Female Original Characters

AZURE LAPIS: GENERAL My original Character Azure. She's suppose to be an active type. I know she looks like Hilde but she's not suppose to.

LIN DIST: IMAGE 1 If you've been to my slayers site you know very well who this is.

DEANNA SEIS: MIDNIGHT STARS Deanna Seis, you'll be seeing a lot more of her She's a demigod.

LIN DIST: LAST EPISODE OF TROUBLE MAKER Another pic of Lin. This is also an image pic for the last episode of trouble maker.

KAEN AND DEANNA SEIS The two main characters from my original story KA-EN-DEN I'm still working on the fanfic to go with this picture.

SAPPHIRE: QUEEN Sapphire, she's suppose to be the master of Azure In case you were wondering, she's also my own image of what Youzen(Houshin Engi) mother may have looked like.

DAYITA REVERSE Dayita Reverse is a character from an original story line me, Jakie and tow of our friends are working on. She is a guy magnet by the way.

ROBYN This is Robyn, another character from the original story line mentioned in the above. She is the calm one.

MANAMI URANO This is me in my alternate story line mentioned above. In real life I do not own this outfit, although I would like to I don't know if I'd wear it or not...

YUKI URANO This is Jakie's alternate personality Yuki in the story line that was mentioned in the above for stories.

FANTASAMYSTICAL A collage of the above four pictures, possibly considering to use as the signiture pic of Fantasamystical(Title of story)

SERAPHIM A Seraphim(angel with 6 wings) that I drew. BTW, I know with a Seraphim 2 wings are suppose to cover the face, 2 cover the feet and the other 2 are for flying but this pic doesn't depict that. I don't mean to be sacriligious, I just really wanted to draw the face of the character

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