PART ONE: "Wrath in Rath"
(Plot based on Magic: The Gathering)
Slayers SEARCH Introduction Chapter: Reunite!
By: Zeraliss Darkchime

Note: This is like an alternate dimension than Slayers GENERATIONS. If you’ve read GENERATIONS, you’ll recognize that some of those characters are here as well, but don’t meet in the same way and aren’t, well, the same (even if they carry the exact same name as a character in GENERATIONS) If you haven’t read GENERATIONS, forget this message.. :P Also note that this is a Slayers/Magic: The Gathering/Warcraft II/Dragon MUD crossover.

------------- Lina and Gourry walked down the street. They decided that they would pay a friend a visit. They walked until they saw a hanging sign on one of the shops. On the sign were a pot and a mace. They stepped in. A girl with long blonde hair and a white outfit greeted them.

"Lina! I thought I’d never see you again!" she cried, shuffling from behind the counter and embracing the sorceress. "It wasn’t that long ago and I already miss you, Filia," said Lina. Filia looked over at Gourry, who was smiling. She looked down at his sword. It was the Sword of Light, "Gourry, it’s been a while! Well, only a few weeks, but still. Nice to see you again!" She decided to mention the sword, "Um, how did you get the Sword of Light back? I thought you gave it to Shriasu." Gourry looked down at the sword, "Oh, yeah. I don’t really understand it myself. I just found it on at the base of my bed when I woke up one morning. I just seem to get it back no matter how I lose it." Filia just smiled and returned behind the counter. Jirasu grunted, looked up at the group, then went back to polishing a large vase. Kurabos was in the back room of the shop, sort of the "employees only" area, getting supplies. Filia sat down at the counter as a few people came in to buy some pots. "Jirasu, can you get these people while I have a short talk with Lina and Gourry?" she asked. He smiled and nodded. The people were quite surprised that there was a fox at the counter.

"Well, Lina. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of…" she was cut off by two familiar voices. The female one was young sounding, "Filia! It’s so great to see you again!" The male voice was calmer, "Lina, Gourry! I didn’t think we’d find YOU here!" Both the sorceress and the swordsman turned around. Lina’s eyes went wide, "Zel! Amelia! Where have you two been?" Gourry whispered in her ear, "Not where we were." He got punched rather hard in the face for the comment. The customers looked at the group and scurried out. Jirasu looked up an laughed, "Hey, you’re scaring our customers." Filia gestured for Zelgadis and Amelia to sit down. Zel was the first to pop the question, "So, how’s Valgarv doing?" She looked around and smiled, "Oh, Valtierra? He’s just fine." She pointed to a small basket with a soft cushion in it. Inside the basket, sleeping, was a baby ancient dragon, a bit larger than a kitten. Its tiny black-feathered wings were folded on its back. Lina looked surprised, "He’s grown a lot in the time period that we were apart, and that wasn’t very long. Amelia stopped looking at some of the vases on the wall, "Well, a few weeks is longer than many think." Zelgadis nodded.

"Yes, it really is a long time when you think about it," the voice came from outside the door and was all too familiar to the group, much to Filia’s dissatisfaction. It was cheery, and almost mischievous. The figure walked in, clad in yellow with black pants and black robes. His hair was purple and a bit shorter than shoulder length and his eyes were closed. On his face was the usual smile. He held at his side a brown staff. Atop the staff was a red crystal.

"Xellos!" Lina recognized the trickster priest right away. Whether it was from his voice, or when he walked in. Either way, he was there, and Filia was NOT happy.

"Namagomi! What are YOU doing here!?" Filia yelled. Xellos just smiled. Filia growled, "Oh, forget I asked, I know what your answer is going to be anyway." Then both Filia and Xellos said at the same time, "Sore wa himitsu desu." Both said it at a rather mocking tone.

Lina looked up, "Well, Xellos, what is the Beastmaster having you follow us around for now?" He raised his finger as if to say "Sore wa himitsu desu" again, but instead, he said, "Well, actually, she didn’t give me any plans. I guess I’m free for now." Lina huffed, "So I guess you’re just going to follow us around, huh?" He nodded, "Hey, but since I don’t have to keep very many secrets about plan or anything, well," he stopped to think a moment.

"I don’t think you’d stop being a pain in our side even if you didn’t have very many secrets to keep from us." This comment came from Zelgadis. Xellos frowned, a very rare thing for him unless he was in a battle. He immediately perked up again, "Well, anyway, how are you going to stop me from joining you anyway?" Zelgadis’ head hit the table, creating a small crack in the wood.

Xellos was busy laughing when his own head hit the table. Nay, his head got smashed THORUGH the table as Filia’s mace just seemed to fly out of nowhere. "Ow, what was that for?" he whined, after yanking his head back out of the hole. She smiled, glad that she FINALLY was able to get a crack at him. He rubbed his head, and looked around. Filia just went to the back of the shop and Lina… Where was Lina? Where were they all? "Grrrr…" Xellos growled, noting that Filia must’ve done that to stall him so that the group could "get away". He flashed out of the store thinking, ‘I’ll catch up to them, I know I will.’

Filia looked out to see if he was gone and, once she was sure, gave a signal. As she did, Lina and the gang stepped out of the back room. Zel was rather amused, "Tricked the Trickster Priest, what a thought." They sat down again. Filia looked at Lina, "Looks like you guys will be traveling without a real reason to travel." Lina nodded. Filia sighed, "Well, I’ve heard of a few places that might be interesting. The first is the Forest of Beguiling. That’s one of the safer passages to a large, strange castle. The castle is the center of a few worlds… One place is a world where the very ground can be dangerous, as it is practically living. Another place is a multi traveler dimension. The last is a place where there is constant war. It might be interesting to check those places out."

Lina shrugged, "Yeah, but what do you mean "safer passages"? Is it still dangerous?" Filia nodded, "A clan of creatures, Hesslins they’re called, live all around the place. In that forest there’s only one group. The ones you’ll probably encounter along the way are the armored type. But they shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Though, they are…" Zelgadis stopped her, "I’ve heard of those creatures. They’ve been attacking every major city they could. They WILL be a problem. Is there any safer route that can be taken?" Filia shook her head, "The groups get bigger the farther out of the forest. And they’re more varied, meaning you’ll fight Leaders of Armored, Shifting, Energy, and Ripper Hesslins, as well as whole attack clans of minors of those kinds." Zelgadis nodded, "I guess so, then… Anyone we should look out for?" Filia shook her head. She yawned, "I guess you guys should go. It’s not even mid-day, but you don’t want to get caught by nighttime in the forest. It won’t be very good for you."

Lina stood up, "Will you come with us?" Filia looked down, "I wish I could, but I have to take care of the shop." Lina nodded, "Well should we be on our way?" The others nodded and also stood up. They headed out the door, and on to a new adventure.