Here is the Links page. Please enjoy yourselves.

Jakime's Anime World
My sister's Anime page with a bunch of fanfics(Yes, there is Slayers) which are cross overs with other stories like YuYu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin and Houshin Engi.

The  Crazy Pair's Slayers and Anime Fanfic Page! Amanda(Chaotic> and Shadowdancer's page. If you have read the stories and the guest section then go here for more. They are really good and have a lot to read there.

Hoshi Xelloss' Slayers Temple A Xelloss fansite with a lot of fun page. Check out what the Slayers would say...It's really funny! And the Fanfic Page.

Eugene's Animation+
A page with great fanart!! A must see site!!

Slayers Reflect
A page with a great fanfic.

Queen Megumi's Rezo Shrine

This page has almost all the info on Slayers you can get!

The Royal Fool's Slayers Page

The ultimate image gallary for Slayers. Go there, and you'll definately have fun.

Deathra's slayers links

Slayers Links Slayers Links Slayers Links, currently 102 Slayers Links.

Slayers Elsewhere

This page also hosts Xelloss/Lina fanfics. Go and read them, they're great.

An Elf's Pride, An Essper's Greed

Not a Slayers page but it's a page of my e-mail friends. Go visit there.

The Anime Turnpike

The best page around for anything that has to do with ANIME!

MUST SEE JAPANESE SITES If you understand Japanese here are a bunch of sites that I recommend to you.


The MUST see Slayers site owned by the Slayers staff.


A very graphic intense site. It also has pictures of Anime other than Slayers.


Another graphic intense site. A must see place for Xelloss-fans.

Zerolina Suishinniinkai

A japanese site dedicated to Lina and Xelloss!! It is still in works but it already has great stories and pictures.