Amelia walked through the night woods silently. She had to keep herself from crying in self-pity. "I can't cry, I can't cry. I can't........." Amelia's eyes disobeyed her command as water flowed from them. "What am I doing?" Amelia asked herself. "I was wellowing in self-pity that I wasn't paying any attention to Lina-san when she tried to talk to me. I've been ignoring all my friends...this mess is my fault to begin with yet I'm still running from it. What was I thinking?!" Amelia yelled out. "I've been a self-centered brat, no wonder Zelgadiss-san doesn't give me the light of day. That's it. I'm going back to Seyluun AFTER I fix this mess, and then I'll appear as a trained, serene, caring, model princess, in front of Zelgadiss-san again!! There's always room for improvement!! RIGHT AMELIA!! Justice always requires improvement on it, there is hope!!" Amelia yelled at herself. She felt like she could finally see through the fog that had been hanging in her head for the past few years. Since the Miwan incident she had been so obssessed that she had lost the very central aspect of being a girl in love, improving yourself so someone would like you, and too the better.
Amelia suddenly felt like laughing outloud. What had been her problem all this time? She had close friends who were worried about her and they really did care. "Truth and Justice will protect me for the power of Justice is the strongest of all."
"..........What do we have here?" A sudden voice appeared from the bushes and Amelia turned around.
"Why, it's a nice young lady boss." A skinny man that looked almost like a skeleton who was dressed in animal skin and a very bad hair cut appeared. "Think we can get us something?" The skinny man asked the round fat man.
"Yeah, she seems like one of those girls that donít know any better and think they own the world. Letís teach them a lesson."
Zelgadiss was running through the forest when he heard a scream. Worried that it was Amelia he ran straight towards the direction it came from, hoping Amelia was safe. What Zelgadiss failed to realize though was the scream sounded like a manís more than a girlís.

"Justice Shoulder Attack!! Seyluun Giant Swing!! Seyluun Tornado!! The fist of Justice!!" Amelia exclaimed as she beat up the robbers. Next thing we knew she was on top of the tree with the moon behind her. "As long as there is evil in the world, I, Amelia Will Tesla Seyluun will stop at no cost to destroy that evil!!" She jumped off the tree and naturally, since she is Amelia, you could guess what happened. "Ow.......My face.." Amelia whined as she rubbed the dirt off her face.
"What are you doing?" An exasperated voice asked and Amelia looked up.
"Zelgadiss-san!!" Amelia squealed.
"I come looking for you after I read your letter. Don't you think it's dangerous for a princess to be walking along the woods alone?" Zelgadiss asked.
"My well being is only a small concern in the aspect of a greater justice!!" Amelia declared.
"....what happened?" Zelgadiss asked.
"What happened? Last I saw you, you were depressed and didn't want to think or talk about anything but now you're....well..." Zelgadiss stammered on how to describe how she was acting. She acted as though she used to but seemed more mature, not in what she said or anything but...
"I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I've got my father, my people and my friends. I'm not the unhappiest person in the world, in fact I'm one of the happiest. I just decided to realize that fact." Amelia explained.
"So, you're not going back to Seyluun?" Zelgadiss asked.
"Oh, I am, just after I clean up the mess I caused." Amelia smiled and extended her hand. "The antidote please. I caused the problem, I will fix it." Zelgadiss smiled back and handed Amelia the antidote.

"Good morning Lina-san!! It's a nice day out isn't it!! Would you like eggs or cereal for breakfast?!" Lina's eyes bugged out as Amelia asked her. "Is something wrong Lina-san?"
"Is something wrong? Is something wrong?! Yesterday you were ignoring me like I didn't even exist but now you're asking me what I want for breakfast?! What's been going on with you lately?!! One day you hate me and now you like me again?! What is going on here?!" Lina screamed.
"Lina-san, we are walking past Gaury-san's room. Please control yourself, we don't want to disturb him. So, which would it be?" Amelia asked again.
"Which would what be?"
"Breakfast. Cereal or Eggs?" Amelia asked again.
"........Whichever." Lina replied and suddenly was hit by a wave of tiredness.
"Are you okay Lina-san?" Xelloss appeared out of no where and asked.
"WHY DID YOU SUDDENLY APPEAR?!" Lina demanded as she grabbed his cape and shook him.
"Why, of course to meet my darling Lina." Xelloss replied with a smile which earned him a smack in the head.
"Xelloss-san, Lina-san, please do those things some place else." Amelia asked with a sigh.
"Do WHAT?" Lina demanded and Amelia shook her head. "Besides....besides this stupid priest is under the influence of something, I don't know what but something!!" Lina screamed.
"Oh that reminds me." Amelia hit her hand on the palm of the other. "This is the antidote to the love potion that Xelloss-san accidently drank. Here you go Xelloss-san." Amelia handed Xelloss the antidote.
"Love potion?" Xelloss wondered.
"...Amelia~~?" Lina glared at Amelia and Amelia jumped.
"Love potion that Zelgadiss-san was suppose to drink." Amelia confessed.
"So you had something to do with this?" Lina asked in a calm voice which made Amelia jump again.
"um....yes..." Amelia replied.
"You little.......BOM SPRID!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lina screamed and the inn rocked from the heat and explosion Lina caused.

"............I'm so sorry, would you forgive me?" Lina looked up at the master with puppy dog eyes and placed and handed him some precious jewelry.
"Lina-san that isn't just---" Amelia shut her mouth when Lina glared at her.
"I'm really really sorry." Lina apologized again and the master let her go. As soon as the two were out of the master's hearing range they headed to the courtyard where Gaury, Zelgadiss, Xelloss, and Shilfiel were waiting.
"Do I really have to go through the humuliation of explaining things to Gaury-san and Shilfiel-san as well?" Amelia whined.
"YES!!" Lina replied strongly. "I'm not letting you off the hook that easily Amelia. We went through hell because of you!!"
"................Lina-san, can I ask you one question."
"What?!" Lina snapped.
"Do you love Xelloss-san?" Lina's face came in contact with the brick road at that question.
"He's out of the influence now." Lina replied and tried to regain her composure.
"......that potion only enhance already existing feelings." Amelia told her. "Besides, he may not have had the antidote yet." Amelia explained.
"He has, I shoved it down his throat." Lina told Amelia. "Next time he tells me he loves me, it better be for real. I hate depending on potions to get others people's feelings towards me."
"So you do love Xelloss-san." Amelia concluded but Lina just smiled and put her index finger to her mouth.
"Sore wa himitsu yo." Lina smiled.

"So basically, I bought some love potion, Xelloss-san accidently drank it, but the potion only enhanced already existing feelings, figuring that out Xelloss-san was in love with Lina-san from before. Out of jealousy Gaury-san in injured, I wellowed in self-pity that no one cared about me, Zelgadiss-san couldnít think of a way to get Xelloss-san to drink the antidote, today I finally gave Lina-san the antidote so she could deal with the problem. Lina-san shoved the antidote down Xelloss-sanís throat and so Xelloss-san is out of the influence now." Amelia explained as she took in deep breaths.
"So, what are we going to do now?" Lina asked and Gaury raised his hand. "Yes Gaury."
"Ö.So what happened?" Everyone in the room collapsed to the floor at that statement.
"Ga, Gaury donít tell me that after Amelia explained things in the most simple form possible you have the nerve to tell me you donít get it?!" Lina asked as her eye brows twitched in frustration.
"Oh, I just sort of tuned her out after the first sentence or so." Gaury admitted and started laughing.
"You Jelly fish head, brain yogurt, canít remember a thing idiot!!" Lina screamed. "How in the world can someone NOT understand after something was explained in the simplest form!! You idiot!! Baka!!"
"Lina-san, please calm down!!" Shilfiel stopped Lina from killing Gaury since he was still in critical condition.
"But we still havenít solved the basic problem of all this." Gaury informed suddenly becoming serious.
"I agree with Gaury-san on this one." Xelloss included his opinion.
"Huh?" Lina asked.
"Due to the potion I am now able to recognize my emotions for Lina-san, and know that it is there." Xelloss explained.
"And Lina, Iíve told you how I feel right." Gaury added.
"So Lina-san, which do you choose?" They both asked at the same time and Lina thought for awhile. During that time Shilfiel prayed Lina would choose Xelloss, Amelia was sighing at how Ďromanticí this situation was, and Zelgadiss was complaining that things still werenít normal. Finally Lina smiled at the both of them.
"A dragon feast, The worldís most prized Sorcery books, the tree whose bark is gold and leaves are emerald and flowers are pearls, and a few little things Iíll want here and there. The time limit is a month for all of those. Which ever one of you can get those first is the winner. Iím testing your guys love here since Iím not going to fall in love with every guy that likes me or thinks me attractive. And Xelloss no using your magic powers and Gaury no using of your instincts and no hurting the other." Lina smiled sweetly. "The game starts tomorrow." Gaury and Xelloss looked at Lina surprised. "Ever heard of Princess Kaguya? Either you get me all of those or I go to someplace you canít reach me. Retire or not is up to you." Lina smiled victoriously at the two.

Any one can tell me they like me or love me.
But it takes someone special to do impossible things for me.
That is the one that I will love.
So prove to me that you are that one, donít depend on artificial things if you want me.