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Chapter 5

Amelia was in the courtyard of the inn with a glass of wine in her hand. Normally she did not particularly enjoy the taste of the alcoholic beverage but that night she felt like drinking a little. Nothing good had been going on and more and more unpleasant memories had emerged from her mind, like the pool of blood she saw when her mother was….
Amelia shook her head to get the image out of her mind. She was drinking in order to forget the bad memories, not to remember them. Her sister had always been drinking after their mother’s death Amelia recalled bitterly. Her sister had claimed it helped her forget but it seemed as if nothing was helping Amelia forget now.
Amelia suddenly remembered that today was the day her mother died and a sad smile appeared on her face. This year she forgot to go to her mother’s grave and honor her. Every year no matter what was going on she had always visited…..and now she forgot about it. "……Mother…." Amelia muttered under her breath and walked up towards the gate of the inn. It was no use traveling with Lina and everyone any more, problems were starting to emerge. Amelia just couldn't be the way she used to be and couldn't follow the way her friends were living. Unlike her friends she had responsibilities and dedications to fulfill. Things just weren’t the same any more.
At least she was welcomed at Seyluun, and not just because she was the princess, people actually enjoyed her company there. She had friends that didn’t treat her like a kid, friends that would understand why she used the love potion. People were understanding in Seyluun and they didn’t yell at you like Lina for no reason.
The more she thought about it, the more being in Seyluun seemed so much better compared to being here with everyone. That was it, she would go back to Seyluun and besides there really wasn’t any point in just moping around at an inn. In Seyluun she would hold grand parties and all the kings and queens would come to them, she could be the center of attention. Yes, she was going to go back to Seyluun.

Lina was taking a night time walk down the forest path as she thought over her conversation with Shilfiel that afternoon. Lina sighed and looked up at the moon as she remembered one thing she had said..
‘At least though while he’s under the influence I’m the closest to an equal a human could get in a mazoku’s eye.’
No, not a mazoku’s eye, in Xelloss’s eye. Lina didn’t even doubt it for one second that he never even thought Sheela as his equal, he certainly didn’t see Valgarv as one even though they were in the same rank. Lina knew she was stronger than Sheela, in both power and brains. Yet Sheela had the ability to go through the Astral Plains, a gift all mazoku had, and Lina definitely couldn’t do that. She might have been able to if she had focused all her power into it but she didn’t wish to spend time like that. Her magical talent was pretty much fully developed there was no way it would strengthen any more.
"I’m still of the best though…" Fact is she was probably the strongest, most likely genuine human sorceress alive. Of course there was her sister but her sister was not fully human, she was more Cefied. "Then again, maybe I’m more the Lord of Nightmares than human…" Lina sighed and looked at her hand. There was a time when this hand was shining gold and this body yielded the Lord of Nightmares herself.
"God, why’d I have to fall out of love with Gaury and in love with a mazoku?!" Lina demanded to no one in particular. When this body yielded the ultimate power she could still have someday gotten together with the person she loved…..but now. "Get together with Xelloss? The moment he’s out of the influence he won’t even think about me in such a light."
Lina couldn’t recall when it was that her emotions had shifted from Gaury to Xelloss. It seemed to happen overnight, all Lina knew was that she found out who she was in love with when Xelloss kissed her. Something she had refused to acknowledge was brought to the surface and refused to be ignored.
Lina reached the opening in the forest and lay down on the grass. Lina remembered that when she was young she would wonder if her destiny was already set. Everything she did was set up by some force she couldn’t go against. She now understood though that that was impossible. Lina was capable of choosing the path she wanted to walk, she would never walk the path that was expected of her.
Luna had told her that what ever happens that Lina would always the one that would choose the way she lived her life and the way she ended it. Lina had not thought about the end of her life, although she was faced with it countless amount of times. The fact of her ‘death’ seemed so far away, far fetched. Yet still
"If Xelloss decided to kill me than what would I do?" It’s not as if the possibility was non-existent. It was there and she had just forced herself not to think about it. Lina knew she couldn’t die with out a fight, but could she bring herself to kill Xelloss? After all she was still a human who by nature couldn’t intentionally hurt the one they loved.
"Humans are so annoying with all these emotions!!!" Lina screamed and buried her face in the grass. The cool night air felt so good, the smell of the wild flowers were so nice, the soft chirping of the crickets. Lina loved the outdoors, she used to be able to spend countless hours in the night sitting in the grass and staring up at the stars while the soft hymn of the insects were heard in the background. To climb a tree on a sunny summer day and look all over her small home town.
Lina felt at peace when she was like this. As if she didn’t have a care in the world, everything was just perfect and with countless flaws. The perfect balance of everything lay just with in nature. Everything was uncovered and covered at the same time. Flawed to perfection, perfected to a flaw. Just like her, someone once told her. Lina couldn’t remember who that person was but when she thought about that person only one thing appeared in her mind. Deep sky blue hair that seemed to fade into the sky.
"Flawed to perfection…..Perfected to a flaw." Lina muttered as she closed her eyes.

"Amelia-san, may I speak with you?" Shilfiel knocked on the door. After there was no answer she slowly opened it. "Amelia-san?" Shilfiel called into the darkness of the room. There seemed to be no one in the bed so Shilfiel chanted ‘lighting’ and lit up the room. When the room was lit Shilfiel knew something wasn’t right. For one thing she didn’t see Amelia’s belongings anywhere. "….?…" Shilfiel knew Amelia was strong enough to fight off almost any intruders so then why was the room empty.
As Shilfiel walked around she noticed a small envelope on the writing desk of the room. It was addressed to Lina, Zelgadiss, Gaury, and herself. Seeing no harm in reading it Shilfiel opened the envelope and proceeded to read.

To my dear friends,
Sorry to leave with out any warning or without even saying my farewells but I have just remembered that there is something important that I must return to Seyluun for. I will most likely stay in Seyluun even after I am finished with this errand so please proceed to travel and not wait for me.
It has been a pleasure traveling with all of you for the past couple of years and I will always hold that memory dear to me as an important part of my life. Yet my duty as a princess of Seyluun calls me and I feel bad traveling while my grandfather lays on his deathbed. And most of all if they can not find my sister by the time of my grandfather’s death I will be placed as the first heir of Seyluun instead of her and my father has already requested that I start my training.
If by any chance you are in Seyluun and wish to see me than I am more than willing to greet any one of you. Again, sorry for the sudden news and I wish all of you will be happy.

Amelia Will Tesla Seyluun

The moment Shilfiel finished reading that she stormed out of the room and to Zelgadiss’s room. "Zelgadiss-san!!! Zelgadiss-san!!!"
"What?" Zelgadiss asked annoyed as he opened the door. "Shilfiel, it’s eleven in the evening and I was just about to get some rest. It’s been a long day and…"
"Forget that stupid crap Zelgadiss-san!! Amelia-san left for Seyluun!!"
"What? Shilfiel, Amelia better have enough common sense that it’s dangerous for a princess, no matter how much she may act unlike one, to travel alone in the middle of night."
"Than how do you explain this letter I found in her room!!" Shilfiel asked as she pushed the letter to Zelgadiss’s chest. "I went to go talk to her about a few things and she was no where to be found!! Zelgadiss-san, I know you don’t think highly of Amelia-san but you can’t let her travel alone!!!"
"….She’s strong enough to defend herself Shilfiel, there is no need for me to go and help her." Zelgadiss replied in a cool monotone.
By this time Shilfiel was growing impatient, so impatient that she grabbed Zelgadiss by the collar. "Look Zelgadiss it’s up to YOU to try and knock some sense into that girl!!! Do you even know the extent to which you hurt that girl over and over again!? I’m surprised she’s still in love with you even after all this!!! God, when are you going to get out of feeling sorry for yourself and accept the world as it is?! You know, people don’t operate on the same mind scale as you do. This place right now, yes it’s out of order and I know for a fact it’s not going to go back in order for the next coupled of days, possibly weeks!! But it’s working on it, why Lina-san is starting to see a way that would set everything in order!! What have you done ever for Amelia-san after she went through all the trouble for you!! She entered the Brass Racquet Tournament for you, she tried to save you from Copy Rezo’s blast, she has put herself in front of an enemy just to try and save you!! Yes you have protected her a couple of times, but that was just because you felt it was your duty as a man and it wasn’t for her, why you would’ve done the same for me. All for your own little Ego!! Now Zelgadiss listen to ME!! Do you know how scary it is for a girl to say she’s in love with a guy, she’s always afraid of rejection but to master up the courage and go at it over and over again is phenominal!! Just knock some sense into your head and for once do something for that poor little girl!!!" Shilfiel took a few deep breaths not only to calm herself down but she really was out of breath from the huge speech she had just given. Zelgadiss’s eyes were huge as he stared at Shilfiel in amazement. He had never seen the priestess so riled up about something.
"……I’ll go get her." Zelgadiss muttered as he put his cape on. "You go get some rest."

Okay people PLEASE don't kill me for the Zelgadiss bashing Shilfiel did. I started writing it and Shilfiel went baseerk(Sp?). I didn't mean for her to be so annoying nor do I think that way of Zelgadiss. It's just that I'm getting slightly annoyed with how I can't see an end to all the stories I'm writing that I am kind of rushing to finish them. So PLEASE don't condemn me for the Zelgadiss bashing.