Chapter 1
A fanfic by: Zelas Metalium

Chapter 1: The Letter, the Baby, And the Pink Cradle
The bitter cold filled the room and awoken Lin, an elf with purple eyes and long black hair. It has been a while since she got some pleasant sleep cause she had to take care of two little devils. Since today is Wednesday, it is her usual day off and she don’t have to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning and play with them for the rest of the day. Thinking back, she wondered how she could get this horrible punishment. To her, drinking one huge gulp of white vinegar isn’t that bad but how could she mix up sake and white vinegar and serve it to her master’s master!? Even though Zelas-sama always punish her for doing stupid things, but this time was the worst she have ever done. Lucky for her that her master helped her do some of her usual work or she would be dead now. Even though it is her day off, she still has one job to do, separate the d-mails.
The d-mail is also called the Dimension Mail. The d-mail is an international anime and slayers dimensions mail system. Using the d-mail, a person could send or receive anything from and to another dimension or anime show. Usually the d-mailbox is filled with magazines and mangas that Zelas-sama and Xelloss-sama ordered but today there was a different mail. It is a regular simple white letter but it was so regular that it seems weird.
On the front, there are no stamps on it so that means that it is from another dimension but it’s not from another anime series. There are no other words than on the front which said: To Zelas Metallium, and there’s nothing on the envelope that tells Lin who it is from but the letter gave her a strange feeling about the letter and she had to get it to Zelas-sama at once.
Lin walked through a silver hallway filled with giant metallic-purple doors on both sides. At the end of the hall, there’s a huge beautiful silver gate with purple and black gems decorated on it.
Through the gate doors is the main room where Zelas Metallium work. Lin knocked on the doors and she was answered by a high-pitch voice, “You may come in, Lin-chan.”
Lin shivered and quickly walks in. In the room, she saw Zelas Metallium sitting at her usual throne playing with some clay like substance. The silver throne sat at the back middle of the room, and it is decorated with tiny silver and black gems. Zelas looked up from her work and asked, “Lin-chan, I thought I told you to play and take care of Phiblizo and Garv.”
“Well Zelas-sama, today is my day off so I took them back at their room.”
“Then what brings you here? Are you looking for my dear priest? He’s in his room playing with his new toys.”
“No Zelas-sama, I’m not looking for Xelloss-sama. I wanted to speak to you. see, when I was separating the d-mails today, there’s this one mail that I thought you might like to read first.”
“Why is this mail so important?”
“Well, here’s the mail.”
Lin gave Zelas the envelope. When Zelas opened the mail and started reading it, her face turned blue and fainted.
“Zelas-sama! Are you alright? Speak to me! Zelas-sama!” Lin cried at her fainted master but suddenly Zelas regain consciousness and jumped up with delight.
“Finally my dream can come true!!!”
“Zelas-sama? Are you okay? What’s in that letter?” Asked Lin with confusion written all over her face.
“Lin-chan, no time to talk now. Get my priest in here right now! We have important matters to discuss.” A few minutes later, Xelloss rushed into the room.
“Zelas-sama, what is it?” “Xelloss-kun, guess what?! *giggling* L-sama is letting me have the Friday the thirteenth party to held here!!! It’s going to be so much fun! Finally we get to have it here, every year the party was held at Grausheela’s place but thinks to Garv, his place was destroyed and...”
“Hold on a minute! So the party is going to take place here?!?! Isn’t it dangerous? Garv-sama might get drunk and do the same thing he did at Grausheela-sama’s place!!!”
“Well then we’ll have to add something this year,”
“What?” Asked Xelloss.
“rules.” Said Zelas with a evil smirk.
“Oh, Xelloss! My dear priest! Would you please make the invitations and deliver them personally to the other dark lords? Thanks! ^ _ ^ ” Xelloss sweatdrops and teleported out of the room

**~*~*~Two hours pasted~*~*~*

“I’m home!!” Said Xelloss.
“So Xelloss......WHO’S COMMING?!?!?!” Exclaimed the impatient dark lord.
“Only these people are comming: Garv-sama; Grausheela-sama; Phibrizo-sama; and Sheela-san.”
“Then what about Dalphin?”
“Dalphin-sama won’t even talk to me at first but I told her it’s about the party and she jumped up with delight but when I told her that it’s going to take place here, she said she wont go.”
“Oh well, it’s up to her. Too bad we can’t tease her this time.”
“Yup, too bad.” Xelloss nodded.
“Xelloss, now all we have to do is to invite OUR friends. First I would like you to bring someone here... Valgarv-chan and Firia-san.”
“WHAT!?!?! Zelas-sama please don’t tell me that you want to invite them too!”
“Xelloss, don’t make me repeat myself.” Said Zelas with her eyes visible and glaring at him.
“I’ll be back shortly, master.” Xelloss teleported out of the room.
“OH! This is going to be so much fun!!” Exclaimed Zelas.


At a peaceful town, there are many families but there’s one that’s different. That family owns a store that sells pottery and stuff and in that family, there’s a fox-man, a lizard-man, a dragon maiden, and a little baby ancient dragon. They live happily for three months now and everyone got used to them. Usually no one visit their store but today, there’s a nice looking young fellow looking into the store. The door swing open and a tall handsome fellow with purple hair and wears a black cape that’s holding a staff entered the store.
“Welcome! Please feel free to look around and if you need anything just ring the bell at the counter.” Said a woman’s voice from inside the storage room. Only a part of her pink skirt can be seen. The young man picked up a bowl that’s painted purple with silver lines. It’s also decorated with beautiful black and aqua gems. He then walks toward the counter with the bowl and ringed the bell.
“I’ll be there in a sec!” Said the same voice that he heard from earlier.
“Hello, may I help you with anythi.......” Her voice died off and shivers when she saw her customer.
“Hi! Long time no see, Firia-san. I would like to buy this.” He pointed at the bowl.
“Xe..xe....ahhhhhh!” Scream the dragon maiden. She took out her mace from under her skirt and was about to hit the priest but she stopped herself in time before the mace land on his head (She remembered how Xelloss teased her about golden dragon being violence).
“I’m here to buy something from your store, and something else. So, how are ya?”
“I don’t want to hear any words from you and this cost five gold pieces.” He paid her and she put it into a brown leather bag. “Thank you for shopping and now could you leave?”
“ I was sent here to take you AND Valgarv-san to Zelas-sama. Now if you would be so kind to take Valgarv and fallow me back to Wolf Pack Island?”
“What do you think I am? I’m not stupid and I’ll not come with you with Valterria! Now if you would excuses me, I need to go back to work.” Exclaim Firia walking away.
“Then that leaves me no choice.” Said Xelloss and before she know it he hit at the back of her neck with his staff and she was unconscious.
He then walks into the house (which is behind the store) and found the baby Valgarv in a pink girly cradle sleeping and listening to an ABC song tape.*Xelloss sweatdrops*
“Scary.” He took the maiden and the baby and left a note on the door saying: Don’t worry, Valterria and I will be home soon,-Firia

*~*~*~Back at Wolf Pack Island~*~*~*

“Ahhhh! KAWAII!!!!!” Cried Zelas when she saw the baby Valgarv for the first time. And her high-pitch voice woken Firia.
“Wha? What am I doing here....where am I?” Asked Firia sleepily but she jumped up when she saw a beautiful woman with long blueish light-gray, wearing a simple white dress, holding the baby Val-chan.
“Zelas-sama, your other guest has awoken.” Said a familiar voice and she turned around and saw the trickster priest kneeling at Zelas. The beastmaster put Val back into his pink cradle and turn and faced the golden dragon maiden.
“Ah, you must be Firia. I’m please to meet you. My name is Zelas Metallium, the beastmaster. I’m sorry that my priest had to bring you here by force but he had no choice since you did not follow him peacefully. We mean no harm to you and I wish you would forgive us.” She bowed and smiled at Firia.
“No need to be sorry, beastmaster. And may I ask you why I’m brought here today and please tell me the whole truth and nothing else.”
“I shall tell you the entire story. You see, each Friday the thirteenth there’s a party to all mazokus and I wish to invite you and Valgarv. I hope you won’t make the decision for Val and it is his own choice if he wish to come.”
“But Val is still just a baby, he don’t even know how to say a word.” Said the curious dragon.
“Yes I know that but...why don’t you just watch and see.” Said the beastmaster and she took Val and put him on a chair. She then put her hand on his head and whispered a couple of words. When she lift up her hand, Val suddenly turned back to his tall, handsome, and old self.
“Val-kun, would you...” Started Zelas but Val broke her off.
“Em...before you say anything, could you give me some clothes to change?” Asked Valterria then they realized that he’s only wearing a diaper. In a flash, there were Val’s clothes in his hands.
“Xelloss, take him to change please.” Xelloss led the almost nude ancient dragon to and room to change. A few minutes later, they came out.
“So Val-kun, as I was saying, I wish to invite you to this week’s Friday the thirteenth party. So, would you come?” Said the beastmaster.
“Em...” He looked at Firia and there was a puzzling look on his face.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, Garv-san is comming too.” Added Zelas.
“Garv-sama is coming!?!? Of coarse I’ll come!” Said Valterria with delight.
“Now Firia-san, would you come too?” Firia’s thought’s are all one Val and she didn’t want him to be alone with the dark lords so she agreed to go. Then Zelas told Xelloss to take them back to their own house but before they left, Zelas whispered some words into her hand and placed her hand on Val. A second later, Val turned back to his baby self and Xelloss teleported them back to their home.
“Well Firia-san, I’ll be here again next Friday.” Said Xelloss with obvious depression on his face and he teleported away.

*~*~*~Back at Wolf Pack Island~*~*~*

Zelas Metallium wrote a note and taped it on the door to Xelloss’ room. On the note, it wrote:
Dear Xelloss,
I’m not going to be here in a couple of days so look after Lin-chan! Oh, remember to invite your friends too! ~Zelas Metallium