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"Okay… 117 N. Woodridge Dr, Tokiwa City." Lina muttered to herself the address of Shigeru Ookido. She was levitating through sky in a red dress with white fluffy trims at the neck and hem, and wore white stockings. In her hand was a huge bag, which was suppose to have presents but Lina refused to check, thinking that anything those 5(though she had not met a single one of them) put together probably should be left untouched.
She flipped through the file on Ookido Shigeru and sighed. In bold letters it was written that his parent's recently passed away and he has been depressed for awhile. Lina then looked at the photo and smiled sadly. She couldn't help it, she always had a soft spot for children.
"Might as well do it and get it over with." There was still an hour before Christmas eve turned to Christmas day. "What exactly am I suppose to do?" Lina wondered out loud and flipped the notes in the file again. Doesn't really matter but a girl in a red dress flying in the middle of the night looks pretty suspicious. "Cheer up these kids?" Lina wondered out loud as she read the 'terms of agreement' supplied by Xelloss. "Mazoku make less sense then Dragons…." Lina muttered. "And so does this 'God'" Lina thought. She had no clue who or what Mew or Dakki or Kanzenon Bosatsu were but she knew what Zelas Metalium was and what 'God' was suppose to be. "Oh well." Lina sighed and levitated downward to the window which led to Shigeru's room(again, courtesy of the file supplied by the quite interesting group of five)
Lina looked in the window only to come face to face with a boy. He seemed to be almost glaring out the window and although his body faced away from it, he was looking outside to the snow.
"Who are you?" He asked as through the glass which seperated the inside and outside.
"……….Santa clause" Lina replied reluctantly.
"I thought it was suppose to be an old guy, not a flat chested kid." He mentioned. "not to mention that he's suppose to come after kid's are asleep."
"I don't know, I'm not even sure what a Santa Clause is suppose to do!!!" Lina screamed.
"Are you a trainee?" Shigeru asked. "Is the real Santa Clause close to dying?" He asked and Lina sighed.
"Look, would you let me in first." Lina asked.
"I'm not suppose to let strangers in." Shigeru responded and Lina smiled.
"You would let me in or else…." A fire ball started to glow at the tip of Lina's index finger on her right hand. Sensing the danger Shigeru did open the window and allowed Lina into the room.
"I'm Lina. You're Shigeru right?" Lina asked as she dusted off the snow flakes that had landed on her. Shigeru nodded as he sat down on his bed and picked up his Eevui doll. "Cute stuffed animal." Lina commented.
"I want a real Eevui, the people next door say I'll get one if I go to Grandpa's…" Shigeru whispered.
"Do you want to go?" Lina asked as she sat down next to him, assuming Eevui was the name of the stuffed animal. He seemed so fragile as he hugged his stuffed animal and curled up into a ball.
"……….I want mom and dad….I also want Oneechan to stop yelling."
"Know that feeling." Lina said as she remembered her own sister.
"……and stop crying. Oneechan doesn't want to go so I help her stay but she gets more mad then." Shigeru whispered.
"………….how old is your sister?"
"Nanami-Oneechan is 11." Shigeru replied.
"That's young to lose your parents…" Lina whispered. "Both for you and Nanami…." "………….here's my Christmas list." Shigeru said as he took out a piece of paper, Lina's eyes saddened as she read in the child's sloppy hand writing 'Mom and Dad, Oneechan to stop crying,'. Above it, although it had been scratched out, in neat hand writing the words 'Eevui, tickets to the Pokemon tournament, baseball bat, 'The adventures of Pikachuu', Doraemon bank," Lina sighed.
"Sorry…… Mr. Yamada said that no one can get me what I want but….." Shigeru sighed.
"Shigeru……." Lina whispered and took the boy in her lap and remembered how her older sister, as afraid Lina was of her, always made her feel better. "Want to fly?" Lina asked in an excited voice.
"You mean on a Pidgeot?"
"……….No, I mean to actually fly, like I was right outside your room" Lina had no clue what a Pidgeot was but wasn't going to push it.
"In a sleigh!? With reindeer?!" Shigeru asked looking a little more excited and lively than he had been in the past few weeks. Lina sighed, picked him up and took him to the window.
"Like this, Levitation!!" Lina's voice caused the spell to activate. Soon the two were in mid air and Shigeru clung to Lina strongly.
"Don't worry, I've done this well over a billion times since I was….10 I think." Lina said and patted his head. "Look up, at the star's." Lina said. "My Oneechan used to tell me that these stars we see took millions and billions of years just for us to see. They are strong and never give up, so…." Lina sighed and looked up at the stars. "My parent's are alive but they often left me with Neechan while they went on business trips. I'll cry missing then when Oneechan would yell, then she'd take me up here so I see the stars. Sometimes it makes you feel insignificant, but other times it makes you feel like you're part of them…."
"………………….Mom liked stars…." Shigeru muttered. "There's Orion and there's the Big Dipper!" Shigeru pointed out with excitement….. "Do you think they're at some place where they can see the star's close up?"
"…….Everything returns to where it came from. The center of that is unknown…" Lina muttered. "But, I'm sure you can meet them again." Lina said with a smile. "Nothing is impossible." She said as she placed her forehead with Shigeru's. Shigeru's eyes suddenly started to water. "Wha- What are you crying for?!" Lina yelled.
"Mom…………..hic……….dad…….hic….*sob*" He cried and hugged onto Lina. Lina sighed and opened her mouth.
"Good Luck! tabidatte ichiban kagayaku basho e

yume ga aru kyou yori asu chika zu ite itai
omoi ga saki bashiru nani kara hajimetara iidarou
ki o ochitsu kete aserukotonai
"ima" o ikirukoto

dare ni datte youi sarete iru ichiban kagayakeru basho
demo mattecha konai kara jibun de ugoki dashite

zattou sae uma kusurinu keru hito yoko(no?)ni
uiteru kigashite huto kodo kuni uchi no sareru
iie chagau yo speed ja nai
"ima" o ikirukoto
tsurai toki mo mimi o sumashitene sono me o tojinai de
subete o mitodoke you sore wa kitto chikara ni naru
dare ni datte you ni sarete iru ichiban kagayakeru basho
demo mattecha konai kara jibun to tabida tasete

(Good Luck!) donna toki mo sono me o tojinai de
subete o mitodoke you sore wa kitto chikara ni naru" Lina's singing had apparently lulled Shigeru to sleep and Lina smiled at the sleeping face. "Good night…" Lina whispered as she levitated back to his room and tucked him in. She picked up the Eevui that was on the floor and put it next to him.
She walked over to the big back Xelloss had handed her and rummaged through it till she found a small picture frame. "Merry Christmas." Lina whispered and then levitated out of the room to the portal.

The next morning when Shigeru woke up, it was early, around 7 am. He thought last night was a dream, till he saw the puddle of water and the picture frame near by it. With a smile on his young face he carefully picked up the picture frame and hugged it. He then looked down at his Eevui. He placed the picture frame safely on his desk.
Shigeru looked closely at the Eevui as he bought it up to eye level. It was one of his first Christmas presents and his most treasured possession. Shigeru nodded to himself and hugged the Eevui strongly. He then put his slippers on and stepped out of the room.

Nanami stirred in her sleep as she heard a knock. Wondering if it was Mrs. Yamada to tell her to wake up. "7:30….isn't this a little too early." Nanami muttered and walked over to her bedroom door. When she opened it there was no one there.
"Wha?" She took a step out and her she hit something. Looking down, she saw a worn down Eevui doll. Surprise appeared on her face as she bent down and picked up the doll, under it was a note written a child's hand writing, Shigeru's to be exact. 'Oneechan, I hope this will help stop the crying, Merry Christmas.'.
"Shigeru…." Nanami whispered. She had forgotten that today was Christmas….. "Shigeru."

4 years later.
"Nanami-san is this yours?" Satoshi asked as he brought up the Eevui doll that was worn down. It was on the floor of the basement of the Ookido residence and Satoshi wondered if it was Shigeru's sister's.
"Oh yeah, that was my Christmas present from Shigeru when I was 11 and he was four." Nanami replied. "that was 4 years ago….right after mom and dad died." Nanami then chuckled.
"Nanami-san? What are you laughing about?" To Satoshi he thought it would bring painful memories.
"No, it was just so cute how Shigeru claimed to have flew with Santa Clause the night before."
"Nanami!!" Shigeru's voice boomed throughout the living room as he bought down the box for 'Clue'.
"What did she look like again? About 14, long fire colored hair, even more so then yours, red eyes, "
"NANAMI!!!!!" Shigeru yelled again.
"What? You were the one that didn't shut up about it." Nanami replied with a smile. "It was after that as well that your ego inflated." Nanami sighed dramatically. "What happened to my quite shy little brother."
"Shigeru was shy!!??" Satoshi asked with interest.
"It was four years ago Satoshi, let's just forget it and play this game."
"No way am I letting this drop Shigeru. Nanami-san, please tell me more!"
"Well, he would always tag along with me and cry when I left him and.."
"Nanami shut up!! Satoshi don't listen to her!!" Shigeru tried to interrupt them but the two just ignored him and continued talking.

"I am never going to let you live that one down Shigeru." Satoshi said with a smile as he stood on the steps to leave the Ookido residence.
"Shut up and forget about it." Shigeru muttered and buried his face in his hands. Satoshi smiled and took something out of his pocket.
"Merry Christmas!" Satoshi declared as he draped an Ying Yang necklace over Shigeru's head. Shigeru looked surprised as he touched the necklace. "Hope you like it. I picked it out myself."
"…………………..Thank you…." Shigeru replied with a genuine smile. "Love it." Satoshi broke out into a wide smiled at that comment.