This is the page where I would post fanart. If you have any that you'll like me to post, please mail me them.

A picture of Lina with wings. I got the urge to draw Wings right after seeing 'Vision of Escaflowne'. I drew this one all in Water Color.

A pic I did of Lin from the Trouble Maker, This one I used Color Pencil and Picture Publisher

An Image of Zelgadiss I did for my friend. All donne in Picture Publisher, and yes, I know that his head is too big in porportion(SP?) to the rest of the picture.

No need for an explanation, did it because I felt like drawing Lina

I showed this to my friend and she called it 'Evil Girl'. A pic of Sheela, close to the image of her I try to portray in 'Slayers Campus' and 'Trouble Maker'

Lina and Xelloss from my fanfic Pirates-Kaizoku. It is easier to draw Xelloss's clothing for this then to try and explain it in writing...

An image I did, it's suppose to be what I imagine Zelas to look like. Did this during my fantasy drawing class, her clothing ideas came from MKR.

A picture of Lina-chan from the Anime calendar I'm doing in my art class.
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