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"Okay, 2 down, 2 to go." Lina muttered as she flipped through the notes for Cho Gonou. For some odd reason, Data for the future of Gonou and Marron were in there.
"I'd hate to have data like that for me." Lina muttered and closed her eyes. But as far as she knew Gonou and Marron didn't know that. Lina was actually walking down the road to the orphanage instead of flying to it. The reason being, she was getting tired of flying. Sure, it was convenient but sometimes, just walking was nice.
As she was walking Lina was also reading a book regarding Christmas that she had picked up at the book store awhile back. Lina had to admit she was annoyed that she was doing something an old man should be doing, but she guessed she should take care of the elders.
Lina closed the book and took out the map supplied by 'Kanzenon Bosatsu' and read the directions to the orphanage. "Okay, left turn here and then turn to the right and…." Lina looked up and saw the small, near run down church. "This is probably it." Lina muttered as she walked towards it. "Okay, there's a chimney there!" Lina levitated to the roof and found the chimney. She took out the black sheet she had gotten at the store awhile ago after she found out she was suppose to go through a chimney. Making sure she wouldn't get dirty Lina went in through the chimney.
She landed softly on the ground, careful not to make much sound. She noticed the many stockings hanging as she walked away from the fire place and moved her blanket.

Gonou had not been able to sleep that night. It wasn't because he was excited or anything, it was because he just wasn't tired. He slowly crept out of his bed, trying his best not to wake the rest of the room. As he stood up, he grabbed his blanket for warmth and toyed the rosary that hung from his neck.
He walked through the main altar and to the small living room past it. As he slowly opened a door, he saw a girl take off a black blanket that was covered in dust. As she did so her long, fire colored hair appeared, which provided a great contrast to the dark room. She appeared with a red dress with white fluffs on the neck and hem.
Although she was apparently young, no more than 15(actually her age is 18) and was a girl…. "Santa Clause?" Gonou muttered in disbelief.

Lina turned around and saw Gonou standing at the door. "Hi Gonou." Lina said with a smile and walked towards him. Gonou took a step back. "I'm not going to give you any harm." Lina said but Gonou continued to walk away. Lina sighed. "Lafas Shied!!" Lina said and the white light took away Gonou's freedom to move. "Look, I'm just here stuffing stockings, isn't that what Santa Clause is suppose to do?" Lina asked in what she believed to be a civil manner but it was harder for Gonou to believe that, considering that he was tied up.
"So, Gonou, what do you want for Christmas. You're the only one that doesn't have a list up here." Lina said as she picked up the stocking that had Gonou's name.
"………..The nun's put that up with out my permission."
"hmm. I wish where I came from had this holiday. I really like it. It's a good idea, I wish I got presents." Lina said absent mindedly. She looked back at Gonou and noticed the bandage around his hand. "What happened?" Lina asked and pointed to his hand.
"….doesn't matter."
"Here, let me see it." Lina sighed and sat down on the carpet as she picked up the boy's hand. "Recovery." Lina muttered and the would started to heal. "There, good as new." Lina smiled. "So, Gonou, what do you want for Christmas?" Lina asked again but Gonou just kept his mouth shut.
"Fine, be that way." Lina said and returned to stuffing the stockings. All the while she wondered if she might be able to keep the bag that had an endless supply of things. "I think I'll have Xelloss send me home and spend Christmas with Neechan, Mom and Dad" Lina said with a smile and Gonou's face clouded even more. "Gonou?" Lina asked realizing the change.
"……..Ka……..nan…." Gonou muttered sadly. An image of his sister smiling, surrounded by daisies appeared in his mind. Sweet, gentle Kanan. He missed her more than he missed his parents.
Lina recognized the name as his sister's, which he was separated from when the two children were put in separate orphanages after the death of their parents.
Lina undid the spell that bound Gonou and placed in his hand some toys. "Here, help me stuff the stockings." She said with a smile.
Gonou looked at her, and then at his hand that now held various toys. Lina grabbed his free hand and took him to the fire place and picked him up.
"Here, put them in this stocking." Lina said. Gonou realized it was the stocking of one of the few kids that were nice to him, even when Gonou wasn't nice back. Gonou dropped the toys in it and Lina placed a candy cane in the stocking and gave one to Gonou.
"You can have that and another one if you continue to help me." Lina said and Gonou waited a few minutes before he nodded.

"Kanan……..was……my sister." Gonou started to make more conversation with Lina as he sipped the hot chocolate she had prepared for the two. "Older sister…we were twins but………"
"They still separated you?"
"There……wasn't…….enough room. This orphanage was already full but made an exception for one." Gonou explained. "I……..miss her…..more than…."
"I understand…. I chose to travel myself but….sometimes, more than mom or dad….I miss Neechan…she practically raised me."
"I never needed my parents but I always needed Kanan, and I always will." Gonou declared and Lina looked down sadly. If she remembered the information in the folder correctly, Gonou will meet Kanan but then……..lose her.
"…….Lina?" Gonou asked, he had finally learned her real name wasn't Miss Clause.
"Nothing. These cookies are good!" Lina said with a smile.
"The nuns and the kids made them." Gonou said and Lina smiled.
"A guy who can cook is always a good thing!" Lina declared. "Unlike a certain mazoku…" Lina muttered and remembered her vow never to eat anything made by Xelloss.
"Girls like guys who can cook?" Gonou asked and Lina smiled.
"It's also always a plus if they're smiling." Lina added and patted Gonou's head.
Gonou almost felt like crying at that small gesture. Kanan had always done that when she was in a good mood. But instead he smiled and Lina smiled back.

16 years later.
"EEEYAAAAAA!!!!!! It's Christmas time!!!!!!" Gojyo's voice echoed throughout the town the four were walking in.
"Don't scream you lewd water monster!!" Sanzo took out his Harisen and wacked Gojyo in the head.
"What's Christmas? Can I eat it?" Goku asked.
"Huh?! YOU don't know Christmas?!" Gojyo asked surprised.
"He's been locked up for 500 years and after that lived in a Buddhist temple…" Sanzo explained.
"But Sanzo, you do know Christmas." Hakkai pointed out as he came back with groceries in both arms and Sanzo took them.
"I traveled by myself for a few years." Sanzo replied.
"SO WHAT IS CHRISTMAS?!" Goku screamed.
"It's a holiday where guys ask women out to days and do stuff." Gojyo explained.
"Don't lie to Goku Gojyo." Hakkai interjected. "That is your everyday life." He turned then to Goku.
"It is a Christian holy day where their savior, Jesus Christ was born. Now though it is just a festival where a person called Santa Clause comes and puts toys and candy in Children's stockings." Hakkai explained.
"Really!! I never had that happen!!!" Goku yelled.
"Probably because you were in a Buddhist temple. There is a Christian Church in this town which also runs an inn. Why don't we stay there tonight?" Hakkai suggested.
"YEAY!!!!!" Goku screamed and started dancing around happily. Sanzo sighed and Gojyo wailed that with it being a church there was no way he could get a hold of any women.

At the church Hakkai was helping the nuns and children cook and decorate the place while Sanzo was up in the room reading the newspaper, Gojyo had decided to just meet up with the group later and Goku was playing with the other kids.
"And the three wise men gave presents to Jesus Christ." One of the children read to Goku.
"How about this next!" One of the girls waved the 'Night before Christmas' around.
"I'll read it!!!" Goku volunteered and read the story. Hakkai had come out of the kitchen and watched Goku with loving gaze. Goku was to Hakkai innocence incarnate, and what ever happened Hakkai had vowed to protect Goku.
"Hakkai!!" Goku called happily when he realized who was there. "Hakkai! Does Santa Clause really exist?!"
"Sure she does." Hakkai said with a smile.
"She?" Everyone in the room turned to look at him.
"Of course there is Mr. Santa Clause, but that doesn't mean that's the only one. Plus, it's hard for one person to go around the whole world distributing presents." Hakkai explained with a smile.
"But what does a female Santa Clause look like?" One of the boys the asked and Hakkai smiled.
"Long, fire colored hair, deep red eyes, and very childish." Hakkai explained.

Later that night Hakkai retired to his room after he had finished helping the church.
"Oh, hello Sanzo." Hakkai said with a smile and turned to Sanzo who was sitting on a chair waiting for him.
"I hate being here….never liked religious settings." Sanzo complained and Hakkai hugged Sanzo.
"This coming from the Buddhism's highest priest." Hakkai laughed.
"Fn." Sanzo said and turned and hugged Hakkai. "….don't go spreading lies to Goku." He said in a fierce voice.
"Santa Clause IS real." Hakkai chuckled.
"Fn, doesn't matter to a Buddhist. Besides, you know Buddhism is real." Hakkai said.
"And who is the atheist who although being a Buddhist priest and has seen with his own two eyes Buddhist gods, still stays an atheist?" Hakkai asked exasperated. "Does religion really matter? Especially to Goku? He just wants to enjoy this holiday." Hakkai said and lightly kissed Sanzo. "And so do I.."
"Hakkai?" Sanzo asked as Hakkai stood up and picked up a small box.
"Merry Christmas Sanzo!" Hakkai said with a beautiful smile and handed Sanzo the box.
"Hakkai?" Sanzo asked and Hakkai ushered Sanzo to open the present. Sanzo sighed and did. In the box was a small Rosary. "…….Hakkai…" Sanzo sighed.
"It was Kanan's. It was a present from my parents before they passed away. They gave Kanan and I both rosaries, telling us to give them to the people we loved. After Kanan and I met up, we exchanged the rosaries, so this is her's that she gave to me." Hakkai explained and looked lightly touched Sanzo's hand that held the rosary.
"Mine that I gave her was lost so……" Hakkai explained. "I Love you Sanzo, so very much."
"…….Hakkai…" Sanzo slowly kissed Hakkai.
"I care about Goku because he is a son to you…..Gojyo is such a good friend that I care for him as well…….but I haven't felt this strongly about someone since Kanan and I left my mother's womb……I love you it hurts."
"I love you." Hakkai said with a smile again.
"……..fn, of course." Sanzo said and stood up as he kissed Hakkai.