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Chapter 4:

"A raid? How’d you convince that friend of yours?" A man with rock skin and metal hair asked Zelas. He was dressed in a black shirt and beige pants and wore a beige coat. His eyes were intense as he studied the list Zelas had given him.
"Oh, she knew it was useless to argue with me when I set my mind to it." Zelas who was now dressed in her white shirt and black skirt replied. She moved her hair out of her face and smiled. "I do need a bunch of art supplies, so when Xel comes back from this raid I want to go out pretty quickly, with in three days of his return. Can you calculate some ships that would bypass this area in that time? They should be returning today."
"I’ll look into it, don’t expect immediate results." Zelgadiss warned her.
"I’m not, I’m just hoping that there’s something." Zelas replied. "When Xel does dock tell him to come straight home with the information, I want it quick. I’m going to go take a nap for now. See ya Zel."
As Zelas spun around and waved good bye to him Zelgadiss sighed. It was annoying that she shortened her brother’s name in Zelgadiss’s presence. Their names sounded so similar that everyone wondered who she was referring to. At least with the others there was a somewhat of a better indication of which one.
Zelgadiss sighed and went to go get this thing over and done with so he can work on his own study. That’s the whole reason he didn’t go on this raid in the first place. He had his own studies he wished he wouldn’t be bothered with and that crew WOULD bother him. Some weren’t as bad he would admit. Xelloss was annoying, Gaury didn’t understand a thing, and Val simply didn’t care what Zelgadiss did. There were a bunch of others but Zelgadiss really never cared to pay much attention to them.
Something was nagging Zelgadiss and Zelgadiss didn’t like that feeling. His sixth sense was actually fairly good, he could tell if something was wrong. Now the question, what was wrong and what did he have to do with it. Zelgadiss wished those unanswered. Unfortunately he wasn’t lucky enough since he soon heard the whistle signifying the ship was back from the raid.

Gaury was thinking. A rare thing indeed but he was. He was in his room on the ship and was getting together somethings for when they docked. They should be docking on the island they stayed at around mid afternoon. Before Gaury got stuck doing a bunch of chores he wanted to think a little.
The fact that Xelloss was paying so much attention to Lina bothered him. Gaury first thought it was because he wanted Lina to have the happiness she deserved. Gaury wasn’t sure Xelloss would give her that.
That didn’t seem to be the case though. What was bothering him was that he wanted the one to give Lina happiness. Why though? He had Shilfiel who loved and cared for him deeply. Gaury wasn’t that dense to see that. Gaury also cared for her. She was nice and sweet to everyone and although she was a little self-conscious that never bothered him.
Gaury will admit that when he was a boy he did have a crush on Lina. He admired her even though she was only seven when he met her. Gaury was the son of the cook in Lina’s father’s estate and when Gaury was younger he used to tag along with his mother. He was thirteen when he met her.
He had met Lina on accident and he really wasn’t suppose to even know her but he had. It was around Christmas time and he was helping his mother in the kitchen of Lina’s father’s mansion when Lina came in. She had a plan for a ginger bread house and was eager to make it. When she noticed that Gaury was in the room she beckoned him to join the two.
Gaury hadn’t expected it. Lina was the daughter of this house. A girl that was not suppose to mingle with common boys like him yet she asked him to join her in making a ginger bread house. Until Gaury met Lina he thought that all of the people from the upper class were snobby. Lina was a controversy to that idea. She liked to climb trees and was never overly worried about her appearance.
When he turned seventeen he believed that he was in love with the girl six years younger than him. He also knew that her father would never approve on the idea. Gaury was only a son of the cook and Lina was the daughter of an extremely wealthy family. Gaury needed something to prove to her father that he was worth to have Lina.
That’s why he left, to go search for a fortune. At first he tried his luck by gambling, but he soon found out he just didn’t like the world of gambling and cut out on it. After three years of working as a body guard he had some what of an established name and reputation. That was when he met Shilfiel.
He thought he had gotten over Lina, that although he was truly in love with her when he was with her Shilfiel had replaced her as time went on. He was happy with his new found life. But she reappeared in front of him again. Matured, and changed, yet the same as she used to be. He was happy, but he wasn’t satisfied.
Lina’s attention was on Xelloss. Although she probably doesn’t notice that she was starting to fall for him. Gaury tightened his hands. Lina didn’t see him in such a light, she only saw him as a friend. Nothing more and that hurt Gaury.

Lina was in the room with Amelia, Shilfiel, Lin and Filia. Lin was chatting along with Shilfiel and Amelia with Filia. Lina was just staring out the window as she saw the ship approach the island. Lin had warned her that it would be hot on the island so Lina decided to enjoy the cool ocean breeze while she had it.
Xelloss’s words kept on repeating in her head…He had called her beautiful. Lina blushed as she remembered his voice, so close to her ear. Lina sighed and slumped against the little window. She didn’t understand herself and that had never happened before. She didn’t like not being able to understand herself.
Her life was weird from before but never as weird as this. Lina didn’t like things to happen exactly as expected but she also didn’t like the idea of being completely clue less of her own life. Exactly what her current position was.
"Lina-san, are you sea sick?" Filia asked sitting down next to Lina. Lina put on a smile for her friend and waved her hand.
"No, I’m just a little tired." Lina replied. Then she added almost as an after thought. "How are you getting along Filia? Everything going okay?"
"…I guess for being captured in a pirate ship everything is going fine.." Filia muttered. "Val isn’t as fierce as he looks…though his choices of friends…Why with that nama…" Lina covered Filia’s mouth and shushed her.
"Do you remember last time you called Xelloss that in front of Lin!?" Lina asked in a whisper. "She literally attempted to kick you off the plank, the only thing that saved you was that Gaury held her back from going more than a meter near you. When that didn’t work she attempted to use wax and burn you and a bunch of other ways of torture that I’d rather not say for my own sake!!!"
Filia reluctantly agreed. The loyalty the young pirate girl held towards her brothers was as great as the one Filia held towards her family. There for she really could not condemn Lin. As long as Filia refrained from bad mouthing Xelloss Lin was actually quite pleasant to get along with.
"What are you two talking about?" Lin asked as she walked over to them.
"Nothing!!" Lina replied. "By the way when will we be docking?"
"..In a few minutes. Do you have your things ready?" Lin asked as she picked up one of her bags.
"Yup." Lina replied and picked up her bag. "I really am interested in this Zelgadiss guy and your sister. Does your sister look like you Lin?"
Lin shook her head. "She looks the exact opposite of me and Oniisama. Long, wavy blond hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. She’s also half a foot taller than me." Lin raised her hand to show about how tall her sister was.
"…And you guys are related." Lina asked unbelievably. Although Lina didn’t look much like her older sister Luna they still shared some physical similarities but from what Lin had said Zelas didn’t seem to look much like Lin or Xelloss.
"Yes. Oniisama says that Neesan looks like mother and Oniisama and I look like father. I wouldn’t know though."
"Oh…sorry." Lina remembered that Val had told her that Lin’s parents died soon after she was born. Of course Lin won’t remember what her parents look like.
"But that’s fine though. I have the greatest siblings in the world!!" Lin smiled with such joy Lina grew envious. Although Lin wasn’t privileged with the luxuries Lina had she had a nice(?) family. Something Lina had always wished for.
"Hey, are you guys ready?" A voice asked with a knock. Shilfiel jumped to her feet and went to answer the door.
"Yes we are Gaury-sama!!!" She announced with a smile. "Have we docked?"
Gaury nodded and moved so that everyone could get out of the room. "Lin-chan, Xelloss is already on dock and Zelas-san is demanding that you hurry up so she could get some questions answered. Filia should go with Val, and Lina and Amelia can come with me and Shilfiel."
"Fair enough." Lina answered.
"See you later!!" Lin dashed off.
"Is Val already off the ship?" Gaury nodded at Filia’s question.
"Let’s go!!" Amelia announced.
"We are ready Gaury-sama." Shilfiel smiled. Gaury started to walk the way off the ship. Lina walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.
"Am I going to be staying at your place from now on?" She asked as they walked off the ship.
"I don’t know…Maybe, maybe not. You are Xelloss’s treasure, he would decide." Gaury refused to look at her as he answered. Lina just shrugged and dismissed it as nothing important.

Zelas smiled as her younger sister came running down the deck. "Okaeri(Welcome Home) Lin." Zelas greeted her.
"Hi Neesan!!!" Lin smiled and waved her hand before they started to walk back to their house. "Did Xelloss-Oniisama already tell you about the raid this time?"
"I haven’t yet." Xelloss replied as he ruffled Lin’s hair. "Neesan wants to hear it from your point of view."
"Why?" Lin asked as she looked up at her brother. "I’d think it the opposite way around."
"Ask Neesan." Xelloss replied.
"Why Neesan?"
"Oh, just for fun. So what happened Lin-chan?"
"Well….we went on a raid and on the third day we encountered a ship." Zelas nodded and urged Lin to continue. Lin looked at Xelloss who just nodded. "We attacked the ship since our ‘engineer’ said that he was sure it was a pirate ship. Well.. they had a few good treasures stored up. A lot of gold jewelry and gems. A lot of the most fashionable clothing and….three girls."
"Some whores for the guys?" Zelas asked nonchalantly.
"Um…no. They were of from the upper class." Lin started. "You see…um… Gaury offered to be our engineer…"
"You obviously didn’t give him the job though right?" Xelloss and Lin just looked at each other and sweat dropped at Zelas’s question. "Right?"
"Um…well…there wasn’t many other people that could…." Xelloss replied. Zelas sighed and shook her head.
"Xel why didn’t you do the engineering." Zelas asked. "And no secrets."
"It was too time consuming." Xelloss replied truthfully.
Zelas sighed again. "We’ll discuss this later. What were the names of the three girls and are they alive?"
"They are all alive. Their names are Filia Ul Copt who is in Val’s care, Amelia Will Tesla Seyluun who is…in my care, and Lina Inverse who is in"
"LINA INVERSE!!!???" Zelas interrupted Lin. "Did you just say Lina Inverse?!"
"Um…yes…" Lin replied.
"What’s the problem Neesan?" Xelloss asked. Zelas just groaned in response. This was not good, not good at all.
"Oh gods I can’t believe you attacked Lina-chan’s ship out of all the odds." She muttered.
" ‘Lina-chan’? Do you know her?" Xelloss asked.
"Not personally but I know her well enough. Second daughter of the wealthy Inverse Family. Strong willed and stubborn, has interests in martial arts and was traveling to Lakuteria with her friend."
"…How did you…"
"Know. Easy Xel…She’s my best friend’s sister." Zelas replied with a sigh.
Xelloss and Lin just stared at Zelas.
"You are…joking right Neesan…" Xelloss asked. Zelas had told him about her best friend, Luna, and he certainly did not want to face her anger.
"I wish I was. Luna is going to kill me when she finds out…" Zelas muttered. "Was she treated adequately?"
"Yes, she was placed in your old room." Lin replied. Zelas nodded indicating that she approved of that.
"Good.. then she received top class treatment?"
"Yes." Xelloss replied.
"Good." Zelas informed. "Invite her over to our house. I want to see her."

Amelia was walking across the island and her heart skipped a beat. She grabbed Lina’s shirt and tugged on it.
"What Amelia?" Lina asked slightly annoyed. Amelia just pointed straight ahead. Lina looked and all she saw was a man with blue skin and metal hair dressed in a beige coat walking towards them. "So?"
"SO!!! Lina-san, there is the man of my dreams walking towards us and all you can say is ‘so’?!" Amelia screamed and started shaking Lina.
"Calm down Amelia. So that guy is your dream man?" Lina attempted to soothe her friend. Amelia nodded in delight.
"Yes…I will love to hear his name…" She muttered dreamily. Just than he came up to them.
"Hey Gaury, Shilfiel."
"Oh, Hi Zel!!" Gaury waved to him. "I’ll like you to introduce you to a few people. This is Lina Inverse and Amelia Will….what ever… and Lina and Amelia this is Zelgadiss Graywords."
"Pleasure to meet you!!" Lina saluted and smiled.
"Well…hi." Zelgadiss replied and looked away. Soon though he jumped when Amelia jumped on him.
"Zelgadiss-san!!! I love you!!!" Amelia screamed.
Zelgadiss freaked out and grabbed Gaury demanding him explain how they came across her. "What is that!!!"
"Ah~, Amelia, she’s Lina’s friend. Lina is my old friend and you know…"
"What are they doing here?!!" Zelgadiss demanded and cut off Gaury.
"…Lin-chan found them and Xelloss told her to let them live." Gaury replied with a sigh.
"Lina-san is Xelloss-san’s ‘treasure’!!" Shilfiel giggled as she announced that piece of information.
"Fine, fine. Fine with Xelloss’s treasure or not. What is THAT!!!" He pointed at Amelia. "Is she Xelloss’s treasure as well!? I thought even HE would have better taste that that!!" Zelgadiss screamed. Amelia was still hugging him.
"No she’s not. Lin-chan is keeping her alive because Xelloss told her to." Gaury replied. Zelgadiss screamed out in frustration and tried to tear Amelia off of him.
Lina buried her face in her hands.
Gaury just sweat dropped.
Shilfiel looked perplexed.
Lina wondered what she got herself into.