttered as she walked down the streets of her home town with Zelas. "But then again, Lina never was the type to trust a man so it really couldn’t be helped that much. Any way, tell that girl…Lin was it, that she did a good job."
"I’ll tell her. She likes hearing praise." Zelas replied as she walked aimlessly. "By the way, have you found any one Luna?" Zelas asked as the thought suddenly occured to her.
"No, and I’m fine being single. Don’t want to get tied down to anyone. Besides, Being the Cefied Knight it’s a little harder for me to just settle down with any guy." Luna replied as she smiled sadly. "If I ever got together with someone then that person would have to be the ‘best’ in almost everything."
"Good luck to all your suitors. There are only three you consider best at almost everything. Yourself, Cefied and L-sama." Zelas pointed out.
"Naturally. I have pride as the Cefied Knight, and a huge amount of faith in both of my lords. Do you not have faith in Ruby Eye and L-sama."
"Cut the serene act out Luna. I know that you aren’t like that. And yes, I have faith in Ruby Eye-sama and L-sama. Satisfied?"
Luna nodded. "this changes the subject but does Lin like to play matchmaker?" Zelas blinked a few times at that question.
"Well…I guess she does." Zelas finally replied.
"And Zelas, have you found any one?"
"no, I’m not that interested in finding one either. I mean, I don’t want a tied down relationship. I want an open one. Besides, ‘love’s’ not my style." Zelas replied as she played with her hands. "I’m fine the way I am."
"Well…I might as well tell you this. I’ll be careful of Lin."
"Huh? Me be careful of Lin? Luna, have you gone crazy?" Zelas asked with an exasperated voice and a sigh.
"No, you just said she enjoyed playing matchmaker. Plus with you being single… won’t surprise me if she wants to match you up next." Luna replied as she bought a cup of soda from a street bender.
"Get real Luna. With who? Trust me, Lin doesn’t know that many guys." Zelas replied as she laughed off Luna’s comment. "She grew up on the island and has hardly ever left it."
"well, when she disguised herself as a towns girl she could’ve easily met the man she thought was perfect for you." Luna suggested as she took a sip of her soda.
"Me with a human? Luna, you know far well that if I ever settled for someone it would definitely not be a human."
"Well…you’ve got a point there. Besides, a human won’t have the strength or stamina to live with you."
"What did you say?"
"A human won’t live up to your expectations. Is what I said." Luna smiled.
"I don’t think so…"
"Think what you want. I don’t care." Luna replied as she walked into a store. "It’s probably just my imagination Zelas, don’t get so uptight about it. By the way, let me show you that dress I’ve had my eye on."
Zelas sighed and wondered. Luna was a Knight to the god in this world when needs be, other than that, she was just like Zelas.