Slayers    Campus    Chapter    1:    Lina's    Problems

*Disclaimers* All Slayers Characters belong to the author of Slayers and T.V Tokyo, Himeki, Ms. H and Tougo are mine, Kaoru belongs to Rurouni Kenshin, I just put her in there.


"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Amelia Will Tesla Seyluunís scream rang out through the three bed-roomed room. I was in the kitchen, and just finished making Poached eggs and ham.

My long red hair was up in a pony tail to protect me from the summer heat, and I wore my school uniform, which meant my white T-shirt and green plaid skirt. I also had an apron on over it to protect me from any accidents, which do happen frequently. If Neechan finds out I stained my uniformÖ.. no comment.

"Lina-SAN!! Why didnít you wake me up!?!?!!!? Where is Shilfiel-san?!?!?!!" I sighed.

"Calm down, Shilfiel left already. Remember, she needed to finish a lab assignment." Amelia thought for a while and then nodded. Then suddenly started screaming again.

"I need to go get dressed, brush my hair, teeth, take a shower, finish my algebra homework!" And then went screaming off. I honestly canít believe she is from royalty.

"Well, breakfast is ready, Iíll be leaving soon." I called to her. From her, I heard a muffled Ďyesí.

I canít help but wonder if all pure humans act like Amelia. No, they donít. Mom was a pure human but she wasÖ. As bad as Amelia. I sigh again. This isnít helping. I go to my room and grab my back pack. I then make the way to the door, when I realized I forgot my biology homework. I run back and grab it.

I sigh again. Iíve been doing a lot of that lately. Not on purpose, but it is that I canít help it. Today is the fifteenth day that I didnít get any sleep what so ever. And no sleep isnít good for oneís health or beauty. But, even if I sleep, the same problems repeat in my head andÖ I feel like I got less sleep than not sleeping at all.

I slapped my cheeks. This wasnít like me. Not at all. I go out the door. The warm heat hit my body. I left the building, and decided to take the long way.

Slayers Campus is located in one huge area, and has a lot of nature trails woven in. There are also a lot of dormitories, since a lot of the students from High School and on, spend most of their time here. I like the long nature walks I can take on my way to school.

I sigh again. I know what Iím doing. Stalling! What else? Iím stalling on seeing Xelloss. I always enjoyed Science since it was the only academic class that was remotely close to sorcery. Besides I wanted to be a Computer Programmer as well as a Sorceress! So, why is going to Biology class such a big deal!?!

Xelloss Metalium.

The name appears in my head again. Along with his damn smile that *a LOT* of my class mates think is charming. I donít. Iíve got better things to worry about than to spend time thinking about a teacher! I want to do sorcery, Karaoke, eat, etc. etc. etc. Why do I think about him then!?

I screamed out in frustration. This wasnít getting me anywhere! I DO NOT like Xelloss. He gets on my nerves! Ever since I met him a few years ago! So why do I keep on thinking about him!!!??!!??!?!?!

"Hey Lina, whatís the problem?" A voice asked. I turned around and found that Gaury was looking at me.

Gaury Gabliev. An orphan that Neechan and I took in. My best friend. I know I can talk to him. Doubt heíll understand though.. since heís Gaury the jelly fish.

"Nothing much. Just a little frustrated." I tell him. No reason to elaborate. "I thought you and Shilfiel were working on a lab assignment?" I switch the subject.

"Oh, yeah! I promised Iíd meet Shilfiel! I better get going bye Lina! Oh, and you better get going too!!" He tells me as he runs off.

"Hai, Hai." I shake my head and walk off to school.

"Lina? Whatís the theme of this book?"

Huh? Huh? Where am I? I look up and find my English teacher, Ms. H, not looking happy one slight bit. I canít believe she took time to stop from babbling, and noticed that I wasnít paying attention.

"Um.. it is that ĎThe will to survive is strong?"


I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god I was right, I didnít want to have to listen to this teacher lecture me. SHE NEVER SHUTS UP.

"That was a close one Ne Lina?" Kaoru asks. I nod.

"I know. I donít like it." I reply. I donít like English period. Thereís no other reason but that, but the teacher is making it worse.

"What where you thinking about though?" Kaoru whispers.

"Oh, things. The biology test today mainly." I reply.

"Youíre getting an A+ in that class! What are you worried about?"

"Iím worried aboutÖ. going to that class. I always lose my temper." Or I lose my temper when ever I see Xelloss.

"Why?" Kaoru asks again.

"I donít know!" I hiss. "Letís drop the subject." I turn my attention to my notes. I donít like English and Xelloss!

"Iím tired~. Lina-san, whatís for dinner?" Amelia whined the moment she came into the door. I do feel a little sorry for her. In the morning thereís the academic classes, in the after-noon what ever your elective is, and after school thereís clubs. I would have gone into Cross Country if I didnít have to come home and cook.

Amelia takes gymnastics and loves it, but it makes her so tired. When ever she comes home, she wants to just sleep and eat.

"Fried rice." I tell her. "Have you seen Shilfiel?" I ask. Shilfiel usually comes home early but today sheís late. If sheís going to be late than Iíd like to know so I wonít have to set the table.

"No I have.." Just than the door to our room opens.

"Hello Lina-san, Amelia-san." Shilfiel enters with a giggle.

"Shilfiel what took you so long?" I ask her. She just giggles again.

"Oh, I was working with Gaury-sama and we got hungry. We were going to go out and eat something, when we bumped into Xelloss-san and Zelgadiss-san. We started talking what we would like to eat, and Gaury-sama suggested your cooking. So, I brought them home with me."

I nearly fainted right then and there. Thereís a strict rule on this campus that students/faculty shouldnít go into the opposite sexes dormitories. Iím not afraid of the principle, but more afraid of what Neechan would do if she found out.

"Oh, and we met Tougo-san, Rezo-san, Valtierra-san, Ellis-san, Himeki-san and Filia-san as well so I offered them to come." Shilfiel continues.

I think I fainted.

"Hey Lina, this foodís good!" Gaury comments. I donít answer though. Right now, weíre all sitting in the living room and eating fried rice.

After I fainted, every one took ten minutes trying to make me regain conscious, and when I did they made me cook. I was about to blast some fire-balls when Amelia chose that moment to show me the letter from Neechan she forgot to give me when she got the mail. So, that calmed me down, and I got stuck cooking.

"Xelloss-san, arenít these good." Himeki asks leaning against Xelloss. Anger builds up inside me again.

"Oh, Lina-san, may I turn on the T.V?" Amelia asks.

"Go A Head." I say with no particular interest.

"Thank you, I want to watch this show. Itís a major hit right now. Itís called ĎGraduationí."

"Oh, I know that." Zelgadiss comments. "Itís a hit at the college too. The starring actress was.."

"Xelas Metalium." Xelloss tells them. "my sister."

"Yeah bigÖ YOUR SISTER!!!" I screamed, nearly busting his ear-drums. Xelas Metalium was one of the Top Actresses of the world. And she was related to Xelloss!

"Oh, Xelloss I never knew that." Himeki said while she hung to Xelloss. I AM ready to kill this girl right now. "I thought you didnít keep secrets?" She asks in this sweet voice. HIS FAVORITE PHRASE IS "THAT IS A SECRET"!!!!

"Well, why didnít you say so before?" Gaury asked as he kept me from killing Himeki by literally holding me down.

"It isnít something I really felt like going around and telling. I hardly see her anyway since I live on campus and she is always so busy." He then takes another bite of his fried rice.

"WellÖ Can you get me her signature!" Tougo asked.

"Tougo-sanÖ are you a fan of my sister?" Xelloss asked.

"Well, yeah. Who isnít!" Tougo explained. I sighed. This wasnít getting anywhere, I still had homework to do. If I stayed here, I can just see this huge discussion going to go on.

"Iím going off to do my homework." I stood up.

"Well, thanks for the meal." Gaury called.

"Thank you Lina-san." Filia, Shilfiel and Amelia called.

"Thanks." Was all I got from Ellis, Zel and Rezo. Nothing from Tougo or Xelloss.

Once in the safety of my room, I sat down and started to do my homework. Soon though, I fell asleep on my desk.

{Good Nigh Lina-san}

A male voice called to me. Who? Very familiar, warmÖÖ.


-Chapter 1 Fin.